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DBWG Chapter 34

Chapter 34 – [Seal of the High Profound Dragon]
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Hearing Bai Shichen who had previously put on a noble air, threatening her with a voice filled with menace and lust,Yang Lingqing grimaced and condescendingly looked at Bai Shichen saying: “Originally, I thought you were Poplar Town’s new generation’s strongest cultivator.The other girls and I had idolised you and had been mesmerised by your noble and elegant air… however,I have realized today, Bai Shichen, that you are actually nothing much. I am not mocking you, but myself, for actually idolising a beast like you in the past.”

Yang Lingqing’s condescending gaze had enraged Bai Shichen from his previous calm state and he gritted his teeth as his true nature emerged.

That threatening gesture only served to reinforce Yan Lingqing’s condescension as she gazed at him as if looking at a clown.

Yang Lingqing suddenly said blandly: “Bai Shichen, remember this, even if you were to conquer my body you will never conquer my soul.”

She suddenly thought of a person, her face showing a smile: “However, there’s a person who is much more outstanding than you. Everyone thought of him as a spoilt brat. When he speaks, he sounds like a hooligan, but the depth of his gaze is a thousand times purer than a beast like you.”

Bai Shichen knew who she was referring to and sneered: “You smelly bitch, saying that I am a beast, but you actually harbour feelings for your own cousin, right? Such incestful behaviour, isn’t that worse than a beast?”

Yang Lingqing face turned red and she angrily retorted: “Bastard, only you, would be so dirty-minded. Do you have to harbour feelings for everyone that you approve of? If your mother loves you, does that count as incest?”

At this point, seeing that Yang Lingqing was surprisingly not afraid of him, Bai Shichen’s heart was gradually driven wild and he became aroused. Without saying another word, he pounced on Yang Lingqing. He growled:

“Who cares who you are? After I have conquered your body, why would I still fear that I wouldn’t be able to enslave your soul? Yang Lingqing!”

Yang Lingqing was about to scream but then, her eyes widened at the sight behind Bai Shichen. Bai Shichen was suspicious as to why the person in his arms was not resisting and was still wondering about it when he felt someone standing behind him. He was momentarily frightened as he broke out into a cold sweat and spun around.

Seeing how he was shocked after seeing Long Chen, Yang Lingqing punched him in the waist and took the chance to run towards Long Chen.


She wanted to seize the opportunity and began pulling Long Chen along to escape. But what made her exasperated was that Long Chen’s whole body, as if in shock, had stayed rooted to the ground and no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t pull him away.

At this point, Bai Shichen had already recovered from his shock and the both of them no longer had any chance to escape.

Yang Lingqing knew that Long Chen’s nature was obstinate and hot tempered and that if they were to stay here he would definitely have a death match with Bai Shichen. Right now, the only option was to stand in front of Long Chen and, while glaring at Bai Shichen, she whispered to Long Chen: “Hurry and escape, the Bai Family is going to poison Grandfather and the rest during the wedding banquet. We should hurry back to inform them!”

Saying which, her tears began flowing.

Today’s events were the greatest torment in her sixteen years of life.

She and Long Chen were born in the same year, in the same month, and on the same day but had different upbringings. She had been pampered since she was young, but Long Chen had fought and stumbled for the past sixteen years instead.

Realizing that this girl actually had once again stood in front of him, with the thought to protect him, Long Chen couldn’t help but feel touched. However to him, Yang Lingqing’s request to escape, that was impossible.

He, Long Chen, had never let a woman stand in front to protect him.

At this point, Bai Shichen sneered and said: “You are the person that she was referring to? Heaven had given you a path but you chose not to walk on it. You chose instead to break into the gates of Hell. Oh well! Today seeing how both you and my Lingqing have such a fate, I will put up a good performance with her for you.”

Yang Lingqing had already implored Long Chen but looking at him, who actually remained completely unconcerned, she became extremely panicked and growled: “Brother Chen, aren’t you a man? Can’t you prioritize the big picture? The lives of grandfather and the rest of the family are in your hands!”

Long Chen lifted his head and gave her a gentle look. He pursed his lips and then pulled her behind him, and his determined voice reached Yang Lingqing’s ears.

“Lingqing, you have grown so well. I, being the big brother, had only stood up for you only once until now. I am quite embarrassed about that. This brat has actually made you cry today! Since your tears flow, I will let him flow out blood….”

“As for grandfather and the rest, give me another half a minute and I’ll be able to settle this.”

Although his voice was calm, his resolution, confidence and decisiveness had stunned Yang Lingqing.

She suddenly thought of that time back in the Cultivator’s Market when she got bullied by Bai Zhixing. Long Chen had stood in front of her then and although his back wasn’t majestic, that steely backbone had actually made her feel indescribably calm and collected.

But what Long Chen faced right now was the number one genius of Poplar Town!

“With Elder Brother taking care of things, you should retreat behind and learn how I punish bad guys.”

Yang Lingqing nodded her head and retreated into the forest behind them.

Seeing that Long Chen had not let Yang Lingqing escape, Bai Shichen was momentarily flabbergasted and growled: “Boy, using the conventional scenario, shouldn’t you let her escape first? I was prepared to feel touched but unexpectedly your brains have already become rotten.”

However, Long Chen said: “That is because there is no need for her to escape if it’s you I’m dealing with. I only have half a minute anyway. I’ve heard the propaganda that you, Bai Shichen, is the number one genius of Poplar Town, so today I will break that myth in front of my younger sister!”

Bai Shichen sized Long Chen up, and then burst out laughing: “A delusional person……”

As he erupted in laughter, Long Chen’s impressive aura had already come pressuring towards him and in that moment both of them were ready to strike. As for Yang Lingqing, she hid behind an ancient tree and nervously watched the two.

Although she was sure that Long Chen would not be a match for Bai Shichen, she had this strange feeling that made her believe Long Chen would emerge victorious.

“Although you unintentionally caused my brother’s death, you have always been a huge hero in my heart……”

This matter had actually been forgotten by Long Chen. It was just Yang Lingqing who had always been remembering that.

When they were about six years old, Yang Lingqing was extremely playful, often leaving the Yang residence and going to the deep mountains to frolic. One day, she met a few wild wolves and it was then when Long Chen had shielded her and helped her to chase those wild wolves away.

Long Chen had been bitten full of wounds at that time, and as for Yang Lingqing, she had simply been scared out of her guts.

The both of them then returned to the Yang Family and Yang Lingqing cried non-stop. It was at this point that Yang Xueqing had assumed that Long Chen had brought Yang Lingqing out, so she furiously berated him.

Yang Lingqing had always blamed herself for this matter throughout the years.

“You have forgotten it but this is actually the third time you have stood in front of me and you have never once fallen……”

Looking at Long Chen’s figure, she felt as if she had returned to being six again while a scrawny figure held a sharpened rock and had a strenuous battle with a pack of wild wolves. No matter how many bites he received and while fresh blood was still constantly spilling out, he shed not a single tear!

As she thought on, Yang Lingqing felt extremely moved.

At this point Long Chen had given Bai Shichen a death stare. After the exchange of auras earlier between them, he had already probed and discovered that Bai Shichen was indeed much stronger than Bai Shiji. He might have even stepped half a foot into the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm!

Bai Shichen stopped and looked at Long Chen with a rather shocked expression and said: “They all said you were in the fifth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, but you had long ago entered the sixth level and have almost broken into the seventh. As expected, you have greatly concealed your strength but it’s just of this level and you still want to deal with me, who is close to eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm?”

Long Chen had to admit that this was indeed the toughest battle he had ever faced. Compared to the Underground Blood Lizard King from before, although its body was extremely huge and many times bigger, it wasn’t as difficult to deal with as Bai Shichen!

Bai Shichen had already spent over ten years cultivating and his talent had surpassed Bai Shiji. It wouldn’t be so easy for Long Chen to defeat him.

At this point, Bai Shichen stared lustfully at Yang Lingqing and was momentarily fired up. He too, no longer had any time to fool around with Long Chen and immediately said: “I admit that you are indeed a troublesome opponent and all of my other skills apart from [Dark Heavenly Finger] are not able to deal with you. So……You just have to wait for your imminent death!”

The [Dark Heavenly Finger] again?

Long Chen raised his head and said: “I heard that you have trained your [Dark Heavenly Finger] to the second finger technique? Would you grant me the honor of seeing it?”

Bai Shichen stared blankly for a moment and immediately laughed: “I understand your intentions! You wish to die a glorious death in front of Yang Lingqing right? On account that you have some weight, I will make an effort to fulfill this dying wish of yours!”

[ED Note: “you have some weight”: You are a worthy opponent]

Yang Lingqing was also puzzled by Long Chen, not knowing what tricks he had up his sleeves.

[Dark Heavenly Finger] first finger technique, [Transformed Devil First Finger], was almost similar in strength to [Seal of the Ashened Dragon]. As for this second technique, how could Long Chen block it?

No matter how much she believed in Long Chen, at this point her heart raced wildly.

Thinking that soon he would finally have Yang Lingqing, Bai Shichen was indescribably excited.

He detachedly looked at Long Chen, who seemed to be unafraid of death, and gradually brought up the middle finger of his right hand. A stream of black color suddenly began revolving around it and an impressive aura was sent towards the surroundings!

The energy from this stream whistled loudly as it was revolving and rapidly grew more powerful. Almost an instant later, as if a huge spiral had appeared, Bai Shichen eyes turned cold. Looking at Long Chen one last time as he was about to use the second technique of [Dark Heavenly Finger], he actually saw Long Chen rapidly forming hand seals!

“Within a span of only ten odd days you have actually already learnt the [Seal of the Ashened Dragon]? I can’t keep you alive any longer!”

Thinking this, Bai Shichen unleashed the full might of the second technique of [Dark Heavenly Finger] and the black spiral grew even larger and a hurricane-like gust of wind had been released into the surroundings!

The tree branches and leaves all exploded into tiny pieces and the mud flew wildly in the air. With a shout, Bai Shichen sent this surging force charging towards Long Chen!

“[Dark Heavenly Finger], [Nine Orbits Yellow Spring]!”

[TL Note: Yellow Spring = Underworld. Ancient Chinese believed that the Heaven was black and the earth was yellow. Springs were on the ground, so they were called “yellow springs”. In Chinese culture, this term often refers to the underworld, a place where spirits of the dead live.]

Yang Lingqing’s face was drained of colour when confronted with such a whistling and devastating strike, but Long Chen’s expression remained unchanged!

He was not affected by this second finger technique, but just focused on completing his attack. What was different than before was that currently, his body had erupted with an even more intense aura.

Between his fingers, a total of nine faint red coloured auras had been traversing and with the completion of the seal there momentarily appeared to be nine Dragon Gods that were being controlled by Long Chen!

Originally, Yang Lingqing had wanted Long Chen to quickly dodge but at this point she actually saw the faintly discernible images of nine blood red Dragon Gods. She had seen this attack before. It was back when Yang Qingxuan had fought and used this strongest [Seal of the Dragons] technique of the Yang Family!

“[Seal of the High Profound Dragon]!”

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