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DBWG Chapter 149 – Arrogant Man

Chapter 149 – Arrogant Man
Translated by: Ying

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In the hands of the man of the Daybreak Merchants Union was a black tray, with a red oval crystal the size of a chicken egg.

There were a few black threads within the red crystal, a pure aura emanating from the Demonic Blood Soul Essence.

“It’s not bad, and the power is rather pure. It should have been a level 9 profound-grade demonic beast that left this soul essence behind, and not level 8.”

Lingxi explained.

A level 9 profound-grade demonic beast was a great expert even more powerful than a cultivator at the perfect mastery stage at the Heaven Dan Realm. In the entire Yuanling region, it was a very rare existence. The great elder of the Green Faction was merely at this level of strength.

However, the mighty level 9 demonic beast left behind just this pure force.

“Here is your Demonic Blood Soul Essence, and it amounts to 60 000 deity jades.”

Upon hearing this, Liu Lan still retained her anger towards Long Chen. Knowing someone was coming to ask for money, she pretended she knew nothing of what was going on and waited to watch Long Chen make a fool of himself.

Since Long Chen had made everything very clear, it would be extremely humiliating if he didn’t have enough money.

All Liu Lan wanted was to watch him humiliate himself completely. Only then would she feel better.

This person had already come around once, and Liu Lan had been the one to pay up, which was why he had determined that Liu Lan was providing for Long Chen. He shifted his gaze to Liu Lan, but her arms were in front of her chest, looking as if this was of no concern to her.

“What’s with this situation?”

The man then shifted his gaze to Long Chen. Liu Lan watched Long Chen from the corner of her eyes, wanting to see how he would get embarrassed.

“Unless you beg me for it, don’t even think about me paying for you!”

Liu Lan had known she could ever get so petty, but Long Chen’s words were too haughty that even she had been overwhelmed.

Meeting their gazes, Long Chen did not hesitate in the slightest and calmly produced a purple bead from his cosmos pouch. “The Daybreak Merchants Union said that they had a rule of using items to exchange for deity jades, right? Please appraise this and tell me how many deity jades it’s worth. It’s a level 6 profound-grade demonic beast— the beast spirit of the Purple Enchanted Dragon.”

This person had initially not thought Long Chen to be someone able to produce 60 000 deity jades, but Leylin actually had a level 6 profound-grade demonic beasts, and his eyes were immediately filled with astonishment.

“Long Chen, that beast spirit-!”

Liu Lan’s expression changed.

She knew that Long Chen’s level 6 profound-grade beast spirit was something her father, Liu Yuan, had given to Long Chen out of the kindness of his heart. It was a beast spirit for him to use as the source of his Deity Dan!

Because of this, Liu Yuan had even argued with the five other elders. However, since Long Chen had defeated Feng Wutian of the Earth Dan Realm, they had no other objections.

However, Long Chen wanted to sell off this level 6 profound-grade demonic beast?

How much of a failure could he be?

Liu Lan felt things start to go black in front of her, almost fainting in her anger.

She was about to stop him, but Long Chen’s movements were quick as he stuffed the beast spirit into the hands of the person from the Union.

“Long Chen, have you lost your mind?”

Besides the Thunder Flame Crystals, Liu Lan believed the level 6 profound-grade beast spirit were what Long Chen could depend on in the inner faction selection. As long as Long Chen refined the beast spirit, his strength would definitely increase by leaps and bounds, and with the miracles that Long Chen had created, she believed he had a chance.

However, not only had Long Chen offended Jin Sheng’en over a useless Demonic Blood Soul Essence, he had even sold off the most important Purple Enchanted demonic beast!

“What’s wrong with it? It’s mine. Can’t I use it as I wish?”

Long Chen raised his head, speaking roguishly.

He had long since wanted to get the beast spirit out of his hands, and had initially been hesitant to do so. However, after that one time Liu Lan had made use of him, there was no trace of unwillingness left his body.

“What are you saying? Is your brain all mush now?”

Liu Lan was speechless.

She found she could not understand what this idiot was thinking at all.

Since things had reached this stage, she no longer wanted to ponder over Long Chen’s intentions. “Don’t mess around with things that will affect your life. It is my fault that you’ll be facing Chu Yunxi head on, but you can’t just give up yourself and rebel this way. Long Chen, it’s not like you to run away!”

“How am I running away?” Long Chen asked.

“You sold off the most important beast spirit of the Purple Enchanted Dragon and offended Jin Sheng’en for it. Aren’t you trying to get back at me? Whatever. I’m not going to waste my breath on you. When he comes back later, I’ll just give him 60 000 deity jades. If you don’t want to owe me, just return it in the future.”

“What are you thinking?”

Long Chen had nothing to say in response to this woman’s imagination. “Let me make it clear. I’ve never been afraid of Chu Yunxi or Jin Sheng’en before. There’s a reason for whatever I do, and an ignorant woman like you has no business in this!”

“Ignorant woman?” Liu Lan wanted to vomit blood.

“That’s all I’m going to say. If you have any questions, wait till the battlefield of the inner faction selection and watch my performance. You’ll understand then. No matter what it is, I’m selling that beast spirit. You can’t stop me even if you kill me.”

Honestly speaking, this was the first time that Liu Lan was driven so mad that she wanted to leave.

She gazed at Long Chen with all the disappointment she could muster, and Long Chen stared right back without fear. Noticing how this kid wasn’t even lowering his head, Liu Lan held back the urge to smack him to death, albeit with some difficulty, and gradually calmed down.

Coldly glaring at him, she clenched her teeth as she ground out, “What’s the point of dreaming in front of me? I dare say there’ll be a day you’ll regret your actions, and I reckon it won’t be long now!”

“Is that so?” Long Chen sneered. “Let’s wait and see then, Enforcer Liu.”

Long Chen’s opponents this time were much stronger than before, and there were twenty people. Nobody thought he had any chance at all, and the only one holding any hope for him was Liu Lan. Now, however, she was completely disappointed.

“Let’s wait and see then.”

Liu Lan shook her head helplessly, no longer looking at him. She sat on a chair and sat with her back to the entrance to their compartment, and it was obvious that she was still so angry to the point that her shoulders were shaking.

If this was in the past, Liu Lan would long since have killed Long Chen with a single move. However, since Long Chen had qualifications to enter the inner faction selection, things would get messy if she did kill him. Liu Yuan might not even be able to protect her, and since she did owe Long Chen for what had happened, she could only accept this.

Meanwhile, Long Chen was feeling great.

Since he had been plotted against by Liu Lan the previous time, Lingxi and he were both very annoyed about it. However, not only had he obtained what would turn the tables for the selection, he had even completely frustrated Liu Lan. The pleasure of this was something he couldn’t describe with words.

“Good job, you rascal. Excellent job, hehe…”

From within the Lingxi Sword, Lingxi’s little body danced around as she giggled.

With Liu Lan around, Long Chen did not dare speak to Lingxi, but couldn’t help but begin to chuckle.

At this moment, the person from the Daybreak Merchants Union had returned. The beast spirit and soul essence were all on the tray, as well as a cosmos pouch. His gaze was no longer that of contempt towards Long Chen, and in its place was respect. “Hello. The appraisal from our Daybreak Merchants Union has determined the beast spirit to be worth 95 000 deity jades. Deducting the 60 000 deity jades from the soul essence, there are a total of 35 000 deity jades here. Please check it!”

Long Chen kept the Demonic Blood Soul Essence well and took a look at the cosmos pouch, which indeed held 35 000 deity jades.

Having taken care of everything, Long Chen smashed the 35 000 deity jades on the wooden table in front of Liu Lan, speaking unenthusiastically. “35 000 deity jades, which is the exact price of the Thunder Flame Crystals. How about it? Didn’t I tell you that I’d return you the money before the end of the auction? I didn’t go back on my words, did I?”

These 35 000 deity jades had been exchanged for with the beast spirit of the level 6 profound-grade Purple Enchanted Dragon. At the thought of this, she could feel a fire coming up in her stomach and glared at Long Chen. “You’re really taking it easy, huh. Now that you’re without the beast spirit, I’ll watch how you die in the inner faction selection with pleasure!”

“It’s my problem whether or not I die. Chu Yunxi isn’t bothering you anymore anyway. Haven’t you already met your goal?”

In Long Chen’s eyes, if Liu Lan truly was a vicious and merciless woman, she could just leave Long Chen in the ditch. There wasn’t a need to bring him to the auction a few days before the selection, which was why his intent to kill her had lessened slightly.

Long Chen’s words were very polite. Liu Lan was the one at fault and had nothing to say in return. She watched Long Chen coldly, “You’ve sold the beast spirit away. What am I going to tell my father?”

Long Chen laughed, “I need to trouble Enforcer Liu not to leak details of what happened today.”


Liu Lan finally realised that Long Chen, who had once seemed to be a pure teenager, was actually such an evil person.

Taking a glimpse of Long Chen’s chest that was bobbing up and down in her anger, Long Chen mocked, “Stop moving. Aren’t you afraid they’ll jiggle out?”

How could Liu Lan not know what he was referring to with where his eyes were aimed at?

Though she might seem sleazy, she was still an old virgin maid. Hearing Long Chen say that, she immediately flushed in her embarrassment and anger, wanting to tear Long Chen apart.

At this moment, the door to the compartment was kicked open with a loud bang. An arrogant man in a robe alternating between white and gold came in, expression dark.

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