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DBWG Chapter 155 – Nine Devil Mountain

Chapter 155 – Nine Devil Mountain
Translated by: Ying

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Never did Long Chen expect he would be treated like this.

He’d known that it the selection would be during noon, and Long Chen had rushed here early in the morning. It was still a long time away from noon, and the grand elder, Chu Yunxi and the others had long since left. What did that mean?

It meant they thought nothing of Liu Yuan and Long Chen. It meant they wanted to play tricks on them.

Being so evidently scorned, Long Chen actually laughed instead, in his anger.

Liu Yuan was also feeling very uncomfortable. Though the other party was the grand elder, he was a great elder of a hall. If word got out that he had been belittled, Liu Yuan would be utterly humiliated.

He had now turned ashen, and did not stop Long Chen while he scolded. Instead, he was rather pleased. All the fury he was feeling dissipated with Long Chen’s words.

When it came down to it, Long Chen was the first person to dare curse at Chu Tianxiong.

Upon hearing, the two guards’ turned red and scolded, “How dare you shame the grand elder! For being so rude, you deserve the death sentence. We’ll take you down and wait for the grand elder to return and deal with you himself!”

Having said this, they actually made their move and advanced towards Long Chen!

“You’re just dogs guarding the door who’ve only just entered the Earth Dan Realm. You dare touch me?”

Long Chen sneered, and rather, darted forward to meet their attack!

When those guards had made their move, Liu Yuan and Liu Lan was stunned.

Long Chen was about to participate in the inner faction selection, and he could not get injured by the hands of these guard dogs. Just as they were about to stop these guards, Long Chen darted from their side.

“You’re seeking death!”

Seeing Long Chen moving so quickly and doing the completely opposite of what they expected, they struck with their fist, enraged. The punch from the Earth Dan Realm was on a whole different level. These two consecutive punches would also prevent Long Chen from being able to escape.

“I’ve heard this kid’s only at the Human Dan Realm, and he wants to participate in the inner faction selection? What a joke! If we brothers defeat him today, our reputation will surely spread!”

At this thought, the two guards mustered all their strength.

“Trying to kill me?”

Long Chen smirked, raised his arms and dashed forward, creating afterimages.

“Huh? So fast?”

The two were momentarily shocked, because even they could not handle Long Chen’s speed.

At the next moment, two palms slapped onto their faces, and they immediately screamed, blood and teeth flying. The two fell to the ground with a loud thud, yelling in pain.

Long Chen did not stop just there. He dashed forward and, with a person under each foot, he stepped on their faces, leaving behind a large footprint on top of the bloody mark of his palm from before.

Suffering from such a vicious attack from Long Chen, the two’s facial features were destroyed. At this point, they were vulnerable to all attacks, faces full of blood as they cried out in pain and rolled on the ground, full of regret.

“Who said Long Chen was a pushover? He’s methods are so ruthless. The two of us are done for…”

While groaning, they were inwardly cursing the people who had given them this information.

“Long Chen, you- ?”

Seeing that Long Chen had successfully taught them a lesson, Liu Yuan was obviously astonished. After all, these two were experts at the Earth Dan Realm, and while their potentials were meagre and had thus been appointed to be guards. However, they were considered at a higher level than Long Chen.

Liu Yuan was slightly surprised at how easily Long Chen had defeated them.

Similarly, Liu Lan was amazed at how Long Chen had had the upper hand so easily.

“Looks like he really did progress in these few days of cultivation…”

Long Chen had been merciless and beaten them up until they could not retaliate. Liu Yuan and Liu Lan were slightly hesitant, because these two were the grand elder’s subordinates, and being too vicious was excessive.

“Long Chen, stop.”

Liu Lan spoke unenthusiastically.

Long Chen kicked the two of them away and exclaimed in a bright voice, “Watchdogs, don’t forget your status. No matter where you go, you’d just be dogs guarding the door. The person standing in front of you is the great elder of the Green Sun Hall. How dare you treat him with disrespect? Today, I’ve taught you a lesson on behalf of the great elder. I hope you remember this and know what to do!”

Using Liu Yuan as a shield, Long Chen pushed the responsibility away.

Having beat these two up, Long Chen was feeling much better.

When he looked towards Liu Yuan and Liu Lan, he noticed the helplessness in their gazes.

“Long Chen, you were really too impulsive…”

Liu Yuan was about to guide Long Chen and apologise to those two, but Long Chen interrupted him, “Great elder, they’ve already late. What should we do? We can’t just not go, can we?”

That was the most pressing issue. Liu Yuan shifted his attention from Long Chen beating others up for a moment, and frowned, “The grand elder was really going too far, but Long Chen, you are the pride of our Green Sun Hall. You managed to qualify for the inner faction selection, and it makes no sense for you not to go. I know where the Nine Devil Mountain is, so we’ll return to the Green Sun Hall and ride the Wind-Splitting Deity Roc and head there!”

“In that case, we can’t waste more time. Let’s go!”

Honestly speaking, Long Chen was rather gloomy at being made fun of in this way. He laughed coldly, “No matter who it is, I’ll make sure you pay the price for doing this to me!”

The grand elder of his own faction had left him behind in the Green Faction, stating the reason for it as him being late. If word of this spread, Long Chen would be considered a joke.

If he did not do well in the inner faction selection, his name would go down in history.

Deciding to return, the three wasted no time and left. Liu Yuan was still worried about Long Chen injuring the grand elder’s subordinates, but they were in a hurry, and there was little he could do.

“Long Chen, I don’t want to say this, but being so impulsive won’t do you good in the future…”

“I know, great elder. I won’t do this again!” Long Chen pretended to be like an obedient child.

In actuality, he hadn’t been impulsive. He wanted to have an astonishing beginning now.

“It feels weird hearing you call me great elder. If you don’t mind, then just call me Uncle Liu.”

Liu Yuan stroked his beard, sighing ruefully.

“Why would I mind? How could Long Chen not know how well Uncle Liu treats him?”

While this old man had some power, he was still a good man. Since he was willing to disregard his status and let Long Chen call him ‘uncle’, Long Chen was not going to let him lose face.

“Calling him Uncle, and getting a level 6 profound-grade beast spirit in return. This deal is quite profitable.”

Long Chen was feeling good.

Liu Yuan and Long Chen were now hastening on in front, while Liu Lan was behind. This time, she was no longer lowering her head while walking, and instead, occasionally looked up at Long Chen’s figure, eyes full of doubt.

“He’d sold off that beast spirit, but from the looks of what had just happened, he seemed to have gotten much stronger?”

Long Chen was just full of wonders. This situation was the most pressurising one that Long Chen had ever been met with. Would he be able to create a miracle once again?

Though Liu Lan knew how difficult this was, she still held some anticipation towards the inner faction selection.

Soon enough, the three of them had returned to the Green Sun Hall. Uncaring of the looks of confusion from others, Liu Yuan summoned the most majestic Wind-Splitting Deity Roc, and they got on. The deity roc began to flap its wings and headed towards the west!

This marked a new beginning and left behind people of the Green Sun Hall, looking at each other.

“Even with the Wind-Splitting Deity Roc, it’ll take a day to reach the Nine Devil Mountain from Yuanling City. It’s morning now, and I think we’ll reach before it gets dark!”

Sitting at the head of the roc, Long Yuan used his real Qi and separated the winds while covering his own body, allowing him to sit securely on the back of the Wind-Splitting Deity Roc.

“Actually, from the grand elder’s place, it’d take only half a day to get to the Nine Devil Mountain by using a profound-grade demonic beast as a means of transformation, but… Sigh, the grand elder was too biased this time, which is unbecoming of him. If he wanted us to be late though, there’s nothing we can do…”

At this thought, Liu Yuan’s expression turned dark.

Seeing the expression on her father’s face, Liu Lan was slightly upset. Liu Yuan was the weakest out of all the eight great elders, and the reason why he was still in the Lingwu Family after so long was mainly because he had no desire for power.

However, that meant he would be bullied, and from Liu Lan’s earliest memories, Liu Yuan had been bullied countless times already.

“Uncle Liu.” Long Chen suddenly spoke up.

“What is it?”

Long Chen laughed, “Don’t think too much of this matter. Once we’re at the Nine Devil Mountain, I won’t let you down. Honour and respect are obtained with one’s own actions. What is the grand elder to me? Who knows, he might be grovelling at my feet in the future.”

“Long Chen, shut up!” Liu Yuan was slightly enraged. “Remember, once we’re at the Nine Devil Mountain, you can’t say things like that. I won’t be able to protect you!”

Long Chen chuckled, not answering, and closed his eyes to get some rest.

Liu Yuan shook his head at Long Chen’s arrogance, unsure if it was the right decision to let Long Chen participate in the inner faction selection.

Liu Lan had been watching their conversation, and upon hearing his egotistical words, she began to laugh sarcastically, ridiculing him. However, seeing Long Chen not arguing at only calmly resting, she was gradually shaken.

“Judging from his confidence, does he have something that will decide the outcome?”

In the midst of her suspicions, the sun shifted from the east to the west. At the west of the Yuanling region, the sky was filled with dark clouds, and the rumoured Nine Devil Mountain looked gloomy…

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