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DBWG Chapter 158 – Lord Xuanxiao

Chapter 158 – Lord Xuanxiao
Translated by: Ying

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When Long Chen spoke up, it became deathly quiet. Everyone stared at him in shock, and even the grand elders of the eight outer factions were startled.

Here, those with the most entertaining expressions belonged to none other than the two siblings, Chu Yunxi and Chu Yunyao.

In their eyes, this expert was practically a godly existence, and yet, their god had been disrespected in this manner. In their opinion, Long Chen had to die, and he had to die right now!

Liu Yuan and Liu Lan merely drew a blank at this point. Liu Yuan knew that Long Chen did not have a high tolerance, which was why before they had entered, he had warned Long Chen not to act recklessly. He’d assumed that Long Chen had remembered his words, and yet, Long Chen had done this.

After speaking, Long Chen did not lower his head and continued to watch Chu Tianxiong, who had a mild expression.

He was out to make things difficult for Chu Tianxiong. Now, within the sights of the grand elders of the eight outer factions, Chu Tianxiong’s great reputation might crumble as he became the laughingstock if he did not handle this well.

Hence, everyone was watching Chu Tianxiong closely on how he would deal with this.

“You little bastard, you’re looking for death! A mere Human Dan wants to participate in the inner faction selection, huh. Just see how I defeat you!”

Chu Yunyao shouted in a piercing voice, charging towards Long Chen.

Out of everyone around, the one who was most disapproving of Long Chen participating in the selection was Chu Yunyao. He was obviously at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm, so why did Long Chen get the qualifications to participate, and yet she could had to make use of her connections just to be able to come and watch?

On top of that, Long Chen had humiliated Chu Tianxiong in front of everyone. That was unforgivable.

She had even taken the initiative ahead of Chu Yunxi and made to attack Long Chen.


Withdrawing the Zenith Crystal Blade, she pierced in Long Chen’s direction!

Most people watched on nervously.

They wanted to see how capable Long Chen was and whether he could defeat Chu Yunyao. At this time, however, Chu Tianxiong had personally made his move, disappearing from his seat and reappearing, holding Chu Yunyao’s sword.

“Third Grandfather, I want to kill him! He should be punished with death for his unfounded ravings about you!”

“Stand down.”

While Chu Yunyao seemed fierce, Chu Tianxiong’s tone and expression did not change at all as he gently pushed her behind him, and then glared sharply at Long Chen expressionlessly. It was as though Long Chen was not a person but a tree, or rather, a mere rock.

“This old guy’s mentality has long since become unfathomable. Just a verbal attack for me isn’t enough to enrage him, but I’m curious to see where his bottom line is… I, Long Chen, and old Liu aren’t to be trifled with!”

Long Chen was already furious to the extreme from being left behind at the Green Faction and seeing Chu Tianxiong spouting a whole bunch of nonsense and bullying Liu Yuan here.

His anger aside, he was no fool. To dare say such things in public, he was still somewhat confident.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t take such a big risk and humiliate Chu Tianxiong!

He observed Chu Tianxiong closely once more and spoke coldly, “Everyone is aware that I’m not on good terms with Chu Yunxi, and as his third grandfather, you left ahead even though the three of us reached your residence bright and early in the morning. Even after we arrived, you continued to humiliate Elder Liu and spouted nonse. Grand elder, such petty methods seem unbecoming of someone of your status, hm?”

These words had everyone more shocked.

“Long Chen, you’ve gone crazy. Stop saying all this nonsense!”

Liu Yuan finally managed to react and pulled Long Chen to him.

“You- You’re talking rubbish! Bastard, how dare you tarnish my third grandfather’s name? What are your intentions?”

Chu Yunyao could not wait to skin Long Chen.

“You’re really seeking death!”

Chu Yunxi stood up.

Most were focused on Chu Tianxiong’s next actions.

To be honest, most knew about Chu Tianxiong. With his status, it was no big deal for him to tease another elder, but it was a little too embarrassing for the man for Long Chen to say this in front of so many people.

Many now had amused grins on their faces, especially Gu Batian. Chu Tianxiong’s eyes twitched slightly, and his expression turned darker, revealing a hint of killing intent. Long Chen reckoned he was already affected.

Long Chen knew the importance of knowing when to stop. He had humiliated Chu Tianxiong, though it was to speak up for himself and for Liu Yuan. Now that it was done, Chu Tianxiong was in a difficult position.

Long Chen knew the turmoil that was currently in Chu Tianxiong’s mind. Long Chen was appointed by the inner faction to participate in the inner faction selection, and no matter the reason, it was difficult to give a good reason if he were to kill Long Chen in this situation.

However, how could Chu Tianxiong take this embarrassment of being teased by an ant?

He glared at Long Chen icily, lips moving slightly as he spoke with a hoarse voice.

“Everyone, I’m afraid I’ll let loose today. I hope that, on account of our acquaintance all these years, as well as our statuses as leaders of the outer faction, you can speak well of I, Chu Tianxiong, to Lord Xuanxiao.”

Everyone could tell Chu Tianxiong’s underlying intent of killing Long Chen.

It was no surprise. If any grand elder were to be shamed in such a manner by a little child, they would probably kill Long Chen as well, not to mention Chu Tianxiong, who had always possessed a strange temperament.

“This guy is rather talented, but he’s an airhead.”

“If he could endure for a while longer, he could even become the pillar of the outer faction. What a pity.”

Two of the grand elders exchanged a glance and sighed while shaking their heads. Hearing Chu Tianxiong wanted to do this personally, Chu Yunxi and Chu Yunyao’s anger dissipated, transforming into excitement and satisfaction. Smirking at Long Chen, Chu Yunyao spoke, “After obtaining the qualifications to participate in the inner faction selection, you don’t know your limits and even dare offend my third grandfather. You deserve to be killed!”

Just as she spoke, Chu Tianxiong glared coldly, and an all-encompassing pressure pressed on Long Chen. In that moment, he felt as if the sky itself was falling.

“This old guy is really powerful. With this level, he can beat me into minced meat with just a casual punch!”

At this thought, Long Chen was rather depressed. As expected of the perfect mastery stage of the Heaven Dan Realm, considered to be the top experts in Yuanling City. Long Chen facing up to Chu Tianxiong was like how he had been with his grandfather of the Yang family while he was at the fourth dragon vein. This disparity here was even larger.

“It’s about time those inner faction people arrive.”

Long Chen was relaxed.

Previously, Lingxi had told Long Chen that in the depths of the discussion hall, two people were walking in slowly. One had an aura comparable to the grand elders, and might be even stronger. He was definitely of the inner faction, and was the host who would be in charge of this inner faction selection.

With the host around, would Long Chen be killed?

Even the grand elders could do little against the inner faction, which was why just as Chu Tianxiong was about to make his move and impose a life-threatening pressure on Long Chen, a low, hoarse and charming voice was sounded from the depths of the hall, “Chu Tianxiong, stop.”

Chu Tianxiong’s expression immediately changed after hearing this. He obediently withdrew his hand and, without looking at Long Chen, turned to the other side.

Now, everyone’s eyes were focused on the depths of the discussion hall and standing up respectfully, including all the grand elders.

Long Chen had just walked out from the brink of death and was still slightly afraid. Liu Yuan and Liu Lan had complicated expressions, but just when they were about to ask why Long Chen was acting this way, they could only stand respectfully at the thought of this person’s identity.

Under the audience’s gazes, two walked out. One looked imposing, handsome and emanating a threatening aura. This was Dongfang Tianyu, who Long Chen had met at the Sky Martial Realm.

Dongfang Tianyu was evidently here to cheer for others. THe other person was the main host.

Long Chen narrowed his eyes. This was a man in his thirties, with a fair face with no facial hair. He looked slender, his hair like a waterfall as it draped over his shoulders, all the way to his waist. He wore a white, loose robe, eyes unfathomable and profound, and people could easily get lost in his eyes with a single look.

“This guy is pretty handsome…”

Seeing someone even more good looking than himself, Long Chen was speechless. He usually did not praise others this way, but if he ever did, then the other party must be incomparably handsome.

Mo Xiaolang was handsome too, but seemed to tender.

Even the grand elders had to lower their heads in front of this man, cupping their fists deferentially, “We greet Lord Xuanxiao!”


The Eastern Green Dragons should be in charge of this selection. Dongfang Tianyu was part of the Dongfang clan, and if Long Chen was right, this man’s name should be Dongfang Xuanxiao.

Honestly speaking, even these grand elders and Jin Sheng’en’s father did not give Long Chen this feeling. This man did not have the aura of the strong and seemed rather dull, but that was what made him terrifying and difficult to get close to.

“Alright, take a seat.”

Dongfang Xuanxiao’s expression did not change as he waved his arms. With his instructions, everyone sat obediently, and even Chu Tianxiong was the same. After the arrival of Dongfang Xuanxiao, he seemed to have forgotten about Long Chen, and it was proof of how capable Dongfang Xuanxiao was.

“This Dongfang Xuanxiao seems awesome.”

Long Chen sighed ruefully as he quickly took a seat.

Usually, with the conflict between him and Chu Tianxiong, the other party would take a look at Long Chen, even if it was all a farce. However, his eyes were only forward, and he did not look at anyone.

After everyone was seated, they began to wait for Dongfang Xuanxiao’s directions.

“All disciples of the inner faction selection are to come out. Team up in pairs. I’ll hand the jade bracelets and firework signals to you.”
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