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DBWG Chapter 37

Chapter 37 – Buried Together
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Yang Xueqing’s suicidal attack had also shocked the Bai Family members and Bai Zhanxiong, because of his proximity, had not put up his guard at all as he never thought that Yang Xueqing would actually use such a suicidal attack!

As for the Yang Family members, they were even more startled!

Although they knew that today the whole lot of them were going to perish here, looking on helplessly at the death of their own family members, they still felt extremely terrible inside. Especially Founder Yang and the rest, their faces were even more stricken pale!

“Xueqing! Come back!”

Although there was the stern voice from Founder Yang, Yang Xueqing had already made up her mind, so how could halt in her footsteps?

In her eyes, the whole world only consisted of her rising Qi and the smug face of Bai Zhanxiong in front of her!

At this point, the big red and wooden door had been smashed into smithereens and a few guards followed it and crashed into the hall. Under the astonishment of everyone, a few youngsters rapidly charged into the main hall and the leader of the group had given a kick to the guards that were standing in front of them, crashing them into the coiling dragon-patterned pillar in the main hall!

When the faces of these youngsters were recognised, all of the people were astonished!

Bai Family members were even more in a state of disbelief and even the sly and crafty old Bai Family’s Master, after seeing such a scene, widened his eyes and inhaled a deep breath, his face filled with shock!

As for the Yang Family members, they had all felt as if they had stepped into a dream, especially Yang Qingxuan and the rest. They originally thought their son and daughter deceased but not one of them had actually died and they were alive and kicking. This revelation had caused them all to be unable to regulate their breathing.

This sudden feeling of having come back from Death’s door had caused all of their face to stiffen!

As everyone stared on in shock, Long Chen brought the other three Yang Family members and nonchalantly walked into this main hall!

Yang Wu was holding onto Bai Shidong, whose expression was filled with fear, while Yang Lingqing and Yang Lingyue had Bai Zhixing’s life at their disposal. As for Long Chen, he held onto the collar of Bai Shiji and Bai Shichen with one hand each while dragging them into the main hall!

Bai Shiji and Bai Shichen had a substantial amount of blood dripping from them and the loss of blood had already drained their faces of all colour. The ground of the main hall had two huge brush paths of blood which was done by Long Chen as he was dragging them!

As the Bai Family members looked on, this situation was not only beyond their expectations, it was also a ghastly sight to behold!

Especially for Bai Zhanxiong and the few who were fathers of these children. Seeing that their sons were actually on the brink of death and only with a small sliver of life left in them, almost returning to the West, their hearts had all constricted tightly!

[TL Note: (归西) “Returning to the West”: Chinese idiom signifying dying and going to Paradise]

Bai Zhanxiong looked at Long Chen with a disbelieving expression but it gradually turned into a fearsome and murderous glare!

When Long Chen walked in, Yang Xueqing looked at him first and made contact with his darkened expression. Only then did she stop her attack, looking on blankly at Long Chen, which enabled Founder Yang to drag her back.

At this moment, Yang Xueqing still felt as if she was dreaming.

In her eyes, everyone around her had vanished and there was only this young man with endless pride and arrogant, standing in front of her. In his hands, he held onto the spoils of war as he proudly walked through this main hall belonging to the strongest family in Poplar Town!

At this moment, endless remorse and regrets had filled Yang Xueqing eyes!

Long Chen had seen her previous attacked towards Bai Zhanxiong.

Before arriving, the most unbelievable thing that Long Chen had heard was that Yang Xueqing had betrayed the Yang Family and Long Chen could not accept that at all but, looking on right now, it was clear that this was all a lie that Bai Shichen told Yang Lingqing in order to get her in his hands.

Long Chen’s tightly bound heartstrings had only then relaxed a little.

However, seeing the Yang Family members’ faces and the current situation, Long Chen already knew that they had been poisoned.

Before arriving, Long Chen interrogated Bai Shidong about the various kinds and types of poison and also knew that the antidote for the Nightmare Flower was in the hands of the Bai Family!

Bai Shidong and Bai Zhixing were still conscious at this point and, seeing that they had actually returned back to their family, they cried out anxiously: “Father, Grandfather, save me! Save me!”

Yang Wu and the rest were extremely nervous right now, especially for Yang Lingqing and these two girls but, seeing that in front of them there still stood an unwavering figure resolutely protecting them, only then did they felt relieved!

At this point all of the people could see that in the Yang Family’s younger generation the leader was no longer Yang Wu but Long Chen, who had recently risen to fame!

Bai Shichen and Bai Shiji were both cultivators of the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. Moreover, Bai Shichen had even been knowned as the number one genius of Poplar Town these past 20 years but right now these two, the pride of the Bai Family, were actually held in Long Chen’s hands like beaten dogs! Can this possibly mean that these two fellows had been beaten by Long Chen?!

This was an extremely preposterous though, so basically no one could have believed it but, at this point, the Bai Family members had been forced to accept this result. During the demonic beast hunting competition, the Bai Family younger generation had been completely defeated.

A huge wave of aura came pressuring towards Long Chen as Bai Family’s Master rose from his seat and stared frostily at Long Chen at the forefront, and coldly said: “It seems that you, brat, still have some tricks. You were actually able to reverse the situation and harm my Bai Family members instead during this demonic beast hunting competition! Your nature and schemes are not bad! But, with only using that point, you wish to stand in front of us like this today? You are seeking death!”

Seeing that the most extraordinary young members of his Bai Family had been injured to this extent, the heart of the Bai Family’s Master twitched violently.

Bai Shiji spat out blackened blood which obviously meant that he had already suffered severe internal injuries and. Even if he could be saved, he would still need at least a year of recuperation. After that period of time, his cultivation would likely have regressed. Bai Shichen’s face was the color of a pig’s liver and at this point he was still covering his nether region that was spasmodically jerking. Those who could analyse better immediately knew that Bai Shichen most likely had met the same fate as Bai Shixun.

For the Bai Family, being unable to have offsprings was such a horrifying and blood boiling phrase to them.

It was enough to endure the first humiliation until today, when they would finally be able exact their revenge, but now Long Chen had done it a second time!

Seeing the pathetic state of the Bai Family’s younger generation, the Bai Family members were seething with fury!

At this moment, a middle aged man from the Bai Family who was the closest to Long Chen suddenly charged at Long Chen. Although he was unclear of his identity, he could assume that it was probably one of Bai Zhanxiong’s younger brothers. Seeing that the man charging directly at him and used the [Dark Heavenly Finger] attack, Long Chen smirked!

That sneak attack from the Bai Family had currently caused all of the Yang Family members to exclaim in shock. Founder Yang and the rest knew the extent of Long Chen’s abilities so they disregarded their lives and fervently tried to save him at that moment!

For Yang Xueqing especially, whose emotions had been tossed from the highest point down to the lowest by first seeing that her admired Bai Zhanxiong had turned into a devil and then the outstanding youths Bai Shichen and Bai Shiji being turned into mongrels. Long Chen’s position in her heart had risen up quickly!

Yang Yuntian, who was in the crowd, finally moved his gaze away from his unharmed daughter, who was actually so brave today, and felt extremely proud for that. However, when he looked at Long Chen, his expression suddenly changed.

Long Chen harming his son and tonight’s matter were of two different things. The agony of the death of his own flesh and blood to the middle aged Yang Yuntian was like a pain that penetrated through his heart!

Seeing that the other family members had taken the initiative and attacked while grasping the timing so well, the Bai Family members all had smiles on their faces.

They were all aware of Long Chen’s ability, and reasoned that he must have employed some form of underhanded mean, in order to have these Bai Family youths wind up in such a state.

It had not even crossed their minds that their measures today were the real ones that were underhanded!

Long Chen and the rest were worried that they would have been blocked by the Bai Family members before they could step into the main hall, so they sneakily flipped over the wall. The guests who were still attending the wedding banquet were completely oblivious that from a place not far away from the main hall, a spectacular scene was actually unfolding!

“Be careful!”

Seeing that they could not make it in time, the masses of the Yang Family could only warn and preempt the calm and steadied Long Chen, that, this strike of [Dark Heavenly Finger] was almost as strong as Bai Shiji’s. However……

Long Chen only smirked and lifted both Bai Shichen and Bai Shiji up with ease, placing them in front of him. At the same time, he used one hand and circulated a faint red aura, which had rapidly swirled and grew stronger in his palm!

Seeing that both Bai Shiji and Bai Shichen were actually in front of him the Bai Family member who had used the [Dark Heavenly Finger] was suddenly flustered and hurriedly stopped the circulation of the technique. At this moment the Bai Family members had all fervently warned: “Zhanyun! Be careful!”

Bai Zhanyun was dazed as Bai Shichen and Bai Shiji had been placed on the ground and Long Chen’s smiling face emerged. Bai Zhanyun suddenly felt that how sinister that laughter was and in the next moment, a faint red image of a Dragon God had crashed into his chest! Bai Zhanyun violently coughed out a mouthful of blood and his face became pale stricken in an instant!

He immediately staggered more than a dozen metres back and crashed into a wall with a loud bang and as he fell, his body was already devoid of life!

Bai Zhanyun, dead!

“[Seal of the Ashened Dragon]?!”

These words had suddenly emerged in everyone’s heart, as everyone knew that when Long Chen obtained [Seal of the Dragons]. He was able use the ability single handedly, what kind of amazing control does he has to do that?

Amongst the Yang Family right now there were only three people who could use [Seal of the Ashened Dragon] with a single hand!

The one who was most stupefied was Yang Xueqing. As if in a daze, she looked at that young man filled with endless spirit and saw the resolution that was in his eyes as if he could withstand the pressure of facing all of the experts in the Bai Family. Compared to Long Qinglan, who also had boundless potential in the past, how similar was that?

“Could it be that you both, father and child, have been destined to be the bane of my life?”

Thinking of Long Qinglan and then seeing that Long Chen had actually single-handedly used the [Seal of the Ashened Dragon] to completely kill a seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm cultivator from the Bai Family, this was not such a surprising thing anymore.

To her, no matter if it was Long Chen or Long Qinglan, when they had displayed their extraordinary talent, there was basically no one who could cover their brilliance amongst their peers,.

Like the past where Bai Zhanxiong had been utterly defeated under Long Qinglan’s hands.

Yang Family members were shocked by [Seal of the Ashened Dragon], and Bai Family members looking at Bai Zhanyun who had died so suddenly, their hearts faltered, at the same time fury rose within them!

Especially Bai Family’s Master, Bai Zhanyun was the youngest son he doted the most upon, and he was almost entering the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, but who would have thought he would just die like this!

The tension in the atmosphere had suddenly increased, and basically the Bai Family members of eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm and above, had all explosively drawn their strongest aura, and a wave of pressure which seemed to blanket the sky had come pressing towards Long Chen, but he did not lose his bearings, only gripping the throat of Bai Shiji.

“If you wish to see this young genius of Bai Family die, Bai Zhanxiong, if you wish to see your son die on my hands, then why don’t you try and attack! I guarantee you within a span of a breath; these four will all die without a single one left! Although you can exterminate my Yang Family, but these four youths would have to be buried together with us! Actually I am rather curious, without them, would you still be able to continue the bloodline of Bai Family?!”

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