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DBWG Chapter 25

Chapter 25 – The Blood Essence Inheritance
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After a while, Lingxi suddenly felt tired, and simply sat on the [Seal of the Dragons]. Her eyes shifted back and forth as she thought of a method to break the barrier.

“Xiao Xi, how is it?” Long Chen asked eagerly.

An hour had already passed since the time Lingxi had started studying the barrier. Long Chen was also rather anxious; after all, the secret in this [Seal of the Dragons] was connected to what Long Qinglan had entrusted to him, and was the key to him becoming a Dragon Warrior.

“You bastard, you interrupted my thoughts!”

Lingxi stared at him, but she was not really angry.

“It’s fine, you can rest for a while. Seeing you tired, I, your Elder Brother, feel sorry for you. Oh right, why don’t you tell me more about this barrier. These last few days you have been mentioning it, but you’ve never told me anything.”

Seeing Long Chen’s face which was filled with curiosity, Lingxi waited for the moment she could show off, and then smugly said: “This barrier is a kind of unique application of Qi. Someone like you, who only knows how to fight, wouldn’t know about the intricate details of setting up a formation method. The formation of a barrier is like embroidery, so for me, finding the key is like finding the loose end of the thread. I then need to return on the path where the formation was originally set up, one step at a time. However, breaking the barrier is much more difficult than embroidery, since finding the key is extremely difficult. If you make any mistake, you would have to start over again.

Only then did Long Chen understand how it worked. However, Lingxi, who had been muddle-headed all this time, already knew this. This made him look at her differently.

Looking at Long Chen’s shocked expression, Lingxi could tell what he was really thinking, and momentarily pouted in anger.

“You had better not look down on me. I’ve said it already; although I, Lingxi, may not be that hard-working at cultivation, but I am a super expert in regard to barrier formation. And in this area of expertise, I am much better than my father, as well as all my other peers.”

Long Chen believed that deep down, but he put on an air of nonchalance and said: “Really? Then why is the barrier not undone yet?”

Lingxi suddenly felt pressured and said: “Do you think this is like eating rice? Besides, this broken thing’s barrier is rather ancient, I have not heard of it before, much less had experience breaking it before. So I need a little more time. Just wait another hour, I guarantee I will have something to show you!”

After being looked down on by Long Chen, Lingxi had become anxious, and immediately became engrossed in her work. Long Chen secretly laughed at her from a side: “This girl is so easy to trick; in the future I must definitely not let her slip away. With her around, if I encounter any treasures that have barriers next time, won’t she be able to unlock them easily for me?”

Under Lingxi’s effort, after half an hour, Long Chen felt a mysterious, yet faint formation of light slowly emerge from the upper part of the [Seal of the Dragons].

Lingxi was busy working on the light formation conscientiously. What made Long Chen surprised was that there was actually a threatening and ancient layer of aura, which was gradually being emitted out from the light formation. It even brought about a smell that reeked of blood.

This mix of aura started getting bigger and bigger, and Long Chen felt his heartbeat speed up greatly. That ancient and detached feeling gave him an urge to fall to his knees. As for that aura that was reeking of blood, it had also turned his eyes bloodshot.

Although there were no opponents in here, the murderous aura on his body started to increase.

Long Chen was extremely flabbergasted; it was just a faint amount of aura but the secrets in this [Seal of the Dragons] could actually affect his bearing. In addition, this was an item which Long Qinglan had deemed as important; with Long Qinglan’s mysterious identity, how could something he had regarded as important be simple?

“Long Chen, you must be careful, almost there now……”

Lingxi’s voice sounded out distantly. Hearing her voice, Long Chen became more clear-headed. However, the aura from the light formation had become more and more dense, and that smell of blood had gradually permeated the whole cave.

Long Chen’s eyes had also gradually turned redder, and many illusions started to appear in his field of vision. He tightly clenched his fists together, causing his veins to pop out. His whole body started to quiver. It could be seen that he was trying extremely hard to stay in control.

As for Lingxi who had reached the crucial moment, she was devoting all her attention and moved on to the final step, so she definitely could not see Long Chen’s abnormality.

“What exactly is the secret of the [Seal of the Dragons]……Why do I have such an uncontrollable feeling right now……But my father will definitely not harm me…… I, Long Chen, must definitely endure it, and not be hypnotised.”

Thinking of his father, Long Chen suddenly had some faith. That ancient and blood stenched aura coming from the light formation was continuously rushing forth to his body. But Long Chen bit his lips tightly, to the point of bleeding. Because this pain was making him a little more clear-headed.

“Get ready now, it’s about to be undone. I too don’t know what will happen……”

“Faintly, Lingxi’s voice had once again travelled over, but at this time the ancient and blood stenched aura had gradually turned the air inside the cave into a reddish colour.

Suddenly, with a ding sound, the light formation in front of Lingxi had turned into dust. Lingxi seemingly was exhausted so she returned back into the Lingxi sword, the cave only had Long Chen and that unique [Seal of the Dragons] scroll.

Under Long Chen’s startled vision, the [Seal of the Dragons] scroll which was originally of sheepskin paper, had at this instant started to be covered by a blood red colour, until it completely changed colours.

At this point, that detached and bloody aura had slowly condensed to the extreme point, and under this aura, Long Chen’s face turned pale and his whole body started violently shaking.

This aura, had only inexplicably concentrated on one point inside the cave. Within the Big Desolate Mountain, it was still quiet throughout.

“Long…… Long Chen, what exactly is this? I……I am scared, it’s as if I will be eaten anytime……”

Lingxi’s quivering voice had rang beside his ears.

At this point Long Chen was very nervous too, but his only belief was that his father would definitely not harm him.

“Don’t be afraid!”

Thinking of his father, no matter how dangerous of a situation he was in, had made Long Chen be filled with fighting spirit.

“Come! I don’t care what kind of thing you are!”

As if hearing Long Chen’s words, at this point a mysterious map started to come out of the [Seal of the Dragons] scroll.

Long Chen only vaguely saw an image of a divine dragon from the ancient legends!

[Wings of Erya] Cloud: It causes the growth of the Dragon Warrior’s scales. The Sovereign’s Mark is exhibited by 9 particular appearances: Its head is like a bull’s, its horns are like a deer’s, its eyes are like a prawn’s, its ears are like an elephant’s, its neck is like a snake’s, its abdomen is also like a snake’s, its scales are like a fish’s, its claws are like a phoenix’s, and its palm is like a tiger’s. Their backs have 81 scales, a product of 9 by 9 in a Yang configuration, and have the voice of a reverberating copper plate. They have whiskers at the side of their mouths, a jewel under the chin, and a reverse scale below their throats. They have a crest on their head, also known as Metre Wood. A dragon without a metre wood is unable to ascend to the heavens. Their breaths form clouds which can transform into both water and fire.

[TL Note: (龙无尺木不能升天) Metre Wood: In Chinese wood can mean earth, so Metre Wood literally means “From earth to heaven.” this can be understood as “Ascending to heavens.”]

[TL Note: (逆鱗) Reverse Scale: The Chinese Dragons do contain a rough spot, a Reverse Scale below their chins. When it is touched, it causes them to rage and devastate the earth with their rampaging power. This is their weak spot.]

What Long Chen saw, was a Dragon God such as this!

However in a flash this Dragon God had faded and the blood red colour on the [Seal of the Dragons] scroll had also begun to disappear. Finally it had condensed into a drop, a drop of deep red blood, which floated before Long Chen’s eyes!

This drop of blood, had harnessed an aura that was making Long Chen shudder uncontrollably. Earlier, that ancient yet bloodthirsty aura had magnified to several thousand times. Long Chen at this moment could feel that his brains were about to split open. He gave a cry of agony, and his eyes opened wide.

Looking at this scene, Lingxi was even more horrified and she started screaming.

Long Chen could faintly see that within this drop of blood, it was as if there was an endless and vast world. And that world was filled with an endless blood red colour; blood red skies, and blood red seas.

Long Chen knew this; even if all the humans in the world were slayed, it still wouldn’t be enough to gather so much blood.

At this time, Long Chen felt as if he was within these seas!

He looked on terrified, and in the expanse of these blood seas which seemed endless, there were waves continually surging, as if there was a colossal beast hidden within, so colossal that it could fill these seas.

Long Chen flew above the vast sky, and shuddered as he looked down into the seas. Under that boundless blood sea, there was a figure so gigantic that he could now see. This figure was coiled around. Looking at its shape, it should be……a dragon?

At this point, the entire blood sea violently shook, and that huge figure within, slowly raised it’s head and gave a cry of dragon’s roar, which crossed over the boundaries of time and space and violently crashed into Long Chen’s ear!

Long Chen instantly opened his eyes and surprisingly discovered that he was actually still inside the cave. The drop of blood was still floating in front of his eyes.

Inside this drop, there was actually a dragon that was flipping and roaring with rage, and it was making Long Chen’s emotions surge!

“Father, what is this? I have only heard of legends of the Red Dragon and the Green Dragon. An even higher rank should be the Five Talons Golden Dragon. But I’ve never heard of an existence of a dragon like this, that is actually blood red!”

“Is this the Murderous Ghost Shadow Blood Dragon? Not right……it’s definitely not!”

Lingxi’s voice had also rang beside Long Chen’s ears!

At this moment of Long Chen’s shock, that drop of blood, had infused between Long Chen’s eyebrows in a flash, and seeped in.

Long Chen had momentarily felt a rush of dark and cold aura spread throughout his whole body!

Long Chen had absolutely no way to resist that fearsome aura. His strength was simply too weak while going against this blood drop. If the blood drop had any intentions of killing him, he would have long ago died, ending up without a corpse!

That blood red droplet, was like a poisonous medicine, quickly spreading throughout his body. Long Chen at this moment had momentarily felt the taste of death!

He himself knew this; the drop of blood was too extreme of an existence for him, so even if it did not have any intentions to hurt Long Chen, he would still die because of it!

When the drop of red blood had entered his body it started tearing and devastating everything. Long Chen suddenly thought of a point, Long Qinglan had let him obtain the [Seal of the Dragons], but he never asked him to become a Dragon Warrior right now. If Lingxi didn’t appear, Long Chen would definitely not have had the power to break the barrier. Long Qinglan felt that when Long Chen could make contact and find someone who could actually break this barrier, Long Chen would at that point have the ability to withstand this red drop of blood. But it so happened that a barrier breaking genius like Lingxi had appeared earlier than Long Qinglan expected!

So right now, this was an extremely dangerous situation for Long Chen to be in.

Because of the repercussions, Long Chen already knew that his life was gradually fading away, and his consciousness was slowly becoming blurry.

While dying, he started thinking of many things.

“This……is the inheritance of the blood essence……”

“The dragons of the legends, actually have such a fearsome existence……”

“Without me, Lingxi also cannot live. I am all to blame for this……”

Those few thoughts appeared hazily. Long Chen had a very strong parting regret, so he was not resigned to die like this, he still had many things he had to accomplish!

At this point, the Mysterious Dragon Jade Pendant in his consciousness had started moving. And the originally veined pattern of that greyish and dark figure on the Mysterious Dragon Jade Pendant, had at this point let out a faint black light. A strong suction force had formed in the air, and the drop of red blood which had entered Long Chen’s body earlier gave a cry of fury!

This was the roar of a dragon; Long Chen had heard it distinctly!

Because of the change from this Mysterious Dragon Jade Pendant, Long Chen who was about to die, had regained some consciousness. At this moment he could sluggishly feel that all the dragon blood which had infiltrated his body, had actually converged to a place within his body, as if undergoing a suction process.

The dragon blood had spread all over his body earlier but now it converged back into the red drop of blood. It then vanished from Long Chen’s body. In the next moment, it had actually appeared inside Long Chen’s consciousness, and appeared beneath the Mysterious Dragon Jade Pendant!

The Inherited Blood Essence was staying there suspended. Looking at it, it seemed to have been suppressed!

The Dragon God within that red drop of blood was continuously roaring.

“Exactly, what kind of existence is the Mysterious Dragon Jade Pendant that it can suppress something as fearsome as the Inherited Blood Essence!?”

Only then did Long Chen regain his consciousness. After escaping from death, he heaved a sigh of relief. However at this time he could sense that the red drop of blood had not been fully sucked away, there was still a one thousandth of the droplet inside his body!

As the other Inherited Blood Essence had been absorbed away, this one thousandth of the droplet had started to consume all of Long Chen’s blood, and had expanded, instantly rushing towards his whole body!

At this point, the Mysterious Dragon Jade Pendant no longer had any movements. A wave of acute pain had started to spread from Long Chen’s skin!

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