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DBWG Chapter 166 – Crisis

Chapter 166 – Crisis
Translated by: Ying

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The situation was now at its worst.

Yin Mengyao used Obliterating Ocean Seal once more that was like the crashing of the sea, and directed it towards the dismal serpent spirit that was aiming for her!


Sound exploded, and the dismal serpent spirit about to pounce on Yin Mengyao was struck by her, letting out a sharp hiss.

That durable serpent body actually exploded, blood and flesh flying in all directions, with black poison mixed within!

This serpent spirit did not die, as it had dodged in time, but there was a huge hole in its neck. It fell with a loud sound and began to roll on the ground frantically, breaking all the branches and trunks nearby.


A pitch-black giant rock was completely shattered to pieces by the injured dismal serpent spirit.

Seeing their companion in this state, the other serpent spirits were even more aggravated as they hissed furiously, rolling their massive bodies and, like a poisonous arrow, launched themselves towards Yin Mengyao!

Yin Mengyao’s most powerful attack, the Obliterating Ocean Seal, had only harmed one of the serpent spirits, and aware that all of the other poisonous beasts were going to make their move now, her bright eyes revealed traces of despair and sorrow.

At this point, she could only use the last of her real Qi and pounce towards a dismal serpent spirit nearby, attempting at finding a pathway to escape by using all the strength she could muster.

However, Long Chen would not let such a dainty little beauty die in front of his eyes.

“Obliterating Ocean Seal!”

Meeting this attack was a concentrated black gas that had been spat out from the dismal serpent spirit. It was clearly poison, and just a small sniff had Yin Mengyao feeling her head spin.

“Don’t breathe!”

Long Chen’s sudden yell could be heard. It was only then that Yin Mengyao she had a companion by her side.

“Is he here to save me?”

While this thought surged in her mind, Yin Mengyao had already used her most powerful technique and collided with the dismal serpent spirit.


With continuous explosions, the vigorous motion sent Yin Mengyao flying backwards!

She had not been able to open up a path like she had imagined, and instead, had been shocked backwards by the powerful might of the dismal serpent spirit.

However, the serpent spirit wasn’t in a very good state either, and perhaps had worse injuries than the dismal serpent spirit from before. On its forehead, fresh blood was everywhere, and its eyes were sunken in. That meant Yin Mengyao had blinded it!

Yin Mengyao had not broken away from danger, and instead, was in an even worse situation.

Behind her were the rest of the dismal serpent spirits, and they were now opening their vicious mouths wide, preparing to sink their teeth into her!

Yin Mengyao, whose last attack had failed, lost all hope.

“Long Chen…”

At the thought of him, Yin Mengyao felt helpless. She had drawn him into this situation and lost him the qualifications to enter the inner faction selection.

Smelling the stink coming near her, Yin Mengyao closed her eyes, giving up completely.

It was at this moment that a powerful force charged to her back.


Following after was the sounds of explosions, as well as the miserable cries of the dismal serpent spirits.

Yin Mengyao only regained her senses at this point, realising she was being rescued. She quickly turned, and when she saw the red figure, she was frozen.

“Long Chen, it’s you?”

“Who else could it be? Is there anyone as handsome as me around?”

Leylin used the full might of his level 2 Thunder Flame Physique, ruthlessly punching and hitting one of the dismal serpent spirits. His claws were incomparably sharp, and this attack created a huge hole!

With the force from Piercing Earth Demonic Sun, it was able to achieve this effect.

Hearing Long Chen’s answer, she was not disgusted, but rather, full of gratitude.

Yin Mengyao knew how powerful these dismal serpent spirits were, and yet, here Long Chen was, risking his life to save her. While she would not verbalise it, she would remember this friendship in her heart.

“He seems quite powerful?”

From each and every attack, Yin Mengyao was stunned to realise that Long Chen was very aggressive in dealing with the dismal serpent spirits she had had trouble with. While he could not handle all of them, his safety was guaranteed, and he was even capable of forcing the serpent spirits backwards.

“He’s only just entered the Earth Dan Realm and is already so accomplished. Amongst the outer faction, he’s definitely in the top ten or even top five!”

The reason why Long Chen could deal with the dismal serpent spirits with such ease was mostly due to his level 2 Thunder Flame Physique, which gave him a huge advantage. However, it was a fact that they were all profound-grade beasts, and Long Chen could at most deal them grievous injuries.

“Let’s go!”

There was no point in fighting with them for longer, which was why once these serpent spirits were forced backwards, Long Chen abruptly pulled at Yin Mengyao and, without any hesitation, headed in the direction of the Caves of Life and Death.

Tender, soft fingers were currently being held in Long Chen’s hands.

However, he did not let his mind wonder. Yin Mengyao might have some relationship with Mo Xiaolang, and he wasn’t one to take advantage of his brother’s wife. Besides, he had the great Lingxi beside him.

Long Chen and Yin Mengyao broke into a run, and the rest of the dismal serpent spirits that were not wounded chased them down. Behind them, thousands of poisonous snakes from the Cave of Ten Thousand Serpents followed, and they were like a flood heading towards the two of them. It was quite a spectacular scene.

On the way, whether it was trunks, branches or leaves, snakes were everywhere!

Scarlet tongues glinted coldly in the dark night.

However, Long Chen was in no hurry. Their speed was still faster than those serpent spirits, and in around four hours, Long Chen finally shook them off!

“Hah, hah!”

Long Chen collapsed to the ground, panting pathetically.

It had been a long time since he was this tired.

Loosening his hold on the arm that he had held onto for four hours, Long Chen’s hand had gone numb. As the dismal serpent spirits were too terrifying, he had only been focused on hurrying on.

“Long Chen, I think I’m poisoned.”

Yin Mengyao sat on a branch with her head down.

After running for such a long time, her long hair that had been bundled up had scattered and seemed rather messy. However, she still looked as beautiful and cool as before.

Long Chen’s expression changed and he quickly lifted her head, noticing that she looked ashen. Her eyes looked lost, and her initially red lips had turned pitch-black, to the point that it looked to be about to bleed.

Yin Mengyao raised her left arm, and Long Chen lifted her sleeves. There was now a black mark on her pale arm, and was evidently the place through which the serpent poison had entered.

“How did this happen?” Long Chen’s brows furrowed.

“I don’t know either. This is the arm I used to execute the Obliterating Ocean Seal, and maybe while I was fighting with the dismal serpent spirits, I got injured, which was how the toxins went in…”

“I’ve also heard that some toxic beasts can spurt poison into the air…”

Yin Mengyao had only fought against them for a short period of time, and she’d already been poisoned. While Long Chen had been saving her, he had beaten up pretty much all of the dismal serpent spirits, and yet, he was fine.

Then again, hearing what she had sad, Long Chen recalled some piercing pain at certain parts of his body while fighting, but that had quickly vanished. That was why he had ignored that.

“Could I have been poisoned?”

If that was the case, things were going to be troublesome. Long Chen was shocked, and just when he was about to check his body, Lingxi exclaimed, “Don’t worry. Though you did get hit by the poison of the dismal serpent spirit, you’re fine.”

“How?” Lingxi was very knowledgeable, and Long Chen sighed in relief after hearing her words.

“It should be because of the dragon blood flowing in your body, which had a natural resistance to these toxins. They’ve been completely refined.”

“What about Yin Mengyao?”

“Due to too much consumption of her energy and running quickly, her blood flowed at a faster rate and the poison spread. In a normal situation, the poison wouldn’t result in her current state.”

Just as Long Chen was about to find a way to solve the issue, Yin Mengyao had already produced a healing spirit medicine from his cosmos pouch. Seeing that the toxins were becoming even more intense, she could only hastily use the spirit medicine and save herself.”

“The poison is more potent than that of the Abyssal Poison Scorpion. That spirit medicine won’t work,” Lingxi looked concerned as she spoke.

“What?” Long Chen was bewildered.

“Long Chen, the serpent poison is too potent. By using my real Qi and spirit medicine, I can somewhat suppress it, but I won’t be able to hold on for long.”

Yin Mengyao knew the state of her body.

Her beautiful eyes trembled, expression displaying her sorrow.

“I didn’t think I would trouble you in this inner faction selection. I’m sorry, Long Chen…”

Raising her head, Yin Mengyao took in a deep breath and apologised.

“What are you saying? It’s not like I don’t have any way to save you,” Long Chen consoled her. Just as he was about to ask Lingxi if she had any methods to solve this problem, Lingxi suddenly had a change of expression and spoke anxiously, “Long Chen, run! Jin Sheng’en, Chu Yunxi and the rest are heading over!”

Hearing this, Long Chen’s expression changed as well. He had planned on bringing Yin Mengyao and fleeing, but they were just too fast. In less than a few breaths, they arrived in Long Chen’s line of sight!

Noticing him from the distance, Jin Sheng’en began to chuckle wildly.

“So it’s you, Yin Mengyao and Long Chen! Here I was wondering who could cause such a disturbance amongst the toxic serpents. So it’s you… Looks like the heavens are helping us!”

“Long Chen!” A crazed glint was in Chu Yunxi’s eyes, “This time, nobody will be able to protect you. I want your insignificant life!”

Along with their voices, Jin Sheng’en, Chu Yunxi and the two other geniuses of the Gold Faction instantly appeared by Long Chen’s side.

They exchanged a glance and separated into two teams, with one in front and the other, surrounding Long Chen and Yin Mengyao.

“I wonder where you can escape to this time?”

Knowing he would definitely be able to achieve victory over Long Chen, that torrential hatred in his heart was now making Chu Yunxi go insane.

“Brother Chu, just do as you like this time. I’ll help you restrain Yin Mengyao, so just give us a visual feast! Wait, Yin Mengyao’s poisoned?”

Following Jin Sheng’en’s gaze, everyone directed their focus elsewhere. Yin Mengyao now looked dispirited, her lips pitch-black. What else could this be, other than her being poisoned?

Chu Yunxi could completely relax now.

“Long Chen, die…”

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