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DBWG Chapter 143 – Storm Seizing Finger!

Chapter 143 – Storm Seizing Finger!
Translated by: Ying

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“This girl is being so mysterious. What does she want from me?”

Lingxi did not follow him, leaving Long Chen feeling empty.

At the heart of the Green Willow Residence was a beautiful little courtyard within which Liu Lan resided. Upon arrival, Long Chen realised the door was open and knocked cautiously. He called out a few times but was met with no response and decided to walk right in while wondering about this situation.

“This wretched woman actually lives in a great place, with such enchanting scenery, birdsong and the fragrance of flowers.”

There were dark green bamboos everywhere, and while it was slightly cold, the bamboos were growing extremely well.

After passing through the bamboo forest, there were a few fine wooden houses. He searched around but was not met with the sight of Liu Lan, and was immediately annoyed, “Damn it, how dare you make a fool of me.”

He searched for a while longer and found that there was some sound from within one of the wooden houses. The door was concealed.

“It can’t be that she’s bathing, just like Liu Ling had been, right?”

Long Chen had some unhealthy thoughts, but he knew it was impossible to meet with the same lucky situation twice. It was still manageable with Liu Ling, but if it was Liu Lan and her steaming-hot body, Long Chen might find this all difficult to stomach.

“That woman is really just the devil, tsk tsk…”

Long Chen walked over and, as expected, felt someone’s presence. Having had dealings with her for such a long period of time, he could tell that this was Liu Lan’s aura.

“Great Beauty Liu, what did you want from me when you summoned me here?”

Long Chen spoke loudly and opened the door, only to be caught in a daze, eyes opened as widely as they could be.

This was obviously a bathroom. White steam rose and shrouded the room, revealing a pale white figure. Her lithe body lay languidly within the water, the vague beauty of this scene leaving Long Chen on the verge of a nosebleed.

“Damn it, why is she actually bathing?”

Long Chen had no idea what Liu Lan was planning. This was completely different from that time with Liu Ling. Then, she had forgotten to close the door, and Long Chen had unwittingly entered. This time, Liu Lan was intentionally luring him inside!

“Could it be that she thinks I’m so handsome that, at this critical juncture, she wants to give up her body to me? It’s a good thing Lingxi isn’t around…”

Long Chen wondered vulgarly, eyes fixated on the curves within the mist, a heat rising in his belly.

However, Long Chen knew very well that there was no free lunch in the world. Now that Long Chen had had the lunch, it was time to be tormented by her!

Guessing that Liu Lan must have some crafty plan in place, Long Chen glared at Liu Lan’s pale figure once more and prepared to leave. However, at this moment, a powerful aura burst forth from Liu Lan’s body, and a white piece of cloth hooked on to Long Chen’s left ankle and dragged him inside.

“My precious, you’re already here. How could you just walk out like that?”

A voice that made Long Chen’s body go numb entered his ears. Before he could even react to it, he had already fallen into the water with a plonk.

He ferociously struggled free of the white cloth and pulled it up from within the water. Opening his eyes, he found Liu Lan in front of him, her tender red lips inches away from him, and unfocused eyes filled with desire glancing at him. Those sexy curves and soft skin were all within Long Chen’s reach.

The one thing that was rather disappointing, however, was that the more vital areas were covered by white cloth. In all honesty, it made this all the more exciting.

“Does this look nice?”

Liu Lan seemed to be breathing out flowers, charmingly looking at Long Chen, eyes seemed to be hinting at something.

“What nice, you’re not even as sexy as I am!”

Though the scene before him was full of temptations that might be difficult for the average person to hold back from, Long Chen was not one to lose his mind over the charms of a woman. He threw off Liu Lan’s bindings and jumped out of the water. Holding on to his wet clothes, he darted out of the room without looking back.

Behind him, Liu Lan giggled.

“What the hell is that woman doing? Why is she letting this happen?”

Though he had gotten quite an eyeful, Long Chen knew something was off. Just as expected, the moment he darted out of her bathing area, he was met with a handsome, impressive young man. When he saw Long Chen, his expression immediately turned cold as he spoke coldly, “You again! Why are you here?”

This young man seemed to recognise himself, but no matter how Long Chen pondered over this, he had no idea who the other party was.

“You know me?”

Long Chen was now completely covered in water from head to toe, and there was even the fragrance that came from women and flowers. It was truly quite a spectacle.

“I’ve seen you before. You were talking to Sister Lan the other day!”

Long Chen was stunned, and only then did he remember. So this was the young man who had been staring at him from afar. It was the day he had been separated from Yang Lingqing, and he had only spoken to Liu Lan for a short while.

“Kid, I’m speaking to you. Why are you here at Sister Lan’s? Where is Sister Lan?!”

At this moment, a sweet female voice travelled from the bathroom.

“Long Lang*, why aren’t you coming in?”
(* In olden times, ‘lang/lang jun’ was a way for females to address their husbands/lovers.)

The moment her words fell, Liu Lan walked out while wrapped in a towel. Upon noticing the young man not far away, her face changed, “Yunxi, why are you here?”

“What’s with this situation?”

Long Chen had been completely bewildered at being called Long Lang. However, after hearing the name ‘Yunxi’ and thinking back to Chu Yunxi’s intentions of proposing to Liu Lan, he immediately understood. He was now being used as a shield.

Meanwhile, Chu Yunxi looked on in grief and despair.

From his point of view, Long Chen had exited his goddess’ bathroom dripping wet, with even a few little flowers in his hair. Liu Lan had even called him ‘Long Lang’ and, while wrapped in a towel and hair damp, followed him outside…

What could they have been doing inside there?

Chu Yunxi, who had come to see Liu Lan in an excellent mood, immediately saw red. Long Chen could feel rage and a murderous spirit exploding from Chu Yunxi’s body. The power that could only belong to the number 1 genius of the Green Faction at the initial mastery stage at the Earth Dan Realm almost threw Long Chen over!

“You- you! Why? Why?!”

Chu Yunxi, who had initially been all gentlemanly, found his sweetheart doing something with someone he could not even bring himself to say, and instantly turned into a beast.

Uncaring of Liu Lan, his eyes focused on Long Chen.

“That son of a bitch! He wants to kill me!”

Long Chen seemed to be able to understand Chu Yunxi’s intentions from his gaze. Liu Lan, too, was aware of what this meant, and immediately called out, “Yunxi, stop. Listen to me!”

“Who’ll listen to you!”

Long Chen scolded inside, furious. Chu Yunxi had completely lost his rationality and was now focusing on killing Long Chen. That sentence from before was obviously just a pretence.

Upon seeing this scene, Liu Lan hastily rushed back into the bathroom. Long Chen guessed that since her evil plan had already worked out, and she was probably going in there to change.

“That damned woman! If I ever get my hands on you, see if I whip your ass until it blooms like a sunflower!”

Known as the number 1 genius of the Green Faction, how could Chu Yunxi be anyone simple? Just his aura alone was enough to overpower Long Chen. In order to save himself, Long Chen instantly underwent his Dragon Soul Transformation and, with the fastest speed possible, fled backwards.

“Chu Yunxi, don’t do anything yet. Don’t be taken in by Liu Lan’s evil plan! She evidently doesn’t want to get married to you, which is why she’s using me as a shield!”

Long Chen explained while escaping.

“How dare you come up with excuses when I’ve already seen everything! Whoever you are, you must die for touching my girl!”

Long Chen was momentarily stunned into silence. It was no wonder that Chu Yunxi liked a woman like Liu Lan who was years older than him. He was basically an inflexible guy with a one-track mind. If he set his mind to something, nothing could change his mind. Sly old Liu Lan had taken this into account and tricked Long Chen here. With a little acting, Chu Yunxi was thoroughly duped!

“Storm Seizing Finger!”

In that moment, Chu Yunxi used this powerful move, and a grand storm emerged. Dust and sand flew everywhere, and an inexhaustible hurricane holding within a powerful force headed in Long Chen’s direction with the intent to kill!

In the face of such a ferocious move, Long Chen no longer had time to convince anyone. All he could do was grit his teeth and release a fist and struck out with the Demonic Sun Fist!

“Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist, Piercing Earth Demonic Sun!”

The two forces collided, but what made Long Chen want to break down was that the Storm Seizing Finger that Chu Yunxi had casually used was even more powerful than Feng Wutian’s Sole Flaming Deity Bird. Long Chen’s Piercing Earth Demonic Sun instantly crumbled, and a formidable force struck Long Chen, causing him to fly backwards, fresh blood spurting out.

This injury was even worse than anything he had experienced, to the point that his body continued to convulse while he lay on the ground. After experiencing this move, he had now lost all ability to battle.

He hurriedly got up, enduring the pain in his body. There was no choice but to use Origin Reversion, albeit with some difficulty, and healed his wounds.

There was no way to express the fury Long Chen had from being used by Liu Lan as a pawn out of nowhere, and now gaining these injuries.

Though Chu Yunxi looked to be refined, he was used to considering everyone beneath him. Since he had determined Liu Lan to be his, Long Chen would have to die for touching what belonged to him.

Long Chen had initially believed that all grudges against him was all due to Liu Lan, and this was a huge misunderstanding. However, the moment Chu Yunxi did not bother with making clear the situation, aiming to take Long Chen’s life with one move, Long Chen knew there was no way to make peace.

“Chu Yunxi, I tried to explain this to you, but you did not listen at all and wanted my life. I’ll remember this move of yours. I’ll make sure you regret it if I don’t die today!”

Though this was a misunderstanding, Long Chen was definitely infuriated to be injured so badly.

Seeing Long Chen sitting cross-legged to heal his injuries, the anger on Chu Yunxi’s face did not diminish at all. Sneering at Long Chen, he roared, “That move didn’t take your life? Well then, here’s another. Die!”

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