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DBWG Chapter 165 – Obliterating Ocean Seal

Chapter 165 – Obliterating Ocean Seal
Translated by: Ying

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With Yin Mengyao’s strength, she was not at any advantage against these two people. Hence, Long Chen knew there was nothing he would have to do.

He had initially planned to act, but it looked like there was now no need for that, especially since Yin Mengyao was going to use her profound high-grade battle technique.

Yin Mengyao’s battle with the other two had transformed into one that was dazzling and akin to daylight. Aware of Yin Mengyao’s upcoming attack, Li Feng and Wang Tong were extremely nervous.

“Sister Tong, even if it’s a profound high-grade technique, there shouldn’t be a problem if we work together!”

Yin Mengyao’s eyes were now cold, a chilly aura emanating from her body and scaring the toxic snakes that were wandering around to retreat in their fear. That violent strength was like a wave from the sea, surging forward powerfully!

Real Qi quickly swept around Yin Mengyao, and hurricanes began to form and become agitated.

With Yin Mengyao forming seals quickly, real Qi turned into blue streams that began to whirl frantically, similar to a dragon in the depths of the ocean, letting out furious cries!

“Brother Feng, let’s do this together!”

“Alright! Way of the Ten True Demonic Paths!”

“Silver Moon Swordlight!”

Two powerful profound middle-grade attacks headed in Yin Mengyao’s direction!

These were Li Feng and Wang Tong’s most powerful attacks, and even amongst profound middle-grade techniques, they were extremely powerful! Battle techniques of this level was of about the same level of strength as Long Chen’s final attack from Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist, Piercing Earth Demonic Sun.

At this moment, Yin Mengyao let loose an even more powerful attack!

“Destroying the heavens and earth, Obliterating Ocean Seal!”

The moment this seal was used, the sky changed its colour! ‘Obliterating Ocean Seal’ had been named aptly, with gushing blue flames similar to the tides of the ocean, about to collide with the opponents’ own attack.

There was a gigantic blue fist imprint that held within an earth shattering strength. Li Feng’s Way of the Ten True Demonic Paths and Wang Tong’s Silver Moon Swordlight were shattered under the seal, and that mighty blue imprint crashed into Li Feng and Wang Tong!

“This is bad. Dodge!”

They knew Yin Mengyao was formidable, but they had still underestimated her.

Even if they wanted to dodge and not being hit straight on by the Obliterating Ocean Seal, the stray undulations caused them to cough out fresh blood as they were sent flying.

At this crucial moment, Li Feng’s movements were nimble and was somewhat able to avoid the attack and gained lesser injuries, but things were different for Wang Tong. Though these were merely stray undulations, these had caused her to be shaken with so much force that she was grievously injured, her face turning deathly pale.

Li Feng quickly grabbed hold of her in mid-air and tried to flee, and barely avoided falling into the Cave of Ten Thousand Serpents.

Noticing this scene, Long Chen knew Yin Mengyao was about to achieve victory. She was his teammate after all, and Long Chen heaved a sigh of relief.

Having used the Obliterating Ocean Seal and injuring Wang Tong to this extent, Yin Mengyao was delighted.

The two of them had done something she could never tolerate, and most people would not be able to comprehend her hatred towards them.

Wang Tong now had completely lost the ability to fight, and Li Feng was in a weaker state. On top of that, he had to take care of Wang Tong. Hence, Yin Mengyao bit her lip and pursued these enemies, following up on her victory.

They were here to end things, and life and death always accompanied victory and loss. Yin Mengyao’s original intention was to kill them, which was why she did not hesitate for long.

Seeing Yin Mengyao approaching, the gravely injured Wang Tong’s expression changed as she urgently exclaimed, “Brother Feng, she’s coming. Let’s just go according to our plan!”

If they were to go according to plan, Li Feng had no idea how things would turn out, but in this situation, they could only use their trump card.

While they knew how powerful Yin Mengyao’s profound high-grade battle technique was, they never expected it to be to this extent! Even their combined most powerful attacks could do little against it!

“Alright. Let’s gamble on this. If we can’t eliminate her, we won’t be at peace for the rest of our lives!”

Li Feng was now staring coldly at Yin Mengyao who was approaching, and began to laugh callously.

His hands were now drawing closer to his cosmos pouch. With Yin Mengyao ten metres away, his movements were quick as he drew out an item and, with the fastest speed he could muster, threw it towards her!”

“What’s that?”

Because of the speed at which it was flying, Long Chen couldn’t tell what was being flung.

However, after throwing it, Li Feng hastily held Wang Tong and escaped!

Yin Mengyao saw that blog object as well, but she, too, could not tell what it was.

“What’s that? Some secret weapon?”

With a cold glint in her eyes, Yin Mengyao ferociously launched an attack, shattering the item Li Feng had thrown.

“It’s an egg?”

Long Chen and Yin Mengyao were thoroughly stunned. A black item that was about the size of a human head was an egg, and Yin Mengyao had destroyed it with a light attack. Egg yolk and egg white sprayed out and all over the ground, and some even got onto Yin Mengyao’s clothes.

At this moment, she had no time to remove the disgusting things on her clothes.

“What are you doing?”

Yin Mengyao looked solemn and made to chase them, but at this moment, a piercing hissing sound was emitted from within the Cave of Ten Thousand snakes, and the entire cave seemed to be causing a ruckus.

“What’s going on?”

Long Chen was just as confused about the huge change in the cave.

This had happened after Li Feng threw the egg towards Yin Mengyao.

“Could that be a snake egg?”

Long Chen wittily wondered, but that immediately caused his expression to changed.

“Crap! Yin Mengyao destroyed it, which means that the toxic snakes inside the cave have already smelled the broken egg. There’s no question about it; the only thing that can cause such a huge disturbance in there can only be the terrifying dismal serpent spirits!”

That was a level 5 profound-grade demonic beast, and just its demonic power was comparable to a cultivator at the initial mastery stage at the Earth Dan Realm. That wasn’t even taking into consideration its poison!

“Yin Mengyao has the smell of the egg on her, which means the dismal serpent spirits would definitely know that Yin Mengyao was the one to destroy the egg. They’ll definitely attack her in a berserk state. Li Feng and Wang Tong must have first snuck into the cave and stole an egg. Once Yin Mengyao arrived, this egg would be their last resort, and the moment they can’t win against her, they used it!”

After throwing it towards her, Li Feng fled with Wang Tong without any hesitation, but just when Yin Mengyao was about to chase them, the dismal serpent spirits began to make a disturbance. In the next instant, black gas was puffed out of the cave, the nasty smell making Long Chen, who was not too far away, want to puke.

“You’re evil!”

At this point, how could Yin Mengyao not know that she had been tricked?

Seeing the black that was moving in her direction, she could only evade it.

The sounds from within the cave were becoming more intense, and a massive black serpent head poked out. In the dark Devil Mountain of Life and Death, Long Chen could only see its scarlet eyes that were like lanterns in the night!

The hissing had Long Chen’s scalp turning numb. There was more than one dismal serpent spirit, and when the first vicious head appeared, the others shot out from the cave one after another.

Not only were they powerful, they were also intelligent. When they exited, they were not in a hurry to kill Yin Mengyao, but instead, went around her and blocking off all exit routes.

Six dismal serpent spirits encircled her, scarlet eyes focused on her. Long blood-red serpents breathed in and out, bloodlust emanating from it.

These serpent spirits were even thicker than a regular bucket, and were over ten metres long. They were not smooth, and instead, had numerous swellings, with dark green fog surrounding them.

Finding herself trapped, Yin Mengyao’s expression changed, her initially icy expression now showing some fear.

Most girls were afraid of things like snakes, much less the terrifying demonic beast, the dismal serpent spirits. Every one of them was at about the same level of strength as Yin Mengyao, and were poisonous. Everything pointed to disaster for her.

Li Feng and Wang Tong were vicious in their methods, because Yin Mengyao would be bitten or poisoned to death by these serpent spirits, and a body might not even remain.

Her hatred towards Li Feng and Wang Tong was growing.

The dismal serpent spirits that had successfully surrounded Yin Mengyao emitted terrifying hissing sounds, heads down and bodies coiled, eyes filled with bloodlust.

“Yin Mengyao, be careful!” Long Chen knew they were about to attack.

Now that Yin Mengyao was in a predicament, Long Chen would lose the qualifications to enter the inner faction selection if she died. Besides, she was on good terms with Mo Xiaolang, and no matter what, he had to save her!

With no hesitation, Long Chen used his Dragon Soul Transformation and transformed into his dragon form. The crimson and orderly scales, sharp bone spurs and amazing visual ability would not lose out to the serpent spirits!

This was the second time she was seeing Long Chen’s transformation, but there was no time to care about how he looked.

“Obliterating Ocean Seal!”

The best thing to do now was to attack, which was why after she was surrounded, she quickly used her most powerful attack.

The Obliterating Ocean Seal was directed at the dismal serpent spirits behind her with a quick twist to the back!

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  1. Riondrial says:

    This Chapter really pissed me off. The egg broke and thouse snakes smelled that almost immediatelly? Some 100m or even furtheraway? The wind doesnt need to transport the smell anymore?
    And they waited for her to be surrounded? For real? She really couldnt even try to flee? Realizing there is danger coming to oneself but still standing and obediently waiting to be surrounded like the biggest idiot? I know it isnt described exactly like that, but thats what in the end happend.
    Come on Author, i know i cant use real logic on a novel, but even in this novel it looks like total BS. The snakes are even described as the same level as an Initial Earth Dan Realm, not some Sky Dan or even higher realm, which would make it acceptable.


    Sorry, i really appreciate your hard work for a good english version, Ying, but that chapter just frustrated me that much. Guess i didnt expect it of the author –.–

    Keep up your good work, Ying (and team?) and thank you 🙂

  2. Riondrial says:

    I know it didnt take long for all this to happen, but they are Initial Earth Dan cultivators…. There has to be some sense for danger and reaction…. Trying to flee after seeing thouse snakes. It would make sense if thouse snakes are way stronger and thus faster, but they arent. And the problem with imediatelly smelling the breaking of the egg still remains 😐

    But well, if you throw an egg at a chasing cultivator and he/she gets so confused that you can flee, well, than thats a problem too.

    This scene was just terrible writing of the Author, though i know he really can do better. Maybe he had a bad day, or something like that….

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