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DBWG Chapter 140 – The Prowess of the Blood Engulfing Zone!

Chapter 140 – The Prowess of the Blood Engulfing Zone!
Translated by: Ying

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“An attack that’s even more powerful?”

Everyone had been admiring Long Chen’s might, but when Feng Wutian threw out this icy sentence, everyone was stunned.

“Long Chen has even used his ultimate technique to contend with Sole Flaming Deity Bird, but to think Feng Wutian has another one! This…”

The higher-ups of the Green Sun Hall had now acknowledged Long Chen’s skills, but upon hearing Feng Wutian’s words, they could tell what the outcome would be. Their expressions were that of regret.

Liu Ling, who had become extremely gloomy upon seeing Feng Wutian and Long Chen on equal grounds, immediately rejoiced after hearing he had a more formidable technique. She yelled, “Brother Wutian, defeat him and teach him a lesson. Don’t hold back!”

Liu Yuan and Liu Lan shot each other a glance, having a bad feeling about this.


“Don’t worry. When the time’s right, I will make my move. After all, Feng Wutian is of the inner faction, and Green Sun Hall can only pin our hopes on Long Chen.”

With Liu Yuan’s word, Liu Lan relaxed. No matter what, Long Chen had now fulfilled all her requirements. Even if Long Chen were to lose to Feng Wutian here, it did not matter.

“There’s still another technique, huh.”

Long Chen narrowed his eyes.

Honestly speaking, in order to withstand Feng Wutian’s Sole Flaming Deity Bird, Long Chen had already expended all his effort. He had expected that he and Feng Wutian would not be able to win against each other, but unexpectedly, Feng Wutian still had another card up his sleeve!

When Feng Wutian said that, a powerful aura locked on Long Chen, and he could immediately feel his movements being restricted.

“Don’t worry. This technique will be a unique experience for you, Long Chen! I didn’t want to kill you at first, but you’re making me feel threatened…”

Feng Wutian’s cold voice continuously sounded.

“You talk too much.”

Using Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step, Long Chen was already forced to the edge of the Platform of Life and Death. At this moment, Feng Wutian began preparing his following technique. Just the energy and aura it possessed was several times more powerful than the Sole Flaming Deity Bird technique!

“A year ago, the Southern Vermillion Bird family gifted me this technique in secret. I have only recently managed to perfect it. Long Chen, you’re going to be the first person to die under this technique. You should be honoured!”

Feng Wutian now had a sinister expression.

Though Liu Ling supported Feng Wutian, that devilish grin of his was something she could not get used to. Liu Yuan and Liu Lan furrowed their brows.

“Feng Wutian was defeated by Long Chen the previous time. Though he does not mention it, that must have been very traumatic for him, which is why he must kill Long Chen now.”

Liu Lan’s voice displayed her concern.

At this moment, Feng Wutian suddenly produced a shrill bird call, and real Qi that turned into flames emanated out of his body. A pair of giant flaming wings suddenly formed, giving off a menacing aura.


Feng Wutian charged towards Long Chen.

“Phoenix Dance of the Nine Heavens!”

This great technique immediately left everyone trembling in fear. Even the enforcers, who were at the initial mastery stage at the Earth Dan Realm could not confidently say they could take on this attack.

What was even more surprising was that instead of escaping, Long Chen was dashing towards Feng Wutian!

“He’s gone crazy!”

“Isn’t he seeking death?”


Liu Lan reminded, and Liu Yuan realised that he should be saving Long Chen. No matter what, he was an elder and had helped Feng Wutian in the past few years. Feng Wutian would not attempt to take his life just because he had saved Long Chen.

At this moment, blood-red spirals that numbered thousands appeared and began to rotate above Long Chen’s crimson dragon scales.

In that moment, a bloody mist shrouded the platform. All within the range of the mist was under Long Chen’s control!

Blood Engulfing Zone. Activate!

This was the second time Long Chen was using Blood Engulfing Zone. Compared to the first time, he found it much easier to manipulate, and the range it covered was now smaller.

Blood Engulfing Zone was a heaven-defying technique of the Immemorial Blood Spirit Dragon. As its user, he could take control of everything within the scope of the technique. Based on the previous usage of the technique, it had covered almost half the underground city. That was Long Chen’s limit.

Blood Engulfing Zone was something like a domain, and of all his enemies, the weakest would have their blood devoured by him, while those at a higher level than Long Chen like Feng Wutian would feel their blood boiling, and their movements restricted.

If it was someone Long Chen had no issues with, such as Yang Lingqing and the hundreds of girls from before, they were entirely unharmed despite not having cultivated before.

This technique would grow along with Long Chen, which was why Long Chen had no clue how powerful it would become. When he reached the apex in the continent, he would probably be able to decide the life and death of all living things which a mere thought!

This was the might of the Immemorial Blood Spirit Dragon.

Blood Engulfing Zone was not an offensive ability, but for Feng Wutian who was about to display his Phoenix Dance of the Nine Heavens, it would have a large effect on him.

This was the first time Feng Wutian was employing this attack, and he could not control it skilfully yet. By making use of the absorption abilities of the Blood Engulfing Zone, there would be chaos in Feng Wutian’s body.

Long Chen’s attack was used at a very opportune time.

If he had used Blood Engulfing Zone while Feng Wutian displayed his Fire Spirit Seal or Sole Flaming Deity Bird, it would not be as effective as it was now.

At this moment, the blood in Feng Wutian’s body seemed to have been summoned by some master and was now incredibly excited. It turned into little fine daggers and, within Feng Wutian’s veins, began to attack the channels.

Feng Wutian, who had placed all his attention on Phoenix Dance of the Nine Heavens, couldn’t have expected this situation where his blood acted against him. Though it did not injure him and would at most restrict his movement in normal situations, this situation now caused his energy to stray away.

Under his bewildered gaze, Phoenix Dance of the Nine Heavens abruptly exploded, sending himself flying!

Coughing out a mouthful of blood, he collapsed from the acute pain.

This unforeseen circumstance happened so quickly that even when Feng Wutian fell, everyone still had stiff expressions and had yet to react to the situation.

Long Chen never expected Blood Engulfing Zone, that he had employed in a hurry, had such a marvellous effect. He did know that Feng Wutian could not fully control Phoenix Dance of the Nine Heavens, which was how Long Chen was able to find this loophole.

If this was a very proficient technique, Long Chen might only be able to stop one attack and perhaps somewhat hinder his opponent’s movements. It wouldn’t be to the extent of causing someone to have their move backfire on themselves.

However, now that he had defeated Feng Wutian, Long Chen could finally heave a sigh of relief.

Feng Wutian had been completely defeated under the eyes of the public. The issue was finally resolved.

Since Feng Wutian was now unconscious, the battle was over. Long Chen removed his Dragon Soul Transformation and smirked at the audience.

“What’s wrong? Didn’t Feng Wutian use his most powerful attack? Why did he hurt himself?”

“”He must have been unable to control such a powerful move, which resulted in it backfiring on him. Long Chen truly is fortunate to be able to survive.”

These low-ranked disciples could not tell what had happened, but the four elders knew this was definitely not the case.

“Did you see that? In that instant, many tiny crimson spirals appeared around Long Chen, before Feng Wutian’s attack backfired on him!”

“It must have been Long Chen. If Feng Wutian dared to use it, he must have been somewhat confident in his abilities. Say, what mysterious battle technique do you think Long Chen used?”

The four elders and enforcers’ gazes were completely different than before. In the past, they might have been condescending towards Long Chen, but now, all they had for him was reverence.

“It wasn’t obvious before, but Long Chen seems very mysterious.”

Long Chen’s playful grin gave rise to embarrassment in these elders. They turned away, and Enforcer Zhang as well as two elders who had thought little of Long Chen wished they could find a hole to hide in.

Out of everyone present, the person who found this the most unbelievable was Liu Ling.

Her attention was not on Feng Wutian, but Long Chen on the platform with his mischievous smirk.

Before, Feng Wutian had been defeated by Long Chen under unexpected circumstances.

This man was fated to be her nemesis.

Liu Ling suddenly felt like breaking down. When Feng Wutian had been defeated by Long Chen the first time, she had given up all hope. However, because Feng Wutian later proved himself capable, she believed that she could take on Long Chen without any issues. Unexpectedly, the more formidable Feng Wutian had actually lost against Long Chen.

Face turning deathly pale, Liu Ling shook her head in disbelief before darting away.


Liu Lan shouted, but Liu Ling did not turn back.

Liu Lan found it implausible for Long Chen to be able to turn the tables at the last minute. This was not the first time something like this had happened, but this was the first time that she was fully convinced.

In her eyes, Long Chen could truly fit the title of the ultimate genius!


This was the first time Liu Yuan had personally seen Long Chen’s heaven-defying display, and torrential waves rose in his heart. The image of the young man, Long Chen, was carved in his mind.

However, Feng Wutian’s terrible state was also extremely worrying. He couldn’t be bothered to speak to Long Chen just yet. If anything were to happen to Feng Wutian, Liu Yuan would definitely be in deep trouble. For this reason, he quickly called out to everyone and told them to help Feng Wutian.

Most of them gathered at Feng Wutian’s side, and under shocked gazes, Long Chen strolled away alone.

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