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DBWG Chapter 156 – Gu Batian

Chapter 156 – Gu Batian
Translated by: Ying

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“Long Chen, looks like we have bad luck during the selection. The Nine Devil Mountain is having bad weather today.”

Watching the desolate mountains shrouded by dark clouds, Liu Yuan wrinkled his brows, looking worried.

Long Chen glanced in the direction of the legendary Nine Devil Mountain, seeing the dark clouds ahead and traces of lightning flashing in the clouds. Occasionally, the dull rumbling of thunder could be heard, similar to the low growl of a beast.

Within the dark clouds, nine mountain peaks that were like claws thrust into the clouds, a gloomy, cold, aura pouncing towards them.

“Is this Nine Devil Mountain, which mean nine devilish mountains?”

Long Chen was speechless.

“I’m afraid it’s going to rain. The rain of the Nine Devil Mountain is boundless and is always accompanied by crazed lightning. The difficulty in your selection is probably going to amplify…”

In terms of his strength, Long Chen could not match up to anyone. In such terrible weather, Liu Yuan was certain that the odds of a good outcome were low.

“Don’t worry, Uncle Liu. With such bad weather, I’m not the only one in trouble. Perhaps this sort of environment is the most suitable for me.”

Long Chen didn’t seem to mind at all as he laughed.

Seeing Long Chen so optimistic, Liu Yuan could only shake his head helplessly.

Upon reaching the Nine Devil Mountain, the Wind-Splitting Deity Roc did not dare move forward. When it went nearer to the Devil Mountain, it landed on the ground automatically, pulling back its head and not daring to move.

Long Chen and the other two jumped off the roc.

“The Nine Devil Mountain is gloomy and dark, and the Wind-Splitting Deity Roc isn’t used to such an environment. It’s not too far from the Nine Devil Mountain Manor, so we can just walk over there. It’s getting dark now, and it’s best we get to the manor before it gets dark.”

The Nine Devil Mountain Manor was a base set up by the Lingwu Family at the mountain. At basically every inner faction selection, it would be held in the Life and Death Mountain in the Nine Devil Mountain, and they found it convenient to just set up a base here.

“The inner faction selection is tomorrow. I think they’re about to split up the groups already. Long Chen, Lan’er, let’s hurry up!”

After taking care of the Wind-Splitting Deity Roc, Liu Yuan brought Long Chen and Liu Lan towards the manor.

This devil mountain was an expansive mountain range, and the Nine Devil Mountain was made up of the nine tallest mountain peaks. Long Chen and the rest were now already in the range of the devil mountains.

The ground and trees were dyed a dark colour, dead trees set up in strange shapes and looked very strange.

Long Chen strolled around here and found it very quiet.

“Ignore those dead trees here. The Nine Devil Mountain is covered with dense forests. While hastening forward, all the roots under you make it impossible for you to set your feet on firm ground, and fighting in such terrain will definitely affect you.”

Every time he thought of this, Liu Yuan got worried.

On one hand, up to this point, he could tell the worth of young Long Chen. On the other hand, the Green Sun Hall had spent a lot of effort on him, and if Long Chen were to die young here, Liu Yuan would definitely feel extremely uncomfortable.

“Remember, Long Chen. Once there’s danger, don’t bother with whether your teammate will lose the qualifications. Just use your firework signal and that will keep you alive!”

Liu Yuan was very serious, and Long Chen could do little but nod in answer.

On the road towards the Nine Devil Mountain, Long Chen turned to the side to take a look at Liu Lan. She was particularly alluring today, with her pinkish, tender skin and devilish curves, giving people the urge to go forward and give her a bite.

Seeing the lack of worry in Long Chen’s eyes, Liu Lan felt he was hopeless and spoke indifferently, “Don’t be so hard-headed. Listen to my father. You can’t treat the inner faction selection as a game. If you die, our Green Sun Hall is going to suffer a loss.”

“Just watch.”

Long Chen didn’t seem to mind as he peeked at Liu Lan’s body, “You look pretty good today, huh. Are you already preparing yourself?”

“What preparations?”

Liu Lan had her suspicions, especially after noticing the strange look in the kid’s eyes. She had always been intelligent, and quickly recalled her previous words that as long as Long Chen entered the inner faction, she would let Long Chen do as he liked.

“With just your current strength, you want to enter the inner faction and possess me?”

Liu Lan snickered. This side of Long Chen really made her despise him.

“The most important thing as a person is humbleness and honesty. I suddenly have a feeling that you’ve never had any of these two qualities, which is why you’ll forever be a loser.”

Liu Lan spoke coldly, passing by Long Chen and going in front.

A smile quirked at Long Chen’s lips.

“Is that so? But why do I have to be humble?”

Liu Yuan had no idea what Long Chen and Liu Lan were saying, but seeing these two at odds, he wondered, “Lan’er seems to have something against Long Chen. They’re already so old, and yet they’re still saying these things out of their anger? Could she really like Long Chen?”

Liu Yuan had had much experience, and immediately had an inkling.

However, he merely buried this in the back of his mind. This matter was rather difficult to handle, and if they really had feeling towards the other, it was a good thing, but only if Long Chen could return alive.

With Long Chen’s temper, even surviving would be an issue.

At this moment, they reached the Nine Devil Mountain Manor.

“Ahead is the manor. Remember, don’t speak a word about what happened at the grand elder’s entrance. Don’t refute him, especially you, Long Chen…”

Liu Yuan watched Long Chen sternly, “Though they’ve gone too far, they have high statuses and are powerful. After all, they’re at the perfect mastery stage at the Heaven Dan Realm, which is why we can only endure. We can only accept whatever they say, and if you spout nonsense out of dissatisfaction, then dying is probably your just desserts!”

Long Chen nodded at Liu Yuan’s stern warning.

“That old man? It seems like he’s humiliating me. Though Liu Yuan has already emphasised this, anything can happen.”

Pushing aside some trees, a gigantic building appeared in a valley, on a larger scale than the Green Willow Residence by several times.

There were only around 40 or so people coming to participate in the inner faction selection, and yet, they took such a huge place as a transferring point. It was evident that the Lingwu was rich.

The Nine Devil Mountain was extremely dark. In order not to stand out, its main hue was also black.

Night was gradually approaching, and quite a few lamps had been lighted. In the dark pavilion, red lanterns were like countless ferocious beasts lying in wait in the night, the lanterns as their eyes.


Based on the situation, all who were supposed to be there had already arrived. Liu Yuan took in deep breaths and, bringing Long Chen and Liu Lan along, headed towards the manor. Not long after, there were quite a few cultivators in black armour surrounding them.

These cultivators were all at the Earth Dan Realm and were powerful. Each and every one had a dense bloody aura that indicated their experience.

“At this moment, this is the base of the Lingwu Family from the Yuanling Region at the Nine Devil Mountain. Who are you? Report your names, or you will die!”

Cold voices were sounded from these people’s mouths.

“I am a great elder of the Green Faction’s Green Sun Hall, Liu Yuan. I am here to bring my disciple here to take part in the inner faction selection!”

Liu Yuan spoke clearly, intentionally speaking louder and hoping to attract the attention of those in the manor. As long as they had an audience, things would be easier.

“The inner faction selection? What rubbish! Those participating in the inner faction selection are brought in by the grand elder. Even if you’re a great elder, so what? All I see is you trying to create trouble. Brothers, take him down!”

These black armoured guards did not see to reason. No matter how Liu Yuan tried to explain, they just wouldn’t listen. In that moment, ten or so Earth Dan Realm cultivators at the initial mastery stage made their moves!

“Damn it!”

Eyes narrowing, Liu Yuan was truly angered. In this situation, even the most amiable person would be enraged!

Though he was a cultivator merely at the initial mastery stage at the Heaven Dan Realm, there was a large disparity between the Heaven and Earth Dan Realm. Even ten Earth Dan Realm cultivators at the initial mastery stage were not his match!

The reason he had not attacked was because once he did so, things would get complicated. There were people of the inner faction here, and if he did not deal with this matter aptly, he could easily lose his life if anyone took the opportunity to frame him.

Liu Yuan speaking so loudly before finally had an effect.


A hoarse yet powerful voice transmitted over. The few Earth Dan cultivators at the initial mastery stage were about to attack, but found that they were trembling so much and had lost power in their legs as they fell to the ground.

An old man who was almost two metres long in a purple robe appeared at the entrance to the manor. With the black armoured guards taken care of, he took a look at Liu Yuan and spoke loudly, “So it’s Liu Yuan. I can vouch for them. Let them in.”

Upon hearing that, the black armoured guards no longer dared to speak and withdrew quietly, and then disappeared into the forests.

Seeing the tall old man, Liu Yuan was elated as he spoke respectfully, “So it’s the grand elder of the Purple Faction, Senior Gu Batian! I never thought senior would remember me!”

“I have a great memory! Come to think of it, it’s been four or five years since I’ve last seen you, and it’s a surprise that you’re still looking as pitiful as always, for even these young things to bully you.”

The grand elder of the Purple Faction did not hold back while speaking, his voice resonant.

“Senior Gu Batian has seen the worst in me…”

Liu Yuan sweated nervously, and then introduced to Gu Batian.

“Senior, this is my daughter, Liu Lan. She’s participated in the inner faction selection before, but her skills weren’t enough. Here’s Long Chen, a disciple at my Green Sun Hall. He’s here to participate in the inner faction selection. The two of you…”

With Liu Yuan’s reminder, Long Chen and Liu Lan exchanged a gaze and immediately bowed.

The grand elder of the Purple Faction might look boorish, but he was very easy-going. If Chu Tianxiong ignored them or even bullied them, having Gu Batian being the judge of the matter was a very good thing.

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