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DBWG Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – Intra Family Meet
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On the 25th of July, for the intra-family competition, the Yang family in Poplar Town had earnestly invited all the influent factions to the match.

The east side of the Yang family residence had a huge courtyard to practice martial techniques. The seats for the banquet had already been laid out. Right now it was just past noon, the esteemed guests had long since had their meal, and what followed next was the commencement of the Yang family intra-family competition. To the younger generation of the Yang family who were in the match, it was a kind of test to see if they would succumb to public pressure. On the other hand, as the Yang family was one of the two big families in Poplar Town, it was also a method to display its formidable might in front of the other families.

In front of the many platforms for sparring, there was a taller platform, where the elders of the Yang family were seated. Because the Yang family was a fairly new addition to Poplar Town’s forces, their numbers weren’t many. Amongst them there was a white haired, tall and sturdy old man with an electrifying gaze. This old man was the Yang family’s founder.

From amongst the Yang family, Yang Qingxuan, Yang Xueqing and other elders, were seated on the side of the founder.

On Yang Xueqing’s side, there was a notable figure from the Bai family. Although the founder of the Bai family did not come, but instead his third son Bai Zhanxiong and also his fourth son had come. Other than that there was also a highly skilled young man that stood behind Bai Zhanxiong, which was Bai Shiji who was courting Yang Lingyue. Bai Shiji was the elder brother of Bai Shi Xun. He is the eldest son of Bai Zhanxiong, and his might……had dominated the younger generation of Poplar Town.

The other factions of Poplar Town had been seated separately. The other members of the Yang family also did not have a seat on the higher platform, so they gathered outside the platform to watch.

At this moment, the Yang family’s founder faced Bai Zhanxiong and laughed, saying: “Brother Bai is my blood brother, so Zhan Er you do not need to be so courteous. I will be busy running the family’s intra-family competition, so I’m afraid that I will not be able to play host well for you, so I’ll let Qing Er accompany you throughout the competition.

[TL Note: Adding Er to a name is a form of endearment in the Chinese language.]

Bai Zhanxiong hurriedly laughed and said: “I have often come to the Yang family, and each time it was Sister Qing who has accompanied me. So I am already familiar with this place, uncle Yang please go ahead with the hosting of the intra-family competition. I myself also want to admire and see the talent of the Yang family’s younger generation.”

Yang Xueqing who was beside Bai Zhanxiong, looked towards him and smiled with hidden sentiments.

Above the sparring platform, each battle had been displayed magnificently, and the match was using an elimination format. With the strong challengers crossing through each round, the crowd in attendance was continuously letting out gasps of admiration. Both the Bai and the Yang families were nodding in approval at the Yang family’s younger generation’s ability.

The first son of the Yang family founder, Yang Qingxuan turned over and looked at a young man behind him, saying: “Wu Er, what do you think of this?”

This young man had similar looks to Yang Qingxuan. He had a hardened face as if chiseled by blades, and his waist was like a thick pole. It was a hard to come by talent, and he was ranked first in the youngest generation of the Yang family, he was Yang Wu.

He had already obtained the [Seal of the Dragons], and cultivated in it for a period of time already.

“Sister Lingyue is the only one at the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, which is extremely good. However Lingqing who has easily won Yang Qiong earlier, did surprise me a little. Looking at Lingqing, it seemed like she had completely mastered the [Falling Star Fist], so breaking through the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm is only a matter of time. However this time she still isn’t a match for Lingyue.”

Yang Wu had analyzed clearly, and Yang Qingxuan nodded his head saying: “How come I do not see Second Brother here? Although Second Brother has lost his son, but his daughter is still outstanding, I think it could console him a little.”

Yang Wu’s eyes flashed coldly and said: “Second Uncle has left earlier. I think it was to nurture his sorrow. Father, Third Aunt’s son, I have only seen him a few times. But from what I heard he was completely playing the role of a servant. I cannot fathom how he could have beaten Zhan Er.”

“Most likely he was enduring humiliation all this time while concealing his strength. If not who could ever raise his cultivation to the third level of the Dragon Pulse Realm in such a short period of time. But his innate talent is not bad, just that……his fate is no good.”

“So what if his talent is not bad, if his mind is evil, and he’s scheming to kill his own brethren, that reason alone should be enough for him to be chopped into a thousand pieces. Oh yes, father, previously it seems that he wanted to beat Lingyue in the intra-family competition, do you think he will appear today?”

Yang Qingxuan smiled and said: “It is only but a lie to Lingyue, not even worth mentioning. Second Brother wants his life so unless he was courting his own death, would he still dare to come back?”

Just as Yang Wu was about to reply, suddenly there was an announcement in the courtyard.

“Everyone, the intra-family competition of our Yang family’s youngest generation is coming to an end. The final two that emerged will be having a final battle, and the winner will be rewarded with the best technique scroll we have, the [Seal of the Dragons].”

“The final battle! On the platform we have: Yang Lingyue, and Yang Lingqing!”

Bai Zhanxiong faintly smiled and said: “Sister Qing, the ladies in your Yang family are sure enough not ordinary, that even the final battle is to be conducted between two girls.”

Looking at Bai Zhanxiong’s flattery, Yang Xueqing felt sweetened inside, and replied: “Bai family’s younger generation is even more extraordinary, Bai Shiji is already in the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, and your elder brother’s son, Bai Shi Chen, has a reputation as the strongest of Poplar Town’s younger generation. Yang Wu compared to him, is still falling short.”

“Chen Er that kid is indeed not bad, almost catching up to me already.” said Bai Zhanxiong.

On the platform, Yang Lingqing batted an eyelid below. The person which had surfaced on her mind was not here.

“He definitely will not dare to come here, that’s right, who would risk their life for a bet like that.”

Below the platform, the crowd had formed a discussion.

“What do you guys say, who will exactly emerge as the winner?”

“Bullshit, of course it will be Lingyue sister, there is a difference of one level of the Dragon Pulse Realm.”

“Lingyue obtaining the [Seal of the Dragons] is the crowd’s predicted outcome.”

“You guys don’t remember that kid anymore? The one who had bet that he will meet Lingyue in the intra-family competition? Back then I had said that he had only fabricated a lie to make Lingyue let him go; now you see?”

“Cheh, everyone already knows it was just a joke without you mentioning it.”

On the platform, Yang Lingyue and Yang Lingqing had already begun their battle.

“[Falling Star Fist]!”

“[Nine Fingers of the Wind Devil]!”

An enormous starlight had whistled and enveloped the entire platform. Yang Lingqing had cultivated tirelessly for many years, only for this very moment. So this punch had contained all her might that was at the fifth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. Adding Long Chen’s pointers, this [Falling Star Fist] attack, had already closed up to the might of the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm!

“At the magnitude of the [Falling Star Fist], Yang Lingyue was also shocked a little. Her expression turned cold, thinking: “Xiao Qing’s age is smaller than mine by two years, I’m afraid two years later she will have long entered the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. At that time her nurturing coming from the family will be even greater than mine, this isn’t good.”

Outside the platform, Yang Xueqing frowned and said: “Xiao Qing’s improvement is very fast, earlier Yue Er had felt a threat so she even displayed the [Nine Fingers of the Wind Devil].”

At the exhibit of the [Nine Fingers of the Wind Devil], it had caused the crowd to applaud repeatedly.

The Yang family founder looked on, his gaze torched.

“These two from the younger generation, have practiced their martial techniques well. Yue Er’s [Nine Fingers of the Wind Devil] can continuously send out 7 fingers, but Xiao Qing has completely comprehended the [Falling Star Fist] and even went beyond that. If the two cultivators’ Qi was the same, Xiao Qing would emerge as the victor.”

The Yang family founder’s strength was mighty, so the battle’s situation was entirely captured in his eyes. He suddenly thought of a person, and looked around.

“That fellow who had also learnt the [Falling Star Fist], most likely will not appear here anymore. To him the Yang family is a mountain of daggers and a sea of fire……”

[TL Note: (Idiom) “Mountain of daggers and a sea of fire” means extreme danger.]

Long Chen had calculated well, although he had caused Yang Zhan’s death, but the fact that he learnt the [Falling Star Fist] within 3 days had left the Yang family founder feeling astonished.

The [Nine Fingers of the Wind Devil] under Yang Lingyue’s huge Qi, had continuously wore down Yang Lingqing’s [Falling Star Fist]. Yang Lingqing perspired heavily and started to control her Qi once again, but to no avail. In the end, when Yang Lingyue used the [Nine Fingers of the Wind Devil] and sent out the fifth finger, Yang Lingqing finally lost her resistance, and was hit off the stage.

The battle results were clear, Yang Lingyue was wearing a smiling expression and was standing on the stage receiving the applause that sounded like a waterfall. Looking up at the Yang family founder and the Yang family members, they also had smiled in appreciation.

Even more so for Yang Lingyue’s father, the eldest son of the Yang family’s founder, Yang Qingxuan. Yang Qingxuan could not even close his mouth without smiling.

“And the winner for today’s intra-family competition is, Yang Lingyue!”

Bai Zhanxiong and Yang Xueqing looked at each other and smiled, saying: “Only the fact that she has been under your guidance, has allowed Lingyue to have such a spirit that is comparable even to a man’s might!”

Yang Xueqing smiled lightly and said: “Brother Bai, you are too kind. Guiding the family’s younger generation is Xueqing’s responsibility within the family.”

She looked on at the excited Lingyue, and was happy in her heart too. Long Chen’s bet, she had heard of it too, and she was worried that he would come running here not knowing what’s good for him. But from the looks of it, he was indeed a coward.

“The exact same style as his father, a loud thunder, but light rain.”

[TL Note: (Idiom) “Loud thunder, but light rain.” is the English equivalent of “All bark and no bite.”]

As for the two sons beside Bai Zhanxiong, Yang Xueqing was very satisfied with them. Especially the eldest son Bai Shiji, he had always displayed courtesy towards her. And as for the younger son, thinking of that matter, Yang Xueqing’s eyes flashed coldly.

“If I knew who it was that had used such a cruel underhanded method, I would definitely make even his corpse disappear!”

At this moment, the Yang family founder started laughing loudly and stood up. Walking lightly up to the stage, everyone could see the sheepskin binded scroll held in his hands. This was naturally the [Seal of the Dragons].

A few small factions could not help but give out an envious look.

The Yang family’s founder kindly looked at Yang Lingyue and said: “Xiao Yue Er, today you have emerged as the champion. I, your grandfather, will now hand over this [Seal of the Dragons] to you, I hope you can work hard and step into the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm as soon as possible. I hope you comprehend it well and increase the glory of our great Yang family!”

“Yes, Yue Er thanks grandfather, as well as the elders present!”

The item that she had been yearning for had finally landed in front of her, naturally Yang Lingyue was fervently excited.

Outside the platform, Yang Lingqing was looking at this scene and had a tinge of bitterness in her heart because that too was something she had long since yearned for.

“This time being unable to obtain the [Seal of the Dragons], I can only work harder, and break through the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, that way I may still have a chance.”

Suddenly, she felt a pat on her back. Yang Lingqing thought it was just another sister, but after looking back and seeing the smiling face, she was tongue-tied.

“You……You really came back?!”

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