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DBWG Chapter 161 – Flaming Tempered Fist

Chapter 161 – Flaming Tempered Fist
Translated by: Ying

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The two did not waste any effort on uttering nonsense and attacked right away. They were evidently intelligent, and weren’t the sort of idiots who threatened opponents before battle.

“Long Chen, be careful!”

Seeing that the opponents were about to act, all heading straight for Yin Mengyao, she could tell that something was off.

“I’m with Long Chen, and he’s the weaker one. They should have assigned one person to hold me back, while the other deals with Long Chen!”

Yi Mengyao had already guessed that others would choose to use this method to take her down.

“They plan to suppress me with one move!”

With the two heading in her direction, Yin Mengyao instantly came up with this idea.

In the pitch-black Devil Mountain of Life and Death, the two talented cultivators of the Red Faction were like a gust that pierced through the silence, whizzing through and arriving before Yin Mengyao in an instant. The two used the same techniques and attacked her!

“Flaming Tempered Fist!”

This was a technique that was at the middle profound-grade, like Long Chen’s Scarlet Flames Burning Heavens from his Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist, and had a similar explosive power. With the both of them at the initial mastery stage at the Earth Dan Realm, the might of this fist when used together created an astounding effect.

Yin Mengyao’s expression changed, and she realised she had underestimated them. All those who had been selected to participate in the inner faction selection were talents among talents.

These two Flaming Tempered Fists could only be blocked with her going all out. However, that meant she could not take care of Long Chen.

At this point, Yin Mengyao decisively chose to attack. Long Chen shouldn’t be defeated so easily, right…?

After all, Long Chen was a Human Dan who had defeated an Earth Dan cultivator. Besides, he had already entered the Earth Dan Realm.

“This woman is pretty good!”

Seeing Yin Mengyao immediately engaging them in battle, with one against two and not showing any signs of being at a disadvantage, none of the people of the Red Faction dared come closer, especially after streaks of icy palm techniques were used.

“Ice Mountain Seal!”

Under Yin Mengyao’s powerful attack, the two young men exchanged a glance and exploded forth with the Flaming Tempered Fist once more, charging towards her!

With nobody backing down, the attacks from both sides collided with a rumble, leaves lifting off the ground and gusts of wind roaring.


A few thick and solid trees broke into two!

“It’s time!”

One of the males from the Red Faction yelled, and, right after the other young man evaded Yin Mengyao, headed straight for Long Chen!

“It’s a trap!”

Yin Mengyao was anxious.

She had been focused on the fight to the death before, but had never expected that she had been led by the two males, in the direction where Long Chen was. That Ice Mountain Seal that she had employed had sent the opponent flying tens of metres, and brought them even closer to Long Chen!

At this moment, the more powerful young man from the Red Faction stood in front of Yin Mengyao, while the other had an icy glint in his eyes as he darted towards Long Chen like a gust of wind.

“At the Initial Mastery Stage at the Earth Dan Realm, he’s definitely several times more powerful than Feng Wutian even while incomparable to Chu Yunxi and the others.”

This young man’s arrival gave Long Chen a tremendous pressure.

Knowing that she had fallen into the trap, Yin Mengyao was slightly angered, because Long Chen was now in danger. Unhesitatingly, she came to his rescue!

“You two are rather intelligent, but did you think that one person was enough to hold me, Yin Mengyao, back?”

“Mo Xiaolang isn’t around, and as the number one genius of the Silver Faction, you’re probably one of the top 3 in the inner faction. I’m obviously not a match for you, but you won’t be able to kill me before my brother eliminates that kid!”

What was most important here was time!

As long as they successfully suppressed Yin Mengyao, they were the winners!

Knowing that Yin Mengyao’s teammate was Long Chen, many had their eyes on this pair. It was just that the Red Faction had headed up the Devil Mountain of Life and Death right before them, which was why they could guess at Long Chen and Yin Mengyao’s location.

“Long Chen, be careful!”

At this point, all she could do was defeat this annoying housefly or shake him off!

Watching the young man rushing towards him, a slight smile appeared about Long Chen’s lips.

“It’s your honour that you could be my first opponent after I reached the Earth Dan Realm. Well then, let me see if I can defeat you without my Dragon Soul Transformation.”

Even if he did not use Dragon Soul Transformation, Long Chen’s real Qi right now was qualitatively four times as powerful as others’ real Qi. That was about half of the amount someone at the initial mastery stage of the Earth Dan Realm.

On top of that, he had the level 2 Thunder Flame Physique, which should be enough against this young man!

However, probably nobody thought the same way.

Seeing that his opponent was quickly closing in, Long Chen had a thought and suddenly turned and fled!

“Rascal, don’t run!”

Noticing that Long Chen was so spineless, he was instantly anxious. If he could not catch up to Long Chen, his brother would be taken care of by Yin Mengyao sooner or later!

Thankfully, Long Chen wasn’t that fast. Using his quickest speed, he was able to catch up to Long Chen.

This meant that the two of them were far from Yin Mengyao’s line of sight.

“What is he trying to do? Is he so cowardly?”

Yin Mengyao was rather speechless. If Long Chen was in her line of sight, she could probably help out, but now that he was out of the way and she was held up, she could do nothing even if Long Chen were about to be killed.

“Looks like your teammate is unusually cowardly…”

The young man sneered.

“Do you have the time to be ridiculing others? There’s only you here. How long do you think you’ll be able to last by my hands?”

Yin Mengyao spoke coldly while beginning a fierce attack.

For this, it was best to take care of the person in front of her as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Long Chen had successfully, escaped from Yin Mengyao’s sight and allowed himself to be caught up to by the other male.

The reason he had come here and hide from Yin Mengyao was because Long Chen was in a playful mood, and also because he wanted to disguise himself as a weakling. He was powerful, but he didn’t want to expose himself in front of Yin Mengyao too early!

“You’re not running anymore?”

Noticing that Long Chen had turned back and was smiling at himself, he was confused.

“Young man, what’s your name?” Long Chen asked, full of sincerity.

“Chen Xin.”

Having announced his name, Chen Xin suddenly found the situation odd. His brother was risking his life right now, but here he was, answering his opponent’s questions. Was that right of him?

At this thought, Chen Xin was furious.

“You rascal, die!”

As he spoke, his knees bent and he was like a sharp arrow, piercing towards Long Chen!

“I asked for your name so we could be on better terms. Is there a need to be so angry?”

Knowing he was in a hurry, Long Chen intentionally wasted his time and laughed. Long Chen had increased his speed and even used Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step, and Chen Xin’s attacks were unable to hit him.

“What’s going on? Even if he used a motion technique, his speed couldn’t have increased by so much?”

While astonished, he did not halt his movements.

“Kid, if you have any guts at all, don’t run!”

Chen Xin was about to go insane in his anger.

“Come on, handsome, is there something wrong with your orientation? I’m obviously male, but you keep chasing after me. I’m quite scared…”

Long Chen burst out in laughter while speaking in a strange tone.

Chen Xin almost spat out blood, face flushing.

“You scoundrel. How dare you slander my reputation. Die!”

“Flaming Tempering Fist! Raging Inferno City!”

He used profound middle-grade battle techniques proficiently!

“Without Dragon Soul Transformation, my Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist isn’t going to match up to his attack. I should try that move.”

At this point, there was no more teasing that could be done. The enraged Yin Mengyao was probably almost done with the other young man from the Red Faction, who was probably in a terrible state. Long Chen halted his footsteps, looking towards the terrifying attacks that were heading his way.

“I’ll let you see how powerful a profound high-grade battle technique is like!”

Seeing that Long Chen was no longer running, Chen Xin heaved a sigh of relief.

“It should still be possible if I rush back to help him. Long Chen really runs rather quickly!”

With this thought in mind, his attacks became even more violent as it spread across the area and pushed towards Long Chen!

At this moment, a bit of starlight appeared at the tip of Long Chen’s right index finger.

The starlight seemed rather weak, but that was just the start. Long Chen’s arms continuously trembled, seemingly unable to grab hold of this force.

Seeing the Flaming Tempered Fist about to swallow Long Chen whole, he opened his eyes widely, right hand waving, and a streak of starlight turned into the most resplendent sword Qi, piercing through Chen Xin’s attack!

“Sword Finger of the Demonic Spirit!”


With a hiss, Chen Xin felt the scene in front of him go blurry, and immense pain bloomed on his arm. Though his arm had been hit, that powerful attack had shaken his whole body and caused him to cough up fresh blood!

“What kind of attack is this?”

Under the acute pain, Chen Xin looked deathly pale. His Flaming Tempered Fist had completely failed and been crushed. That sword Qi had gone through Chen Xin’s arm, pulling him backwards and pinning him to a tree trunk!

His arm was basically crippled, and the pain caused Chen Xin to cry out miserably. In the next instant, an elbow struck his forehead and caused him to faint.

“One jade bangle obtained!”

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