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DBWG Chapter 44

Chapter 44 – Scarlet Tailed Fox Demon
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Yesterday was the demonic beast hunting competition, and today was the announcement of results for the mayoral position in Poplar Town.

A big ceremony like this should be held in front of the various factions and families. The sun had just shone its first rays of light, but there were already tens of thousands of people gathered in the Poplar Town Square.

These people were all well-known people in Poplar Town, and they included all the influential nobles within the five kilometer radius of Poplar town.

The mayoral position of Poplar Town was determined by the younger generation of Bai Family and Yang Family during the demonic beast hunting competition, and from this, one could see that the Lingwu Family held the individual abilities of each family in high regard.

Poplar Town’s two biggest families had not arrived yet, but those who were present were discussing the huge commotion yesterday.

This incident had already been spread throughout Poplar Town.

The two subjects that greatly astonished everyone were the evil schemes of the Bai Family and the youth from the Yang Family who had such heaven-defying abilities.

“You guys didn’t see it so you wouldn’t know about the blood red scales armour that had covered his whole body, and those spikes that are even sharper than your saber. Bai Zhanxiong couldn’t even take one blow from him. [Dark Heavenly Finger – Nine Orbits Yellow Spring], had been completely crushed by the Yang Family’s [Seal of the High Profound Dragon], and now everyone is saying that this fellow is already ranked as the 3rd expert in Poplar Town.

“One of the three top experts at the age of 16? He really is a devil. He is even more astonishing than Long Qinglan.”

“The two so-called geniuses of the Bai Family naturally pale in comparison against such a talented genius……”

“Everyone, please stop talking. The Bai Family has arrived.”

At this point, the crowd split and allowed a path between them. The Bai Family’s Master was at the forefront, wearing a dark expression as he walked into this huge field.

Seeing the Bai Family look so ferocious, the numerous factions kept quiet due to fear. However, they were secretly snitching behind the Bai Family’s back.

After all, everyone idolises righteous heroes. For someone who planned to kill his own brother, they were destined to be disdained by everyone.

Once the Bai Family had arrived, the atmosphere of the crowd became extremely gloomy. Then, someone shouted suddenly: “The Yang Family members are here!”

The crowd split and opened a path to welcome them, calling out to Founder Yang and the others with pleasantries. Founder Yang and the others returned the courtesies, and at this point, most of the people had cast their gazes on the rumored talented genius. Seeing his appearance, they all had praises and exclamations for him.

“He looks to be sixteen years old, but has such accomplishments…..”

“My child has only reached the fourth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. He has been arrogant this couple of days. If I let him see this youth, he will then know that there is always someone stronger no matter how strong he is. A true genius should look like this.”

The Bai Family members noticed that the crowd was silent when they came, but everyone cheered and called out when the Yang Family members arrived.

Originally, this glory should have belonged to the Bai Family, but they never thought that the Yang Family would have taken it from them. The expressions of the Bai Family members suddenly darkened even further, as if they were turning into cast iron.

This Bai Family had become such a ‘black’ family.

[TLN: (Wordplay) Bai is white, and mentioning Black means total opposite, signifying the drastic changes and perception surrounding the Bai Family]

Long Chen’s current gaze was focused towards the Bai Family. There weren’t a lot of people from the Bai Family that came today. Only Bai Sheng, Bai Zhanlong and another aged elder who had a sharp featured face, which had startled Long Chen.

“Huh, isn’t that the old fellow who was guarding the Soul Diffusion Fruit Tree?” Lingxi asked suspiciously.

Long Chen had only caught a glimpse of the features of this old man, but he believed that both he and Lingxi would not recognise the wrong person.

After sizing up the elder’s appearance, Long Chen realized that there was a red dot between his eyebrows.

There was also a red dot between Long Chen’s eyebrows, but that was the 1/1000th drop of Inherited Blood Essence that resided between his eyebrows and had formed a faint coloured mark. If one did not scrutinise it closely, it would be hard to notice it. However, the red dot on this old man’s face was painted on with some special ink, and was extremely eye grabbing even under the sunlight!

Long Chen previously saw that Bai Zhanxiong had used women from Emerald Jade House to make deals with a couple of people who had a red dot between their eyebrows. Those people had a red dot between their eyebrows which was identical to that of the elder’s!

Yesterday night, Long Chen had heard Bai Zhanxiong mention Second Uncle and Crimson Blood Sacred Sect. This old fellow has pretty similar features to the Bai Family’s Master, so he must be the so-called Second Uncle. Furthermore, he was the one that was guarding the Soul Diffusion Fruit Tree……

After linking up the recent events, Long Chen immediately had a much better understanding.

“Just before the Soul Diffusion Fruit ripens, it will give rise to a strange phenomenon. At that time, there will be battles to get the fruit held near it. The Soul Diffusion Fruit will be very crucial to both the Yang Family and the Bai Family. The Bai Family was afraid that Grandfather will be able to snatch the Soul Diffusion Fruit or that the news of the Bai Family obtaining the Soul Diffusion Fruit would spread, so last night they carried out their plot to eliminate the Yang Family.”

Previously, Long Chen had still thought that every move of the Bai Family was for the mayoral position, but the explanation had been rather implausible. Today, he finally understood the truth behind this matter.

At this moment, the old fellow looked at Long Chen after the Bai Family’s Master pointed at his position. The old fellow looked surprised as if he had recalled something, and he frostily gave Long Chen a death stare.

Long Chen knew that the old fellow was able to recognise him as he was actually the person that discovered the Soul Diffusion Fruit yesterday. After Long Chen knew about the Soul Diffusion Fruit, he would naturally tell the Yang Family so the gaze from the old fellow was instantly filled with killing intent!

He lowered his voice and whispered some words to Bai Family’s Master, and Bai Sheng’s expression changed abruptly!

They had never guessed that Long Chen had stumbled across the Soul Diffusion Fruit during the demonic beast hunting competition. Now, the news regarding it had most likely reached the ears of the Yang Family!

After discovering the Soul Diffusion Fruit, they had decided to annihilate the Yang Family who was an obstacle to them, but they overlooked the possibility of Long Chen unexpectedly finding out and present the Yang Family with news of the Soul Diffusion Fruit!

This way, the Soul Diffusion Fruit that they would definitely have gotten might now meet with some unexpected hindrances, and this made the Bai Brothers harbour hatred for Long Chen!

At present, Founder Young had also taken notice of the old man. He immediately frowned before saying: “This is bad. That person is….Bai Sheng’s stepbrother, and is known as Bai Li. He has always been at Yuanling City and had never communicated with Bai Sheng much. However, he unexpectedly came to Poplar Town this time around……Two experts who are at the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm……”

He could still deal with one Bai Sheng but Founder Yang would not have any confidence if Bai Li, who was of similar strength, was included.

However, he heaved a sigh of relief as he remembered that he still had this devilish genius, Long Chen, by his side.

He was not sure of Long Chen’s current strength either, but he thought that if Long Chen could even beat Bai Zhanxiong to the death, then he might also be able to endure some time in Bai Li’s hands!

Founder Yang still did not know about the matter of the Soul Diffusion Fruit and naturally, he did not know the meaning behind Bai Li’s appearance. He did not know why the Bai Family tried to plot against the Yang Family either.

However, Long Chen’s brow furrowed. Naturally, the Bai Family would not dare to create a commotion with Lord Lang here today. But Long Chen knew, they would definitely have to face Bai Sheng and Bai Li on the battlefield as they fought over the Soul Diffusion Fruit!

Long Chen had the confidence for dealing with those two expects but Bai Zhanxiong mentioned the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, which made him feel uneasy.

For Lord Lang to have that much power at a young age, it was clear that the average strength of the experts in Yuanling City was much higher than Poplar Town’s. If Bai Li had any standing in Yuan Lin City, then he would know many experts. If he were to be involved in the battle for the Soul Diffusion Fruit, then the Yang Family….

Long Chen, who initially thought that he could take it easy, instantly felt pressured again.

He knew that, after the ripening of the Soul Diffusion Fruit, there would definitely be a huge battle, and the Bai Family methods were not lacking. As for Long Chen who was in the Yang Family, there were already more people who had to be protected, and many consequences to worry about. If they really had to have a death match with Bai Family, Long Chen knew that his current ability was still lacking if he wanted to protect many people.

As for Yang Xueqing, after what had transpired last night, Long Chen wouldn’t allow anyone to harm her even though he had not completely forgiven her.

However, Long Chen had killed a lot of the Bai Family’s members. The Bai Family definitely wouldn’t be able to forgive the Yang Family easily. Currently, this was the heavy burden Long Chen had in his heart…..

“In approximately eight days, the Soul Diffusion Fruit will be ripening. What can I do in this span of eight days to achieve a complete victory……”

The two brothers from the Bai Family were currently glaring at Long Chen with gazes filled with murderous intent. While Long Chen remained unyielding, there was suddenly disturbance in the crowd. Long Chen instantly discovered that a person had appeared on the originally empty platform!

That’s right; it was someone whom the Yuanling Family of Yuanling City had sent, the mysterious Lord Lang.

Today, he still had the cloak on, concealing his appearance.

Actually, the masses of Poplar Town all knew that this Lord Lang’s voice sounded extremely young, and his estimated age was not very old. He could be thought of as an even more talented, heaven-defying genius.

When he first saw Lord Lang, Long Chen was unable to determine his gender at a glance. At that time, he found that Lord Lang’s personality was rather kind and helpful, albeit being a little shy. It may have been due to official business, but when they met yesterday, Lord Lang intentionally made himself to be cold and detached when he wore the cloak.

The time hadn’t actually run out when Long Chen had held the youths of Bai Family in captive and they left the Big Barren Mountain afterwards, but Lord Lang had obviously been biased towards Long Chen and had ended the demonic beast hunting competition before the stipulated time.

Thus, Long Chen was extremely grateful towards this Lord Lang.

Although Lord Lang might not think the same, Long Chen had already placed him as a very important person in his life. That inexplicable feeling was unlikely to be wrong.

Currently, everyone was focusing on Lord Lang alone. Lord Lang’s muffled voice sounded out from within his mantle.

“Bai Family’s Bai Sheng, Yang Family’s Yang Cangqiong. Step forward.”

Bai Sheng and Yang Cangqiong didn’t dare disobey Lord Lang’s order so they obediently walked up to stand in front of Lord Yang. However, they didn’t even glance at one another.

“Now I will announce both families’ achievements in the demonic beast hunting competition.”

Lord Lang opened his right palm, and the masses hurriedly looked over, and found a small yellow pea sized demonic energy core, and momentarily laughed loudly.

“Yang Family…… Number of energy cores, one! From the Scarlet Tailed Fox of the first level Huang grade!”

Everyone present was startled. The younger generation was defeated so terribly yesterday. When they looked at that single pitiful energy core, they thought that it was obtained by the Bai Family. They didn’t expect that it would be the Yang Family instead. This immediately made them look at each other as they thought: “Will the control right of Poplar town be given to the Bai Family? This……”

Thinking that the mayoral position would actually go to the vicious and cruel Bai Family, the masses all felt a shudder in their hearts. In the future, they would probably be unable to live out their days in peace.

At that moment, Lord Lang started to speak. Everyone who was discussing the matter hastily shut their mouths.

At this point, Lord Lang scanned the surroundings and opened the palm of his left hand. The masses looked over nervously, but found out that there was absolutely nothing in his hand!

“Bai Family……Number of energy cores, zero!”

The expressions of the crowd instantly became incomparably bright.

Everyone actually had a prediction of the fierce battle between the two families this time. They had all thought that the Bai Family would be able to obtain the energy core of an Huang grade demon at the eighth level and that the Yang Family would not fare as well, at most only obtaining a seventh level Huang grade energy core at most. They never imagined that the outcome of the battle would be that the Yang Family would obtain a first level Huang grade energy core, while the Bai Family returned empty handed.

Long Chen chuckled as none of them were hunting the demons during the demonic beast hunting competition. That Scarlet Tailed Fox’s energy core was just something that he conveniently obtained when he was heading down the mountain.

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