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DBWG Chapter 42

Chapter 42 – A King Of Slaughter
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When Bai Zhanxiong’s shriveled and wizened body fell powerlessly to the ground, the whole area was in absolute silence.

Violent roars from the Bai Family’s Master could be heard. However, even if he was filled with hatred, in front of Founder Yang, it was impossible for him to break through that encirclement.

With Bai Zhanxiong’s death, it could be considered that the Bai Family’s operation had completely failed.

As they fought in front of the crowd, the Yang Family had exposed the Bai Family’s evil schemes. All of the other middle and lower ranked factions in Poplar Town now understood the reason that led to this situation.

If the Bai Family had been successful tonight and became the overlord of Poplar Town, nobody would have dared to say a single vicious and merciless comment about them. But, it just so happened that the Bai Family’s plan had failed. Even the top level experts in the Bai Family such as Bai Zhanxiong had lost their lives, so the reputation of the Bai Family had fallen completely to the bottom. They had already guessed as to what the rankings would be with the Yang Family coupled with the devilish genius Long Chen!

Furthermore, when they saw that Long Chen had unexpectedly broken through to his Human Dragon Vein, this further confirmed their thoughts.

The blood red Qi dragon surged within Long Chen’s body and the amount of Qi that had been refined from Bai Zhanxiong’s body did not pale in comparison to Long Chen’s original amount. Under such an immense energy, although the Human Dragon Vein was longer and much thicker compared to average Dragon Veins, there wasn’t any resistance!

The blood red Qi dragon path was as easy as a hot knife cutting through butter. After a minute, a dragon’s cry resounded immediately as the Human Dragon Vein had been broken through.

Long Chen was still under the [Dragon Soul Transformation] state. Currently, his Qi was increasing rapidly. Due to his Qi quality which was now ten times stronger than other cultivators, even though he was at the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, his Qi’s destructive power was already similar those at the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm!

After including his [Dragon Soul Transformation]’s form, his actual battle strength reached a sky high level. Only Long Chen would be able to deeply understand how powerful he currently was!

When he was still in the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, he could already kill Bai Zhanxiong who was at the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. His current strength had basically gone up at least ten times! That bloody and murderous aura reeked from head to toe and made everyone sweat in fear.

Long Chen had completely surpassed his generation’s level and reached the supreme level in Poplar Town. Furthermore, today, even though he was furious, when the Bai Family Leader saw the bloodshot gaze in Long Chen’s eyes when he stood up, he had genuinely resigned to his fate!

When Long Chen stood up, the battle tonight was meaningless to continue.

Only then did Founder Yang and the rest throw off their opponents and gathered with Yang Qingxuan and Yang Xueqing as they looked dazedly at the current Long Chen!

No matter how much they knew that Long Chen would only get stronger and stronger, their emotions still surged in astonishment!

The Yang Family was unwilling to continue the fight and right now, the Yang Family still had such a devil like Long Chen. If they were to continue fighting, the Bai Family would only increase in casualties and so the Yang Family didn’t continue the fight. Although the Bai Family was currently enraged, under the restraints of the Bai Family’s Master, they too did not dare to continue.

Since it was unnecessary to stay, Founder Yang looked at Long Chen and said: “Chen Er, let’s head back home.”

Long Chen still had the thought of killing everyone of the Bai Family here today, but seeing that impassive face of the old man, he knew there was no longer the need to do so.

Founder Yang had a good relationship with the Bai Family for a long time, so after all the drastic changes today, it was definitely extremely painful for him.

Bai Family had been heartless towards the Yang Family, but the Yang Family had already killed Bai Zhanxiong and Bai Zhanyun, even critically injuring Bai Shichen and Bai Shiji. There was no more need to continue killing.

Only then did Long Chen withdraw from his [Dragon Soul Transformation]. The Qi in his body now returned to the faint red colour, but it still had the quality of four times stronger compared to an average cultivator.

Long Chen’s handsome and refined disposition right now made it completely impossible for them to relate him to the earlier form of a king of slaughter.

However, the current Long Chen gave off a slightly more familiar feeling to the Yang Family. When Long Chen entered the encirclement of the Yang Family, they were all looking at him with respectful gazes. This special treatment had left him feeling overwhelmed.

He suddenly found that Yang Xueqing was currently smiling as she watched the group of people clamour around Long Chen. When Long Chen looked towards her, she lowered her head in embarrassment. The only emotion she had left in her heart was regret. As for Yang Yuntian who was standing at a side, his face was filled with torment and he did not speak a single word.

Yang Wu and Yang Lingyue were currently walking beside Long Chen. Yang Lingyue awkwardly said: “I really have to thank you for what you have done today. You not only saved us, but also the entire Yang Family. We are all filled with gratitude towards you. The purpose as to why I am talking to you is that I want to apologise for making things difficult for you and humiliating you previously. I am really sorry. I hope that we will become good cousins just like how you and Lingqing are. Is that alright?”

Yang Wu nodded his head as well and said: “I’m really sorry. Back in the past, we were all short sighted and thought you were the stain on our Yang Family’s name. I would have never imagined that you are actually the real hero. You taught us not to judge a book by its cover. I’m really thankful for that!”

This feeling of being looked up to had honestly made Long Chen feel a little embarrassed. His personality was that if someone treated him well, he would treat them better. However, if they were unkind to him, he would treat them even worse.

“Alright, you don’t need to say any further. There is nothing to be thankful for as I had only wanted to exact my revenge, and I conveniently gave you guys a helping hand.”

Long Chen’s mannerism and expression were both extremely hilarious. Yang Wu and Yang Lingyue, as well as a few members from the younger generation, only then loosened their heartstrings and broke into laughter.

Long Chen raised his head and saw that Yang Qingxuan was smiling gently at him. Long Chen knew that Yang Wu and Yang Lingyue came over under the encouragement from Yang Qingxuan.

Long Chen didn’t have any prejudices against this uncle of his. Yang Qingxuan had always treated him neither good nor bad. Long Chen’s motto was that if he was not mistreated by that person, he wouldn’t hate that person.

Sensing the fervent and concerned gazes from the surrounding people, Long Chen suddenly felt the warmth from the Yang Family. His previous performance as a spoilt brat was really rather disappointing.

After that, he looked at the lonesome figure of Founder Yang who was walking solitarily at the forefront, leading the way. He had been approached several times by Yang Qingxuan but Yang Qingxuan was rejected. Finding his persuasion was useless, Yang Qingxuan then thought of letting Long Chen give it a try. The current Long Chen’s position in the family was soaring. He was not just at the level of the first person in the younger generation anymore.

As he walked beside Founder Yang, he actually discovered that the old man’s eyes were red. After being betrayed by his brother, whom he had shared many years of brotherhood with, and risking ending his younger generation’s lives, the impact on him was immensely great.

Seeing Long Chen walk up to him, Founder Yang looked at him before looking at the Yang Family’s house that they were quickly approaching, and he muttered: “There’s no reason for you to try and persuade me, as I know what I have to do in the future. However, kid, let me give you a warning. When you are out creating a name for yourself in the future and have someone you can call your brother, you must definitely be clear of his intentions by checking if his heart is made of poison or blood……”

Long Chen thought for a moment before he said: “I know. Your heart is filled with blood and that old man Bai’s is just a container of poison.”

After returning to the Yang Family residence, Founder Yang sat at the leader’s position before pulling Long Chen to sit beside him. The rest had also taken their seat. Even though they saw that Long Chen was sitting at such a special position, they didn’t have any objections in their hearts.

Founder Yang sipped his tea lightly and said: “Today’s matter was mostly my fault, so I want to apologise to all of you. As an elder, I have nearly led all of you to your deaths!”

Yang Qingxuan tightly clenched his fist and said solemnly, : “Father, you do not have to reproach yourself. We all know that we can’t blame you for this. If we really want to find faults, it is that Bai Sheng’s heart was too vile, and he has the heart of a wolf and lungs of a dog!

[TL note: Cruel and unscrupulous.]

“That’s right, Grandfather. We all understand.”

After seeing that the younger generations understood him, Founder Yang felt slightly better. As he gazed at them, he was elated that even after the Yang Family had experienced such an ordeal, they weren’t hurt at all. Everyone knew that it was only due to one person’s strength and resolute determination to salvage the crisis!

Founder Yang’s gaze finally landed on Yang Yuntian, whose head was lowered at this point. His gaze turned cold before he said: “Yuntian, stand up.”

Yang Qingxuan knew that after returning home, his father would harshly berate Yang Yuntian. However, after seeing the old man’s ashened face, he was temporarily at a loss for words. Actually, if not for Yang Yuntian’s final stunt, today’s matter could have already been over. It was because of Yang Yuntian that the Yang Family and Bai Family engaged in such a huge battle. They also nearly lost the largest contributor to the Yang Family today.

“Yuntian, what do you have to say?”

Yang Yuntian raised his head, at this point he was extremely collected, and sighed. He looked at Long Chen and Founder Yang as he said: “Father, I have nothing to say. Today, I just wanted to exact justice on behalf of my son, but I have failed completely. There will never be a chance in the future.”

“Pa!” Founder Yang slammed his hand on the table. The younger generations immediately kept quiet due to fear.

“Don’t you even have a tinge of guilt? Our internal strife should be resolved within our family. Since when did we ever have to borrow an enemy’s hands to get rid of our own family members?”

Yang Yuntian wordlessly bit his lips.

Seeing his disappointing actions, Founder Yang was so furious that his nose crooked, and he angrily said: “Even though the main cause to Zhan Er’s matter was Chen Er, it was also because Zhan Er’s heart was not firm enough to face that setback. With such a fragile mindset, even if it wasn’t Chen Er, he would still die at someone else’s hands in the future. It is the father’s fault for any mistakes he made. It is your fault, but you shirked and pushed the responsibility onto others. Is this our Yang Family’s style of doing things?”

After hearing Founder Yang’s words, Yang Yuntian completely woke up. He made a painful expression and clenched his fist. He thought: “What Father said is right. I had spoilt Zhan Er all these years. If I didn’t let him do whatever he liked and stood up for him for every minor matter, his personality wouldn’t be so weak…. Yang Yuntian, the person that harmed your son all along was actually yourself……”

This led him to fall into an abyss of reproach and agony that he could not free himself from.

Founder Yang saw the painful expression Yang Yuntian had, and being a father himself, how could he not know of Yang Yuntian’s suffering. He sighed and told Long Chen, “He was the one that got you into trouble. You can decide on how you want to punish him for that.”

When Founder Yang handed over the final decision to Long Chen, everyone was mildly surprised. However, after thinking about it, they thought that it was reasonable. They looked at Long Chen with anticipation. The Yang Family had already experienced such an ordeal, so truthfully, the masses of the Yang Family did not wish for anyone to further be punished. However, Long Chen’s personality was a little unpredictable. Today, Yang Yuntian had almost caused his death so having some resentment was normal.

Seeing everyone looking at him, especially Yang Lingqing, her pleading expression softened Long Chen. He also knew that if he wanted to continue staying in the Yang Family, he had to completely resolve the matter regarding Yang Yuntian.

Under the anxious gazes of the masses, Long Chen stood in front of Yang Yuntian.

“I have indirectly caused your son’s death, so initially I was at fault. However, you nearly caused my death today. Since we’re both in the Yang Family, I also do not wish for our feud to carry on. How about we call it quits?”

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