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DBWG Chapter 157 – Chu Tianxiong

Chapter 157 – Chu Tianxiong
Translated by: Ying

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“I saw your daughter then. She was cute and small and as tender as ever. Looks like she’s just as alluring as beautiful as before and is a good doll. Long Chen…”

Gu Batian’s eyes scanned Long Chen, taking a few looks and then laughing, “Mm, he’s not bad. I’ve heard that you’ve defeated an inner faction disciple at the Earth Dan Realm. I’m looking forward to your performance…”

Long Chen knew that Gu Batian had probably guessed that Long Chen had already reached the Earth Dan Realm.

Gu Batian seemed to be quite confident in Long Chen, which had Liu Yuan and Liu Lan scratching their heads in bewilderment.

They merely took this as a polite compliment from Gu Batian and did not think too much into it.

“Since you’re here, then go in.”

Gu Batian waved his arms, and Liu Yuan quickly followed. Though he was not young, he was at least twenty years younger than Gu Batian, and did not dare put on airs in front of Gu Batian.

Following him, they headed to the discussion hall in the manor.

“Everyone is now waiting for the people from the inner faction to appear. I was wondering why only one person came from the Green Faction and came out to get some air, and then heard you shouting outside. Tell me, what’s going on?” Gu Batian spoke matter-of-factly.

Liu Yuan looked agonised as he spoke, “It’s all my fault. I’d initially wanted to take Long Chen to the grand elder’s place, but we were somehow late, and they had left first. The three of us could only come by ourselves, which is why we’re late.”

Gu Batian chuckled after hearing this.

“What rubbish. With that old man, Chu Tianxiong’s pettiness, he must have definitely noticed the conflict between his genius grandson and Long Chen, and so, tried to make things difficult for you. When I reached in the afternoon, that old man had long since reached. I imagine he must have left even before the sky had brightened. He’s doing something like that even at his age. How disgusting!”

Gu Batian criticised Chu Tianxiong from beginning to end, and Long Chen felt better than ever inside. Liu Yuan and Liu Lan exchanged glances.

Gu Batian was no fool. Noticing one person less had arrived from the Green Faction, he immediately thought of the gossip of the little genius from the Human Dan Realm in the Green Faction, which was spreading like fire. He could pretty much guess what had happened.

The discussion hall was the largest building in the Nine Devil Mountain Manor, which was also where the meetings for the inner faction selection took place. The nine great factions were already seated accordingly, and were only waiting for the people from the inner faction to appear. Then, they could begin to discuss the related arrangements.

In front of each seat, delicacies were spread all around.

A group of people were conversing joyously, but never did they expect Gu Batian, who had left earlier, to bring three others back.

Most of the people here did not recognise the three.

In this group, the older ones were considered the elites of the previous generation, while the younger ones were the elites of the current generation. This was quite a large group, and despite standing like this and attracting the gazes of everyone, Long Chen had no fear.

He glanced through the area once, knowing who the younger talents were at a single glance.

As expected, all of them were at the initial mastery stage at the Earth Dan Realm, ages all not more than twenty.

A lot of them were not any weaker compared to Chu Yunxi. Jin Sheng’en was here as well.

The seats were allocated according to Gold, Silver, Red, Orange, Yellow, Jade, Green, Blue, and Purple, and Long Chen quickly found where the Green Faction was seated. There were now four people looking over, startled, and their expressions immediately turned cold.

These four people naturally included Chu Fengqing, his son and daughter, Chu Yunxi and Chu Yunyao, as well as one with the smallest stature. Those eyes were filled with a piercing intelligence, and he donned a green robe. He was similar to a sharp blade, and Long Chen did not dare meet his gaze.

“Is that the grand elder of the Green Faction, Chu Tianxiong? As expected, he’s terrifying!”

Long Chen was slightly afraid, but that did not mean that he was afraid of the man. Though he had never seen Chu Tianxiong, the man had already humiliated him once.

Beside Chu Tianxiong, Chu Yunxi saw the appearance of Long Chen and Liu Lan, and he looked practically murderous. His sister, Chu Yunyao, was the same.

Now that he had brought Long Chen and the rest along, Gu Batian laughed, “Old Chu, I just went to relieve myself, and found myself bringing the other genius from your faction here. Come here, Long Chen, and sit with your faction. Let your grand elder take care of a genius like you!”

Gu Batian spoke, and practically chased them to the Green Faction. There were enough chairs prepared, and they were thus able to sit comfortably.

Seeing Long Chen and Liu Lan about to sit beside them, Chu Yunxi and Chu Yunyao looked ashen as they made way.

“What are you shifting away for? Do you think an old man like me is gross? Old Chu, your grandchildren are simply outrageous. Sit there. Don’t move.”

Gu Batian acted as if he were furious, and Chu Yunxi and Chu Yunyao were so frightened that they did not dare move, glancing towards Chu Tianxiong for his help. Chu Tianxiong merely looked at Gu Batian and said, “Sit down. Stop fidgeting and moving around.”

“That’s the way. Alright, I won’t bother you anymore.”

Having taken care of this matter and settling Long Chen and the others, Gu Batian smiled at Chu Tianxiong proudly and returned to where the Purple Faction was seated.

It looked like Gu Batian and Chu Tianxiong were the type who were eternal rivals.

They were probably trying to compete, even in this inner faction selection.

At the Green Faction, besides those like Chu Fengqing, there were two other young men. One gave around the same aura as Chu Yunxi. The two were probably the genius cultivators from the Purple Faction participating in the inner faction selection, and were both staring at the newly-arrived Long Chen with interest.

When Gu Batian headed in the direction of the Purple Faction and the discussion hall had returned to the quiet from before, everyone’s eyes went straight to Long Chen as they began to gossip. What they were discussing was the love triangle between Long Chen, Liu Lan and Chu Yunxi, and some even began to evaluate Long Chen’s past battle achievements.

The way Long Chen had arrived was also being discussed.

Long Chen hid as much as he could and began to size up everyone, especially the grand elders of the nine outer factions, as well as the other genius cultivators who were participating in the selection.

There were too many people, and it was difficult to remember so many of them within such a short period of time. However, the Gold Faction, which was seated the closest to them, garnered Long Chen’s huge interest.

The one seated right in front should be the grand elder. However, compared to the others, he was much younger, and was probably around the same age as Chu Fengqing.

This person looked quite similar to Jin Sheng’en, but compared to Jin Sheng’en’s boastful ways, this person looked mature and cold, gaze like a sharp blade. Compared to Chu Tianxiong, he induced much more fear, and seemed like a huge tyrant.

“This should be the rumoured grand elder of the Gold Faction.”

Long Chen put up his guard, finding that while this man was lowering his head and drinking tea, his gaze was on Long Chen.

Honestly speaking, Long Chen was supposedly the genius cultivator of the Green Faction, but had only just arrived. There had to be something off, and someone began to ask soon enough, “Brother Chu, why’s this little guy so late? Did he fall off the roc?”

This was another grand elder.

In the Yuanling Region, rocs were demonic beast with a high endurance and large body that was suitable for long-distance travels. Hence, most large organisations would raise or domesticate roc-type demonic beasts. The Green Sun Hall’s Wind-Splitting Deity Roc was one kind.

This person made a little joke and livened up the atmosphere. However, Chu Tianxiong’s expression turned grim as he turned towards Liu Yuan, “I told you to reach at dawn, but you were a whole hour late. Do you not have any respect for me?”

Chu Tianxiong was making all of this up, and was now blaming Long Chen’s lateness on Liu Yuan. Liu Yuan could only hold back his anger and answer, “No, I would not dare do that. It’s all my fault, grand elder. Once we’re back at the Green Faction, please punish me!”

“Let’s not bother with punishment.”

Chu Tianxiong spoke indifferently, “But in so many years, you haven’t made any contributions. If you make another fundamental mistake like this again, don’t even think about keeping your status as an elder.

Though Chu Tianxiong did not speak loudly, the words were heard in every person’s ears. Everyone had various expressions.

Gu Batian, who knew what had actually happened, sneered at Chu Tianxiong and made a few shapes with his lips, which meant: Chu Tianxiong, the longer you live, the more backward in your thinking you get, for you to even bully those younger than you.

Of course, only Chu Tianxiong alone understood what Gu Batian was saying.

Chu Tianxiong clenched his fists, and then calmly relaxed.

“Grand elder, I wouldn’t dare do something like this again. Thank you for not punishing me!”

Finally getting through this, Liu Yuan heaved a sigh of relief and answered agreeably.

“There’s nothing better than being aware of your mistakes and wanting to make amends. There’s nothing more for you to say here, unless you want to be ridiculed by the experts from the other factions.”

Chu Tianxiong lowered his head and drank his tea as he spoke nonchalantly.

Long Chen noticed all of this.

Quirking his lips in a slight smile, he suddenly noticed a few figures were flashing deep within the discussion hall with Lingxi’s reminder. Noticing there were people about to enter, he suddenly had an idea and stood up suddenly.


Long Chen’s sudden actions immediately resulted in confusion, and Liu Yuan and Liu Lan were even more startled as they pulled at him trying to get him to sit. Who knew, Long Chen could not be moved as his eyes were coldly on Chu Tianxiong, unwilling to concede, “Long Chen has, from long ago, heard that the grand elder of the Green Faction is a man of noble character who can distinguish right and wrong. Today, what I see is only a biased, nasty character who cares nothing for right or wrong and only knows to bully the weak. I have truly expanded my horizons today!”

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