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DBWG Chapter 141 – A Great Surprise!

Chapter 141 – A Great Surprise!
Translated by: Ying

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News of Long Chen defeating Feng Wutian spread like the wind throughout the Green faction and even to other factions. Even those in the inner factions caught wind of this.

His reputation skyrocketed. At least, in the outer factions, he was just like a celebrity.

In terms of his popularity in the Green Faction, he had already surpassed Chu Yunyao and the others. He was already almost at the same level of popularity as Chu Yunxi.

Liu Lan was not yet thirty and already at the perfect mastery stage at the Earth Dan Realm. Out of everyone at her age, she was the trump card in the Green Sun Hall, while for Long Chen’s age group, he was their trump card.

After this duel at the Platform of Life and Death, Liu Yuan used all sorts of spirit medicine on Feng Wutian, and he recovered after a day. He did not say much but left the Green faction silently, and it was only then that Liu Yuan and everyone else could heave a sigh of relief.

Long Chen could finally be at ease and continue to cultivate. The number of Thunder Flame Crystals he could fuse with had yet to reach the limit, and he continued with this task. After fusing with the 28th, Liu Yuan suddenly summoned him.

“What does that old geezer want me for?”

He finally had the chance to get some rest, and Long Chen had been planning to visit the Sky Martial Realm again to obtain more contribution points. Unexpectedly enough, Liu Yuan picked this moment to summon him.

After entering the main hall in the Green Sun Hall, he found only Liu Yuan seated there. Upon seeing Long Chen, he was all smiles as he welcomed Long Chen.

“Could the reason for Elder Yuan’s cheerful mood be a new addition to the family despite your old age?”

Long Chen’s status was now different, and he made use of it to tease Liu Yuan.

Liu Yuan did not get mad and glanced at this brat helplessly, before he laughed, “Let me tell you some amazing news.”

“What is it?”

He had not expected there to be some surprise, and Long Chen’s ears immediately perked up.

Liu Yuan intentionally tried to be secretive, “Do you know the importance of the first day of the eleventh month is?”
(Eleventh Month = November)

“How would I know? Stop keeping me in suspense and tell me!” Long Chen was filled with anticipation.

“The first day of the eleventh month is the day that the Eastern Green Dragon, which in other words implies the inner faction, begins its selection.”

“What does that have to do with me?” Long Chen brightened up and blurted out, “Old man, are you going to tell me that I passed the verification process? I can take part in the selection?”

The term ‘old man’ had been something Long Chen coined and used only in his thoughts. As he was much too emotional, it had slipped out.

Honestly speaking, Long Chen really did want to enter the inner faction. For one, he would be able to obtain a lot of resources and two, the recent spate of events made it clear the importance of status. From what he knew of Dongfang Tianyu, Feng Wutian, Beitang Mo, as well as the terrible state Mo Xiaolang was in, Long Chen knew that he needed to enter the inner faction in order to be able to raise his head in the Lingwu Family.

More importantly, Yang Lingqing was in the Northern Black Tortoise. Long Chen was most concerned that Yang Lingqing might be bullied, which was why he was so fixated on the inner faction selection.

“No matter what, I have to get into the inner faction…”

However, he had heard that he needed to be at least at the Earth Dan Realm to participate in the selection. Long Chen was now only at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm, which was why he held little hope for himself. However, from Liu Yuan’s words, it seemed…

“You’re really in luck, brat. Yes, the information has confirmed that you have passed the verification process. This is really out of my expectations…”

For young Long Chen to have such luck, Liu Yuan was deeply moved.

After obtaining Liu Yuan’s confirmation, Long Chen was overjoyed.

“I’ll definitely grasp this opportunity, but…” Long Chen glanced at Liu Yuan, “Elder Yuan, I’m still at the Human Dan Realm though. How could I have passed the verification process? Did they make a mistake?”

Liu Yuan shook his head. “I think news of you defeating Feng Wutian has spread. Though you’re at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm, you were able to defeat an Earth Dan in the inner faction. The person in charge must have realised this and acknowledged your potential.”

Long Chen pondered over this and found this to be the only answer.

‘Looks like watching Liu Ling bathing wasn’t all for nothing. It’s because I saw her that she got Feng Wutian to beat me up, which ended up with him losing to me, allowing me to even have the qualifications to take part in the selection for the inner faction. The development of matters in the world really takes me by surprise.”

A look of satisfaction appeared on Long Chen’s expression as he thought.

“Long Chen, don’t be too happy just yet.” Liu Yuan’s words were like a bucket of cold water being splashed all over Long Chen.

“Why?” He could not understand why this old man was suddenly so stern.

Watching this kid who thought too highly of himself, Liu Yuan shook his head, “The name list for the selection has already come down. A total of 20 people are qualified to participate in the selection. The Gold and Silver factions each have three places, while the other seven each have two places. For our Green Faction, there’s only you and Chu Yunxi.”

“What’s the problem? Chu Yunxi seems to be at the initial mastery stage at the Earth Dan Realm. I’m not a match for him.” Long Chen knew this very well.

Liu Yuan nodded. “Out of the 20 people, 5 obtained their places directly, of which Chu Yunxi is included. Those at the initial mastery stage at the Earth Dan Realm able to gain these places are the cream of the crop, their strength even nearing Lan’er. The weakest of all who have passed the verification process has just entered the Earth Dan Realm, and even then, is considered a peak existence who is slightly stronger than Feng Wutian. I’m going to be blunt- in all areas, you are the weakest person in this selection.”

Liu Yuan analysed the situation for Long Chen, and he now knew why Liu Yuan told him not to be too overjoyed so early.

“Elder Yuan, out of the 20 people, how many can pass?” Long Chen wanted to enter the inner faction, which was why he needed to know the answer to this question.


Liu Yuan could only answer, “That’s why I said not to celebrate too early. Even if you get a place, the difficulty in getting into the inner faction is beyond your imagination. Even the famous young expert, Chu Yunxi, isn’t that confident, let alone you.”

“In that case, what’s the point of this selection process? Am I going there just to have fun?” At the thought of this level of difficulty, Long Chen was speechless.

Liu Yuan could only laugh bitterly, “You’re absolutely right. This is just for you to broaden your horizons and know how powerful the other experts in the outer faction are. This is also very important for you. However, Long Chen, there is a chance of death in the selection, so you’d better prepare yourself. I don’t want my Green Faction to lose a genius.”

“There’s a chance of death?”

Long Chen could feel the pressure bearing down on him. After all, he had already done all he could to deal with Feng Wutian. In the face of 20 geniuses who were even more formidable than Feng Wutian, it was basically impossible to be one of the two to enter the inner faction.

“All opportunities are accompanied with a certain risk, and the inner faction selection is no different. If you’re afraid, you’re fated to be held back forever. Only the brave can move on in the path of cultivation.”

Liu Yuan stroked his beard, sighing ruefully.

Long Chen was unafraid, but he did feel a lot of pressure on him.

“Whatever it is, there’s still some time before the first day of the eleventh month. If I work hard now, I might be a whole level stronger. Even if I don’t enter the inner faction, I need to keep my own life.”

Long Chen was going to compete against the best talents in all nine great outer factions.

His opponents had ranged from Huang Xiang to Huang Feiyang, and even to someone who was about the same level as Chu Yunxi, who was the number one genius in the Green faction. It was apparent how fast his progress was.

However, at the thought of Lingqing, whose strength was far too weak in the inner faction, Long Chen knew he needed to go all out for her sake.

Seeing the fighting spirit in Long Chen’s eyes, Liu Yuan nodded in satisfaction. However, another matter came to mind, and his brows furrowed, “Long Chen, there’s something you did that’s really too much.”

There were far too many things that Long Chen should not have done. Liu Yuan’s sudden words gave him a shock, “Could it be that the old man found out about me seeing Liu Ling while she was bathing? If he makes me marry her, I’m done for!”

He was right about to look for an excuse, but Liu Yuan was actually referring to something else.

“I told you to get 500 contribution points, and I’ll give you the beast spirit of the Enchanted Purple Dragon. What’s this about you using 300 contribution points to exchange for Spirit Grass?”

So it was about this matter. Long Chen sighed in relief and immediately answered, “Elder Yuan, the Spirit Grass is very important to me, but it’s not like I don’t want the beast spirit either. I’ll go to the Sky Martial Realm right now and get some contribution points.”

At the mention of this, Liu Yuan was really quite annoyed. He had bestowed it to Long Chen because he thought it would be very important to him, but Long Chen did not seem to want it. What was with this situation?

“Forget it.” Liu Yuan waved his hands, “There’s not much time left till the selection. For the remaining time you have, just train hard. Treat the beast spirit of the Enchanted Purple Dragon as a gift from me.”

“Really?” Long Chen was elated, because this was worth a hundred thousand deity jades.

In general, this old man treated him quite well. Long Chen had had some misgivings about him, but Long Chen was now truly grateful towards him.

Liu Yuan treated him as the trump card of the Green Sun Hall, and his reputation rose along with Long Chen’s own. However, something like the beast spirit of a level 6 profound-grade was not something that could be gifted so easily.

He produced a spirit congealing bead from his cosmos pouch. The bead had already been dyed purple from the beast spirit of the Enchanted Purple Dragon, and Long Chen could somewhat see a purple demonic dragon roaring within it.

“Don’t waste any time and make this dragon your life beast spirit at the Deity Dan Realm. When the time comes, your strength will definitely be pulled up!”

At the mention of this, Long Chen paled. He could not refine beast spirits at all.

However, all he could do now was to take it.

“Go back and cultivate. Oh, right, there’s something else…” Liu Yuan suddenly remembered something and reminded him, “Five days later, Chu Yunxi will come and propose to Lan’er. When that happens, I’ll arrange for you two to meet, since you’re going to become a team.”

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