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DBWG Chapter 33

Chapter 33 – A Shocking Conspiracy!
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Long Chen shouted, and suddenly turned into a faint red figure resembling a dragon. He brought on an immense aura and charged towards Bai Shiji!

At this point, a black coloured light radiated between Bai Shiji’s fingers. This was the first strike of [Dark Heavenly Finger], the [Transformed Devil First Finger]. It had a piercing effect like an arrow of black light as it shot towards Long Chen. When both wild energies collided, a huge burst of energy was dispersed in all directions.

“His half-assed [Seal of the Ashened Dragon] is definitely not a match for Bai Shiji’s well-practiced [Transformed Devil First Finger]……”

This thought surfaced on Yang Wu’s mind.

Bai Shiji felt that the other party’s Qi was not as overwhelming as his, but suddenly, in that instant, Long Chen actually emitted an ancient aura that made Bai Shiji afraid, turning his whole face pale!

Bai Shiji stared widely at his [Transformed Devil First Finger]. In front of the faint red dragon figure, it was retreating continuously, and before Bai Shiji even had the time to react, the dragon figure shattered the [Transformed Devil First Finger], causing an explosion on him. Bai Shiji cried in anguish and spewed a mouthful of blood, crashing to the floor!

Both of his eyes widened with an obvious expression of disbelief.

He simply could not understand. Why did the [Seal of the Ashened Dragon], coming from a mere sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm cultivator, have such an immense strength?! And what exactly was that frightening aura?!

Although the [Seal of the Ashened Dragon] was weakened, it still hit Bai Shiji squarely, causing disarray among his organs. A pain that could be felt to the bone made him cringe and black coloured blood constantly flowed out of his mouth. Wanting to pick himself up, his fingers powerlessly grasped the soil on the floor, but to no avail!

Originally, Yang Wu and Yang Lingyue had despaired, but at this instant, they became astonished. Yang Wu was so shocked that his mouth gaped open, and he shook his head violently a few times, only to realise that he hadn’t been seeing things. He immediately exclaimed: “Impossible, this is impossible!”

Yang Lingyue’s eyes widened even further, and the clothes that she clutched tightly in her hands had now dropped onto the floor. Basically, she revealed almost everything, but she was still completely unaware as the shock Long Chen had brought them was simply too great!

“This is impossible……definitely impossible!

Nevermind that he had started to practice cultivation or that he had beaten Yang Zhan suddenly. However, Yang Lingyue could never have imagined that Long Chen who was originally a wastrel in her eyes could defeat her. And yet, here he was, viciously beating the person whom she had once thought talented!

“What is this world coming to……”

As for Bai Zhixing and Bai Shidong, both of them were too scared to even move.

Bai Shidong thought of what he said to Bai Shiji and suddenly felt his legs turn soft. He seemingly became unable to control his bladder.

At this point, Bai Shiji used all of his strength to struggle, but it had only worsened his internal injuries. He already felt his vision start to blur, and the light rays of the sun seemed to be rather piercing to his eyes. Suddenly, a shadow towered over him from above. Bai Shiji gradually discovered that it was Long Chen.

Suddenly, a hand was choking his throat and feeling the strength of those icy cold fingers, Bai Shiji groggily thought: “Am……Am I about to die……Is he about to kill me? Why……It shouldn’t have ended like this, why?”

But that hand suddenly left his throat.

Long Chen spat at his face, and coldly said: “You son of a bitch, wait for me to save Yang Lingqing before I come back to claim your dog life!”

He was still looking at Bai Shiji but his body had moved suddenly. Bai Zhixing and Bai Shidong, who had been guarding Yang Wu, suddenly let out cries.

Bai Zhixing was the first to be knocked down unconscious by Long Chen. As for Bai Shidong, a punch from Long Chen came flying at him and he once again fell to the ground. As his face turned pale, a stench of urine suddenly permeated the air……

Long Chen gave him a stomp, and he fainted.

“Damn it! You actually peed for me again, each time I see you in future, I will stomp on you. Let me see how many times you can pee for me in a day!”

Saying which, he did not even look at Yang Wu who was staring at him in shock and fear. He turned and looked at Yang Lingyue, who was staring at him blankly. He smiled and said: “Yang Lingyue, showing off that slim and graceful young figure of yours to your own cousin, don’t you think it is a little disrespectful?”

Yang Lingyue suddenly realised that she did not have much clothes on her, and suddenly gave out a piercing scream. She becames flustered and picked up the materials on the ground and stared at Long Chen in indignation.

Long Chen did not even have any interest in her and he did not waste any time. He immediately asked: “I’m going to save Yang Lingqing. I’ll hand this place over to you. Restrain these three fellows. Tell me right now, where is Yang Lingqing?’

Yang Lingyue’s face was pale, and at this point Yang Wu actually pointed at a direction and said: “Yang Lingqing headed that way. Bai Shichen was chasing her!”

Long Chen did not waste any time and immediately headed towards the direction Yang Wu had pointed at.

Yang Wu stared at his disappearing back blankly and once again looked at Bai Shiji, Bai Zhixing and Bai Shidong. Bai Shiji was still vomiting blood and struggling on the ground, while Bai Zhixing and Bai Shidong had fainted.

“Xiao Yue, what do you think? Will he able to deal with Bai Shichen?”


At this point, Yang Lingyue had already put on her clothes. However there still wasn’t much clothing material and Bai Shidong’s robes had already been soiled. So right now, she was helping herself to Bai Zhixing’s outer robes.

Bai Family suddenly did this, and Yang Lingyue hated them to the core already.

“What do you think; will he be able to deal with Bai Shichen?”

Only then did Yang Lingyue react and scanned the surroundings, saying in a quivering voice: ”Lingqing should not be in any danger.”

Hearing her reply, Yang Wu slowly shut his eyes. He knew that from this moment onwards, the first ranking of the Yang Family younger generation would no longer belong to him but to that young man who had a blood-like Qi. From the moment Long Chen used [Seal of the Ashened Dragon] and beat Bai Shiji, he suddenly had a delusion, as if Long Chen was not human anymore but a blood red dragon.

And dragons had always been the existence of overlords.

This blood red colour was even a representation of killing.

“King of slaughter.” This was what Yang Wu thought of Long Chen.

Beating Bai Shiji had only required a [Falling Star Fist] and [Seal of the Ashened Dragon] from Long Chen. It was not even half a minute. However, Long Chen was still terribly worried about Yang Lingqing.

Bai Shichen’s strength was much stronger than Yang Lingqing’s. If he did not have those thoughts of messing around with her, Yang Lingqing might have already fallen into his hands!

Once he thought of the possibility that Yang Lingqing could be raped, Long Chen’s eyes had almost spewed fire. His whole body’s Qi, instead of decreasing after defeating Bai Shiji, had actually risen explosively!

“Long Chen, I can sense their aura, that way!”

Lingxi sent a direction from inside the Lingxi sword. With Lingxi around, Long Chen found it convenient to travel around in this Big Barren Mountain. He explosively used his greatest speed and dashed towards the direction Lingxi had pointed at!

Thinking that he was about to see them, Long Chen was extremely nervous in his heart because he was scared to see the scene that he was the most afraid of!

However before arriving, Lingxi said: “Don’t worry, your younger sister is still fine. They’re in a discussion right now!”

This sentence allowed Long Chen to temporarily put his worries at ease. However, the killing intent towards Bai Shichen had not lessened.

Now, a huge conflict between both families had arisen. Long Chen and Bai Shichen were the strongest of the younger generation from both sides. Long Chen had hurt Bai Shiji, and Yang Wu was also heavily injured. If they were not to fight at the first sight of each other, then it would be a strange thing.

Hearing that they were still talking, Long Chen lowered his pace and concealed his movements as he walked ahead. Very soon, he saw Yang Lingqing being forced into a corner by Bai Shichen.

At this point, Yang Lingqing’s eyes had turned red and her face already had many traces of tears. She used an icy cold look and stared at Bai Shichen, gritting her teeth tightly, her body slightly quivering!

As for Bai Shichen, he was speaking blandly: ”Lingqing, you must believe my regards for you. Actually I had seen you many times before. It was just that I never had the chance to be acquainted with you. If you are willing to follow me, you’ll definitely be very blissful.”

Yang Lingqing only used a loathing gaze to look at him, not saying a word.

Seeing that Yang Lingqing was so stubborn, Bai Shichen’s voice started to turn cold.

“Yang Wu and Yang Lingyue have already been trapped by us. Once the marriage starts, your Yang Family will all be served poisoned wine. At this point, the whole family will definitely die without a single one left. Yang Wu will also die. As for Yang Lingyue, I think she will make the wisest choice and choose Shiji!”

“Even Yang Xueqing had chosen my father and has forsaken the Yang Family. I too like you, so if you would follow me, even without the Yang Family, you three girls from the Yang Family can also get along together happily! You must know, the order that my grandfather had given us was to kill all of you younger generations of the Yang Family in Big Barren Mountain!”

Hearing Bai Shichen’s speech, Long Chen’s expression abruptly changed.

“No wonder they were attacking the younger generation of the Yang Family in Big Barren Mountain. So it is the plan of the Bai Family to exterminate us!”

With so many different kinds of information, it stirred Long Chen’s emotions greatly.

That Bai Family Master looked to be a nice guy and indeed had close ties with the Yang Family, but Long Chen would have never thought that he would come up with this sudden move. A person’s heart is indeed sinister.

“What are the objectives of the Bai Family’s Master for doing all of this? Is it done just for the twenty years of mayor position? According to the strength of the Bai Family younger generation, it could be easily achieved. There isn’t even a need to create such a huge scheme!”

Allowing the Yang Family to drink poisoned wine during the wedding, this idea was indeed ingenious. Founder Yang, while marrying his daughter off, was on cloud nine. Even if it was a cup of piss, one can’t say for sure that he would not drink it, much less a cup of wine.

With the elders of the Yang Family dead and the Bai Family massacring the younger generation here, this move of the Bai Family was extremely vicious and cruel, wiping the whole of the Yang Family in a day.

From the wedding banquet, they have long since set it up. The marriage between Yang Xueqing and Bai Zhanxiong had been an important factor in this whole scheme!

Thinking of Yang Xueqing, Long Chen’s eyes suddenly turned bloodshot!

“Although you were cold and distant towards me, I thought that you still had a shred of humanity in you: knowing filial piety, to be amiable to fellow elders and to nurture the younger generation. But I never thought you could be this vicious. You actually helped an outsider to massacre the whole of your family. Yang Xueqing! Is your fucking brain spoilt or something? Do you have an illness?”

No matter how much he thought of this matter, Long Chen just could not figure out why Yang Xueqing acted this way and this was way too far from his threshold ability!

However, even if Yang Xueqing had abandoned the Yang Family, Long Chen will definitely not. He immediately made up his mind. It was imperative to get rid of Bai Shichen right away, save Yang Lingqing, and then retaliate towards the Bai Family!

And at this point, seeing that Yang Lingqing was not persuaded, Bai Shichen immediately said solemnly: ‘Yang Lingqing, since you do not want the easy way out, then I will no longer be courteous towards you. Seeing that this moment is just right, let’s see what you can still do?!”

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