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DBWG Chapter 163 – Abyssal Poison Scorpion

Chapter 163 – Abyssal Poison Scorpion
Translated by: Ying

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Yin Mengyao was slightly surprised that Long Chen had agreed to go to the Cave of Ten Thousand Snakes.

“Alright then. I know where the cave is located. Be careful while we’re on the way there, so that we can avoid most of the dangers around.”

With Yin Mengyao taking the lead, Long Chen climbed up the high and steep Devil Mountain of Life and Death, heading towards the peak.

After walking around halfway there, the clouds in the sky seemed to have shrouded over this area. There was fog everywhere, and the skies were dark and gloomy. Even with the good vision of Long Chen and other cultivators, it was still difficult to move about freely on the mountain.

Thunder sounded every once in a while, and lightning kept flashing.

“Looks like it’s going to rain.”

A trace of worry appeared on Yin Mengyao’s expression.

“How far is the cave?”

Raising his hand and pushing away the trees and leaves in front of him, Long Chen furrowed his brows and asked. The Devil Mountain of Life and Death was nasty to travel in.

It was hard to imagine how terrifying this place would become if it began to rain.


Long Chen flicked his hand, and held a snake that had pounced over as thick as a thumb and squeezed it to death. Till its death, this small snake had its tail tightly wound around Long Chen’s body, but how could his level 2 Thunder Flame Physique be so easily destroyed?

This little snake was completely black in colour with a red line on its back that spanned from its head to the tail. While seemingly normal, it was extremely toxic.

Such poisonous beasts were found all over the mountain.

Of those that Long Chen and Yin Mengyao had seen on the way, there were many more powerful than this snake. Amongst which was a level 4 profound grade Poison Scorpion that was as large as a horse, and its tail extended up to around 3 metres long. Such a sharp sting could probably pierce into Long Chen’s level 2 Thunder Flame Physique.

Yin Mengyao had dealt with the Poison Scorpion then, and even she found it slightly tiresome to deal with it. The main issue was that the toxins from the scorpion was too scary, and an expert at the Earth Dan Realm would be caught in a very dangerous situation if targeted.

After walking on for some time, Lingxi, who had not spoken much, suddenly began to move.

Long Chen hurriedly took several steps backwards.

“What’s up, doll?”

“There are people up ahead, and quite a few Abyssal Poison Scorpions! There are two people of the Purple Faction up ahead, and someone seems to be injured!”

The two people of the Purple Faction were probably Gu Cheng and Liu Gui. Gu Cheng was Gu Batian’s grandchild, and seeing how well Gu Batian had treated Long Chen, he found it his responsibility to help them.

“Long Chen, what’s up?”

Noticing that Long Chen had halted his footsteps, Yin Mengyao turned and asked in concern.

From the beginning, she had not shown any interest in Long Chen, but his later performance had been enough to earn her respect.

“There are people up ahead. I’m going to head over.” Long Chen did not hesitate and advanced in the direction Lingxi had pointed out.

“What? This timing isn’t good…” They had already obtained enough jade bangles, and it was because of Yin Mengyao’s issue that they were going to the Cave of Ten Thousand Snakes. It was better not to meet with any other people.

“Four jade bangles should already be enough, shouldn’t it?” She’d assumed that Long Chen wanted to obtain more jade bangles.

Long Chen did not answer. Gu Cheng and his partner were in imminent peril, and he didn’t have time to think further, charging in the direction Lingxi had pointed out.

“You–!” Seeing Long Chen paying no heed to her words and not paying her any mind, Yin Mengyao was finally annoyed, no matter how well she usually kept her temper.

However, Long Chen had been very resolute as he left, and she could only sigh and speak coldly, “Oh well, the thing about the Cave of Ten Thousand Snakes has inconvenienced you. Since you’re doing this, I guess we’re even.”

She obviously would not let Long Chen go alone and used her movement techniques, chasing up to him.

With one person ahead and one behind, they quickly reached the destination. From a long distance away, Long Chen could already smell those scorpions.

“There are tens of Abyssal Poison Scorpions!”

Just when they’d arrived, Long Chen and Yin Mengyao saw the scorpions crowded everywhere, on tree trunks, branches, and roots, and also a large number surrounding two people.

“Gu Cheng! Liu Gui!”

Two shouts allowed the two people in the middle to see hope. They listened closely and found that it was Long Chen’s voice.

If he was here, that meant Yin Mengyao was also here. In that case, they’d have a chance of survival!

At this thought, they were elated. Though they had no idea if she would save them, there was at least a chance.

“Long Chen, quick, get Lady Mengyao to save us!”

When Long Chen arrived, he found Gu Cheng lying on the ground, his initially pale skin now already black. It was obvious that he had been poisoned.

Beside him, Liu Gui was doing her best and contending with the poisonous scorpions. She also had to protect Gu Cheng as well, and looked like she couldn’t hold on for long.

“Big Brother Gu Cheng has already been poisoned from trying to protect me. Long Chen, find a way to save him!”

Liu Gui no longer had the time to care about how powerful Long Chen was and yelled anxiously.

Around them, there were the carcases of some Abyssal Poison Scorpions.

Noticing that it was Gu Cheng and Liu Gui who seemed to be Long Chen’s acquaintances, Yin Mengyao’s complaints towards Long Chen disappeared.

“But how did he know that these two were injured?”

Yin Mengyao was rather curious about this.

While she was still pondering over this, Long Chen had already charged towards the Abyssal Poison Scorpions.

While rushing in, he used his Dragon Soul Transformation and turned into a crimson dragon body, scarlet scales and bone spurs making him look somewhat similar to poisonous bugs like the scorpion. However, he was an even more terrifying version!

The reason he had used his transformation was because on one hand, the Abyssal Poison Scorpions were powerful, and also because the scaly armour would make his body even firmer. This would make it difficult for the scorpions to pierce into his body.

“Long Chen, be careful!”

Noticing that it was Long Chen who charged forward to save them, Gu Cheng and Liu Gui were very touched, but how powerful was he? They knew this very well. If even Gu Cheng had been attacked and poisoned by the scorpions, how would Long Chen fare?

Though it was their first time witnessing Long Chen’s beast transformation, they did not think well of him, since he was only at the Earth Dan Realm.

With the gossiping of the grand elders, news of him having entered the Earth Dan Realm had spread far.

They were worried about Long Chen, but what surprised was that Long Chen, who had darted into the groups of scorpions, was like a wolf that had entered a herd of sheep, slaughtering everything as he liked. From this situation, it seemed that he would not need Yin Mengyao’s help!

“How is this possible?”

Gu Cheng’s now-black face showed his astonishment, while it was the same with Liu Gui.

“Seal of the High Profound Dragon!”

While running in, Long Chen used one hand and proficiently employed the Seal of the High Profound Dragon, and a roaring deity dragon image caused the gigantic Abyssal Poison Scorpions that were rushing over to vibrate, therefore crushing their innards into powder!

However, they had very high vitality. Knowing how powerful Long Chen was, they let out strange shrieks, tens of them huddled together and, at high speeds, darted towards Long Chen!

Tens of three-metre-tall solid scorpion stings were raised high in the sky, preparing to puncture a body at lightning speed. For anybody, this scene would make anybody feel terrified.

“The speeds at which the scorpion stings strike out is amazing. With its demonic force and poison attack, it’s over if any regular level 4 profound grade demonic beasts were to meet with it.”

Thankfully, such demonic beasts only existed in a humid area like the Nine Devil Mountain. If they were found everywhere, the human race would be in trouble.

“It’s no wonder that even Gu Cheng was poisoned. So they’re this hard to deal with!”

After dodging quite a few attacks, Long Chen felt a headache coming on.

He found his display rather embarrassing, and could not understand Gu Cheng and Liu Gui’s shock. Long Chen had clearly just entered the Earth Dan Realm, and yet, he was able to move around so freely amongst the scorpions and even killed quite a few in quick succession. Even they were not capable of such achievements!

While letting Gu Cheng consume a Spirit Medicine that would ease the venom, Liu Gui asked Gu Cheng quietly, “Brother Cheng, didn’t grand elder say that Long Chen’s just entered the Earth Dan Realm? Why does he seem more powerful than I am?”

Gu Cheng, who was still in immense pain, shook his head, “I don’t know… Luckily, this medicine can keep the scorpion poison in check. With Long Chen and Yin Mengyao around, we should be fine. Protect me while I circulate my real Qi and expel the toxins!”

Though he did not know why Long Chen was this strong, the expelling of the toxins was an even more urgent task. If more time was allowed to pass, Gu Cheng would really become a cripple.


Liu Gui nodded, watching Long Chen nervously.

“Oh well. Since you beasts are of the dark and chilly attribute, I’ll let you see this move!”

“Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist, Burning Heavens Scarlet Flames!”

Long Chen employed the fiery fist imprint, which immediately resulted in the piercing shrieks from the Abyssal Poison Scorpions. They hurriedly tried to escape, but no matter how powerful a scorpion was, they would be burnt to death as long as they were struck by Long Chen’s attack!

“An attack with such powerful fire energy!”

Watching this attack, Yin Mengyao narrowed her eyes. She had initially wanted to aid Long Chen, but after seeing him use this attack, she knew there was no longer any issue.

This Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist was much more powerful than before, and while it was a middle profound-grade battle technique, it could even surpass the might of Yin Mengyao’s Icy Mountain Seal!”

“Is Long Chen really a dark horse hoping to keep his strength a secret?”

Yin Mengyao’s beautiful eyes were fixed on Long Chen as she wondered inside.

With the Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist, Long Chen had now incinerated all of the Abyssal Poison Scorpions.

Having eliminated them, Long Chen stood before Gu Cheng and Liu Gui, whose expressions now reflected their disbelief.

Not long after, Liu Gui finally reacted and exclaimed anxiously, “Long Chen, it’s best that you guys leave first. Chu Yunxi has teamed up with the three from the Gold Faction and they’re sweeping the area. They’ve pretty much obtained all the jade bangles!”

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