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DBWG Chapter 164 – Cave of Ten Thousand Snakes

Chapter 164 – Cave of Ten Thousand Snakes
Translated by: Ying

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“You can do that?”

Long Chen was speechless. Jin Sheng’en and Chu Yunxi were already rather powerful, and with the two geniuses of the Gold Faction, there was no group that could win when there were two people against one.

“I saw it with my own eyes. If not for us escaping in time, we might have been defeated. However, we had bad luck and only focused on escaping, and didn’t expect to accidentally enter the nest of the Abyssal Poison Scorpions. By the way, Long Chen, they seem to be looking for you!”

Liu Gui helped Gu Cheng to the side and ensured that he was safe, before Gu Cheng began to focus on expelling the toxins.

“Looking for me? They probably want to kill me.”

Long Chen snickered.

At this point, Yin Mengyao had walked to his side. Since Long Chen could kill so many Abyssal Poison Scorpions so efficiently, she now had a deeper understanding of how much strength he held.

“Aren’t they going against the rules of the game?” Long Chen enquired.

“Probably not. There’s no such rule, so they’re making use of the loopholes. However, this means that any team that meets them will be in trouble.” Yin Mengyao frowned.

With a four-person team, they were could go on a rampage with no risk at all.

“But the Devil Mountain of Life and Death is so large. It isn’t going to be so easy for us to meet.”

Seeing that Gu Cheng and Liu Gui still had their bangles, and Gu Cheng was gradually recovering with the Spirit Medicine, Yin Mengyao was beginning to get anxious. About an hour had already passed.

“Since you’ve recovered, we still have some matters to deal with. Shall we go?” Long Chen asked.

Yin Mengyao had to make another round through the Mountain to get to the Cave of Ten Thousand Snakes, while the best course of action for Gu Cheng and Liu Gui was to reach the peak of the mountain as soon as possible.

In their state, they were in no shape to compete with other teams. Keeping possession of their own jade bangles might perhaps allow them to pass this stage.

Gu Cheng had completely recovered by this time. He stood up and nodded, “Since you’re busy, you should hurry on. Liu Gui and I are going to rush up to the peak.”

The four of them bade farewell and, after Long Chen left, Gu Cheng and Liu Gui exchanged a gaze.

“Brother Cheng, what kind of person do you think Long Chen is? He seemed to be at ease while dealing with tens of Abyssal Poison Scorpions!”

“I noticed that as well. If I’m not wrong, he should be one of the top five in the inner faction selection, and even more powerful than I am.”

Gu Cheng sighed ruefully as he glanced in the direction Long Chen had left.

“He’s so strong?” Liu Gui was slightly surprised.

“Mm, it seems like he only just entered the outer faction two month ago, and he’s already so powerful. How could he be comparable to his peers?”

“Oh, but he and Yin Mengyao seem to be on good terms. What are they going to do?”

“I don’t know about that.”

“I’m rather curious. What could be the reason for the enmity between you and those in the Silver Faction?”

Judging by her personality, Yin Mengyao did not seem to be one who would quarrel with others.

Yin Mengyao had no idea of how to reply.

“The male is called Li Feng, while the female is Wang Tong. It’s inappropriate for me to tell you about the enmity…”

There’s some secret?

Though Long Chen was rather curious about this secret, he couldn’t be bothered to ask on if she was not willing to explain.

They had walked about halfway through the Divergent Road. Dense fog was everywhere, and the low visibility was now a huge obstacle for their movements.

“The number of toxic snakes here have increased by a large quantity.”

Long Chen killed a few toxic snakes that flew over in quick succession and exclaimed grimly.

“Seems like we’re close to the Cave of Ten Thousand Snakes. It’s the nest of all toxic snake-like demonic beasts here in the Devil Mountain of Life and Death, and there’s definitely a lot of them around. However, that’s not the most terrifying part,” Yin Mengyao spoke seriously.

“What’s the most terrifying then?”

“In the cave, there seem to be a few level 5 profound-grade dismal serpent spirits in there which are extremely toxic and powerful. They’re perhaps ten times more powerful than Abyssal Toxic Scorpions, and when they team up to attack, they’re very difficult to handle.”

“In that case, why did you choose to meet in that cave?” Long Chen could not understand.

“We only know the Cave of Ten Thousand Snakes in the Devil Mountain of Life and Death. Where else can we go? Besides, we’re only meeting outside the cave, and the fighting should take place elsewhere.”

That made sense. Long Chen did not probe further.

“Li Feng and Wang Tong reached the initial mastery stage of the Earth Dan Realm not long ago, and should be at about the same level as the two youths from the Red Faction if they work together. I should be enough to take care of them, so you’ll just need to watch from the sidelines. It won’t be dangerous.”

Yin Mengyao was slightly apologetic that Long Chen had to come here with her and quickly explained.

Long Chen nodded. It wasn’t the time to argue with her over this, and if Yin Mengyao really couldn’t handle the fight, it wasn’t as if he couldn’t attack.

After all, it was destiny that they had met, and besides, they got along well.

“We’re almost there.”

A strange smell permeated through the air, and there were the shadows of snakes everywhere. The two of them headed uphill for some time and pushed aside branches, and everything opened out. A rather level ground appeared before them, with a giant cave behind this area. The cave was eerie and frightening, like a large gaping mouth that showed only darkness within.

Countless toxic snakes were entering and leaving the cave, looking like a river.

“There’s someone here.”

Lingxi lightly reminded Long Chen.

As expected, Long Chen saw a male and a female sitting and leaning into each other at the edges of the level area. When they noticed Yin Mengyao and Long Chen’s arrival, they got up. The male, Li Feng laughed coldly, “Yin Mengyao, I thought you weren’t coming!”

“How can I not come when I need to deal with you people who know nothing about gratitude and only know to bite the hand that feeds you?” Yin Mengyao did not bother speaking to them amicably.

Both sides sized each other up. Seeing their faces full of dirt and grime, it was apparent that they had gone through several battles. On the contrary, Long Chen and Yin Mengyao looked relaxed.

It was expected for Yin Mengyao to be this way, but how was it that Long Chen was fine?

“You aren’t injured even though you have a burden like that bastard following you. Seems like you have pretty good luck,” Wang Tong seemed to imply something, “I hope you haven’t fallen in love with him and therefore tried your best to protect this pretty little thing, hm?”

Long Chen was speechless at being called a pretty little thing.
(Translator note: ‘pretty little thing’ here refers to a gigolo)

“You can act all smug now, but if I were to ever catch you, I’ll smack your butt in front of your man!”

He scolded inside.

This Wang Tong looked delicate and small. He imagined it that smacking her would feel pretty good.

“You’re looking to die!” Yin Mengyao was enraged at such an insult.

“Oh my, you’re even getting angry. I’m so scared. Yin Mengyao, I’m feeling bitterly disappointed on Mo Xiaolang’s behalf. He was just imprisoned, and you’re already looking for a new lover?”

“Shut up!” Yin Mengyao was now truly furious, her whole body shaking in fury, “Let me make this clear. Mo Xiaolang is like my little brother.”

“Little brother. You even call him your little brother. Who’s going to believe that?” Long Chen had the urge to slap that pleased look on Wang Tong’s face.

Mo Xiaolang?

At the mention of his name, Long Chen suddenly remembered that Mo Xiaolang was of the Silver Faction, and seemed to be on very good terms with Yin Mengyao. In this case, he could find out more about Mo Xiaolang through her.

At the thought of Mo Xiaolang imprisoned in the Infernal Celestial Jail, Long Chen felt a sense of unease.

Yin Mengyao and Wang Tong had quarrelled for a while more, and were beginning to attack in front of the cave.

Seeing her attack, Wang Tong laughed, looking as if some plan of hers had succeeded. With Li Feng, they attacked her from all sides.

“What’s their intentions in forcing Yin Mengyao to attack in front of the Cave of Ten Thousand Snakes?”

Long Chen could not understand and could only stare hard ahead, ensuring that she was not on the losing end.

No matter what, she was his teammate. If she died, Long Chen’s dream of entering the inner faction was done for.

“Yin Mengyao seems to be even powerful than when she’d dealt with those youths from the Red Faction! Looks like she’s going all out now!”

“Icy Mountain Seal!”

“Sole Hurricane Claw!”

With the attacks from two people, Yin Mengyao began to fight with even more intensity, and did not seem to be at any disadvantage.

Under Yin Mengyao’s powerful ice attack, Li Feng and Wang Tong began to find more difficulty fighting back. However, they persevered on, employing profound middle-grade attacks one after another, going on the offensive!

Li Feng seemed to be well-versed in some profound middle-grade movement techniques, and was like a gust of wind, extremely agile. None of Yin Mengyao’s attack hit him.

However, Yin Mengyao was very smart. Since she could not get Li Feng, she focused on Wang Tong. While Wang Tong’s had a silver tongue, she wasn’t that good at fighting. With Yin Mengyao targeting her, she kept being pushed backwards.

“Bitch, die! Brother Feng, save me!”

Wang Tong was forced towards the entrance into the Cave of Ten Thousand Snakes and panicked, yelling and insulting Yin Mengyao.

Li Feng was now beginning to get anxious. He could not show off his foot techniques anymore, and quickly stood between the two females, preparing to kill Yin Mengyao!

“Berserk Gale Disk!”

“Icy Palm Seal!”

This attack affected both Li Feng and Wang Tong. At this point, Yin Mengyao laughed coldly.

“You knew that I was training in a profound high-grade battle technique, and you’re trying to compete with me? This is suicide for you!”

“Profound high-grade?”

Long Chen was shocked. His most powerful technique was the profound high-grade Sword Finger of the Demonic Spirit, and he didn’t expect her to also possess one. However, recalling that she was a well-known genius in the outer faction, he was relieved.

“Looks like I’ve been ignorant. How can others not do what I can as well?”

Hearing about a profound high-grade battle technique, Li Feng and Wang Tong’s expression changed.

“You really know one?”

Li Feng looked grim as he shot a glance at Wang Tong. They instantly understood each other. That meant they would use their most powerful attack to deal with Yin Mengyao’s profound high-grade battle technique!”

“What could her profound high-grade technique be?”

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