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DBWG Chapter 30

Chapter 30 – Lord Lang
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As both the marriage and demonic beast hunting competition were approaching, those few youngsters who were participating in the competition were all feeling nervous. As for the others, with the joyous occasion of marriage, they all had smiling expressions on their faces.

Especially for Founder Yang, who after waiting half his life could finally see his own daughter achieving bliss. His mouth was always smiling these days.

One early morning, Long Chen followed Yang Lingqing, Yang Lingyue and Yang Wu. Under Yang Qingxuan’s lead, they all headed toward one of the exits of Big Barren Mountain outside Poplar Town.

As for the other disciples, both families agreed not to let them participate because of their inadequate strength. They could barely protect themselves, so if they entered Big Barren Mountain, they might end up being burdens.

This way, each family has sent a total of four people. The Yang Family’s strength may be slightly weaker, but killing Demonic Beasts also requires some luck, so the winner and loser is still undetermined.

However, both the Bai and Yang Family masters did not follow the hunting party, and this scene of both parties drawing swords only seemed to be an interlude for the marriage. They both were busy preparing for the marriage, so they let the younger generation do as they pleased in the fight for the mayor position in Poplar Town.

Along the way, Yang Lingyue and Yang Wu walked together while Long Chen and Yang Lingqing followed behind.

“Hey, do you really have some methods to protect your life?”

Yang Lingqing asked concernedly.

“Only a few clowns from the Bai Family. How can they be my match?”

Long Chen mysteriously laughed.

Yang Lingqing momentarily showed a helpless expression and haughtily said: “Alright then, I can’t be bothered to talk to you anymore. When it really gets dangerous, just call out loudly. If I hear you, I’ll definitely try my best to help.”

Long Chen nodded his head; in fact he did really appreciate this younger sister of his. If it weren’t for the blood ties, he would have made his move by now.

However, after listening Long Chen’s arrogant words, Yang Wu and Yang Lingyue turned back and looked at him, their eyes filled with ridicule. As they turned back, Yang Lingyue looked at her own elder brother and said softly: “Brother, remember what you promised me.”

Yang Wu nodded his head and said: “If the Bai Family does not attack, I will teach him a lesson.”

Both of their voices were extremely soft, so Long Chen and Yang Lingqing could not hear them clearly.

Very soon, they reached their destination, and Long Chen realised that the party of five from the Bai Family had already arrived.

The leader of the Bai Family was the fourth son Bai Zhanfeng, and the other four would naturally be the four participants in the demonic beast hunting competition. Once they saw Long Chen, Bai Shiji momentarily smirked and pointed a finger at Long Chen.

Long Chen knew that Bai Shiji had meant the [Dark Heavenly Finger].

This was obviously a provocation, but Long Chen pretended not to see. Not even giving a glance at Bai Shiji, he instead looked at the person who stood at the forefront. He was the overseer of the demonic beast hunting competition who had come from the Lingwu Family of the Lingwu City.

This person was wearing an embroidered black robe, and there was a mantle on his head. His features were obscured, but his body emitted a faint aura. It was an indescribable feeling for Long Chen.

“How strong is he?”

“Telling a country bumpkin like you will have no effect. Just understand it like this: Your grandfather cannot withstand even a single stroke of his.”

A casual sentence like this made all the hairs on Long Chen stand up!

Maybe to Lingxi, killing his grandfather in a stroke is not a huge deal, but, in Long Chen’s world, what kind of fearful existence could finish the strongest person Long Chen knew, his grandfather, in a single stroke?

He looked at that person with a fixed stare, and the person too looked at Long Chen at this time, seemingly surprised. However, very soon, he never looked at Long Chen again.

At this point Yang Qingxuan cupped his hands and saluted, saying: “Lord Lang, the young ones of the Yang Family have been brought here.”

“En, then let’s depart for Big Barren Mountain. Both of you go back first. Lingwu Family will give you a fair result.”

Yang Qingxuan and Bai Zhanfeng did not dare to disobey his words. It looked like what Lingxi said was true.

Listening to his voice, Long Chen thought of him to be extremely young, almost no different from the youngsters here.

“You must know that there are mountains outside a mountain, and people outside a person. Your so called geniuses in Poplar Town, after reaching the mainland, are only a useless crap in front of the eyes of others.

[TL Note: Always someone stronger]

Lingxi’s words had once again let Long Chen know that his experience was limited. However, they had broadened it this time. Long Chen was very impressed with this similarly aged person who actually had such strength.

Yang Qingxuan and Bai Zhanfeng walked together, and without saying another word, Lord Lang went towards the Big Barren Mountain. The youngsters looked at each other, and then hurriedly followed.

Yang Wu and Yang Lingyue very soon had walked together with the Bai Family. Yang Lingqing, who saw Long Chen walking alone behind them, wavered, and decided to stay beside him.

At this point, Yang Lingyue was chatting happily with Bai Shiji, and suddenly, she saw that Yang Lingqing had actually walked together with Long Chen. Her face showed fury momentarily, and she said, “Lingqing, come over here. Bai Shichen Big Brother wants to meet you.”

Beside her was Bai Shichen whose cultivation was even greater than that of Bai Shiji. He smiled at Yang Lingqing amiably, and under the ray of the morning light, it was as if an immortal had descended from the heavens. Even Yang Lingyue was slightly moved.

However, Yang Lingqing did not fall for this, and,as she was in a difficult situation, said, “Ling Yue Elder Sister, I still want to say some things to Elder Brother Chen ……”

Yang Lingyue, who had lost face in front of both the guys from the Bai Family, was momentarily unhappy. Seeing Yang Lingyue whose face had changed colour, Long Chen abruptly said: “Lingqing, go over first, in case they don’t let you follow them later.”

He naturally wanted to move alone. If Yang Wu and Yang Lingyue left her behind, the numerous dangers which were lurking in Big Barren Mountain are not too good for her.

Yang Lingqing had also thought of this point. She then cast Long Chen an apologetic look, and then walked in front. Only then did Yang Lingyue had smile and introduce Yang Lingqing to both of the Bai Family’s boys.

Yang Lingqing, in fact, had more flavour than Yang Lingyue, so the Bai Shichen, who normally did not speak, told her the bullshit of his past 20 odd years of life when she walked over.

“Wanting to date my sister, later I will castrate you.” Long Chen cruelly thought.

Very soon, they reached Big Barren Mountain.

Lord Lang turned back and said: “Before the sun sets, you guys must hurry back here and hand over the demonic energy cores for me to inspect.”

Suddenly his voice turned cold and said, “I am a member of the Lingwu Family, so don’t try to play any tricks in front of me. All of your movements are under my supervision. Only methods using your own hands to kill the Demonic Beasts will count. For every one energy core that is obtained with alternative methods, I will take one life!”

“You don’t have to guess how exactly I will watch you. If you wish to play tricks, be my guest. But when you die, don’t blame me for it. Also, you can snatch the energy cores from the other parties, and you can even kill them. This has all been permitted by the Lingwu Family!”

This Lord Lang’s voice had carried a mysterious magical power to it, and even Bai Shichen, who had the strongest cultivation, had cold sweat forming while listening to those words.

In fact, the words spoken by Lord Lang had long ago been mentioned and warned by their own family elders. They all had an understanding of the immense background of the Lingwu Family, so they naturally did not dare play any tricks.

“Last time there were people who buried the energy cores beforehand, but in the end, for each core buried, one person was buried……”

“If you don’t have any questions, let’s go ahead and begin. Seize the day!”

Long Chen understood. Under the watch of this Lord Lang, to obtain an energy core, there were only two ways. One: Kill Demonic Beasts, two: Obtain it from the other party.

At this point, Bai Shiji and the rest glanced at Long Chen coldly and entered the Big Barren Mountain first. As for Yang Wu and the rest, they followed behind hurriedly. Although Yang Lingqing could not put her mind at ease with Long Chen, she had warned him and then left in the end.

“Eight hours’ time is more than enough for me to kill Bai Shiji. And at this point, I shall just take the energy cores from him.”

Thinking of this point, Long Chen wanted to enter Big Barren Mountain as well. However, at this moment, Lord Lang had actually stood in front of him and sized him up. Then he said, ” Not only a month, but you have already broken through 4 Dragon Pulse Realm levels, and even mastered the [Celestial Core Technique] huh?”

Long Chen was really stumped this time.

This mysterious Lord Lang had actually known his matters so well, even including the [Celestial Core Technique]?

As Long Chen was about to ask, he suddenly said: ”I will not hold back your time, hurry up and enter. I sense that the Bai Family members have enmity towards you. It’s good to be careful.”

After talking, his body made a stealth movement and disappeared without a trace. Even his directions were unknown……

“He knew that I mastered the [Celestial Core Technique], and he was even concerned about my life and death. The voice and figure had some familiarity to it, this person……”

Long Chen suddenly remembered the young man who had given him the [Celestial Core Technique], and he almost cried out in surprise. He was a hundred percent sure that this so called Lord Lang was the one whose beautiful looks could win over many ladies. These bewitching looks even made Long Chen unsure of his gender!

“At that point, I have already felt that his background was immense. However, I never would have thought that he would actually be a member of the Lingwu family. It’s no wonder that he came to Poplar Town. Most likely it was to first understand the background of the two big families in Poplar Town. However, the [Celestial Core Technique] he gave me helped me tremendously, and even now, he still warned me. It looks like I, Long Chen’s, destiny isn’t so bad……”

As he thought of this matter delightfully, he rapidly entered Big Barren Mountain and concealed his presence.

“Those who treat me well, I will return them a hundred times. Lingxi, Lingqing, and that Lord Yang, have all treated me well unconditionally. I will never let them down!”

With his own ability, Long Chen was rapidly progressing in his strength.

“With Lingxi around, finding Bai Shiji is much easier than him finding me. Oh well, I will first let them and the Demonic Beasts tire themselves out. And after taking a stroll at Big Barren Mountain, I will then go claim his life.”

With Lingxi’s strong sense of perception, if Long Chen had met any monstrous Demonic Beasts, he could totally go a roundabout way. Gradually, he entered Big Barren Mountain, and the surrounding forests had slowly become taller. That cold atmosphere slowly turned heavier.

“Big Barren Mountain’s deepest part would have to be Desolate Beast Domain. Last time I went in another direction to get into the Desolate Beast Domain. That’s why I did not pass by Big Barren Mountain……”

“However, this feeling of emptiness is slowly getting stronger. I think we’re almost at the Desolate Beast Domain……”

At this point, Lingxi suddenly said: “Hey, in front there seems to be a person’s presence inside a rather concealed cave.”

Long Chen was momentarily stunned and said: “Is it that Lord Lang?”

“No, it’s a fellow of the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, and there seems to be a sweet scent coming from there. I know, he must be guarding a tree with a spirit medicine that has not yet ripened!

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