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DBWG Chapter 26

Chapter 26 – Blood Red Scales
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At this moment, the aura which had caused Lingxi to be paralyzed in fear earlier had finally vanished. Lingxi had thought that Long Chen was already fine. But she hadn’t imagined that Long Chen was now in so much agony that he was rolling about on the ground. Feeling shocked and scared, Lingxi hurriedly emerged from the Lingxi sword, and her tiny body twirled around Long Chen.

“Long Chen, Long Chen, what exactly is wrong with you? Don’t scare me……”

While saying these words, her eyes gradually turned red. If she still had any tears left, they would have been flowing out by now.

“My skin, it hurts!”

At this moment, Long Chen felt that every inch of his body had actually been induced with a pain that felt like his heart was wrenching and his organs were rupturing!

Inside his body, that 1/1000th of the Inheritance Blood Essence had actually spread like poison with a flying speed throughout his entire body. His skin’s current behavior was actually due to that bit of blood coming into contact with it.

“Long Chen, your body……has something growing on it!”

Right now, Long Chen was tormented by unimaginable pain, but he could hear Lingxi’s flustered voice. So after hearing Lingxi’s words, he panicked. He abruptly opened his eyes wide and looked at his own arm.

What he saw was his arm that had now turned blood red. His arm was also separated into a neat and tidy pattern made up of countless small areas, each the shape and size of a nail. And in each area, there was actually something growing out of it. Long Chen was appalled to find that these bits of things were actually pieces of scarlet scales!

He momentarily had a huge shock. While enduring the intense pain, he looked down at his own body. As expected, his whole body was now covered with these fine and neat pieces of scales. And at the end of his fingers, toes, kneecaps, and elbows, there were actually bones protruding out; they were scarlet and were shaped like knives. Looking at that sharpness, it looked like it had definitely surpassed the sharpness of regular swords!

Looking at the knife-like bones that were protruding out, Long Chen was stumped: “Are these……are these fucking claws? Have I turned into a beast?”

He felt for his back suddenly, and actually found that there was a row of spikes. These blood red spikes could be found all over his body; even his head was surrounded with these intricate scales. His hair had all vanished, and what replaced it was a fierce-looking, crimson spike!

Although Long Chen was not able to see his whole appearance, but judging from his body and his limbs, he was currently in a condition perfect for battle. That scarlet armor of scales had powerful defensive abilities, and those sharp spikes were methods of attack!

“This appearance……and these blood red scales, that is really remarkable to the extremes……”

At this point, Long Chen’s pain had slowly disappeared. It seemed like his transformation had almost been completed, so he looked at his body blankly, feeling joy among the bitterness.

After hearing that, Long Chen could speak properly without restraints. Only then did Lingxi heave a sigh of relief. As she was about to speak, Long Chen suddenly asked: “Xiao Xi, look at my body and tell me, am I cool or not?”

Lingxi looked at him for a while. Long Chen’s look right now was fierce-looking and reeked of blood. But the contours of his body, whether it was the scales or the spikes, would let people feel that it was extremely perfect, and indeed it was handsome. But what use could it have?

“Long Chen, you……Right now, how are you feeling?”

Long Chen observed for a while and said: “I don’t know……But I can feel that I have a very large power, a very strong feeling!”

He was currently experimenting with his strength, and at this point, the 1/1000th Inherited Blood Essence , which was the quintessence of the dragon that had been infused into his whole body. In the end, it continued on and reached the final region, the dantian.

At this moment, Long Chen’s body had been fully reconstructed into a grotesque shape.

Long Chen could even see his every organ, every bone and even every drop of blood. Inside his body there was a blood red Dragon God shadow that was endlessly moving and roaring!

Every organ and flesh of his were as if they had come to life. His heartbeat had increased by several times, and the blood which had been reconstructed was swallowed alive as it came into contact with the organs and muscles.

Long Chen could not even dream of such an unfathomable scene!

“Why did I turn out like this……What exactly happened to me?”

Long Chen was still muttering to himself. At this point, the expanded Inheritance Blood Essence had already assimilated with his Qi of the fifth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. In an instant, his Qi started transforming steadily, and the original Qi gradually showed hints of a blood red color. As the Qi circulated, the blood red Qi in his dantian started to get more and more concentrated!

This process did not cause him any pain, and Long Chen was astonished to discover that for every 10 portions of his original Qi only one portion of the blood red Qi was produced!

As he witnessed this moment, Long Chen felt a very extreme hunger taking over his body, and his expression had changed into something very unsightly.

Lingxi asked worriedly: “You……how are you feeling now?”

Long Chen could feel her worry from her eyes. He also felt extreme warmth from her.

“I……I feel like I’m very hungry……I can’t take it anymore, so hungry!”

After saying this, Long Chen let out a growl of agony, and both of them had startlingly realised that this growl was that of a dragon’s cry!

However Long Chen didn’t have time to bother with these matters anymore. The 10:1 ratio of regular Qi being transformed to blood red Qi, had left him feeling hungry because of his real Qi deficiency. Long Chen discovered that right now, he was extremely similar to a demonic beast.

“I’m starving! So hungry……”

Long Chen fell onto the ground. That starved feeling had already left his whole body powerless. Today’s incidents had many twists and turns, so Lingxi also felt very flustered in her heart. Long Chen had mentioned hunger, but she did not have anything on her, so she could only say anxiously: “I……I will go out and find something for you to eat!”

If she were to go out, she would definitely have to control the Lingxi sword and fly. It was likely that she’d get killed before she had gotten very far, let alone finding something for Long Chen to eat. As Long Chen absent-mindedly heard that she was going somewhere, he immediately stopped her and said: “No way, you can’t go out! I won’t eat that stuff……”

These words seemed to be spoken from his subconscious mind. Lingxi hurriedly asked: “Then what do you want to eat?”

Long Chen was stumped, and as he thought of what to consume, he realized his hunger was because of insufficient Qi, so……

Long Chen had kept 500 pieces of spirit jade with him. As he thought of this, he immediately took them out. With their appearance, Long Chen found that the desires of his body were not to refine the natural energy from the pieces of spirit jade, but to wolf them down directly!

He couldn’t bear to wait at all, so under Lingxi’s shocked gaze, he grabbed a handful of pieces of spirit jade and stuffed them into his mouth. The pieces of spirit jade, which originally contained the natural energy of heaven and earth, were being gnashed into pieces by his sharp teeth. The immense natural energy had been completely swallowed into Long Chen’s stomach and was then seeped into his dantian. This quickly replenished and transformed into more blood red Qi!

At this moment, the feeling that Long Chen received was the same as people who would be starving for days, and then they would suddenly get to eat a delicacy. But if they were to swallow the pieces of spirit jade in huge gulps, they would probably suffocate to death. However, Long Chen was not the same!

In his current eccentric shape, his absorption rate of the natural energy was extremely fast. The pieces of spirit jade, which neared 600, were swallowed into his stomach in under a minute, and they had all completely transformed into new blood red Qi.

However, Long Chen discovered that his hunger had only been satiated for just a little while!

The pieces of spirit jade were not very useful for his blood red Qi, so even though they were enough for him to break through to the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm before, they only felt like an appetizer now.

However, this appetizer had finally put off some of his hunger.

Long Chen felt that if he did not eat anything else tonight, he might very well die of hunger.

Seeing that Long Chen had actually eaten the pieces of spirit jade, Lingxi was stunned to the point that she could not speak. No matter how wide her wisdom and experience was, she could not figure out what exactly was going on at the moment. When she saw Long Chen revert back to his normal state after eating the spirit jade, her tightened heart finally relaxed a little.

As Lingxi was just about to speak, Long Chen, who had finished eating the pieces of spirit jade, suddenly said: “Xiao Xi, return back to the Lingxi sword. We are going out for a while, so help me find any groups of demonic beasts that are lying around in groups! Hurry!”

They were currently in a state of emergency. Despite Lingxi having many questions left unanswered, after seeing Long Chen’s urgency, she quietly obeyed and turned back into the Lingxi sword before attaching herself to Long Chen’s ear.

However, Long Chen’s body had now been reinforced greatly. Despite having a very sharp blade, Lingxi had to spend a great deal of effort to pierce the scales.

Long Chen did not say another word and ran out. It was deep in the night, but he now had an obvious aura that reeked of blood. However, this aura had brought about some detachment that felt very imposing. This had been sensed by a few weaker demonic beasts from a distance, and made them quiver absurdly for some unknown reason.

Long Chen went towards the depths of the Big Barren Mountain, and after walking for awhile, Lingxi said: “There is a cave right in front. I can sense that there are many presences around; however, they all seem to be Huang grade fifth level demonic beasts. You……”

Before Lingxi had finished speaking, Long Chen’s figure had already darted towards that cave. The meal’s scent from ahead had already become very distinct to him.

This cave was extremely moist, and there was also a very heavy stench of blood. Along the way, there were many faint traces of bones. Soon, Long Chen reached an underground cave.

The space in this underground tunnel was extremely huge. The ground was a blackened area of mud, and emitted a rotting smell that quickly infiltrated the nose. However, Long Chen did not realise it at all.

Not far away from his feet was the quagmire. At that moment, a blood red figure gradually rose from the mud and stuck its head out. A pair of scarlet red eyes coldly stared at Long Chen, who had just rushed in.

“It’s actually an……Underground Blood Lizard.”

Long Chen’s body odor was extremely obvious. He soon realised that a large patch of area in the cave had suddenly lit up red, like countless lanterns under a night sky. However, these lanterns seemed to scrutinise him and they reeked of blood.

Taking in a breath, Long Chen sensed that the nearest Underground Blood Lizard was already rushing towards him, and that odor of rot was emitted from its body.

He realised that these Underground Blood Lizards also had some blood red scales on them. Their spikes were not that small, and were somewhat similar to Long Chen’s in appearance. But their scales were big and rough, unlike the intricate pattern Long Chen’s had. The spikes were also crooked and bent. Compared to Long Chen, at least in regards to aesthetics, it was the difference between heaven and earth!

However, Long Chen did not think too much about it. As the Underground Blood Lizard came rushing towards him, its huge body seemingly wanted to crush him underneath. If this happened before, Long Chen would definitely have used a martial technique to destroy it, but right now, he did not do so.

He felt his scorching blood rising. Although the Underground Blood Lizards were dirty, Long Chen had a strange feeling that they were actually a type of delicacy.

He leapt up and turned into a red shadow. In an instant, his arms had already pierced into the Underground Blood Lizard’s chest, and directly squeezed the heart inside!

At this point, the Mysterious Dragon Jade Pendant surprisingly moved again!

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