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DBWG Chapter 24

Chapter 24 – Dragon Warrior
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The night quietly crept in, and Long Chen had already arrived on the Big Barren Mountain.

Big Barren Mountain. East of Poplar Town, is a huge group of mountains extending for tens of thousands of miles. Here poisonous bugs can be found everywhere and there you can also find many hidden demonic beasts. It is an area that is famous for being dangerous.

Long Chen had once entered the Desolate Beast Domain, which was in the deepest area of the Big Barren Mountain.

However the difference between the Desolate Beast Domain’s barren landscape and the landscape of the Big Barren Mountain is that the Big Barren Mountain’s landscape has tall trees with leaves seemingly covering the entire sky.

Right now there wasn’t a sound to be heard. Long Chen’s purpose for entering the depths of the Big Barren Mountain, was to find a safe and quiet place.

The Big Barren Mountain is a deserted area where very few people can be seen. In the mountains there are many naturally-formed caves, and most of them have become the residence of many demonic or wild beasts, however some are still empty.

In the night, Long Chen had found a very concealed cave. After letting Lingxi probe inside, she found only a bunch of second grade Huang Demonic Beasts, so Long Chen went in to throw them out. After another round of cleaning, he moved a huge rock to block the entrance of the cave.

“It is very concealed in here and absolutely safe. Alright Xiao Xi, you can now refine this Dream Spirit Grass.”

As he spoke, Long Chen had already taken the Dream Spirit Grass out. It was a kind of purple spirit grass, which emitted a unique kind of sweet smelling scent. As Long Chen smelled it, he felt at peace, it felt extremely comfortable.

“A medicine with spirit healing properties has a great effect on soothing the nerves. After consuming it, there will be a certain degree of increase in comprehensive abilities. This is the reason why that person had brought along the Dream Spirit Grass.”

Lingxi’s voice had lightly sounded out.

Long Chen flipped through Bai Shidong’s pouch, and sneakily said: “This kid even brought along over 80 spirit jades. This is quite advantageous for me, not only did I not spend money, but instead I actually earned some.”

Long Chen had the air of someone accomplishing something great. Lingxi wanted to slap him after seeing his behaviour, but she couldn’t do anything about it since she had no hands.

However the aroma of the Dream Spirit Grass, may induce the attention of some demonic beasts, so without saying another word, she used some methods to refine the Dream Spirit Grass.

Long Chen saw the Lingxi sword that was previously attached to his ear lay on the ground. And afterwards a cloud of white mist began to emerge from the sword and started engulfing the Dream Spirit Grass. A sound of “zi zi” began to sound, and the mist gradually became smaller, until it was not to be seen.

At last when that last lining of mist had disappeared, Lingxi’s voice sounded out, and compared to before, it was much more distinct.

“You scoundrel, you want to receive a surprise?”

Being called a scoundrel, Long Chen had felt his whole body go numb, so he cheekily smiled and said: “Such a thing like a surprise, I guess it’s better than nothing.”

“You have no sincerity, hng!”

“Okay, stop trying to keep me from guessing. Hurry up, I, your master, am still waiting to appreciate your surprise.”

However Lingxi didn’t make any movements. Suddenly, the Lingxi sword turned small, into a 1 cm ear pin, and attached itself to Long Chen’s ear.

“You girl, is this your so called surprise?”

“Don’t worry……”

Suddenly a voice rang beside Long Chen’s ear, and Long Chen was stunned, because there was a gentle breeze that was blown on his face. He turned his head, and was momentarily shocked because as he turned around, he had bumped his nose into a girl who had suddenly appeared in front of him!

Although a sweet aroma infiltrated his nose, this was not the charming scene he was anticipating, because the one who had bumped into Long Chen’s nose was only a 2 centimetres tiny figure.

She was surrounded by a mist, however despite only having a 2 cm body, Long Chen had already seen her features which were like beautiful jade. And if the 2 cm were to expand, that fairy would surely be a source of calamity.

Lingxi was like a little pixie flying around while being surrounded by mist. She became irritated when she was bumped on the nose by Long Chen so she said: “You evil guy, that bump was really painful!”

Seeing this small pocket-sized fairy, Long Chen could no longer bring himself to speak.

Actually deep down he was fantasizing. If Lingxi were to become bigger with a physical body……Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing?

Looking at Long Chen who had not spoken yet, Lingxi’s expression had slowly started to change. Her eyes squinting, she shouted angrily: “Hey, at least make a noise, is it okay if I appear like this or not?”

Such a lovable sight, had already made Long Chen’s whole body go limp. Before this he had seen quite a number of beauties, the girls in the Yang family were also very beautiful, but after seeing the level of Lingxi’s beauty….. he realised that her face, her posture, and her manners were all first class. He had really never seen someone this beautiful before……

However very soon he started to come back to his senses, and exaggeratedly said: “Xiao Xi, you are simply the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, you are practically on the same level as fairies!”

After being praised like that by Long Chen, Lingxi’s face turned red.

Although she had a spirit body, she looked similar to when she had a physical body. So to Long Chen, although she was in the mist, she already was no different than an actual person.

“Oh right, can you always maintain this form?”

“Lingxi nodded her head and said: “This is the solution I have come up with earlier. Before because I was appearing with such a large body, my spirit strength would be reduced quickly. However this way, I’m not using even one thousandth of the strength I used before. I’m always speaking to you but you’re not looking at me, so because I didn’t feel comfortable, I thought of this idea.”

Long Chen knew that girls hated being ignored, so Lingxi thinking this way, was actually a normal thing to him.

Lingxi was so happy, flying in front of Long Chen’s eyes like a tiny angel. After a while, she then stopped, her face turning grim as she said: “This Dream Spirit Grass, at most it can maintain this life of mine by about a month or two only……”

Seeing that she was somewhat dismayed, Long Chen started feeling sorry for her, so he hurriedly said: “You silly girl, what are you worrying for? Today, I can obtain a Dream Spirit Grass for you, and in the future when I become stronger, no matter what kind of spirit nurturing medicine you need, you can have anything you want.”

“What the, you think this medicine is grown like cabbages huh. Because cultivators also have uses for it, even at places where these medicines are plentiful, it is still pretty much in great demand.”

Lingxi quietly sat on Long Chen’s shoulders.

Long Chen’s eyes filled with determination and said: “Alright, let’s not be indecisive anymore. Earlier you only had a few days left, and I was able to solve it. Not to mention now where you have one to two months. After my demonic beast hunting competition ends, I will specially hunt these medicines for you and give you as many as you want!”

Lingxi’s eyes flashed, and while joyfully looking at Long Chen she said: “Really? Why are you treating me so nicely?”

“Because we are best friends.” Long Chen said seriously.

Long Chen’s words had made Lingxi very satisfied, so she happily flew around again. Long Chen’s mood was excellent too, and as he thought of the [Seal of the Dragons], he asked: “Xiao Xi, do you know what a Dragon Warrior is?”

Lingxi stopped, her eyes blinking at him and asked: “Eh, how would you even know this myth?”

Long Chen’s emotions had stirred inside.

As expected Lingxi was from a better place, because something that the whole of Poplar Town did not know, she knew.

“Don’t ask why I would know about this, just tell me what you know.”

“To know about Dragon Warriors, then let me ask you. Do you know about Armament and Beast Warriors? I only know vaguely that Dragon Warriors are a kind of Beast Warriors, but again it’s not the same thing.”

“I know about Beast Warriors.” Long Chen thought of what was recorded in the book and then said: “Legends have it that after a practitioner has finished reinforcing their body, and entered the Dragon Pulse Realm, it will give rise to a vein with Qi. By using some secret methods to swallow a demonic beast’s spirit, you can use it as a foundation for the beast spirit. At this point the Qi will turn into beast Qi, and compared to normal Qi, the beast Qi is even more ruthless. The attack power is stronger and they also have the ability to use the fighting skills of the demonic beast spirit.”

“Also a Beast Warrior can even swallow demonic beast energy cores, this way they can break through realms quickly and morph into a demonic beast. The strength of the beasts, will differ based on the talents of the Beast Warrior. However, after being a Beast Warrior, the skills that can be learned are limited. And if a weak cultivator swallows a strong beast spirit, it could lead to the body’s self-destruction and then death!”

Lingxi nodded her head: “En, you have pretty much said it.”

She stopped in front of Long Chen’s eyes, and tilted her head as if to recall something.

“I think you know too, our people are descendants of the Ancestral Dragons. Today, the Ancestral Dragons have already turned into myths. My father told me that this world no longer has any dragons, and that the Dragon Warriors of the myths were a group of people who had been close to becoming Ancestral Dragons. Their cultivation technique was different from the Beast Warriors’ cultivation technique, and what they needed was not beast spirits, but the true blood essence of an Ancestral Dragon!”

After talking about the true blood essence, Long Chen had suddenly felt, that the mysterious Dragon Jade Pendant had made some movements. Long Chen was extremely startled, so he hurriedly said: “Does this mean that after obtaining the true blood essence, one can become a Dragon Warrior?”

Lingxi rolled her eyes and said: “How would I know? However, according to legends, in the same level, an Armament Warrior is stronger than a Beast Warrior, and Beast Warriors are much stronger than average cultivators. But a Dragon Warrior is much stronger than an Armament Warrior, because they are the group of people who have drawn forth the bloodline of the Ancestral Dragons. Rumor has it that they have the destructive and cataclysmic powers of the Ancestral Dragons. However today Dragon Warriors are but a myth, so whether or not they are that strong, I don’t know.”

Although Lingxi did not know much, but from her words Long Chen knew that a Dragon Warrior was an extreme existence.

Since Long Qinglan had actually told Long Chen to become a Dragon Warrior, Long Chen realised that Long Qinglan’s identity was much greater than Lingxi’s.

Lingxi had said that the Dragon Warriors were only a myth, but Long Qinglan had let Long Chen become a Dragon Warrior. This difference can be understood almost immediately!

“Father, what kind of person were you? Lingxi knows so much, and her background is extraordinary, but you know even more! Also, this mysterious Dragon Jade Pendant, and the Yang family’s [Seal of the Dragons], exactly what kind of connections do they have with the true blood essence?”

Lingxi looked at Long Chen curiously, not knowing what he was thinking about.

To Long Chen, Long Qinglan was like a ball of mystery. Long Chen could not unravel the mystery so afterwards thinking about what Lingxi had said earlier, about her trying to undo the barrier on the [Seal of the Dragons], he took the [Seal of the Dragons] out and placed it on the floor and said: “Xiao Xi, why don’t you try and see if you can undo this barrier.”

Lingxi excitedly and complacently said: “Kiddo, you don’t know this, but although I didn’t work hard in my cultivation, I am an expert at breaking barriers. The more complicated a barrier is, the stronger my fighting spirit is. So today’s matter you can hand it over to me, I will guarantee to you that it will be completed 100 percent!”

Seeing this girl who seemed to be very able, Long Chen said: “Stop talking big, hurry up and do it. If you manage to break it, I, your master will reward you!”

Lingxi’s face flushed red and gave a sound of “Hng!”. But then her cute body slowly landed on the [Seal of the Dragons], and after awhile, that super small eyebrow began to frown, looking extremely lovable.

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