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DBWG Chapter 146 – Jin Shengen

Chapter 146 – Jin Sheng’en
Translated by: Ying

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The Daybreak Merchant Union’s auction this time was held at the East Ling Region. It was a joint operation by all the branches.

Manager Zhao Tianfang’s branch was also included.

Due to the matter regarding the Thunder Flame Physique, Long Chen was slightly fearful towards them. However, with Liu Lan beside him, he had nothing to fear.

Even if the sky were to collapse, the Lingwu Family would be there to take the brunt of it in his stead.

The auction grounds was huge. In the giant public square, ten thousands of people gathered. In the middle was a platform whereby large amounts of light was gathered. The floor of the platform was made entirely out of deity jades, and it was apparent that the Daybreak Merchant Union was spending extravagantly for this event.

Above the square were almost two hundred compartments. Long Chen and Liu Lan were now in one of them. Though it was not large, it was exquisite.

With Liu Lan’s status, it was no big deal to get a compartment like this.

Seated in such a narrow area next to someone rumoured to be his woman, Long Chen felt rather uncomfortable as he constantly breathed in a tempting aroma from her.

If not for what had just happened, he might even take enjoyment in this. However, much of him held hatred and anger towards Liu Lan, which diminished his interest in the beautiful woman beside him.

His indifferent attitude gave Liu Lan impression that he was stirring restlessly inside.

“What are you so anxious about…”

Liu Lan watched him with interest. She then stretched out her body, revealing bits of skin underneath the thin black clothing, looking very enticing.

“If you can fulfil the goals I’ve set for you, everything of mine shall be yours. Hehe…”

She chuckled in a charming manner, while Long Chen ignored her and turned his head towards the platform at the centre of the plaza. It was the most dazzling place in the entire square, and also the focal point of this auction.

A gorgeous woman was now walking to the centre of the platform, her beautiful eyes sweeping the area. Only after that did an elegant voice sound.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Daybreak Merchant Union’s auction. We have made preparations for almost two months for this event. We are sure that the precious items we have will satisfy all of you. Let me now announce the commencement of the auction!”

“The rules of this auction are obviously that the person with the highest price obtains it. However, if you could supply an item of equivalent value, our Daybreak Merchant Union welcomes that as well. However, the value of the item shall be determined by us.”

Though she was not powerful, she had a very strong mind. Her voice was sweet and she was very tactful, leaving people feeling comfortable. Hosting large events such as auctions like this were very suitable for her.

Liu Lan had planned to tease Long Chen further to brighten the atmosphere, but Long Chen had no reaction at all. She then looked downwards as well and spoke, “The reason why we’re here is to look for something you can use during the inner faction selection. If there’s anything you want, tell me.”

“I have my own money. Don’t worry about me.”

If he were to take something more from her, he would owe her a favour. Long Chen had plans to teach Liu Lan an unforgettable lesson. If he were to use her money now, it would not make sense to attack her afterwards.

He and Liu Lan might be sitting together and even exchanging a few words, but that was only because he was no match for her. Liu Lan had made use of him, and once he had enough strength, the first person he would deal with was her.

Hearing such unyielding words from Long Chen, Liu Lan was slightly surprised. However, she knew how little Long Chen had received from his family. It was almost laughable hearing Long Chen’s words.

“I’m not in the mood to argue with you. I’m here at the auction for your sake. Don’t think too much of it. At most, everyone else would think that you’re my man. If you lose too badly, I’ll lose face, so paying for you is my attempt at saving face,” Liu Lan said.

“I told you already. I’ll get what I want with my own means.” Long Chen answered calmly.

Seeing Long Chen so untactful, Liu Lan was already slightly unhappy. However, she was the one in the wrong and could only ridicule him, “You’re pretty good at bragging, huh. I wonder how you’re going to do that in an auction of this level.”

She knew how much Long Chen had in his pockets. This auction was one of the highest grade in the Eastern Ling Region, and everything being auctioned off here had a starting price of over a thousand spirit jades.

If Long Chen had this amount of wealth, the sun must probably have risen from the west.

While they were conversing, time slipped away. In no time, two items had been auctioned off. The first was a profound middle-grade divine weapon, and had been bought at the high price of fifty thousand deity jades. The second had been sold for thirty thousand deity jades.

The first few items of the auctions were generally more precious. Long Chen knew of this practice.

The entirety of the wealth of one at the initial mastery stage at the Earth Dan Realm was generally at a hundred thousand. Any random item at the auction was enough for cultivators at the initial mastery stage at the Earth Dan Realm to go broke.

This was why Liu Lan was sure that Long Chen was just bragging.

“Don’t get the price wrong. If you can’t produce the money, you’ll be unable to leave the Daybreak Merchant Union. Though this is just a branch, there are many experts here at the Heaven Dan Realm. I won’t be able to save you.”

Seeing Long Chen still so stubborn and unwilling to admit defeat, Liu Lan warned him.

Long Chen continued gazing at the auction, not replying her at all.

Liu Lan shook her head at his response and silently thought, “This guy is really too immature. He’s already so old and is still sulking. The reason why I’m here is to help him, but if this goes on, it’ll be useless for me to be here. I need to do something about this.”

After a while, Liu Lan’s eyes brightened, “Long Chen, how many contribution points do you have now?”

“361. Why?”

Long Chen had no idea why she was suddenly asking this.

“If you want to purchase something with your own abilities, I won’t force you to do otherwise. However, I know full well how many deity jades you have. How about this; for every contribution point you have, you can exchange it for ten deity jades with me. I’ll give you a total of four thousand deity jades. How about that?”

If that was the case, Long Chen wasn’t exactly relying on her. He could somewhat accept her suggestion and nodded.

When it came down to it, Long Chen knew there were definitely going to be some treasures, judging by what had already been auctioned off. They would be the key in his battles in the inner faction selection. It would be for the best if he could obtain them.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the next item is the Seven-coloured Glass Metal. This metal is ten times of a better quality than regular glass metal. If there is a craftsman to work on it, it can basically create two or more profound middle-grade divine weapons. If the craftsman is sufficiently skilful, it is not impossible to create a profound high-grade divine weapon! Starting price at ten thousand deity jades! Each increase in price must be by more than five hundred deity jades!”

With the incitement from the beautiful girl, a wave surged in the auction.

“12 000 deity jades!”

“13 000 deity jades!”

“15 000!”

“20 000!”

As this Seven-coloured Glass Metal was extremely precious and a profound high-grade divine weapon could potentially be forged from it, the atmosphere was heated, and the price constantly increased. Soon enough, it had almost reached 60 000.

Long Chen had no interest in this sort of thing. However, in this bidding, Liu Lan did notice a familiar person in the compartment nearby. This person had also participated in the bidding and seemed rather wealthy. Each time, he would increase the price by thousands, and finally, the Seven-coloured Glass Metal was sold off to him for 70 000 deity jades.

“It’s actually him? I didn’t expect him to come to this auction as well.” Hearing his voice, Liu Lan was slightly surprised.

“Who’s that?” Long Chen asked.

“The number one seed at the inner faction selection. He’s said to be the current number one genius of the outer faction— Jin Sheng’en of the Gold Faction. I’ve seen him in battle before, and he’s definitely not ordinary. He’s battle might should probably have reached the realm of the perfect mastery stage at the Earth Dan Realm.”

“Jin Sheng’en, at the perfect mastery stage at the Earth Dan Realm?”

Long Chen was speechless. This guy was truly heaven-defying. Long Chen had constantly been progressing, but he did understand there would always be someone who surpassed him.

In his eyes, Chu Yunxi was already a genius difficult to compare to. Jin Sheng’en was even more terrifying, with his battle might at the perfect mastery stage at the Earth Dan Realm.

“Do you know what’s so outstanding about him?” Long Chen was very curious about this.

It was only because he had his Dragon Soul Transformation, Thunder Flame Physique and other methods that he could kill people despite the difference in levels.

“The most genius part about Jin Sheng’en is the profound high-grade tempering battle technique that he trains in— Gilding Physique! The Gilding Physique is the top-grade tempering battle technique belonging to the Gold Faction. Within the Gold Faction, there are few who succeed at it, and yet Jin Sheng’en had actually succeeded in cultivation while merely at the initial mastery stage at the Earth Dan Realm. Isn’t he amazing?”

Long Chen’s trump card was his body that was stronger than that of average people. Jin Sheng’en trained in a profound high-grade tempering battle technique and had one up over Long Chen, even lording over Long Chen in terms of real Qi.

Hearing Liu Lan’s narration and realising the proximity of this monster to him right now, Long Chen completely gave up.

“What, do you finally know how cruel the inner faction selection is now?”

Liu Lan watched him, her eyes glinting with pride.

“It’s still too early to say who will emerge the champion.”

Long Chen knew that no matter what, he could not fear anyone for Yang Lingqing and his own sake. Even if his enemies were powerful, he had to endure and give it his all!

“Hehe…” Liu Lan covered her mouth as she chuckled, “Go on, keep bragging. Let me tell you something else. Jin Sheng’en and Chu Yunxi are good friends, so if you do meet him, you’d probably be skinned if you’re not already dead…”

Long Chen’s mind went blank.

“What is up with the world? Why are all the geniuses huddled up together? If I offend one, that means I’m offending a few others as well? On top of that, each of them is stronger than the other?”

There was little Long Chen could say in response.

Liu Lan’s intentions in pointing this out was to get Long Chen to recognise the dangers and difficulty of the selection, all so he would let her pay. Now that he was convinced, she was obviously elated.

“Now, I’m going to announce the next item to be auctioned off— Thunder Flame Crystals!”

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