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DBWG Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – [Nine Fingers of the Wind Devil]
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“You……You really came back?!”

Long Chen smiled indifferently near the stage, and ridiculed: “Earlier you were making a racket saying you would obtain the [Seal of the Dragons], but in the end, the only result is you ending up being so dejected? You are really an embarrassing fellow. Oh well, let me take your place and fight for you.”

Yang Lingqing really did not expect Long Chen would actually come, so at this moment her brain was short circuited. This fellow with the brimming smile, had not allowed her to recover. But when she thought of her brother’s death being caused indirectly because of him, her face turned cold and sternly said: “You traitor, return my brother’s life back to me!”

With this shout, it had momentarily attracted the gazes of everyone to look over.

The commotion filled the entire stage. Long Chen raised his head up, and while his gaze was falling on quite a number of people, he smirked at them. Under the huge pressure, he straightened his back and walked up to the platform.

At this point, the Yang family founder was handing over the [Seal of the Dragons] to Yang Lingyue!

Looking at Long Chen appearing, all the people who were witnessing this scene had their pupils shrinking. And quite a few of those faces did not have good intentions. Amongst them one of the gazes that was also the fiercest belonged to Yang Xueqing. Just as she was about to stand up, Bai Zhanxiong suddenly held her back and softly said: “Sister Qing, this fellow has real guts, I do want to see what kind of havoc he can create here. Also if you scold him with everyone present here, it will not be good for your reputation.”

Only then did Yang Xueqing sit down. However her gaze towards Long Chen had remained detached.

Long Chen suddenly looked at her, and Yang Xueqing was startled. Because the unwavering gaze held in his eyes was like an ice arrow, and it had actually caused her to lose her bearings.

“This fellow……has actually progressed once again……”

Yang Xueqing was secretly astonished.

Long Chen batted an eyelid at Yang Xueqing, and then coldly laughed. Right now he was standing in front of hundreds of people, but his posture was stable and he was looking on indifferently at the super expert of the family, the Yang family founder!

The Yang family founder was also bewildered by the fellow in front of him. Under such circumstances, Long Chen’s actions were so daring that he was actually not showing any signs of timidness, his actions seemingly natural.

Although he was already in his late years, he silently admired Long Chen for these actions alone. Because he knew that right now the Yang family to Long Chen, was a mountain of daggers and a sea of fire.

“Being able to stand regardless of life or death, unyielding and unbending, either you are an idiot, or you are someone with a strong character.”

This was the view that the Yang family founder thought of when he saw Long Chen. He was in fact anticipating what mess this little fellow could create.

At this point everyone’s gazes were all concentrated onto Long Chen. Half of them held disdain within their gazes. Other than the Yang family founder that had a different opinion, most of them felt that Long Chen’s brain had spoiled.

Under the flickering gazes, neither servile nor overbearing, he looked on towards the Yang family founder. Long Chen slowly knelt to the ground, and clearly said: “Your grandson, pays his respects to grandfather. Today’s intra-family competition, I have actually showed up late, by right I should be punished, only that……”

He raised his head, and looked at the skeptical yet jumpy Yang Lingyue and said: “Your grandson as a member of the Yang family, also has a chance at obtaining the [Seal of the Dragons]. I earnestly beseech grandfather, to allow me to have a match with Yang Lingyue sister, a final showdown!”

Long Chen had the [Seal of the Dragons] on his mind, and everyone knew this. But he actually so brazenly declared his intentions in front of the Yang family, which had made many people respect his daringness. But after thinking of the difference in power between him and Yang Lingyue, they all shook their heads in succession.

“What wishful thinking.” Yang Xueqing gave a faint smirk.

Among the crowd, the majority of the people were thinking the same thing.

Looking at this young man who was unyielding and unbending, the Yang family founder’s interest had slowly grown, and he blandly said: “Chen Er, the family has its own rules. Since you were late, naturally you lost the right to participate. Besides, the champion this time was born through a series of battles. So by coming out like this and wanting to be the winner, is indeed not respecting the rules.”

Long Chen saw that the other party had not refused him directly, thus he knew there was still a chance, so he clearly replied: “If grandfather knows that I did not enter the rounds previously, naturally you can arrange a battle for me, the [Seal of the Dragons] is supposed to be handed over to the most outstanding person of the younger generation. Yang Lingyue Sister and I have not fought yet, so how can we know that she is better than me?”

Shortly after he looked at Yang Lingyue. Yang Lingyue’s moment had been overshadowed by Long Chen, so naturally she was in a fit of fury. Adding on Yang Zhan’s death, Yang Lingyue at this point wished she could kill him right on the spot.

Long Chen looked at her and said: “I don’t know if Lingyue sister still remembers our bet, if Lingyue Sister wishes to admit defeat, then I naturally……”


Yang Lingyue’s face turned ice cold. She looked towards the Yang family founder and said: “Grandfather, today I must have a match with this kid to prevent him from embarrassing all of us and also to prevent anyone saying that I am unworthy of the champion’s title. What I hate the most in this life, is this kind of petty and unscrupulous character. Today I will properly teach him a lesson!”

Yang Lingyue had insisted as well, so the Yang family founder smiled mysteriously and said: “Since both of you have requested this, then an old person like me can only comply. But the match stops once someone is hurt, so both of you had better restrain yourselves. If you are to throw the face of the Yang family away, both of you can stop thinking of ever getting this [Seal of the Dragons]”

After successfully agitating Yang Lingyue, Long Chen was secretly celebrating inside. He then hurriedly said: “Thank you grandfather. Lingyue sister is the most competent lady here, so I will naturally show mercy!”

“You!” Yang Lingyue’s rage was not light.

Outside the stage, Yang Lingqing looked on at this scene, her gaze confused. Long Chen had caused her brother’s death, and her father could not wait to cut him into a thousand pieces. Before all of this, she was friends with Long Chen, but now this fellow had such an imposing aura on stage, which made her admire him secretly.

“Oh well, the matter about my brother, we can always deal with it later. Right now this fellow is in such a limelight, if he does not have the ability to match it, then today he will die a horrible death……Half a month ago he was only in the third level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, a difference of three levels of the Dragon Pulse Realm. So how can he ever be my, Lingyue Sister’s match? But what can I do?”

Yang Qingxuan and Yang Wu were conversing also.

Yang Wu held an electrifying gaze, while looking at Long Chen and said: “This fellow is at most at the fourth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. He only managed to learn a body enhancing technique, and is already this crazy, he is just a frog in a well.”

[TL Note: (Idiom) “Frog in a well.” means someone who has not seen the world. The frog can only see the walls around him but not the world outside the well.]

Yang Qingxuan also nodded and said: “Indeed, a difference of two levels, cannot be covered with just learning a body enhancing technique. However by daring to stand here in front of us, proves he indeed has incredible guts.”

Yang Wu smiled faintly and said: “All brawn and no brains, he is gonna be just a laughingstock.”

Yang Qingxuan smiled lightly, not denying nor agreeing.

And at this point, the Yang family founder went back to his seat and attended to the guests for a moment. In the next minute the fight between Long Chen and Yang Lingyue was going to commence.

“Sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm……”

“I am not joking with you, today I will use all my might to fight with you. If you accidentally die, do not blame me!”

“After being told off by Long Chen, Yang Lingyue coldly laughed and said: “Go ahead and daydream, you had better remember, you are but a servant in the Yang family. Just because you have a bit of ability doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know where you stand.”

Long Chen did not dispute with her.

Bracing his body, faint traces of starlight came to the surface from his body. His gaze had momentarily changed into two dazzling meteorites. Yang Lingyue after being dazzled by such a bright light, had been dazed a little.

“A petty skill! I heard that you know the [Falling Star Fist], which is just perfect since I too know two skills. Today I will let you experience the true might of the [Falling Star Fist]!”

Yang Lingyue gave a cry, and her ability at the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm had been explosively drawn from her body. Her body was like a fleeting tornado. At this moment her fist had gathered an amount of dazzling starlight and a faint print image of a fist appeared which was sent crashing towards Long Chen!

Regarding the [Falling Star Fist], Long Chen was already using it to a level of perfection. However the only thing lacking about him was the fact that his Qi was inferior to his opponent’s by two levels. This difference in his Qi could be said to be at least twenty times less than hers!

“Towards the [Falling Star Fist], you Lingyue, don’t even have the capability to carry my shoes around!”

Long Chen started laughing manically. Yang Lingyue’s [Falling Star Fist] charged towards him. His eyes flashed with a hint of viciousness and with a shout, he jolted on the stage, and then flew towards his opponent like a cannonball. Suddenly he also threw out a punch covered with dazzling starlight, which strongly collided with Yang Lingyue’s fist!

“What a good fellow, with his Qi of the fourth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, he can actually use the [Falling Star Fist] to such a level. Compared to Qing Er he is even better!”

Looking towards the stage, the Yang family founder’s gaze was concentrated.

The people who were familiar with the [Falling Star Fist], were all surprised, and they silently praised him in their hearts. Even Yang Xueqing was shocked, and thought to herself: “Earlier when I heard that he used the [Falling Star Fist] to defeat Yang Zhan, I could not believe it. But now looking at this fist, it seems like his comprehension towards the [Falling Star Fist] is actually not that different from my comprehension…”

However after being shocked, she noticed that Long Chen had been retreating under Yang Lingyue’s attack, and was about to be hurt under the [Falling Star Fist]. Yang Xueqing coldly laughed.

“So what if he has a little talent in comprehensive abilities. If the Qi isn’t enough, there is no chance to change the situation!”

At this moment, Long Chen had already been fully engulfed by the might of the opponent’s enormous [Falling Star Fist].

“This Qi is at least twenty times more than mine, however if you want me to stop here, dream on!”

Previously his right hand had gathered starlight which had shocked the crowd, but eventually it was unable to best Yang Lingyue. However right at this moment, Long Chen gave a loud cry, and what followed after his right fist, was his left hand that had punched out another [Falling Star Fist]!


A loud sound was heard, Long Chen’s unexpected fist had completely blocked Yang Lingyue off, and also managed to steady his footsteps!

However the continuous two fists of the [Falling Star Fist], had startled the crowd greatly. The Yang family founder was so startled that he stood up and exclaimed: “He is really a genius, he can already use the [Falling Star Fist] to such an extent while just being in the fourth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm! It’s extraordinary!”

Yang Qingxuan and the others were also secretly shocked. Earlier Long Chen was not even in his eyes but at this point Yang Wu’s expression was a sight to behold. He too swallowed his saliva and said: “Father……this fellow, should only be sixteen years of age? If he did not have that issue with Yang Zhan, I’m afraid in the future our Yang family would have a chance to chase after the Bai Family……”

These two consecutive [Falling Star Fist] attacks had cost Long Chen quite a lot of time before being able to successfully use them.

The two [Falling Star Fist] attacks had finally broken away from Yang Lingyue. At this point, Long Chen’s blood was still raging violently, and the shocked yet furious Yang Lingyue stared at him.

“Yang Lingyue is indeed not easy to deal with. After using the two [Falling Star Fist] attacks, my Qi has fallen by half. At this rate no matter how good my [Falling Star Fist] is, I will perish too. If I lose to her, grandfather will surely not protect me, and then Yang Yuntian will definitely kill me!”

Thinking that he couldn’t retreat anymore, Long Chen’s eyes flashed wildly. Yang Lingyue who was looking on had also been scared a little, however she gritted her teeth and once again charged towards Long Chen!

“This time, victory leads to life, defeat leads to death as well as me becoming a laughingstock. So I can only win, and I must not lose!”

Thinking of this, Long Chen smiled manically. Yang Lingyue seeing his crazed state was scared inside, and suddenly used the strongest skill that she had practiced!

“[Seal of the Dragons], is not something a fellow like you can own! [Nine Fingers of the Wind Devil]!”

“The first point!”

“The second pierce!

“The third revolution!”

“The fourth exterminate!”

From the [Nine Fingers of the Wind Devil], each and every stage came pressing onto Long Chen. Everyone knew that Long Chen besides the [Falling Star Fist], had no other skills left. Yang Lingyue after using the [Nine Fingers of the Wind Devil], will definitely cause Long Chen who was already spent to be defeated!

Outside the stage, Yang Lingqing’s heart was very nervous.

“Lingyue Sister’s [Nine Fingers of the Wind Devil] is not an ordinary attack. If I had to retreat he definitely has no hope anymore. And if he is defeated……”

Everyone present wanted to know very much, how exactly would Long Chen deal with the [Nine Fingers of the Wind Devil]. But at this moment, Long Chen did not retreat and instead advanced, charging towards Yang Lingyue. But what made everyone most surprised was the fact that he actually did not have any other movement!

“He is actually seeking his own death?”

“Good heavens, he wants to commit suicide!”

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