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DBWG Chapter 145 – Liu Lan’s Love Life

Chapter 145 – Liu Lan’s Love Life
Translated by: Ying

Apologies for the very, very late post. There are issues with university admissions and whatnot, which makes everything… very complicated. Will try to translate when I can.

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“What do you mean, Senior Gan?” Long Chen asked, shocked.

“There’s no need to hide it. Everyone knows already.”

Gan Lin smiled wryly. “We all know what just happened. The two of you admitted your relationship in front of Chu Yunxi, and I believe in no time, this will spread throughout the Green Faction. Before the fight in the inner faction selection begins, I think this will be the biggest piece of gossip…”

“Damn it!”

Long Chen scolded inside. He knew that this was definitely Liu Lan’s work.

He absolutely could not reveal that she had plotted for him to watch her bathing. He could only continue on with this ridiculous lie, but it was this type of gossip that gathered everyone’s interest…

“Looks like my reputation will spread to the nine great outer factions, since I’ve stolen Chu Yunxi’s love from him and thoroughly disregarded him. Damn it, Liu Lan, I’m completely done for in the inner faction selection!”

Long Chen really had the impulse to catch her alive and skin her.

After bidding Gan Lin farewell, Long Chen returned to his residence. Unexpectedly, Liu Ling, who was staying next door, was watching him coldly from the entrance to her residence.

“You bastard, I won’t let you touch a single hair on my sister!”

Having said this, the door closed with a bang.


There was no way to describe how Long Chen was feeling.

“Oh well, just do whatever you want. I’ll cultivate diligently, not just for Liu Qing but also for myself. I must definitely pass the inner faction selection!”

“But fighting against the top talents of all the nine great outer factions is incredibly stressful…”

After he opened the door, Lingxi was already awaiting his presence.

When he saw Lingxi’s worried expression, Long Chen suddenly felt a feeling of peace come over him.

It was as if he had been wandering and risking his life outside for ten years, and was only now returning to his anchor, his home.

“You’re back?”



The next ten days were spent on cultivation.

In these ten days, he spent two on killing demonic beasts at the Sky Martial Realm. He was still unable to deal with level 5 profound-grade demonic beasts, and could only settle for hunting level 4 beasts.

In two days, he killed a total of four level 4 profound-grade demonic beasts.

What had happened with Liu Lan had already spread in the outer faction, and the Green Emperor Hall quickly became the laughing stock of the outer faction. All jokes were made at their expense. While in the Sky Martial Realm, Long Chen kept a low profile, and hence, no problems arose.

For those few days, he was truly like a mouse, concealing himself as best as possible to prevent disputes. He did not take the demonic cores and beast spirits to the Treasure Exchange Pavilion to be converted into contribution points.

At this point, Lingxi had already found out what had happened to Long Chen. However, this version had been modified, and she only held more contempt towards Liu Lan.

However, the inner faction selection was right around the corner.

“Let’s not even consider if Chu Yunxi will attack me during the inner faction selection. Many of the other geniuses have the same level of strength as Chu Yunxi. My goal is the inner faction, and the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm is definitely not enough.”

Sitting in the spacious basement, Long Chen devoured the blood of level 4 profound-grade demonic beasts. However, they had little effect. After using Blood Transmutation, he was only able to get infinitely nearer to the Earth Dan Realm.

The inner faction was definitely holding high expectations for the selection.

Those who could distinguish themselves in each selection were absolute geniuses. Even after entering the inner faction, they would definitely be able to shine. On top of that, this was a platform for competition within the nine outer factions. Though they were generally united, competition was not scarce amongst them. The outer factions had restrained themselves, all so they could show off in the selection and secure their status amongst the outer factions.

Those who were particularly expectant towards the selection were definitely of the Green Faction.

All of the participants from the other factions were on good terms and were exceptional partners. However, on the Green Faction’s end, there was Long Chen, who had been chosen despite being at the Human Dan Realm, and had a huge feud with Chu Yunxi.

Everyone loved gossip, and nobody was unaware of Long Chen and Chu Yunxi being at odds over a woman.

The most mysterious character here was Long Chen. He had only just entered the outer faction two months ago, and he had already risen at an insane pace, from the eighth Dragon Vein till the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm.

His success at his cultivation and love life were both shocking. Everyone had assumed that Chu Yunxi would definitely get together with Liu Lan, and yet Long Chen had stolen his superior’s heart. It was akin to a great cabbage being provided to swine, or a beautiful flower stuck in cow dung.

These rivals in love would both represent the Green Faction and fight together, and would definitely put on a good show. For this reason, there was boundless anticipation towards this selection.

There were ten more days till the first day of the eleventh month, and everyone felt as if time was crawling.

Though Long Chen might have been on the upper hand in love, he was probably going to have a tragic end on the battlefield.

As he was the only one at the Human Dan Realm, Long Chen caught much attention. His information was read through time and again. While he had defeated Feng Wutian, Long Chen was still undoubtedly the weakest in the selection.

Every time Long Chen went out, he could see everyone discussing the inner faction selection in Lingwu City. Long Chen was one of the most-talked-about topics, but it was clear that nobody expected him to do well. When they spoke of him, what they wanted to see was what would happen between him and his rival in love, Chu Yunxi.

“Chu Yunxi is an exceptional talent, and the Chu family is quite amazing too. I wonder if Liu Lan has a screw loose to choose a pig like Long Chen!”

Every time he heard this, Long Chen had the urge to vomit blood. This was the reason he did not dare go to the Treasure Exchange Pavilion. If he were to be surrounded, he’d probably be drowned by all the saliva they would spit out.

“What a shameless woman.” Lingxi puffed her cheeks in annoyance.

“Long Chen, with your current strength, it really will be difficult to deal with them. Don’t worry though. I’ve taken the Spirit Grass, and can take on an attack that even someone at the perfect mastery stage at the Earth Dan Realm cannot block. If that Chu whatever dares touch you, I’ll take his wretched life!”

At the thought that he had harmed Long Chen, Lingxi felt indignant.

Long Chen could do little at that.

“Oh well. I can only hope to have some sort of breakthrough during the selection. If not, it’s not quite possible…”

Ever since he had entered the Lingwu Family, Long Chen had raised his status step by step. Never had he experienced fear or terror, but now that he would have to compete against geniuses of the outer faction, he was powerless.

“I won’t be able to take revenge against Chu Yunxi’s attack in the near future.”

Just as he was thinking this, Long Chen was annoyed to find that Liu Lan had come looking for him.

Long Chen had no intentions of seeing her, but she was lingering outside.

“Little Xi, I’m going to see what shit she’s going to spout. Don’t get impulsive. She’s very powerful. Once I get stronger, you can attack her. What do you think?”

Before heading out, Long Chen saw Lingxi’s dark expression that hinted at violence, and quickly advised.

“Hmph. Once I regain my strength, she’ll definitely be in for it.”

After opening the door, he found Liu Lan in that black dress that she had worn when she had entered his room for the first time. It presented her curves well, but today, she also had on a black cloak, concealing her charming appearance.

“The inner faction selection is about to start, and you don’t have any trump cards. The Yuanling City’s Daybreak Merchants Union is organising a large-scaled auction today. How about we go take a look?”

Long Chen had planned on sending her away to avoid being unable to hold himself back and responding with violence. However, upon hearing her mention an auction, he hesitated for a moment and decided to go with her.

After getting a cloak from Liu Lan, Long Chen followed behind her and headed towards the outskirts of the Lingwu City.

Amongst cultivators, there were many who had offended others or committed unspeakable sins. They were unwilling to reveal their identities, and this was especially so at auctions, where it had almost become an unspoken rule to wear cloaks to participate.

With this, Long Chen could walk alongside Liu Lan without causing a ruckus.

“These ten days have been very lively. Your love life has already become the topic of everyone’s discussion enjoyed before and after meals.” Long Chen commented.

“Are you complaining or taking pleasure in it?” Liu Lan seemed to smile.

“Are you teasing me?”

Liu Lan did not deny this.

“Just ignore this. Long Chen…” Her brows furrowed slightly, “The danger of the inner faction selection is something you can’t even begin to imagine. Whether you believe it or not, I don’t want you to die.”

“Are you really an old cow trying to eat young grass*?”
(tln: someone who is much older getting together with someone significantly younger)

Being called an old cow multiple times brought Liu Lan closer to the brink of getting violent, no matter how well-mannered she was. However, as she had been in the wrong, it wouldn’t do her good to get mad.

Rolling her eyes, Liu Lan continued, “I can only apologise to you for what happened. Chu Yunxi was even more extreme than I expected. If there’s any opportunity at all, I believe he’ll find a way to kill you regardless of the repercussions.”

“What is that supposed to mean? Schadenfreude?” Long Chen’s voice had turned cold.

“I didn’t mean that.” Liu Lan was anxious, “I’m just telling you that it’s best to exercise restraint this time. You need to keep your life. Besides, you’re a few years younger than Chu Yunxi and only just entered the Lingwu family, It’s not like you won’t have any chances at surpassing him.”

“Stop it. I won’t hold back when it comes to people I need to kill.”

Long Chen spat out these words and walked ahead.

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