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DBWG Chapter 142 – Number 1 Genius of the Green Faction

Chapter 142 – Number 1 Genius of the Green Faction
Translated by: Ying

I’ve been (and still am) busy with auditions and all that stuff, so I haven’t had time to really translate. :/ My apologies!

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Chu Yunxi? A proposal?

Long Chen was stunned. “Isn’t Chu Yunxi the 18-year-old genius? He’s proposing to Liu Lan, instead of Liu Ling?”

Longchen thought Liu Yuan had misspoken.

“Yes, it’s Liu Lan. Everyone knows Yunxi has been harbouring a crush on Liu Lan for awhile now, but it’s normal for you not to know since you’ve only just joined the Lingwu family.”

“An 18-year-old crushing on Liu Lan… Interesting.”

Long Chen snickered, but at the thought of Liu Lan’s alluring beauty and her thrilling, mature aura, it was no wonder that anyone would be captivated by her. If Long Chen did not have Lingxi around, he might even be tempted.

“Sigh. Lan’er is probably going to marry into the Green Emperor Hall, but if Chu Yunxi enters the inner faction, Lan’er will definitely have a higher status as well.”

Liu Yuan sighed ruefully.

“This exceedingly alluring delicate flower is going to be offered up to a pig?” Long Chen scolded inside.

Seeing Long Chen so silent as if he had no interest in this, Liu Yuan immediately exclaimed, “Anyway, you should leave and refine that beast spirit.”

“Elder Yuan, what was it about teaming up with Chu Yunxi?” Long Chen did not forget about this.

“The inner faction selection is similar to that of the outer faction selection. There are two rounds, and the first is a competition between teams of two. You and Chu Yunxi are members of the Green Faction and can be made into a team. As for more concrete details regarding the selection, I’ll tell you in detail sometime later. If I were to tell you now, I’m not certain if there are any changes to the rules.”

Long Chen nodded and bid Liu Yuan farewell, returning to his residence.

After reaching, Lingxi came out from the sword and seemed to be elated, wandering around everywhere, wrinkling her nose and humming little tunes.

“Little Xi, what’s got you so happy?”

“I’m not going to tell you! Hmph!”

Long Chen teased, “Could it be because beautiful Liu Lan is going to get married?”

Lingxi was astonished. “How did you know? Hmph, I’ve seen that stinking woman trying to get fresh with you. It’s about time she got married!”

“Hm…” Long Chen had long since made sense of Lingxi’s thought processes.

“Do you think I have a chance in the inner faction selection?” Long Chen sat in the basement.

“Of course. Isn’t there still some time? You’re still at the Human Dan Realm, and merely at the bottom-most level in terms of cultivation. Cultivation works very quickly. By merely training a little here and there, I mentioned to break through to the Heaven Dan Realm.”

Lingxi’s tone of difference as she said this surprised Long Chen.

“When she was younger, she must definitely have been high above everyone else. How would she know how hard peasants like us have to work to achieve the same results…”

After refining the Spirit Grass, Lingxi’s energy was at its peak. She spent the day running everywhere in the residence, and Long Chen let her do as she liked.

As long as he had a bit of time, it would be used for cultivation.

“It’s about time to refine the blood of those two Giant Demonic Vicious Bears. If it’s in in my cosmos pouch for too long, its effects might decrease.”

There were still five days until that proposal thing Chu Yunxi was going to do. In those five days, nobody would bother Long Chen either, and he decided to completely refine the blood of these two beasts.

“Two level 4 profound grade demonic beasts filled with blood only allowed me to improve by a little. There’s still a huge distance to the Earth Dan Realm…”

Long Chen picked out the Spirit Congealing Bead with the Enchanted Purple Dragon inside. This was a treasure to all beast cultivators, but it was useless to Long Chen. He was a dragon cultivator, not a beast cultivator.

What he needed was the blood essence inheritance of an ancient dragon, and not a beast spirit…

“Regular beast cultivators probably would have completely refined this beast spirit by the start of the selection. If Old Liu doesn’t see that I’ve refined it, I wonder how he’s going to kill me. Ugh, I need to find a way to exchange it for a hundred thousand deity jades secretly.”

However, Long Chen could not think up anything in a short period, and so kept the beast spirit well and took out the Thunder Flame Crystals.

“I’ve used up almost all the Thunder Flame Crystals. My limit right now should be 30 of them, so in these five days, I’ll fuse with another 3 such that my Thunder Flame Physique can reach a higher level!”

A rank 1 Thunder Flame Physique would require fusion with 10 Thunder Flame Crystals, while for rank 2, he believed he was almost there. As long as he broke through a certain limit, he would definitely be able to obtain the rank 2 Thunder Flame Physique.

A rank 2 Thunder Flame Physique was comparable to a profound high-grade body tempering technique, and would definitely be very formidable!

Four days slowly passed, and on the morning of the fifth day, Long Chen finally escaped from pain and suffering. While using Origin Reversion to heal himself, he was excited, “I’ve fused with a total of 30 Thunder Flame Crystals, and my body is now three times as powerful as when I had just fused with the first. However, it still has yet to become rank 2.”

Only after his body completely recovered under Origin Reversion did Long Chen stand up and wriggle his limbs.

“As my body becomes stronger, the effects of Origin Reversion decrease. If my body reaches the level of a high-grade profound technique, Origin Reversion will definitely weaken further.”

It was now morning, and the day that Liu Yuan had spoken of had just begun. Right at this moment, Long Chen had finished his fusion with the Thunder Flame Crystals, and the timing was impeccable.

“Proposal? I don’t need to be involved in that. After they’re done with that, we’ll meet with that Chu Yunxi and see how powerful the number 1 genius of the Green Faction is!”

After tidying everything up, Long Chen lay on his bad relaxedly, teasing Lingxi and waiting for someone to summon him.

“Hey, that gorgeous lady is going to get married. Aren’t you sad?” Leaning against the edge of the bed, Lingxi pursed her lips, her jealousy evident.

“I’m obviously so sad that I want to die. Little Xi, shall we go steal the bride?” Long Chen suddenly sat up and said excitedly.

Only after Lingxi’s expression turned completely unhappy did Long Chen burst out in laughter, spreading his arms and ready to pinch her little cheeks. With a shout, Lingxi pushed him away and glared at him.

“You bastard, don’t even think about touching me.”

Long Chen immediately apologised, “Don’t get mad, I was just messing around. She’s old and ugly; who would want her? Besides, our Lingxi is young, pretty, and so very lovable.”

“Tch, who wants to be lovable.”

Hearing the praise, Lingxi was in a better mood, though she still retained her expression of nonchalance.

Their time together passed quickly, and before it was even afternoon, someone was already outside knocking the door.

“Long Chen, Enforcer Liu wants you to go to her residence for a while.”

“To her residence? Am I not supposed to go to the Green Sun Hall to meet with Chu Yunxi?”

Gan Lin had no idea either and shook his head, “Just go to Enforcer Liu’s place and see what’s going on. I still have some things to take care of, so I’ll take my leave now.”

Long Chen was baffled, and could only tell Lingxi, “Lingxi, let’s visit her.”

“That’s strange. What does that stupid woman want you there for?” Lingxi tilted her head, annoyed.

“I don’t know. Let’s talk about it later.”

“I’m not going.” Lingxi controlled the Lingxi Sword and left Long Chen’s ear. “I don’t want to see her. Go alone. I’ll be at home, so just come back once you’re done with everything.”

With a huff, Lingxi disappeared. Long Chen could do little but close the door and head towards Liu Lan’s residence, which was also the core of the Green Willow Residence.


In the Green Sun Hall, Liu Yuan was seated on the left, while there were the other four elders and four enforcers, with Liu Lan not around.

Beside Liu Yuan was a burly middle-aged man, eyes profound and looking extremely powerful. There was also a handsome young man who looked quiet.

The middle-aged man, Chu Fengqing, was the current elder of the strongest hall in the Green faction, the Green Emperor Hall. Beside him was naturally his son, who was proclaimed the number 1 genius in the Green Faction, Chu Yunxi. Chu Yunxi’s outer appearance seemed quite different from Chu Fengqing, and rather, looked more similar to his sister, Chu Yunyao.

The two of them had come here especially to do a marriage proposal.

“Yunxi has always been very diligent and unwilling to lose to anyone else, which is why he’s been so far ahead of everyone else, to the point that he’s even directly gotten the qualification to enter the inner faction selection. If you think about it, he’s probably some boy wonder.”

Chu Fengqing did not hold back at all. At the mention of his son, he was full of praise.

“For the inner faction selection, how confident is Yunxi?”

Liu Yuan chuckled, and then placed his attention on Chu Yunxi.

Chu Yunxi thought for a moment and respectfully answered, “Uncle Liu, I believe I have about a 50% chance. I know how powerful the other competitors are. One spot will definitely belong to Jin Ensheng, while I have some hope of getting the other place.”

At the mention of Jin Ensheng, Chu Fengqing sighed ruefully, “That kid from the Gold faction is truly amazing. Amongst the younger generation in the outer faction, he’s probably at the top.”

Liu Yuan could only nod helplessly, “He really is not half bad.”

“By the way, when Liu Lan participated in the inner faction selection back in the day, was she not on the verge of entry?”

“Brother Chu thinks too highly of Lan’er. She had been at the initial mastery stage at the Earth Dan Real, but she was not all that powerful. In the first round, she was already kicked out. How could that be considered ‘on the verge of entry’?”

Hearing their conversation, Chu Yunxi furrowed his brows, “Uncle Liu, I’ll definitely help Sister Lan fulfil her dreams!”

Liu Yuan admired this young man from the depths of his heart. He was actually rather pleased that Liu Lan would be able to marry him, but Liu Lan’s was slightly too stubborn about this.

“My Xi’er has been thinking of your Lan’er day and night. Brother Liu, seeing how in love he is, let’s just consider this matter done. What do you think?”

Liu Yuan could only smile wryly, “Of course, I want to agree, since I have high hopes for Yunxi. However, Lan’er isn’t here yet. Let’s wait for her before we decide on anything, alright?”

At this moment, a young cultivator knocked the door and entered, respectfully reporting, “Elder Yuan, Enforcer Liu requests that Young Master Yunxi goes to the Green Willow Residence.”

Chu Yunxi got up from his seat.

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