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DBWG Chapter 39

Chapter 39 – Devilish Long Chen!
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After today’s battle, this incident should be counted as completely over.

The Bai Family had initially wanted to annihilate the Yang Family but Long Chen’s appearance had turned the tables around. Not only did he injure the two hopes of the Bai Family, he even allowed the Yang Family to come out completely unharmed. Everyone present at that moment looked at Long Chen with completely different views.

There was respect, appreciation and even fear.

Founder Yang was schemed against by someone he had treated as a brother, almost bringing down his whole family. He never spoke another word to Bai Family’s Master. His face darkened as he brought the Yang Family away from the Bai Family.

Yang Xueqing, who was amongst them, was still wearing the red wedding costume.

After leaving the main hall, Long Chen walked at the side while Yang Xueqing and Yang Yuntian walked in front. Long Chen had placed his attention completely on Yang Xueqing and overlooked Yang Yuntian, who was suffering in pain at that moment.

As he thought about how Long Chen had salvaged the whole situation of the Yang Family, he also thought deeply about his son.

He had witnessed every moment of joy, anger, sadness and happiness that his son had experienced as he grew. Yang Yuntian was filled with the memories of his son, whose death had been caused by Long Chen……

“Zhan Er, Zhan Er, when will I be able to avenge you? He could even kill a person who is on the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. I had promised Father not to touch him before the demonic beast hunting competition, but the competition is over already…..”

“After tonight, I would no longer be his opponent and could never be able to kill him, much less seek revenge for you!”

“Zhan Er, what do you think I should do? You hate him, right? I hate him as well. But today he was actually the saviour of our Yang Family……”

They were only twenty odd steps away from the big door of the main hall that Long Chen had smashed and during that period, Yang Yuntian was filled with inner conflicts that nobody could see.

Everyone was immersed in the celebration of surviving the ordeal, including Long Chen. He had completely forgotten that Yang Yuntian was someone who had a grudge against him.

At this moment, Yang Yuntian thought of every scene involving his son and the hatred in his heart gradually grew. Thinking that he would no longer have the chance to deal with Long Chen after tonight, Yang Yuntian’s face momentarily turned pale. He clenched his teeth and his eyes revealed the madness he felt.

When He was standing only two steps in front of Long Chen, Yang Yuntian unexpectedly turned around and threw a [Falling Star Fist] towards Long Chen. Long Chen could only stretch out his arms to block the close-ranged attack.

But even if it was like this, that unexpected punch still made the blood in his body churned, immediately sending him flying away from the protection of the Yang Family and directly towards the Bai Family!

This unexpected turn of events shocked everyone on the scene and made everyone from the Bai Family’s side laugh wildly to their hearts’ content. The Yang Family members all furiously stared at Yang Yuntian who had made that move.

“Second Brother! You’re insane!”

Yang Xueqing was instantly startled. However, nobody cared to berate Yang Yuntian, as Founder Yang, Yang Qingxuan, and Yang Xueqing had rapidly moved forward to chase after Long Chen.

Although his arm blocked Yang Yuntian’s attack, Long Chen still suffered some injuries and due to that, he could not control his body from flying backwards.

In midair, he thought of his landing point. There most likely would be a bunch of Bai Family members waiting for him there!

A huge fish like Long Chen was sent flying to the Bai Family who all hated Long Chen to the core, especially Bai Zhanxiong and Bai Zhanlong. They could not wait to swallow him whole. At this moment, having been given the chance to kill Long Chen so easily, how could they ever let go of this chance?!

Long Chen was in shock as the top three experts from the Yang Family chased after him. However, they were obviously still a tad slower. Long Chen suddenly turned around and saw that Bai Zhanxiong, who was the closest to him, had an excited yet sinister smile on his face.

On his fingers, a black energy was swirling and looking at the aura, it was at least ten times greater than that of Bai Shiji who used the [Dark Heavenly Finger] previously!

Long Chen was appalled. Yang Xueqing and the rest anxiously warned him from behind. Long Chen, who had just been hit into midair by the [Falling Star Fist], immediately made some hand movements to form the [Seal of the Dragons]!

The most shocking moment that startled everyone was that this time, Long Chen was doing a more abnormal move than the previous [Falling Star Fist] that Long Chen had exhibited previously. He was actually using both hands to individually form the seals of [Seal of the Ashened Dragon]s!

Yang Xueqing, who saw that Bai Zhanxiong was using [Dark Heavenly Finger], paled. She was feeling completely hopeless when an immense aura from the [Seal of the Ashened Dragon] surged out from Long Chen’s hands. The immense aura incessantly shocked those three members of the Yang Family.

“Double hand seals? How is this possible? Even if it’s me, I would not be able to so accurately control this [Seal of the Ashened Dragon]!”

Shock filled Founder Yang’s heart, as this was just too unbelievable.

In the past, he had obtained this [Seal of the Dragons] in a mysterious place and had used this [Seal of the Ashened Dragon] for many years. But he never thought that the [Seal of the Ashened Dragon] could actually be used in such a manner.

And Long Chen knew that all of this was due to the wonders of the Mysterious Dragon Jade Pendant. Because of it, Long Chen could grasped the technique of [Seal of the Ashened Dragon] so quickly. He even was able to innovate new techniques and achieve a perfect mastery of the spell!

Even when he was in midair, his speed was extremely fast. When Bai Zhanxiong had struck out using the [Transformed Devil First Finger], a flash of coldness flashed across Long Chen’s eyes. He pushed out his hands and a boundless power surged forth. A faint red aura suddenly turned into an image of the Dragon God but this time it was two that were overlapping each other!

And Bai Zhanxiong, this expert of the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, used the [Transformed Devil First Finger] and clashed with him. A large force field was instantly created.

Due to Long Chen being in midair, he was immediately repelled and sent flying and he crashed into a wall at the side. The large wall had unexpectedly collapsed from his collision, leaving a cloud of dust in the air.

Bai Zhanxiong had already charged forward at that moment and very soon he had caught up to Long Chen!

At this point, Long Chen did not sustain many injuries. However, Bai Zhanxiong had already come chasing after him and he was much stronger than Long Chen. But Long Chen was not one to admit defeat easily!

As for the other side, the three experts from the Yang Family had arrived. Founder Yang held Yang Qingxuan back and immediately gave chase, while Yang Xueqing who was worried for Long Chen, ran after them at an even greater speed than Founder Yang!

Founder Yang was unable to stop her so he could only follow and charge out! From the other side, the Bai Family’s Master had brought Bai Zhanxiong from the collapsed wall to the main hall. They were immediately stopped and faced with Founder Yang and Yang Xueqing. It was obvious that this was going to be a one on one battle.

Yang Qingxuan stayed behind and protected the other family members but the Bai Family’s side still had Bai Zhanlong who was of the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm.

The Yang Family lacked an eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, so at that moment, Long Chen directly faced off with Bai Zhanxiong.

Bringing the others along, Yang Qingxuan coldly looked at Bai Zhanlong and headed towards the outer area of the main hall. As for Bai Zhanlong, he too brought the experts in the Bai Family, fervently tailing and impeding Yang Qingxuan’s movements. As long as Yang Qingxuan did not interfere with the battle between Long Chen and Bai Zhanxiong, that would be enough!

The Bai Family’s goal this time around was on Long Chen only.

Long Chen’s performance today was too overpoweringly domineering. Long Chen’s power had increased at such a fast rate- And the Bai Family clearly knew how terrifying it is to be so gifted. If Long Chen doesn’t die now, after two to three years, the people that would face death would be the members from the Bai Family.

So to them, Long Chen’s threat had been greater and towards this genius of an enemy, one must definitely eradicate his existence completely. Only then, they could have peaceful days!

The few members from the Bai Family were extremely well coordinated. The Bai Family’s Master blocked Founder Yang; Bai Zhanfeng blocked Yang Xueqing and Bai Zhanlong restricted Yang Qingxuan. This was all to gain time for Bai Zhanxiong to kill Long Chen.

The Yang Family and the Bai Family had shifted the fight outside at this time. For someone like Yang Lingqing, it was impossible for her to be involved so she could only wait impatiently.

Having caused such a huge scene on the wedding night, the conflicting families had caused all the guests who were not overly drunk to come dashing towards this area. Seeing such a scene, they all had disbelief written across their faces, and they all fervently discussed the situation.

“This… What is this situation? Didn’t the Bai and Yang Family became a single family? Why are they like this? It looks as though they were were archenemies!”

“The Bai Family’s Master is facing Founder Yang; that is…. Yang Xueqing and Bai Zhanfeng; that’s Bai Zhanxiong, who is his opponent?”

“Isn’t that the Yang Sanniang’s son who is getting rather famous in the Yang Family? He actually dared to fight against Bai Zhanxiong? How is this possible?”

[TL note: Yang Sanniang, third lady – Yang Xueqing.]

“Heavens! What on earth is going on?”

“Look carefully! The Bai Family’s Master and Bai Zhanfeng look like they are restricting each of their opponents. It seems that the actual person they want to kill is Yang Sanniang’s son, but why do they want to kill him? I have heard that Bai Zhanxiong’s son had been castrated by him. Is that true?”

“Just because of this matter, the two families have to battle?”

“Under this situation, this fellow will definitely die without a doubt.”

And at the Yang Family’s side, the members all anxiously looked on at the situation and then they looked furiously at Yang Yuntian. The current situation right now had all been caused by Yang Yuntian, a single person.

Yang Yuntian’s daughter, Yang Lingqing, currently was using an unbelievable look at her own father and said: “Father, I know that he caused Elder Brother Yang Zhan’s death, but he did not do it intentionally. Today, he saved the whole of Yang Family. How could you do this?”

When facing his daughter’s question and also the furious gazes from the family, Yang Yuntian, who was simply ashamed and was unable to show his face, just turned to look away as he didn’t dare return their gazes. Everyone shouted out in shock at that moment as Yang Yuntian had actually looked away.

“[Seal of the High Profound Dragon]?!”

“How is that possible? That brat should only be at the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. How was he able to use the [Seal of the High Profound Dragon]?!”


Even though they were anxious about the battles between the Bai Family Master and Bai Zhanfeng against Founder Yang and Yang Xueqing, they were astonished as they looked at Long Chen at that moment.

Having used the [Seal of the High Profound Dragon] of the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm when he was only in the sixth level, this Long Chen was a little too overpowering!

Seeing this [Seal of the High Profound Dragon], the Bai Family members knew that tonight, if they did not kill this devil Long Chen, their Bai Family would be exterminated by him in the future.

“Such an overpowering little devil like him, if I was from the Bai Family, I too would have pledged to eradicate his existence!”

“However, didn’t the Bai and the Yang Families always got along? Could this be because of the mayoral position?”

“It is most likely to be that case.”

When Long Chen unexpectedly used the [Seal of the High Profound Dragon], madness clouded Bai Zhanxiong’s eyes.

The talent displayed by this youth in front of them had already let him reach a stage where his eyes were bloodshot and fearful, as if he was looking at Long Qinglan when he was still alive. Bai Zhanxiong’s heart right now was riddled with trauma and at the same time, it had also greatly increased his wild murderous intent!

“Brat! You will definitely die!”

“[Dark Heavenly Finger]! [Nine Orbits Yellow Spring]!”

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