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DBWG Chapter 22

Chapter 22 – [Dark Heavenly Finger]
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Yang Lingqing started panicking, she was akin to ants in a hot wok. She started crying out as she felt like tearing her heart and breaking open her lungs.

[TL Note: (Idiom) “Ants in a hot wok.” & “Felt like tearing her heart and breaking open her lungs.” both mean the same thing, to be nervous and panicky.]

If Long Chen were to kill Bai Shidong in this kind of setting, Long Chen would definitely die without the Yang family founder’s protection. And in the case that the Yang family founder does protect him, then the ending would be a bloodbath between the two families, with a lot of people ending up injured or dead!

Thinking of the consequences Yang Lingqing was scared to the point that she started quivering. When Long Chen had used the ninth strike of the [Nine Fingers of the Wind Devil] technique, she was completely terrified.

In the Yang family the [Nine Fingers of the Wind Devil] is the strongest martial technique after the [Seal of the Dragons]. Also even after reaching the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, it’s not guaranteed that one can definitely master the [Nine Fingers of the Wind Devil] technique. Even Yang Wu, has only mastered it up till the eighth strike only.

And the most important thing is, Yang Lingqing knew that Long Chen had obtained the [Nine Fingers of the Wind Devil] not more than a few days ago.

In reality, Long Chen had went to the Martial Techniques Hall to practice the [Nine Fingers of the Wind Devil] technique right after the intra-family competition. Because during the battle with Yang Lingyue, he had discovered that the skill wasn’t bad. So while in the process of learning the [Seal of the Dragons], he conveniently practiced it for a while as well.

This result was due to the miraculous effects of the Mysterious Dragon Jade Pendant. Long Chen only had access to just the tiniest bit of it’s power, but only this minuscule portion, had already allowed him to reap endless benefits.

The mystery of Long Chen, had already turned Yang Lingqing around.

However now was not the time to be deeply moved. Looking on at Long Chen who was about to kill Bai Shidong with a finger, and at Bai Shidong who had been so scared that he pissed himself uncontrollably, in the crowd everyone had been startled, and their emotions were surging like huge waves.

At this point, Long Chen who seemed to be a devil had instantly and completely retracted all the murderous aura around him.

The overpowering aura of the ninth finger of the [Nine Fingers of the Wind Devil] technique had been withdrawn by him in an instant. The huge Qi disappeared and nothing remained behind. Long Chen was standing there pretending like nothing had happened. He just walked past Bai Shidong’s side, and turned around to give a kick to the latter’s buttocks. This caused Bai Shidong to fly and land like a dog who was eating shit.

[TL Note: “Fly and land like a dog who was eating shit.” means he fell flat on his face.]

This abrupt change had caused all the people surrounding the scene to stare at him blankly. The crows and peacocks were making no sounds.

[TL Note: (Idiom) “The crows and peacocks were making no sounds.” means absolute silence.]

Long Chen walked leisurely back to Yang Lingqing’s side, and looked at her who was staring back blankly at him. He then said: “I know I am very handsome, but do you have to look at me while being so enchanted? You have to know we are cousins, so you had better put away any ideas about me.”

After saying this, he laughed, seemingly pleased with himself.

At this point, Bai Zhixing and Bai Shidong had slowly picked themselves off the ground.

One was bleeding through the corner of the mouth, and the other was crying between the thighs.

[TL Note: “Crying between the thighs.” means pissing himself.]

Both of them were also looking at Long Chen blankly. Their arrogance from earlier had completely changed into terror. This was especially so for Bai Shidong. Although he wasn’t hurt, he had made a visit to death’s door. The gaze he had for Long Chen right now was like a mouse looking at a cat. He wasn’t even considering how pathetic he was looking right now.

Long Chen smiled at him, because he was very grateful after taking the Dream Spirit Grass out of Bai Shidong’s pocket. Bai Shidong himself did not know that right now the Dream Spirit Grass he had in his pocket, was already in Long Chen’s possession.

“I hope you won’t be like that retard Yang Zhan who committed suicide……”

At this point, the crowd was looking at Long Chen blankly. His image in their hearts had done a 180 degrees turn, and right now, Long Chen could be truly considered as an expert among the younger generation of Poplar Town.

The two middle-aged men’s expressions, at this point were especially serious. They used a respectful gaze to look at Long Chen and said: “In this realm, being able to use the final finger technique of the Yang family’s [Nine Fingers of the Wind Devil], and even use it with such ease, just based on this martial prowess alone, you can see that this young man is definitely a genius among geniuses.”

“From the younger generation of Poplar Town, he should be the strongest after the three that are in the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. But his age is smaller than theirs by four to five years, so just based on this, his future is limitless. A pity we only thought of him before as just a useless playboy, and never thought that he would have concealed himself. His talent is extraordinary, and he knows well how to endure……:”

Both of the middle-aged men knew that Long Chen will have a grand journey ahead, and they both gave a bitter laugh and then one of them said: “If he comes to my shop in the future, I will give him a 70% discount on items!”

Long Chen did not know about the conversation between these two men. He had already obtained the Dream Spirit Grass, so naturally he wanted to leave as soon as possible.

Taking advantage of the fact that the people surrounding him were not yet fully aware, he decided this was the best time to leave. But just as he held Yang Lingqing’s hand to lead her away, there came a cold voice from a man behind him.

“You……want to walk away just like this?”

Long Chen looked back and from among a group of a family’s escorts, a handsome young Bai Shiji had already strolled over. His eyes had a dark expression while staring at Long Chen and the aura of the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm was completely revealed.

Looking at Bai Shidong’s and Bai Zhixing’s pathetic states, Bai Shiji blandly said: “These two wastes have thrown away my Bai family’s face completely. Someone come, help me pick away these two wastes.”

Behind him the guards hurriedly agreed, and Bai Shiji and Bai Zhixing did not dare to linger another moment here.

After getting rid of them, only then did Bai Shiji look towards Long Chen and size him up. He then blandly said: “Because of the restrictions set by our two families, our two younger generations do not have many conflicts. However today you have already started this by publicly humiliating my Bai family. So as a member of the Bai family, I will not let you go for this. Since you dared to treat my Bai family this way, then you had better be prepared to pay a similar price.

Before Bai Shiji finished talking, Long Chen had already laughed and interrupted him saying: “What kind of bullshit are you spouting? I don’t really understand, what is this similar price? Young master, I trouble you to speak a language for humans, can you?”

By calling him Young Master, Long Chen was mimicking the Emerald Jade House’s courtesans’ manner of speech. His voice was thin, and coupled with some movements, the resemblance was uncanny. At that moment the crowd started erupting into laughter.

Yang Lingqing had also temporarily forgotten about Bai Shiji’s threat. Her face turning angry and embarrassed, she viciously pinched Long Chen’s arms a few times.

After being poked fun at by Long Chen, Bai Shiji’s face involuntarily twitched. No matter how much he wanted to maintain the look of a refined young man, at this point his face couldn’t help but turn cold.

He then coldly said: “You used a finger attack to harm Bai Zhixing, so I shall return to you that harm. I will let you see exactly how a real finger martial technique looks like.”

Listening to Bai Shiji’s speech, Yang Lingqing was temporarily shocked. She then hurriedly held onto Long Chen’s arms and said: “He wants to use the [Dark Heavenly Finger], this is an advanced Huang martial technique, so let’s just run.”

Long Chen looked at Bai Shiji indifferently and said: “You leave first, I will face him.”

Yang Lingqing at this point panicked and started pleading with him by saying: “Chen……Big Brother, I’m calling you Big Brother Chen already, won’t this do? Just listen to me this time, if you fight with him and you are not his match, you will damage your internal organs. Your loss will be huge……:”

Although Yang Lingqing had pleaded with him, Long Chen did not comply. He looked at Bai Shiji, while not moving a muscle.

“Bai Shiji……if you weren’t Bai Zhanxiong’s son, today I might have tried to escape, but unfortunately you are, so even if I were to die, I will never escape in front of your eyes!”

Yang Lingqing did not know Long Chen’s determination in his heart, so she was so anxious till the point of almost crying.

At this moment, Lingxi too had whispered beside Long Chen’s ear and said: “I think we had better leave, right now you are indeed not his match. After I have refined the Dream Spirit Grass, I will help you undo the barrier. So then you can face him in the demonic beast hunting competition, that shouldn’t be considered too late.”

Actually Long Chen knew where to draw the line, but his legs were as if they were pinned to the ground. It was impossible to move him even half a step.

While looking at Long Chen who put on an expression of not being afraid of death, Bai Shiji suddenly laughed. With each step he made he walked slowly towards Long Chen. The people behind Long Chen started to back away, and only Yang Lingqing remained by his side.

“Bai Shiji is indeed furious. Earlier this kid was in such a great limelight, but since he met a true expert, he will definitely turn into a tragedy.”

“His age is smaller by four years. To be able to have the guts to face Bai Shiji like that, this can already be considered not simple. If he was given another four years, I dare bet that Bai Shiji would definitely not be his match.”

The onlookers’ discussion had made Bai Shiji even more furious. His Qi of the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm had momentarily pressed on Long Chen’s body. That enormous strength was as if a huge wave was crashing on Long Chen, but Long Chen’s feet were still pinned to the ground, his body not moving even half an inch backwards!

“The might of the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, is definitely over ten times stronger than that of the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm! No wonder back then when I was facing against Yang Yuntian, there was not even the slightest thing I could do to retaliate!”

As for Bai Shiji who saw that Long Chen did not even retreat half a step, in his heart he was in shock. He then coldly said: “You want to maintain this farce? I’ll let you have a taste of the [Dark Heavenly Finger], this way you will know what regret feels like……”

He clenched his fingers into a fist, and with the index finger pointing down, his Qi started rising furiously and a wave of faint black light had slowly began to condense on his index finger. Although it was faint, but the energy that was within this attack, was even stronger than Long Chen’s ninth finger from earlier by at least ten times!

“This……This is the Bai family’s [Dark Heavenly Finger]? As expected the piercing strength is overwhelming. It’s famous for piercing the heaven and the earth……”

Seeing this scene, Yang Lingqing’s tears had started dripping from her eyes. But Long Chen’s stubbornness had already exceeded her expectations. Even Lingxi was not able to persuade him.

Bai Shiji looked at Long Chen with a grim expression. He had to admit that he admired Long Chen for him to be able to have such a performance today. But since he is now in his, Bai Shiji’s hands, he will definitely not show any mercy.

The explosive might concentrated on the index finger of the [Dark Heavenly Finger]. He then slowly raised his finger, and got ready to point.

Long Chen’s gaze intensified. He too had generated all his Qi, and got ready to use the strongest attack he had, the [Seal of the Ashened Dragon].

That is right, the reason he actually had time to learn the [Nine Fingers of the Wind Devil] was because he had completely mastered the [Seal of the Ashened Dragon]. And compared to his opponent’s [Dark Heavenly Finger], it was comprehended even better!

However Long Chen knew that his chances were not that high because his Qi amount was at least 20 times less than his opponent’s. Also the [Celestial Core Technique] which had an advantage before, right now, against a seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, did not have much use.

What Long Chen had wished to prove with this decision, was only his proud and unyielding spirit.

The two forces continuously increased, and the onlookers kept their gazes on this intense fight.

Long Chen, by even daring to face Bai Shiji, had left them very surprised.

The two middle-aged men from earlier were also looking at Long Chen. Suddenly one of them said: “Did you feel that, his body had actually faintly shown the aura from the [Seal of the Dragons]. If I haven’t guessed wrongly, this fellow has already practiced the [Seal of the Dragons], and it’s possible he is even able to have some accomplishments in it.”

“He has only gotten ahold of the [Seal of the Dragons] in the intra-family competition. Based on him being in the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm and having such achievements, he will definitely be honored even if this is a loss.

[TL Note: It says sixth level because the 2 men thought he was in the sixth level after he beat the 2 Bai family members that were in the sixth level.]

“They are really going to fight……”

Against the enormous strength of Bai Shiji, Long Chen gritted his teeth tightly.

“Father, it is not that I am rash, but this backbone of mine, is completely out of my control……”

“It is pinned here, so I Long Chen, how can I retreat?”

At this moment, a woman’s voice rang.

“Shiji……Why are you fighting in the cultivator’s market?”

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