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DBWG Chapter 152 – Level 2 Thunder Flame Physique

Chapter 152 – Level 2 Thunder Flame Physique
Translated by: Ying

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From the perfect mastery stage of the Human Dan Realm to the Earth Dan Realm, Long Chen’s Dragon Soul Qi had increased in strength by tenfold. The Dragon Soul Qi before had been enough to suppress 30 Thunder Flame Crystals and, now that the quantity of his Qi had increased, Long Chen was sure he could fuse with the rest of the crystals and reach the second level of the Thunder Flame Physique!

Honestly speaking, he could somewhat tell he was about to break through.

“Fusion with Thunder Flame Crystals would mean bearing a large amount of pain. If not for my dragon form and Origin Reversion, it would be impossible for me to bear the pain whenever I reached my limit.”

Long Chen knew he was extremely lucky. He had blood transmutation and many heaven-defying techniques, and yet still found the path of cultivation difficult.

“If nothing goes wrong, these Thunder Flame Crystals can help you form the level 2 Thunder Flame Physique, but Long Chen, you can’t force yourself too much. That’s risky.”

Lingxi was concerned.

In this period of time, she had actually matured a lot.

“The 31st…”

Using his real Qi, he could naturally fuse Thunder Flame Crystals into his body. Blue flames and lightning entered Long Chen’s body, and immediately induced the force from the rest of the Thunder Flame Crystals he had already fused with to attack, resulting in a wild destruction going on inside. After being destroyed, his body would be ‘reborn’.

With the effects of Origin Reversion, Long Chen’s ‘rebirth’ was much faster than others.

He found that real Qi of the Earth Dan Realm made it easier to deal with the crystals. With practically no effort, he had fused with this crystal.

Feeling the obvious progress, Long Chen heaved a sigh of relief.


After fusing with 30 or so crystals, Long Chen’s body had begun to develop a certain resistance to them. In other words, the harm they caused him was not like before, and yet still had its body-tempering effects.

“Fusing with Thunder Flame Crystals has become much easier than before…”

Long Chen was surprised.

Time slowly passed. One crystal another was fused into Long Chen’s body. The crystals in front of him slowly decreased in quantity, and nearing the end, the time needed for Long Chen to fuse with the crystals increased. However, the longest time was still nothing like before.

“The 49th crystal took me a whole day. Though a day isn’t a long time, it really was rather scary just now!”

Recalling the fusion process, Long Chen was scared witless.

There were still 9 more crystals.

“Luckily, Liu Lan got me 10 more. If not, I still wouldn’t be able to attain the next level of the Thunder Flame Physique, but now…”

Long Chen could feel that he was just a short distance away from level 2.

“The 50th Thunder Flame Crystal should be the key.”

At this moment, Long Chen was feeling abnormally calm. The more crucial the moment, the more he needed such a state of mind.

“That crystal was slightly dangerous for you. Long Chen, are you sure you want to fuse with another?”

Lingxi stood amidst the other crystals. Though her body was smaller than the crystals, she could obviously increase her size, but that would consume much soul force.

Taking a deep breath, Long Chen nodded. “Success or failure depends on the next crystal. How can I give up at this point?”

Hearing him speak so calmly, Lingxi began to pity him. She knew that he was shouldering far too much weight on his shoulders.

On one end, there were her issues, and then Lingqing. On top of that, Mo Xiaolang. Many people were not allowing him to lively peacefully, and if he was not successful in the inner faction selection, Long Chen was finished.

With no power, whether it was Chu Yunxi or Jin Sheng’en, they could eliminate him easily.

“Little Xi, move away.”

Long Chen picked up the 50th crystal and kept the other 8.

In these three days or so, he had fused with a total of 19 crystals, and the efficiency was much higher than before.

“I hope I can take care of this crystal before the selection. If even this isn’t enough to reach the next level, I won’t need the rest for now.”

Long Chen thought mournfully.

Lingxi obediently hid at the side of the room, furrowing her brows. All of a sudden, she suddenly beamed, elated, “By the way, how could I have forgotten this move? It’s a high profound-grade technique, and Long Chen can definitely train in it!”

Long Chen obviously could not hear what she was saying in her mind, and was prepared to try this last crystal.

Raising the crystal, he used his real Qi and began the fusion process.

The Thunder Flame Crystal with lightning and flames twining around it transformed into a liquid after making contact with the real Qi. It mixed into Long Chen’s body, but all of a sudden, his brows furrowed!

“As expected, it’s ten times more intense than before. If I can take it, it’s sure to end quickly!”

When the 50th crystal entered his body, it was as if wind and lightning were rapidly whistling in his body, quickly swirling all the crystals he had already fused with like hurricanes in his body. They spun quickly, and no matter where they went, muscle and bone were churned into powder.

This was just the start, and this was already a level of pain Long Chen had never experienced. His expression immediately began to distort, and it was obvious how much pain he was in.

“Long Chen!”

Seeing Long Chen in this state, Lingxi was suddenly anxious. Just as she was about to approach him, a web of lightning fluttered towards her, fire blazing around it.

Lingxi hastily dodged.

This lightning web of fire had exploded from Long Chen’s body, and accompanying it was Long Chen’s voice.

“Don’t come close!”

Long Chen definitely had to be suffering from the inhuman torture, but he was stubbornly not letting her get close. Lingxi was on the verge of tears.

On one end, she was concerned about Long Chen, but on the other, she had no idea if her actions would interrupt the process.

“Long Chen, are you alright…”

Lingxi’s little face was slightly pale, and it was obvious that Long Chen was not in a very good state.

At this moment, the force of lightning and thunder suddenly exploded from Long Chen’s body!


Crimson flames rose on his body, and the red lightning wound around his body as it leapt. Soon enough, two forces wrapped around him and formed a bundle of crimson lightning with flames. It was then that Lingxi completely lost contact with Long Chen.

How could she not be worried?

She anxiously went to and fro in the room, unsure of whether she should do anything. If she did not act, Long Chen might very well die because of her lack of action. If she did, she still had no idea of what to do, and was afraid it might affect Long Chen’s concentration.

“Trust me. I’m fine.”

At this moment, Long Chen’s calm voice sounded by Lingxi’s ear. If Lingxi had tears, they would be streaming down her face by now after hearing that.

“You bastard, all you know is to make others worry. If you do this again, just see if I care about your life or death!”

Lingxi was at a loss while watching this young man doing his utmost.

There had been such a huge change in her life, and if not for Long Chen’s appearance, she might have died long ago, her traces wiped out from this world.

When it came down to it, Long Chen was her saviour, and having been with him all the time, it was impossible for there not be any strange feelings between them, a male and a female.

“What should I do? Mother… Where is my future…”

Watching Long Chen, Lingxi suddenly felt an emptiness in her heart.

This feeling left her frightened.

All of a sudden, a bundle of lightning and flames exploded, and it seemed that the room would be destroyed soon!

“Long Chen!”

Under Lingxi’s panicked cries, the flames and lightning withdrew and were swallowed by a figure. Long Chen’s figure gradually became clearer before Lingxi’s eyes.

Long Chen had now undergone a large transformation, compared to when he had just broken through to the Earth Dan Realm. He was still in his dragon form, though, and it was impossible to see his original appearance.

However, just from the flames and lightning that seemed to flow in his eyes, as well as the glint of his body that now had an aura similar to a sharp blade, Lingxi knew that he had succeeded!

The fusion with the 50th crystal had taken a short period of time, but this had almost taken Long Chen’s life.

The fusion this time was incomparably dangerous, but Long Chen had pulled through.

It was because of the faith in his heart.

In front of Long Chen, Lingxi was crying and laughing at the same time while sizing him up and down.

“Girl, after seeing my level 2 Thunder Flame Physique, how many times is your heart beating per minute?”

Long Chen burst out laughing.

“You scoundrel!”

Lingxi glared at him resentfully and hit him a few times. When she herself was in pain, she grumbled for a while more before asking craftily, “Hey, I have a high profound-grade battle technique. Do you want to learn it?”

“Huh? When have you ever had a high profound-grade battle technique?”

Lingxi was beginning to get embarrassed. “It’s from when I was young. My daddy had let me learn it for fun, and I’d thought I’d forgotten about it. Somehow, I accidentally remembered it just now…”

Accidentally remembering it?

Long Chen rolled his eyes, “Cut the bullshit. Give it to your big brother.”

“What big brother?” Lingxi rolled her eyes at him, pleased with herself, “I’ll only give it to you if you call me big sister. Hmph!”

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