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DBWG Chapter 151 – Earth Dan Realm

Chapter 151 – Earth Dan Realm
Translated by: Ying

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“Beitang Mo?”

The figure of that cold, stern young man rose in Long Chen’s mind.

In the past, Long Chen had actually revered Beitang Mo’s terrifying strength, but with Liu Lan’s words, he was now desiring the man’s life.

“If Lingqing isn’t keen, nobody can force her. Not even if you’re Beitang Mo.”

Though that was what he was thinking, Yang Lingqing was completely powerless as compared to Beitang Mo, an expert who was even above everyone else. She had no right to choose, and if the other party used force, she could only endure silently.

Honestly speaking, when Liu Lan had said this, Long Chen had been very anxious. He even had the urge to charge into the inner faction and take Yang Lingqing away from that place and let her have a good life elsewhere. Now, however, he had yet to reach that level of strength.

“I know you’re panicking. If it were my sister, I’d be just as anxious, but Long Chen, you need to understand that power is everything. With the way you are now, you can’t be of any help to your sister, and might even pull her down…”

Liu Lan sighed and spoke helplessly.

“… I’d thought that with the beast spirit and crystals, you’d have a chance to enter the inner faction. Once you get in, you’ll have the opportunity to gain strength rapidly, and only then will you have a say in what happens to your sister. It’s a pity that you’ve wasted this chance, so I don’t know what to do either. I’ve already done the best I could, so you’ll have to make a choice about what you’re going to do…”

At this point, Liu Lan had given up.

“Let’s go. Go back and prepare well. Five days later, it will be the first day of the eleventh month. The battle of the inner faction selection.”

“When the time comes, you can only pray that Beitang Mo will treat your sister sincerely, and that she falls in love with him.”

Long Chen took a deep breath and raised his head.

Of course, when he did so, Liu Lan was able to see the sharp glint in his eyes.

She was slightly dazed and wondered, “Under such pressure, is he still so confident?”

Puzzled, she walked ahead of him.

Long Chen clenched his fists and watched Liu Lan leaving, gracefully moving her body. However, his thoughts were not on her at all.

“Lingqing, I’ve said this before. As long as I’m around, nobody can force you to do anything.”

Back to the Green Willow Residence, Long Chen spoke to Liu Lan nonchalantly, “In the next five days, nobody is allowed to disturb me unless I come out.”

In Liu Lan’s eyes, Long Chen, who had abandoned the beast spirit, had little hope. She did not have any reaction when Long Chen spoke, taking it as Long Chen’s last attempt at a struggle.

“Alright. I’ll tell the rest not to bother you.”

Having said this, Liu Lan left to deal with her own matters.

Initially, having obtained the Demonic Blood Soul Essence, Long Chen had been extremely excited, but Yang Lingqing’s issues had increased his stress levels.

“Long Chen, don’t worry. I’m still here. I won’t let Sister Lingqing get bullied…”

Seeing the stern look on Long Chen’s face, Lingxi immediately consoled him once they returned to the residence.

“I’m fine, Lingxi. Just enjoy yourself. I’m going to use blood transmutation and refine the blood, and then try to reach the Earth Dan Realm.”

Seeing him in a bad mood, Lingxi was very anxious, her little face tight and full of concern.

“Don’t worry about me. I want to do something so that they can’t look down on me.”

Seeing the young man’s expression so calm as he headed to the basement, it was evident from his tone that he was feeling unresigned. He was clearly planning to make a stand and fight, which left Lingxi in a daze.

At this point, Long Chen was already seated on a mat and took the Demonic Blood Soul Essence out.

“There’s still some blood inside the essence, and it’s even purer than fresh blood. That makes it even more suitable to perform blood transmutation with.”

After refining quite a few level 4 profound-grade demonic beasts, Long Chen was now slightly nearer to the Earth Dan Realm.

“It should be now…”

Opening his mouth wide, he swallowed the soul essence whole into his stomach, the solid quickly melting into a clear liquid that flowed into Long Chen’s body.

“Blood Transmutation!”

Under the heaven-defying technique of blood transmutation, this pure energy was quickly absorbed by Long Chen, filling the gaps in his dantian with real Qi within.

Shrouded by crimson lightning and flames, the Human Dan that had condensed with boundless real Qi gradually expanded and strengthened.

“There still lies a huge gap between the Human and Earth Dan Realm. Even if the next stage might seem close, there’s still a large difference.”

Long Chen wanted to step across this huge gulf, but it was obviously not so simple. However, with the Demonic Blood Soul Essence, things became easier.

Under the powerful devouring of blood transmutation, the strength in the soul essence rapidly revolved towards the crimson Dragon Soul Qi, and continued for a period of time.

The Demonic Blood Soul Essence might not seem big, but the energy held within was not little. While devouring it, Long Chen gradually reached the limit.

“I’m about to break through.”

Currently, within Long Chen’s dantian, outside the Human Dan was Dragon Soul Qi that had been compressed till it was almost a liquid form. The Dragon Soul Qi was like the Yellow River, constantly rushing and orbiting the Human Dan at the middle.

“The records have stated that when a Human Dan advances to the Earth Dan Realm, it will first be smashed. All real Qi will circle through the dragon veins, and then converge in the dantian again, forming an even more resilient Earth Dan!”

Now, under the pressure from real Qi, the Human Dan, that had already been formed, shattered with a bang. Real Qi gushed out and advanced in the nine great dragon veins, as well as the countless fine channels in the body!

In that moment, Long Chen’s skin turned completely red, causing Lingxi to get a huge shock. She was about to make a move, but recalling how she had attained the Deity Dan Realm long ago and how it had been a similar situation, she knew Long Chen was fine.

While this was happening, Long Chen used Dragon Soul Transformation and turned into his dragon form.

Whether it was his scalic armour, flesh, muscles, organs or veins, all of them were much more powerful than before. Long Chen’s body was now full of real Qi colliding with each other. Now that he was in his dragon form, it made the process to attain his Earth Dan simpler.

“This dragon form is truly powerful. What’s inside my body is real Qi from the Earth Dan Realm, and its quality is ten times better than before. However, I’m actually able to control it!”

Long Chen was delighted. Trying to attain the Earth Dan was the most important part, which was why he was now completely focused.

“That’s about it. All the real Qi will now enter the dantian!”

At this moment, real Qi divided into countless channels, making a round in Long Chen’s body, nourishing his flesh and muscles. After which, they unified and charged straight towards his dantian!

This was probably how it looked when a hundred rivers gushed into the ocean.

The dust where Long Chen was sitting, flew in all directions from the ground as crimson real Qi spilled out of his frame like a giant bloody cocoon, wrapping Long Chen inside.

“The crucial moment!”

With a rumble, real Qi flowed into his dantian and began to move in all directions violently.

While this happened, the real Qi was beginning to fuse at a lightning-quick rate, and for practically every hundred gaseous particles of real Qi collided, they would form a portion of solidified real Qi!

First, a crimson core appeared in Long Chen’s dantian. Following that, real Qi revolved around the core until all the real Qi finished with their haphazard movements, and completely turned into solidified real Qi!

In Long Chen’s dantian, within the crimson fog, an Earth Dan the size of a thumb could vaguely be seen.

“I’ve finally reached the Earth Dan Realm!”

The blood cocoon broke open and Long Chen stood up. He, who had broken through, had experienced a ground-breaking change in his aura. Each movement, each gaze, was filled with something only the powerful possessed.

“The Earth Dan Realm. As compared to before, I’ve gotten ten or so times stronger than before. With this quantity of real Qi, my Thunder Flame Physique and the Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist, do I still have to fear Chu Yunxi?”

After estimating and comparing their strengths, Long Chen laughed.

“I’m sure I’ll give you a surprise in the inner faction selection…”

Long Chen had found much difficulty in breaking through to the Earth Dan Realm. Recently, he had been soaring through his cultivation, and only now did he realise the difficulty in this process.

“While cultivating, the heart must be resolute and patient, but I have been in too much of a hurry. Looks like steadying myself is the only way to achieve victory at the end.”

“Long Chen!”

Lingxi hovered around Long Chen and circled him as she sized him up and down. Excitedly, she exclaimed, “You’ve already reached the Earth Dan Realm. I wasn’t wrong, was I? That Demonic Blood Soul Essence was useful!”

Since he had broken through to the Earth Dan Realm, Long Chen was feeling lighter and relaxed. From Lingxi’s excited expression, he knew that she must have been standing by him, watching on anxiously. She must have been especially worried, and he felt his heart ache at the knowledge. Watching her dotingly, he spoke, “Little Xi, you’ve been amazing. Looks like I’ll have to reward you well!”

“How are you going to reward me? You’re so naughty, hehe.”

“How about I give up my body to you. Look at all this skin and tender flesh. Are you keen?” Long Chen teased.

“Of course not. You’re so ugly and not my cup of tea!” Lingxi’s eyes went wide, not going along with Long Chen.

He chuckled in answer, full of anticipation at the thought of the inner faction selection that would take place five days later.

“This time, I must succeed, no matter the price! I can wait, but Lingqing can’t wait…”

“But before that, there’s something else I need to do.”

Long Chen sat down once more in the basement.

“What are you doing?” Lingxi asked.

Long Chen took out all the Thunder Flame Crystals. Lingxi had stolen 47 from Zhao Tianfang, and with the one Long Chen had fused with, it came up to 48 crystals. He had fused with 30 and was left with 18, and with the 10 from the auction, he now had 28 Thunder Flame Crystals.

“Little Xi, do you think I’ll be able to attain the level 2 Thunder Flame Physique with this number of crystals?”

Would a level 2 Thunder Flame Physique lose out to the Gilded Physique?

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