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DBWG Chapter 17

Chapter 17 – Disdain
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This move of Long Chen’s, had immediately roused the attention of the crowd. Everything had happened in an instant. Yang Lingyue furiously used [Nine Fingers of the Wind Devil], and each and every hit had already landed on Long Chen. Because of that imposing martial finger technique, every time one hit landed it would cause the clothes on his body to be shredded. Fresh blood was constantly spilling out from his mouth!

Suddenly such a situation happened, so all of the Yang family members had stood up. All their expressions were uneasy, especially Yang Xueqing’s expression. Her face turned pale white and the handle on her chair had been crushed into pieces by her.

As for Yang Lingqing, her face was even paler, and continued to watch the fight on the stage.

“Stop! Lingyue Sister!”

As the [Nine Fingers of the Wind Devil] was presented, there wasn’t a reason to hold back. At this point, just when the Yang family founder was about to stop the fight, he noticed Long Chen’s eyes!

Long Chen firmly stared towards Yang Lingyue, his blood constantly flowing out from his mouth, but his gaze was still intense. The Yang family founder had been deeply stunned!

This is the most persistent gaze he had ever encountered in his life!

“Vicious! Unbending! Unyielding! Insane! Cruel!

These were the things that he could make out from Long Chen’s eyes. And no matter how far his strength was ahead of Long Chen’s, but this gaze of his had actually struck fear into his heart!

“If this boy were to grow up……Just based on this nature alone……He would astonish everyone!”

As the Yang family founder did not interfere, the others naturally did not dare to either. And at this point, Yang Xueqing had walked one step forward, but was actually blocked by the Yang family founder!

No one had noticed this action from Yang Xueqing, even she was not aware.

When everyone had believed Long Chen to be dead soon, suddenly, Yang Lingyue’s limit, the seventh finger of the [Nine Fingers of the Wind Devil] hit Long Chen’s body. He abruptly let out a crazed howl and then drawing his fist he punched towards her. These actions were natural and unforced, as if he had practiced them countless times!

Since she had just finished using the [Nine Fingers of the Wind Devil], she was weary, and her emotions were struck with fear and shock. Yang Lingyue after being hit in the stomach by Long Chen’s fist, gave a pitiful scream, and was immediately blown off the sparring stage. With a loud bang she crashed into the wall, she then spit out a mouthful of blood and abruptly fainted.

Yang Wu seethed with fury, but was held back by Yang Qingxuan who said: “Bring Lingyue to heal her injuries, do not attack.”

Yang Wu coldly looked at Long Chen, and then agreed. But deep in his heart, he had already planned to viciously beat Long Chen up. As one must know, Lingyue is his blood sister, and normally even he himself did not bear to hit or even scold her.

At this abrupt scene, the courtyard went dead silent. All of the people had astonished faces and were looking towards the young man who was still standing on the stage!

His robes had already been ripped into rags by the [Nine Fingers of the Wind Devil], and his back was revealed. Blood was spurted out from his mouth, and the injury on his chest caused by the [Nine Fingers of the Wind Devil] was bleeding profusely. He was completely covered in blood!

However, he was steadily standing on the stage, and the [Nine Fingers of the Wind Devil] attack that was used earlier on him actually did not make him retreat even half a step! Even after that last hit of his that had defeated Yang Lingyue he still did not fall down. His face was showing off a faintly cruel smile as if a battle god was sweeping his gaze across the crowd. At this point he looked at Yang Xueqing with his bloodstained eyes and coldly smiled.

Looking on at the figure which was standing perfectly upright on the stage, Yang Xueqing’s face turned pale, and even backed off a step. Inside her heart there were tumultuous layers of waves!

She did not dare to even look Long Chen in the eyes, and actually turned around and escaped!

Long Chen silently watched on as she left.

“Have you seen this? Are you scared now? Yes, I am a member of the Long Family! I am the son of Long Qinglan! We all have an unyielding nature! To all the people who looked down on me, you will realise, I Long Chen, will one day become your nightmare! As for today, it is just the start of this nightmare!”

“Yang! Xueqing! From today onwards, you will see a completely different version of Long Chen! He will be the focus of everyone! You will no longer have any rights to look at Long Chen with disdain anymore! He will be the existence that will shock you and make you revere him!”

Right now in his heart, there was an overflowing wave of emotion that was surging from within.

This is the first time he had been so heavily injured, but also up till now, this was the first time he was that impressive! And because of today, he had finally stood up for himself! His back was upright, and while standing on the stage, he swept his gaze across everyone!

As for everyone else, they could only look at the figure that was on the stage, shocked yet unable to say a single word.

For victory, he had used his own body to block Yang Lingyue’s [Nine Fingers of the Wind Devil] attack. And once Yang Lingyue’s attack was completed and this had exhausted her, he dealt a critical hit! Such a crazy method, no one present would dare to do it!

Yang Lingyue ran towards the stage, and because of the current situation she halted her footsteps. After looking at Long Chen who was completely blood stained, and at the blood that had not yet stopped dripping from the corner of his mouth, her tears betrayed her and they started flowing out.

Long Chen’s gaze had finally landed on the Yang family founder. He smiled indifferently and said: “Yang Lingyue has already lost her ability to battle, but here I am still standing, so who the grand winner of this intra-family competition is, I think it’s obvious. Grandfather, please award me with the [Seal of the Dragons]!”

“Please award me with the [Seal of the Dragons]!”

This voice was as loud as thunder, ringing through the ears of the crowd!

This young man who was covered in blood had not fallen. His fiery gaze also did not let anyone dare to belittle him. From this day onwards, this scene will be etched deeply into the hearts of everyone!

The Yang family founder’s feelings were obviously struggling. But that gaze from the stage that was on him, was one he could not avoid.

And at this moment, an azure flash with a brushing sound had headed towards the stage.

“Bastard, return me my son’s life!”

It was Yang Yuntian that was at the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm!

Long Chen had created such a huge commotion in the intra-family competition, and Yang Yuntian was still inside the Yang family residence, so how could Yang Yuntian not have known of this?

Earlier when Long Chen and Yang Lingyue were having a battle, he was holding himself back. But now when Long Chen had won, and had no defenses left, he immediately dashed up the stage and went for Long Chen’s life!

Yang Yuntian could be said to be much stronger than Yang Lingyue, his cultivation level almost reaching the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. As he attacked, a strength that could topple the mountains and overturn the seas had come rushing towards Long Chen!

[TL Note: (Idiom) “Strength that can topple the mountains and overturn the seas.” means spectacular/earth shattering strength.]

Originally the crowd was still second guessing if Long Chen wouble be able to obtain the [Seal of the Dragons], but now such a scene happened, so it had shocked the crowd and they cried in surprise!

As for Long Chen who had just escaped death, he was suddenly back at the extremes of danger!

Earlier Long Chen had already used all his energy to fight against Yang Lingyue, and had temporarily forgotten about Yang Yuntian’s threat. It could be said that he had underestimated the Yang Yuntian’s killing intent, so when Yang Yuntian had attacked, he knew that this time it was game over for him.

Earlier he had expected the Yang family founder to protect him, but he was careless because the Yang family founder still had a distance before he could reach him and Yang Yuntian’s sneak attack was beyond anyone’s expectations!

This very moment, Long Chen’s life was jeopardized to the extreme!

However he had just defeated Yang Lingyue, and he was still in a vicious state. Yang Yuntian’s sudden attack, was fast and furious, he knew that Long Chen was already spent, so he did not use any superb Martial Technique. However, just the Qi from the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm had already stifled Long Chen!

Yang Yuntian’s punch had arrived, Long Chen howled and continuously used two [Falling Star Fist] attacks, but he was still sent flying backwards and then had was forced to spit out a mouthful of blood!

His whole body was scorching in pain!

After suffering from the [Nine Fingers of the Wind Devil] and Yang Yuntian’s attack, Long Chen had almost fainted. But at this point, Yang Yuntian did not let him go. After realising that his punch did not actually kill Long Chen, in the next moment he once again appeared in front of Long Chen.

“You scum! Go die!”

Suddenly, with a dragon’s cry, a powerful attack appeared and had caused all of Long Chen’s body to almost shatter into pieces. Long Chen at this point in time was already in a dazed state; his vision became blurry, and could barely see. It seemed like the mirage of a Dragon was slowly expanding in his vision. That strength was tens of times stronger than the [Falling Star Fist] attack and this strength had instantly arrived!

“This…….This should be the [Seal of the Dragons]……”

He never thought that he would actually die so soon. And after thinking about it, he still had some unwilling feelings; however he had at least accomplished something, which is to let that woman look at him in a different manner!

Thinking of Long Qinglan, and thinking of Lingxi……

Suddenly at this instant, there was a feeling of warm and soothing energy entering his body. Long Chen had actually found himself to be much more sober. His eyes suddenly opened, but what he saw was the Lingxi sword on his ear had become bigger. And that image which was like a fairy, had once again appeared in his vision!

Long Chen looked on at her silhouette, however this time, he could see much more clearly……

When they had come out from the Desolate Beast Domain, Lingxi suddenly made her Lingxi sword smaller, and changed into a small ear pin. After piercing Long Chen’s ear, she said that this was for concealment, and although Long Chen did not know whether to laugh or cry, he still allowed her to do as she pleased.

At this point, Lingxi was worried for Long Chen’s safety, so she made the sword bigger, and then emerged from it.

Originally, the crowd thought that Long Chen would die under the [Seal of the Dragons], but what made people more astonished was that the ear pin on his ear had actually turned into a sword, and then a fairy like lady had slowly appeared……

“Idiot, why do you always let people worry……the next time this happens, I won’t save you anymore……”

This voice was Lingxi’s.

Long Chen while lying on the stage, raised his head but still did not manage to see Lingxi’s face. But from the blank expression of the crowd, he knew that it would have been extremely beautiful……

A few sword slashes made by the Lingxi sword had swiftly come out from the mist and smashed Yang Yuntian’s attack into pieces. And at this moment, the Yang family founder finally had the chance to block Yang Yuntian.

Earlier Yang Yuntian’s movements were too quick. No matter how much stronger the Yang family founder was compared to Yang Yuntian, after chasing after him, he was still a moment too late.

But because of this brief moment, Long Chen had almost died!

Lingxi once again turned into mist, and returned into the Lingxi sword. After which she once again became smaller, and attached itself onto Long Chen’s ear. Long Chen once again had heard Lingxi’s feeble voice, and it looked like this strike had extremely worn her out.

“……Wu, I am going to sleep, I can’t deal with what happens next……”

“Xiao Xi……”

After being saved twice by her, Long Chen was extremely grateful.

After all he has always paid back enmity with revenge, and kindness with kindness. This grace that Lingxi has shown him, he will definitely repay it with a great favour in the future.

This time many incidents had occurred throughout the intra-family competition. Long Chen’s appearance itself had already been one, and after that he had even beaten Yang Lingyue, and with Yang Yuntian’s attack this was yet another incident, but what made most people startled was a lady had walked out from a sword and saved Long Chen.

In their hearts, Long Chen gradually had draped on a veil of mystery.

Even with the Yang family founder’s knowledge and experience, he did not know what that was. This grandson of his had given him too many pleasant surprises, evidently he had many secrets.

However now was not the time for questions. Yang Yuntian originally could have killed Long Chen, but he did not imagine that a girl would appear suddenly and destroy his attack, but when he prepared to attack once again, the Yang family founder was already standing in front of him……

His bloodshot eyes looked at the Yang family founder, and then shouted: “Father, he has caused your grandson, my son, to die! And yet today you want to protect him?! How can you let me down like this?”

The Yang family founder’s gaze turned cold and said: “You are forty today, this is not a young age anymore. I don’t think I have to say much, right now this is the intra-family competition. All of Poplar Town’s esteemed guests were gathered here, so I will definitely not allow you to shame yourself in front of everyone! This matter of yours, we shall speak of it later! Xuan Er, bring him away!”

The Yang family founder’s charisma was incomparable, so even though Yang Yuntian couldn’t wait to kill Long Chen, he knew that the Yang family founder had already made up his mind. And at this time if he was not tactful enough, his father would get angry and then there would be even less of a chance to kill Long Chen in the future.

So he viciously looked at Long Chen, suppressed his rage and then left!

He knew that as long as Long Chen was in the Yang family, he had tens of thousands of ways to kill him!

Today the Yang family founder was apprehensive about the Yang family’s face so he did not allow him to deal with Long Chen. But in the future there will be many chances for that, so he could just kill first and talk later!

With Yang Yuntian’s departure, the Yang family founder had finally heaved a sigh a relief. Today’s matter had indeed troubled him. At this moment he looked on at Long Chen who was still lying on the stage, but just as he was about to look into his injuries, he found Long Chen to have sat up abruptly. Looking at that posture, he was actually cultivating!


Before this, he had consumed the Enchanted Hill Ginseng. That enormous herbal energy still had traces that had remained inside his body. So this time even though the battle had left him with heavy injuries, but the herbal energy had been drawn out fully because of it. And also after suffering from the injuries, the mysterious Dragon Jade had released out Qi which was even more colossal than before. Under these two’s infusion, Long Chen had felt that he actually had the strength to break through to the fifth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm!

Breaking through the fifth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm right in front of the crowd!

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