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DBWG Chapter 148 – I’m Disappointed In You

Chapter 148 – I’m Disappointed In You
Translated by: Ying

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While hearing Lingxi introduce the Demonic Blood Soul Essence, the beautiful woman of the Daybreak Merchants Union had announced the starting price of the product.

That was 35 000 deity jades, which was the price the Thunder Flame Crystals had been auctioned off at.

Amongst spirit medicine, there was a type where its price far exceeded its grade.

For instance, this Demonic Blood Soul Essence could actually be considered a spirit medicine, and a profound elementary-grade spirit medicine at that. However, due to its instantaneous abilities of increasing a cultivator’s strength with no side effects, it was considered very precious.

Many of high statuses were very willing to buy this and pass it to the younger generation in the family as a reward, allowing them to advance further.

Neither Xue Yuanzi nor Bai Yangzhen and the others knew the value of the Soul Diffusion Fruit from before. It was actually a profound elementary-grade spirit medicine that was able to help one condense the Deity Dan. A Soul Diffusion Fruit was priced around 10 000 deity jades.

The sole harvest from the auction were the ten Thunder Flame Crystals, which left Liu Lan unsatisfied. However, with the auction about to end and the rest of the items unsuitable for Long Chen, Liu Lan was prepared to bring Long Chen back.

Within the square, there was a large number of people who had gathered an interest in the Demonic Blood Soul Essence, and many had already begun bidding.

What gained Liu Lan’s interest was that Jin Sheng’en, who was in the compartment beside them, was participating.

“40 000 deity jades.”

A cold voice sounded from the compartment beside them. The owner sounded careless, and his tone was somewhat similar to the Long Chen of the past while he had still been in Poplar Town.

“41 000!”

“42 000!”

“45 000!”

The price constantly went up.

One of the previous items had started with a price of 50 000 deity jades and been sold for 80 000. This Demonic Blood Soul Essence was the second-last item, and its price and value were all incomparable.

Keeping the Demonic Blood Soul Essence and arranging it second-last was to attract powerful, wealthy people to purchase and give it to the younger generation. At the same time, it would calm the hearts of the honoured guests before they went on with the final item of the day.

However, the final item was of no use to Long Chen, while the Demonic Blood Soul Essence was very important.

When the price of the Demonic Blood Soul Essence reached 50 000, it was evident there were lesser people bidding. After all, it was only valued at around 50 000 deity jades.

“55 000 deity jades.”

Jing Sheng’en laughed gently in the room beside them, firmly calling a price. Everyone pondered over it for a moment, and began to consider giving up.

“55 000 deity jades. Is there a higher price?”

That sweet and agreeable voice resounded in the square.

“No. Just countdown. I, Jin Sheng’en, want the Demonic Blood Soul Essence.”

That arrogant voice gave rise to feelings of dissatisfaction amongst the crowd.

By announcing his identity, it was apparent that he wanted to make use of his status and force those of lesser backgrounds to back down. Even if one had money and wanted the essence, they could only give up.

“Jin Sheng’en has a large reputation in Yuanling City. On one hand, he is very proud and likes to stir up trouble, but he’s strong and said to be the number 1 genius of the outer faction. Most importantly, his father is the youngest and strongest great elder in the outer faction!”

Liu Lan, who had heard Jin Sheng’en name the price, was speechless. From her tone, it seemed she held dislike towards him.

After speaking, she glanced towards Long Chen, who was more sombre than usual. Just as her words sounded, the beautiful woman in the square was about to announce the results while looking unhappy, when a low voice rang.

“I’ll give 60 000 deity jades.” Long Chen spoke.

“Who is this?”

The sudden unfamiliar voice of a person actually daring to go against the prince of the Gold Clan caused everyone to be startled, and also filled with curiosity.

The beauty looked in this direction, puzzled, “The compartment next to the little prince of the Gold Clan should be the area where Liu Lan of the Green Faction is. There’s a man inside there…? He must have some great background for daring to snatch something from Jin Sheng’en.”

She did not like the way Jin Sheng’en worked, which was why when someone bid with a large increase of 5000 deity jades, she was stunned for a moment and immediately announced loudly, “60 000 deity jades. Is there anyone bidding higher than this? If not, the Demonic Blood Soul Essence shall belong to this brother!”

Liu Lan was shocked at Long Chen actions. “Long Chen, what are you doing? You’re already at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm, and that essence is completely useless to you.”

Long Chen’s gaze exhibited his stubbornness. He did not change his expression because of Liu Lan’s words and let her worry on, not saying a word.

Since the essence could help him reach the Earth Dan Realm, he needed to obtain it at all costs.

“Which brother out there is not giving me face?”

That enraged voice that was right beside them sounded.

The voice was icy-cold, and Long Chen could definitely feel it.

Jin Sheng’en began to threaten him, completely disregarding the Daybreak Merchants Union.

At this moment, an old man with white hair and twinkling eyes, who was of the internal board of the Daybreak Merchants Union stood up, “Young master Jin, please don’t break the rules of our Daybreak Merchants Union’s auction. If not, I can only ask that your father bring you back. Every trade has its rules, and while young master Jin may have a high status, please don’t ruin our way of making a living!”

Jin Sheng’en was definitely in the wrong this time, and had been sternly warned by the Daybreak Merchants Union. Jin Sheng’en had completely lost face.

He had originally planned to gift the Demonic Blood Soul Essence to a younger brother in the family, and did not actually need it. He had even caused some awkwardness between him and the organisation, which was something he had not planned for.

Though he might be unbridled, he was not brainless.

“This person obviously does not fear me, and it seems like he must get ahold of the essence. If I try to raise the price, I might be unable to control myself and make a huge loss. I might as well just give it to him. However, do you think you’ll live well after offending me, Jin Sheng’en?”

Thinking this, he spoke aloud, “Please refrain from babbling nonsense. I merely wanted to have a conversation with this brother. How did I break your rules? You are taking this much too seriously. I shall give up the Demonic Blood Soul Essence to this brother.”

Jin Sheng’en’s words meant that he wanted to give Daybreak Merchants Union some face. He would not cause a ruckus, and they did not want to do so either, and so, replied respectfully, “Looks like I, Chen Mou, have thought too much of this matter. I present to you my sincerest apology. After the auction, I, Chen Mou, shall personally visit and apologise to Young Master Jin.”

Now that both sides had taken a step back, the situation was solved. The beautiful girl immediately exclaimed, “In that case, I shall announce that the Demonic Blood Soul Essence has been auctioned off to the brother in the rose compartment at a price of 60 000 deity jades!”

Liu Lan watched the scene unfold. Long Chen’s indifferent attitude towards her was already making her feel annoyed. The Daybreak Merchants Union prepared to auction off the last item after a small intermission, and Liu Lan’s eyes were fixed coldly on Long Chen.

“Long Chen, are you truly unafraid of death?”

“Why do you say that?”

After obtaining the Demonic Blood Soul Essence, Long Chen saw the unhappy expression she had on and was afraid she might flip out. Only then did he answer her.

Seeing Long Chen acting so recklessly, Liu Lan was disappointed.

Though everyone thought Long Chen to be a joke, Liu Lan still held a trace of hope for Long Chen, since he had constantly created miracles in front of her.

However, upon seeing Long Chen’s immature and reckless actions, she found that she had overestimated him.

“You know you have to face Chu Yunxi, but Jin Sheng’en is an expert even more terrifying than Chu Yunxi. Aren’t you seeking death by provoking him?”

Long Chen knew this very well. However, he had his priorities.

If he participated in the inner faction selection at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm, Long Chen was sure to die. However, once he reached the Earth Dan Realm, he would at least have a chance when fighting Chu Yunxi or even Jin Sheng’en.

However, Long Chen could not discuss blood transmutation with Liu Lan, which was why he chose to remain silent.

Seeing Long Chen acting this way, Liu Lan was even more furious, to the point that she began to tremble in her anger. Her breasts constantly moved up and down, eyes full of disappointment towards Long Chen.

“You truly disappoint me too much, Long Chen. I’d believed you were an amazing person, but it looks like you were only lucky.”

Liu Lan just could not comprehend why Long Chen would provoke Jin Sheng’en for no reason.

Long Chen merely smirked at being scorned by her. “What do you mean by that? I don’t have anything to do with you. I am not your pawn, so why are you disappointed in me?”

“Enforcer Liu, remember this well…” Long Chen raised his head and said icily, “I, Long Chen, will always be Long Chen. I’ll do what I want, and I’ll take responsibility for my own life. Don’t bother with me. If I have any achievements, don’t speak, don’t criticise, don’t mock me. Just watch. You just have to watch.”

Long Chen’s cold gaze and firm tone left Liu Lan stunned.

She had initially been infuriated, but after hearing Long Chen’s confident words, she suddenly felt as if the Long Chen who had killed Huang Feiyang, defeated Feng Wutian and ensured the death of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect leader was now standing before her again.

“From the time you made use of me as a shield against Chu Yunxi, you already owe me. Though you’re my superior, you have no jurisdiction over me.”

Long Chen’s cold voice had an irresistible strength.

By this time, the person delivering the essence had arrived.

Liu Lan kept his words at heart and watched him. “You have 60 000 deity jades?”

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