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DBWG Chapter 40

Chapter 40 – Fury That Burns The Heavens
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“Yang Xueqing, your opponent is me!”

Bai Zhenfeng’s roar instantly made Yang Xueqing snap out of her shock. Even though she was currently facing Bai Zhanfeng, her thoughts were only on Long Chen.

The current Long Chen had given her too many surprises. As far as the schemes of the Bai Family, she wouldn’t let it happen. Her previously frozen heart for Long Chen was slowly thawing.

At this moment, the youngster had already taken up the most important position in her heart.

When Bai Zhanxiong unexpectedly used one of his strongest spells, [Nine Orbits Yellow Spring], on Long Chen, Yang Xueqing’s expression momentarily changed.

Even she, Yang Xueqing, would not necessarily be able to withstand this move from Bai Zhanxiong, let alone Long Chen who was only in the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm!

Yang Xueqing was so anxious that she had reached the limit of her patience, but Bai Zhanfeng was like a housefly: No matter how she shoved him away, he would still be there constantly blocking by standing in front of her. Due to Yang Xueqing always focusing on Long Chen’s situation, there was a couple of times where she was nearly hit by Bai Zhanfeng’s moves.

The three experts from the Bai Family were at the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm so their abilities were about the same. Bai Zhanfeng wasn’t any weaker than Bai Zhanxiong. If Yang Xueqing were to face him without using her full strength, there was a possibility that she would be injured or even killed.

When Founder Yang saw that Bai Zhanxiong had actually used [Nine Orbits Yellow Spring] shamelessly to deal with Long Chen, anxiety filled his eyes. At that moment, the Bai Family’s Master who was blocking him said laughingly: “Yang Cangqiong, you’re so unlucky. Initially, you unexpectedly succeeded! You had such a remarkable talent in your younger generation but you had fallen for my Family’s evil scheme to send him into our hands. It is just his luck to die under the hands of Xiong Er, who is at the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm!”

“Cut your bullshit!”

Founder Yang raged as he fought against the Bai Family’s Master but as they were almost at the same level of abilities, he had absolutely no way to save Long Chen.

On Yang Qingxuan’s side, he was being similarly restricted by Bai Zhanlong.

Regardless of what was happening around him, Long Chen had already formed the [Seal of the High Profound Dragon]. As everyone saw the steady and powerful attack, they momentarily praised Long Chen because at his age and current level, he was able to complete such a technique. If it was anyone else, such a thing would be impossible.

The image of nine Dragon Gods had violently swirled into an immense aura and whistled as it crashed into Bai Zhanxiong’s [Nine Orbits Yellow Spring] which was many times stronger than Bai Shichen’s. In that battle, the [Seal of the High Profound Dragon] had broken through it, but right now it was the reverse!

Bai Zhanxiong’s Qi was at least ten times stronger than Long Chen’s. Even if it was just fighting techniques, one of the foundations of using them was Qi. Currently, Long Chen’s Qi was too far away from reaching Bai Zhanxiong’s. Thus, even if he used [Seal of the High Profound Dragon], he would eventually be defeated!

The surge of the power gradually diminished until it completely overpowered Long Chen’s [Seal of the High Profound Dragon]. The excess power directly collided with Long Chen’s body and he instantly felt like being struck by lightning. As if a mountain had pressed down on him, he vomited out a mouthful of blood and fell just like a kite with a broken string.

“Chen Er!”

Many cried out in surprise simultaneously. Founder Yang and Yang Xueqing’s expressions had ashened as they fought with their opponents with all they have. It had momentarily caused a larger commotion than the battle between Long Chen and Bai Zhanxiong!

Yang Qingxuan,who initially wanted to help Long Chen, had already been blocked by Bai Zhanlong. They were another two eighth level Dragon Pulse Realm experts that began to fight against each other.

To these two superpowers of Poplar Town, the other factions could only look helplessly at each other. The strongest expert in their families was, at most, only of the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm so how could they participate in such a high leveled battle like this?

“Chen Er!”

This particular shout had made Long Chen regain a little of his consciousness. He could make out that it was Yang Xueqing’s voice. Since he was young up until this very moment, he had never heard Yang Xueqing speak to him in a voice that was filled with concern. She even called out to him so lovingly. Currently his bones felt as if they were falling apart and his internal organs were injured though not as severe as Bai Shiji’s, if he wanted to stand, it would be an arduous task.

However, after hearing those two words, Long Chen felt a boundless amount of power surged within his body. He groaned before he started to stand up from the ground!

No matter how difficult it was and no matter what the additional injuries he sustained in his attempts which made his whole body convulsed, deep down he still resolutely felt that with so many people watching on and this being the first time she had ever showered care and concern on him, he should pick himself up like a man!

In front of everyone’s astonished gazes, Long Chen finally picked himself up. With his legs still unsteady and his vision hazy, he could still make out the brokenhearted and worried expression on the face of this woman as she looked at him. Although she had almost succumbed to Bai Zhanfeng’s relentless barrage of attacks, her eyes were still fixed on him.

Seeing this scene, Long Chen suddenly felt extremely proud of his achievements. He realized that he had finally received the recognition of this woman through his hard work, finally reversing the negative perception of himself as well as for his father!

Previously, in Yang Xueqing’s heart, she thought about how talented Bai Zhanxiong and his sons and just how useless Long Chen and Long Qinglan were. However, after seeing Yang Xueqing’s agonized gaze, he knew that he had finally won.

Currently, in Yang Xueqing’s heart, Bai Zhanxiong and his sons were the ones that were useless, while Long Chen was an exceptional talent that went against the heavens.

“Father, why is my mood currently so good? Is it because I have let out some resentment……?”

Seeing this woman who was desperately trying to break free to rescue him, Long Chen suddenly found his eyes had moistened and it was at this point that Lingxi’s anxious voice sounded: “Bastard, you are already injured. Do you still not want my help?”

Facing such a strong opponent like Bai Zhanxiong, Lingxi could save him but the cost of saving him would probably lead to her death.

Long Chen definitely wouldn’t allow that to happen so he coldly said: “Lingxi, it is best for you not to meddle in other people’s business. Don’t make me hate you!”

That sentence from Long Chen was vicious and it had even hurt Lingxi’s heart a little but, but in his heart, he meant well.

Lingxi originally wanted to help with kind intentions but after hearing Long Chen say those words, she felt wronged and wanted to cry. In her heart, she had already scolded that “idiot Long Chen” over a million times.

At this moment, Bai Zhanxiong had already stood in front of Long Chen and looked at Yang Xueqing who was desperately struggling before looking at Long Chen once again and coldly said: “Your mother and son’s relationship is really touching. However, I wonder if I were to let her watch on as you die by my hands, just what expressions she would have then?”

Seeing today’s situation, Long Chen had already guessed that he was reaching his end soon.

He could deal with Bai Shichen but Bai Zhanxiong was older than him by at least twenty years and it was impossible for Long Chen to increase his strength to meet Bai Zhanxiong’s.

Seeing Yang Xueqing’s desperate looks, Long Chen was already extremely satisfied.

At the Yang Family’s side, Yang Yuntian was already blaming himself while the rest of the Yang Family had worried and respectful gazes as they looked at Long Chen. Being able to arrive at such an exalted stage from being disdained as a spoiled brat had proved that he was a success as a human being.

What Long Chen currently regretted the most was regarding Long Qinglan. He had not solved any of the riddles regarding Long Qinglan and the Mysterious Dragon Jade Pendant.

Thinking about Lingxi, Long Chen could only hope that after his death, she would be able to find someone to help her search for medicine with spirit healing properties.

Giving Bai Zhanxiong a frosty look, Long Chen did not have any fear of death at all. He was still unyielding and unbending as he said: “You being able to defeat me is nothing to flaunt about. Today, I have already won. Not only did I win against your useless son, I have also won against you. I know that you have previously lost under my father’s hand and today you are also the loser against me, so what is there to show off?”

Hearing about Long Qinglan, Bai Zhanxiong’s expression became sinister and coldly said: “You said that I lost to that trash? It looks like you still don’t know how that trash died……”

Bai Zhanxiong’s words made Long Chen’s pupils shrink and, although he was in a groggy state, his eyes seemed to have turned into sharp blades as he sent a piercing gaze towards Bai Zhanxiong.

Bai Zhanxiong laughed out loud and whispered: “I had heard that some trash loved wine as much as their life so I simply had someone to put something in his wine and then I could marry his wife without any hiccups.”

Hearing Bai Zhanxiong’s words made Long Chen feel as if a thunderbolt had come from a clear sky!

Long Chen had never thought about it in this aspect because he believed that Long Qinglan was an extremely intelligent person. Before he died he never mentioned why he was suddenly at his deathbed and Long Chen had naturally also forgotten about it. He just felt that his father’s identity was a mystery. His death was also quite unusual!

Before Long Qinglan died, his complexion darkened and it was obvious that he had been poisoned. Only Long Chen was foolish enough to not notice that!

It was only now, with these series of events happening, that Long Chen realised that Long Qinglan’s death was actually the doings of Bai Zhanxiong! It’s no wonder that upon Long Qinglan’s death, Bai Zhanxiong would appear before the Yang Family and prepared to plot this wedding!

Giving Bai Zhanxiong a death stare and seeing his smug face, a blood red color had wildy blanketed Long Chen’s eyes. This blood red dye never withdrew and even the two pupils of Long Chen had, at this time, turned completely blood red too!

A chilly and bloody aura gradually surged out from Long Chen’s body.

“Really? So, it was you that had made my father die earlier?”

This truth had caused all of the blood in Long Chen to surge. He felt that his organs were convulsing and those blood red dragon figures that vanished inside his body before had, because of his rage, emerged simultaneously. In an instant, Long Chen’s whole body had turned into a nest for dragons!

Endless blood red dragons began traversing on his body!

Bai Zhanxiong had previously felt that there was something wrong about Long Chen but he simply thought that it was due to his rage. What he most enjoyed was seeing Long Chen loathing himself as he looked helplessly at him.

“Truthfully, he should he should have died earlier and when I finally let him die at that time I was already being very merciful. Initially, you were also supposed to die, but there was a little mishap. I thought that you were just a spoiled brat and it would be simple to just casually send someone after you. I never thought that you were so stubborn and would be able to survive. Regardless, after today, you will be able to unite with your trash father. This is obviously because I am such a kind person!”

Looking at him, Long Chen was speechless.

“Father, if you have told me earlier, I would have worked harder and not let that grandson live until today!”

“Even though you don’t care about his life or death, I care. Bai Zhanxiong……”

The fury that could burn the heavens as if a huge wave was raging in his body and seeing Bai Zhanxiong’s wild laughter, the blood Qi in Long Chen’s body gradually grew so dense that it almost made him explode!

At that moment, the Mysterious Dragon Jade Pendant shook violently and the Inherited Blood Essence that was beneath had once again been absorbed by it!

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