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DBWG Chapter 144 – Hostility

Chapter 144 – Hostility
Translated by: Ying

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That life-threatening attack instantly closed in on Long Chen.

“He doesn’t see to reason at all and wants my life?”

There were no ripples in Long Chen’s heart. Instead, all was calm.

He knew that he was still valuable to Liu Lan, and she would not let him die by Chu Yunxi’s hands.

Thus, he sat cross-legged at ease, using the profound-grade healing battle technique- Origin Reversion healing.

As expected, full of rage, Chu Yunxi was about to dash towards Long Chen, but a lithe body flew out of the room and quickly stood in front of Long Chen, slapping towards Chu Yunxi. This move held within a huge momentum and sent Chu Yunxi flying.

It was his first time seeing Liu Lan attacking, and the strength of someone at the perfect mastery stage at the Earth Dan Realm truly could not be concealed. Just a casual move could send the so-called number 1 genius of the Green Faction flying!

“Sister Lan, you’re actually attacking me for him?”

Chu Yunxi’s eyes were bloodshot, looking grim.

“Yunxi, don’t think too much into this.”

Liu Lan turned, looking as if her heart was breaking at Long Chen’s plight. Putting on a look of misery, she spoke to Chu Yunxi, “Since you’ve seen this, I’m not going to hide this from you anymore. I never agreed in the past, only because I already have someone in my heart…”

Long Chen was on the brink of coughing blood at her shameless words.

He was about to scold Liu Lan, but unexpectedly, Liu Lan seemed to know what he was going to do. With a turn of her head, her hand steadily landed on Long Chen’s shoulder at an angle where Chu Yunxi could not see, and all the words Long Chen wanted to say disappeared into his throat.

“Are you talking about him?”

Chu Yunxi now looked ready to eat Long Chen. Long Chen had suddenly obtained an enemy out of the blue and was almost killed, and the fury in his heart was not lesser than Chu Yunxi’s. However, Liu Lan was stronger than him, and under her control, he could not utter a word.

“I know about him. I heard that he’s going to participate in the inner faction selection as well, yes? Good, good, good!”

Chu Yunxi’s heart clenched as he recalled the scene from before, repeating ‘good’ thrice. He glared at Long Chen and sneered, “I’m not a match for you now. However, since you’re willing to go against me for his sake, let it be known that the day of the inner faction selection shall be the day this kid dies!’

The fiery gaze like that of a ferocious beast lay on Long Chen for a while. He then gazed at Liu Lan, seemingly heartbroken, bit his lips vigorously and left.

The happenings of the day was driving him crazy.


After Chu Yunxi left for the Green Willow Residence, Liu Yuan and Chu Fengqing had nothing to do and began to joke around while drinking.

“Brother Liu, I heard that your daughter wanted my son to meet her alone. Why is that?”

Liu Yuan was just as baffled and laughed in embarrassment, “That girl has never done anything that I expected. How would I know?”

“Perhaps she wants my son to see her room?” Chu Fengqing clicked his tongue in jest.

At this age, Chu Fengxing knew his words were not quite right, and Liu Yuan was rendered speechless. He continued joking around with Chu Fengqing for a while longer when Chu Yunxi entered, expression dark.

Liu Yuan was startled, “Yunxi, where’s Lan’er?”

“You still have the gall to ask me?” Chu Yunxi sneered and turned towards Chu Fengqing, “Father, let’s go. We’re never coming back to this damned Green Sun Hall!”

The occupants of the room were instantly stunned. Liu Yuan immediately guessed that something must have gone wrong with Liu Lan and quickly asked, “Yunxi, did Lan’er say something?”

Chu Yunxi glared at him, “You dare say you know nothing about what your daughter has done?”

Before he could respond, Chu Yunxi had already left. Seeing this, Chu Fengqing knew something was off.

In actuality, if not for his son being so persistent, he would definitely not agree to this marriage, much less go through all that bullshit with the weakest of the eight great elders, Liu Yuan.

Hearing his son’s words, he could tell that Liu Lan had made Chu Yunxi completely give up.

“This is even better. Liu Lan doesn’t have a good reputation anyway. If she actually marries into the family, she’ll even be an embarrassment to us!”

With this thought, Chu Fengqing’s attitude had a 180-degree change. Snickering, he followed Chu Yunxi and left the Green Sun Hall, not even turning back.

“Time to see what Liu Lan has been up to!”

He was also an elder, but Liu Yuan had been scorned on. Expression stony, he slammed the table and stood up!

Seeing Liu Yuan angered, the surrounding elders and enforcers were silent in their fear.

“What’s wrong with Enforcer Liu? Even if she doesn’t agree to the proposal from the Green Emperor Hall, there’s no need to make the situation so stiff, is there? The Green Emperor Hall is the number one hall in the Green Faction and has a great reputation in the outer faction. Why doesn’t Liu Lan know how serious this is?”

The elders were all confused.


Though gravely injured, Long Chen had used Origin Reversion in time, and Liu Lan had produced a few profound middle-grade healing items from her cosmos pouch. After refining them, Long Chen gradually recuperated.

He raised his head to see Liu Lan looking indifferent and chuckled darkly, “Looks like the enmity between us is huge.”

“Is that so?” Liu Lan exclaimed without care, “It’s just a slight injury. Didn’t I let you see more than enough?”

“Is your body that valuable?” Long Chen struggled to stand.

“Come into the room. You can leave after your injuries are healed.”

“Don’t think anything you do will appease me. Whether it’s you or Chu Yunxi, I’ll definitely take revenge. If you have the guts, kill me now. Don’t wait till the time I can crush you…”

Long Chen took several steps forward, looked back and sneered, “I will crush you.”

Liu Lan was startled but immediately laughed, as if provoking him, “Don’t mention anything yet. If you can defeat Chu Yunxi and enter the Inner faction, you can do whatever you wish to me.”

Long Chen clenched his fists tightly, but eventually loosened them. He was definitely not a match for Liu Lan now, so even if she had made use of him, there was nothing he could do as of yet.

“You think I want you?” Long Chen snickered, “I have more girls than you know. Why would I work hard to get an old lady like you?”

“Old lady?”

Liu Lan almost fainted in her anger. She was about to flip out, but Long Chen had already gone far.

She watched Long Chen as he left. While injured, he still stood tall and straight.

“Was it too much for me to make use of him like this? When he gets stronger, it’ll definitely bite me in the ass someday…”

At the thought of how Huang Feiyang and the sect leader had ended up, Liu Lan felt a shiver run down her spine.

“Whatever it is, I managed to get Chu Yunxi to completely give up. Though he seems refined, he’s intense, haughty and arrogant. If I do go with him, my future is destroyed. How can I, Liu Lan, depend on someone for my whole life?”

Those were her true thoughts. In actuality, she was extremely against Chu Yunxi, which was why she had thought up this plan to make him give up.

“This way, all connections between the Green Sun and Green Emperor Hall are destroyed. However, that was fated to happen the moment Chu Yunxi set his eyes on me.”

There was no way around it.

At the thought of Long Chen and the progress he had made in this time, Liu Lan nodded, “I can only gamble everything on him. He was already a person full of miracles, and with more pressure on him, he’ll develop even more quickly. Chu Yunxi tried to kill him today, and with his nature, he’ll definitely plot to take revenge during the inner faction selection!”

Liu Lan knew Long Chen’s temperament inside and out.

All that had happened today might seem sudden, but all were within Liu Lan’s plans. She knew Chu Yunxi and Long Chen well enough that they could not do anything about her. It was obvious how high-handed her methods were.

“But what if he really becomes so lucky and enters the inner faction? Wouldn’t I have to…”

At this thought, as well as how Long Chen had been stunned into a daze at her body, Liu Lan suddenly felt her face burning…


He had been made a fool of for no reason and almost lost his life. It was impossible for Long Chen not to be furious.

“That wretched woman is really terrifying. She must have planned this for a long time, and I was stupid enough to head straight-on into the hole she dug and jump in. I’ve made enemies with Chu Yunxi, and gotten myself injured at that…”

The thought of Chu Yunxi increased his desire for blood.

Liu Lan had made a fool of him once and used him as a shield. However, Chu Yunxi had truly wanted his life, and almost succeeded.

“Since his strength and status are both higher than mine, he didn’t treat me equally and thought my life to be like grass…”

Long Chen had now guessed at Chu Yunxi’s character. Even if he knew what really had happened, he still wouldn’t let Long Chen off.

“By the way, old Liu also mentioned that I’m going to be in the same team as him during the inner faction selection. How am I going to team up with him in this situation? He’ll probably want my life the moment the selection starts.”

Long Chen frowned.

“Liu Lan keeps arousing hostility in people around me and was especially vicious this time. However, aren’t you afraid of burning yourself when playing with fire? I, Long Chen, am not some sheep that’s so easily manipulated!”

Long Chen did not dare let Lingxi see all his injuries. For one, he had no idea how to explain the happenings of the day, and Lingxi’s distaste towards Liu Lan might result in her charging out and wanting a fight.

Hidden in a corner in the Green Willow Residence, Long Chen used Origin Reversion once more and absorbed the profound middle-grade spirit medicine that Liu Lan had given him as well. Only then did about half his injuries get better. If Long Chen tried a little harder, nobody would be able to tell.

Long Chen headed towards the area where grade 1 disciples resided, but when he was about to approach it, he met Gan Lin.

The moment he saw Long Chen, Gan Lin had a strange expression on his face as he shook his head, “Long Chen, I never expected that you’d get together with Lord Enforcer. However, the pressure you’ll face is more than you expected. I’m sure Chu Yunxi won’t let you off…”

“What are you saying?” Long Chen widened his eyes in surprise.

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