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DBWG Chapter 153 – Sword Finger of the Demonic Spirit!

Chapter 153 – Sword Finger of the Demonic Spirit!
Translated by: Ying

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There were two more days till the inner faction selection.

With Long Chen’s usual speed, merely two days was not enough for him to completely learn a high profound-grade battle technique. However, since Lingxi was the owner of this technique and had some experience from training in it before, he somehow managed to complete it with his natural aptitude, and her step-by-step guidance.

“The high profound-grade battle technique, Sword Finger of the Demonic Spirit…”

The power of this move definitely surpassed that of Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist, and was now Long Chen’s strongest attack.

This was a finger technique, as well as a sword technique. Long Chen had once cultivated in the Nine Fingers of the Wind Devil, and also seen the Dark Heavenly Finger of the Bai family. However, these two finger techniques were definitely inferior to Sword Finger of the Demonic Spirit.

It required fusing a powerful sword technique with a finger technique, and was employed with a finger. Though this would somewhat lower its strength, the force it had was definitely powerful.

Though he had not actually used it before, just the activity of his real Qi while he had been cultivating told Long Chen that the Sword Finger of the Demonic Spirit was a first-class technique. It was no wonder that it was a high profound-grade battle technique.

This was also Long Chen’s first high profound-grade battle technique!

After he understood Sword Finger of the Demonic Spirit, Lingxi returned to the Lingxi Sword to continue her cultivation. Meanwhile, Long Chen went outside and enjoyed the resplendent starlight alone.

“Now that I’m at the Earth Dan Realm, my real Qi is comparable to that in the initial mastery stage at the Earth Dan Realm after Dragon Soul Transformation. Even the most powerful person in the inner faction selection, Jin Sheng’en, is merely at the initial mastery stage at the Earth Dan Realm. In terms of real Qi, there isn’t a large gap.”

While deep in thought and watching the starry skies, Long Chen chuckled.

“A level 2 Thunder Flame Physique is comparable to a high profound-grade constitution technique. Would it lose to the Gilding Physique? On top of that, I have my high profound-grade Sword Finger of the Demonic Spirit. Chu Yunxi, Jin Sheng’en, if you want me to kneel before you or kill me in the inner faction selection, then just wait.”

Stretching his body while the night air blew, Long Chen felt more relaxed.

“My strength has increased by a large margin. I’ll make sure those of you who look down on me will be taken aback. And then…”

Recalling Liu Lan’s slim body, Long Chen burst out into laughter. “I wonder if she remembers what she said? As long as I pass the inner faction selection…”

In the night breeze, Long Chen was in high spirits.

The first day of the eleventh month.

It was a day bustling with noise and excitement, and the day of a rare event.

The Lingwu Family was split into the two inner and outer factions. The inner faction had jurisdiction over the outer faction, with the outer faction depending on them for their existence.

Everyone knew that the true core of the Lingwu Family was the inner faction.

The geniuses of the outer faction would do all they could to make their way into the inner faction. The only means of doing so was through the inner faction selection, and this day, the first day of the eleventh month, was when it would take place.

Out of the twenty seeded participants, only two talented disciples would be able to pass the selection and enter the influential clans of the Lingwu Family.

On this day, Long Chen left his residence early.

There were already many people waiting outside. They were all well-known in the Green Sun Hall, and the person at the front was naturally Liu Yuan, who was at the Heaven Dan Realm. Beside him were the enforcers and elders at the Earth Dan Realm, as well as many other Earth Dan Realm disciples.

These were the peak forces of the Green Sun Hall.

When he had just entered the Lingwu Family, Long Chen might have been fearful of this level of strength, but now, being welcomed by so many people, he felt no pressure. It was obvious how fast his progress was.

Though it was difficult for Long Chen to enter the inner faction, he was the Green Sun Hall’s pride for being able to obtain qualifications to participate in the selection.

Honestly speaking, not considering Feng Wutian, who had been the illegitimate child of someone in the inner faction, Long Chen was the second talent who had obtained the qualifications, the first being Liu Lan.

This was more than enough to prove Long Chen’s talent.

He might have no prospects of entering the inner faction, but Liu Yuan was extremely content. He watched Long Chen, who seemed full of vigour, and laughed brightly, “Long Chen, it’s your big day today. In the outer factions, only 20 out of thousands of young talents obtain the qualification to participate in the inner faction selection!”

Seeing this old man not furious with him, Long Chen knew that Liu Lan had not told him about the matter of him selling the Purple Enchanted Dragon beast spirit.

For this reason, he glanced at Liu Lan. She was now standing beside Liu Yuan silently, and being an eye-catching, elegant beauty.

Feeling Long Chen’s eyes on her, she turned. It was obvious that she still held intense feelings of dissatisfaction and disappointment towards Long Chen. It seemed that she was still keeping the matter about selling the beast spirit at heart.

“Go. You shouldn’t be late. I’ll bring you to see the grand elder of the Green Faction in the Green Emperor Hall!”

It was the big day of the Green Sun Hall. Liu Yuan now had some face in front of the other great elders, and he was practically glowing.

“Escorting the Great Elder!”

“Long Chen, good luck! Bring glory to our Green Sun Hall! Even if you don’t enter the inner faction, you have to persevere and get through the first stage!”

“Yes. As long as you’re more shrewd and evade your opponent as much as you can, you still have a chance at the Divergent Road.”

Those following Long Chen to the inner faction selection battle were only Liu Yuan and Liu Lan.

It made sense that the father and daughter pair were in rich attire. Liu Lan had put effort into her looks, with her skirt fluttering in the wind, hair done up, eyes clear and passionate.

“She’s put so much effort into her looks. Is she trying to send me a signal?”

Long Chen slandered and bid the others of the Green Sun Hall goodbye. With Liu Yuan’s enthusiastic lead, they left the Green Sun Hall.

After Long Chen had left, the other elders and enforcers stopped waving their arms and exchanged gazes.

“Everyone, do you think Long Chen will be able to create a miracle?”

At the thought of the strength of the other participants, they shook their heads. “It’s glorious enough that he’s obtained an opportunity to participate. I just hope he can preserve this glory and not be defeated too miserably. Only then would Great Elder’s attempts at nurturing him not be in vain.”

“By the way, Long Chen, have you already refined the beast spirit?”

Not long after leaving the Green Sun Hall, Liu Yuan, whose long beard was flowing in the wind couldn’t hold himself back and asked.

Long Chen was surprised and took a look at the cold Liu Lan. Confidently, he answered, “Don’t worry, Great Elder. How could I let you down?”

From Long Chen’s words, it meant he’d already refined the beast spirit. In that case, Long Chen might not have a good chance at the selection, but as long as he could display an extraordinary performance and give Liu Yuan a better reputation, Liu Yuan was satisfied.

Long Chen was brazenly lying to Liu Yuan, and Liu Lan found this behaviour shameless.

“What’s the point of lying to my father now? When you’re under attack and can’t even use your beast transformation, how embarrassing would it be for you, Long Chen?”

Liu Lan could not comprehend why Long Chen, who had once stunned her, needed to lie in order to maintain his reputation as a genius.

At this thought, Liu Lan stood ahead of Long Chen, a cold smile on her face.

“Is that so? Does that mean you’re done with it? Long Chen, why don’t you try transforming now? Let me admire the beast transformation of the Purple Enchanted Dragon and see how it is.”

Long Chen laughed in embarrassment, “Grand Elder, there’s no need for that. You bestowed the beast spirit to me, and if I use it in the inner faction selection and defeat my opponent, you’ll feel more accomplished!”

Long Chen was now practically a treasure in Liu Yuan’s heart. Since Long Chen had spoken, he did not want to lose his demeanour as a grand elder despite his curiosity, and waved his arms elegantly, “Do as you like!”

“Thank you, Grand Elder!”

Upon hearing this, Liu Lan, who was walking ahead, could only remain silent.

While she wanted to turn back and scold Long Chen, she pondered over it and realised there was no need to.

“Since this is the type of person he is, let him die on his own. What’s the point of caring about him?”

Shaking her head, Liu Lan maintained her cool look.

Behind her, Long Chen watched her as she swung her hips while walking. How could he not know what she was thinking?

“When the time comes, let me give this idiotic woman a surprise. How dare you use me as a shield. It’s not my style if I don’t teach you a lesson!”

At this thought, Long Chen smirked inside and asked Liu Yuan, who was beside him, “Grand Elder, what is this Divergent Road?”

“I was going to speak to you about the inner faction selection, and you ended up asking first. Don’t worry and let me explain it to you slowly.”

Liu Yuan cleared his throat, “The inner faction selection is no different from before. There are a total of two stages, and they are the Divergent Road, and Nest of Life and Death.”

“Divergent Road and Nest of Life and Death?”

“Yes. The inner faction selection will not be held in the Lingwu City nor in the Sky Martial Realm. It will be held to the west of the Yuanling City, and at the border of the Yuanling Region, in the mountains of the Nine Devil Mountain. More specifically, the Devil Mountain of Life and Death within the Nine Devil Mountain.”

“So it’s not in Yuanling City?”

Long Chen was surprised. The scale of the inner faction selection was so enormous, that the location was even at the borders of the Yuanling Region, within the Nine Devil Mountain.

“The Devil Mountain of Life and Death reaches as high as over ten thousand metres and is vast, reaching the heavens and is unusually tall. At the peak, there exists countless devil nests, and are known as the Nests of Life and Death. This is a ruthless training area for life and death experiences. Not only are there vicious demonic beasts there, the terrain is also very treacherous. That’s why the inner faction selection is held there.”

A peak of over ten thousand metres! Long Chen had never heard of it before. This showed how powerful the Lingwu Family was.

Just an inner faction selection required one to head to a place with a name that would inspire terror.

“Now, I shall explain the two stages, the Divergent Road and Nest of Life and Death. First, the Divergent Road!”

Liu Yuan looked solemn, and this serious attitude was probably so that Long Chen would take this inner faction selection more seriously.

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