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DBWG Chapter 14

Chapter 14 – Mastery of [Celestial Core Technique]
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Four days have passed from the time when Long Chen had gotten injured to the time when Lingxi had awakened. Long Chen figured out the current time, and realized that the intra-family competition will be held in a few days’ time.

“If I don’t master the [Celestial Core Technique], I will still be in the fourth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm facing against Yang Lingyue who is at the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. It’s still not enough……”

Long Chen frowned, and decided to leave once Lingxi woke up.

Only after four days later did Lingxi wake up.

Looking at the huge progress in Long Chen’s cultivation, she quickly said: “Looking at the fact that you have refined the Enchanted Hill Ginseng, now your true battle ability can stand against the Phantom Star Wolf. Also the intra-family competition isn’t that many days away so we had better go to its cave.”

Long Chen stared blankly and said: “Do we still need to go there? All the advantages it had were already cleared by us.”

“You do not know, but for you the real treasure is that demonic beast itself.” Lingxi whispered.

“I don’t know what you’re trying to pull off by being so mysterious.”

Although he was suspicious, Long Chen still chose to believe in Lingxi. So the both of them headed to the nest of the Phantom Star Wolf.

“Xiao Xi, what exactly is this Phantom Star Wolf’s treasure that you say will benefit me?”

“The Phantom Star Wolf’s fur is very unique. It can automatically absorb starlight on its own. And after absorbing it, the fur will strangely become hardened, that is why it can match a core technique of some cultivators. Usually, capturing the Phantom Star Wolf you can obtain a lot of money because of this fur. Also this fur itself is hugely beneficial for your [Celestial Core Technique]!”

After listening to Lingxi’s explanation, Long Chen was secretly speechless. There are indeed many wonders between heaven and earth.

Thinking that the Phantom Star Wolf’s fur will be beneficial to his [Celestial Core Technique], Long Chen knew that this time he had to take a gamble. And if he wins, then he can fulfill Long Qinglan’s wishes.

Long Chen originally thought that the reason Lingxi cared about the Phantom Star Wolf, was for her self-interest, not for him.

“Although this girl is muddle-headed and headstrong, but she is a very good person deep down.”

For Lingxi, and also for Long Qinglan, this time he had to go all or nothing. And now that he had entered the fourth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, he was stronger by several times, so there was still a huge chance of defeating the Phantom Star Wolf.

“Dragon Warrior, this extremely unknown title that no one knows about, what exactly does it entail. A mysterious guy like my father was holding it in such high esteem……”

Very soon, they appeared in front of the cave once again.

Lingxi nervously said: “The physical body of the Phantom Star Wolf is extremely strong, not inferior to yours, so if you are unable to defeat it, it’s okay to escape. I only wanted to give you a chance for another breakthrough to prepare for the intra-family competition, but don’t throw your life away for this.”

Long Chen smiled and said: “No problem, I understand your intentions, but I, Long Chen, am not so easily bullied.”

Placing the Lingxi sword on the floor, Long Chen said: “Just watch how I trample this little beast.”

That strong confidence had made Lingxi lose her bearings for a little.

“Bad guy.”

She scolded him in her heart.

Long Chen walked open and aboveboard towards the entrance of the cave, and drew out his energy from both the Enlightenment level of the [Celestial Core Technique], as well as the fourth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm.

This way, the Phantom Star Wolf inside the cave will immediately be able to sense Long Chen’s presence.

The beast’s awareness of its surroundings was extremely high, and Long Chen had trespassed on its territory. So naturally he deserved to die in its eyes.

After coming out and realising that it was the person who stole his stash, the Phantom Star Wolf roared and without another word, came charging at Long Chen.

On the demonic beast’s chest there were still some traces of blood. Long Chen knew that it was Lingxi who had done this, so most likely this was the reason why Lingxi was confident enough to let Long Chen have this battle.

However, the speed and strength of the Phantom Star Wolf was still making his pupils shrink.

Looking at the might of the Phantom Star Wolf, Lingxi was also anxious, afraid that she had committed a bad deed.

“Don’t move, I won’t lose!”

Long Chen’s voice rang beside her ears, and while looking ahead at the peerless teenager that had

already commenced battle with the opponent, Lingxi decided and in the end she didn’t move.

“Alright, I believe in you.”

She was cheering silently for Long Chen.

At this time Long Chen had used all the strength from the Enlightenment level of the [Celestial Core Technique]. Not only had his defenses greatly risen, but there was also a faintly discernable starlight aura that was swirling around his body like countless blades. If the aura were to be touched by an ordinary human, they would have been harmed by the sharpness of the aura!

Also, the physical body at this point connected with his new Qi that had been increased after breaking through. Long Chen’s strength had dramatically risen overall. Before he had no resistance against the Phantom Star Wolf, but now he could actually face it head on.

With a loud bang the [Ferocious Tiger Punch] and the Phantom Star Wolf had clashed. Although the Phantom Star Wolf’s physical shape was much larger than Long Chen’s, both of them were evenly matched so they parted with another bang. The Phantom Star Wolf’s formidable might had made Long Chen’s arms tremble, but Long Chen’s [Celestial Core Technique] had also cut the opponent with its swirling blade aura.

Its four limbs were strewn with cuts from the [Celestial Core Technique]’s blade aura, which had angered it even more. The Phantom Star Wolf let out a roar and once again charged rapidly towards Long Chen. Its demonic aura rose to the surface, and it then sent a claw attack towards Long Chen.

“Although the imposing size of a wild beast is frightening, and the attack power is even more terrifying, but my guts are bigger than your body so I am not afraid of you!”

The Phantom Star Wolf’s attack was vicious as each attack was a fatal one. But Long Chen was not to be underestimated, deep inside he also had a very vicious character, only that it was concealed for over ten years, but it was starting to show itself during this battle. Although the Phantom Star Wolf was mighty, but it was actually retreating from Long Chen’s continuous barrage of attacks!

The [Celestial Core Technique] had allowed Long Chen to have very acute reflexes and dexterity in the battle. The Phantom Star Wolf was completely attacking like a wild beast, so he used the same method of fighting as a tactic against the beast.

As if a tornado, Long Chen’s kick had sent the opponent retreating several tens of feet backwards. And with a shout, he gathered energy in his legs and dashed forward, crashing against the Phantom Star Wolf like a meteorite.

“Only after entering the fourth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, can I use the true might of the [Falling Star Fist]. So I shall let you taste this attack which was unable to withstand a blow of yours before.

“[Falling Star Fist], destroyer of heaven and earth!”

With a loud boom, an enormous might was sent and the Phantom Star Wolf was sent flying into a wall on the mountain. At that moment, the spot where it had been hit by the [Falling Star Fist] had already turned scarlet red, and the wall behind him even had a spider web crack!

After landing another blow on the Phantom Star Wolf’s body, Long Chen immediately grabbed a hold of its head.

At this moment in the Phantom Star Wolf’s eyes, it still held the vicious gaze of a demonic beast. However after being hit continuously, it already didn’t have much energy left to resist. So with Long Chen’s final attack ruthlessly smashing onto its lower jaw, its mandible immediately cracked into pieces and the shrapnel had pierced the brains of the Phantom Star Wolf. With a whimper, it collapsed softly onto the ground.

Looking at this scene, only then did Lingxi heave a sigh of relief.

Earlier when she realised the Phantom Star Wolf had turned stronger, she was so nervous as if on the brink of death. She knew exactly how much ability Long Chen had. This time being able to beat the Phantom Star Wolf, was only because of his battle method which was even more savage than a wild beast’s.

“This fellow……is really a freak. In a battle he is so terrifying. Usually he speaks coarsely which is not pleasant to listen to at all, but when he laughs he sure seems to be good-looking……”

Thinking of which, Lingxi suddenly had a feeling of warmth.

At this point, Long Chen had already dragged the enormous body of the Phantom Star Wolf and was walking towards Lingxi’s side. Long Chen smugly asked: “Girl, what’s up with you? Have you been enthralled by the battle scene and my formidable might?”

Lingxi originally thought that this fellow was not bad, but after being spoken to like that, she was grossed out for half a day, and said: “In your dreams! A young lady like me would never fall for a toad like you!”

Long Chen laughed heartily, and changed back to the main topic. Frowning his head and depressingly looking at the Phantom Star Wolf he said: “Hey, why aren’t you speaking? Hurry up and tell me, your big brother, how to use this fur.”

After being asked, Lingxi was excited and suddenly said: “What other way is there, of course it is to pull out all the fur, swallow it and then refine it inside your stomach, this way it will be a great success!”

Long Chen was stumped. Looking at the Phantom Star Wolf, his face turned bitter, and stuttered: “You……You’re asking me to eat this bastard’s fur? I actually have to eat fur?”

“Yes, eat its fur……”

Long Chen gave a cry of XX, and fell to the ground.

[TL Note: The author wrote XX, but from the context one can see that he means “Fuck”.]

One hour later.

Long Chen sat on the ground, and on the surface of his skin, starlight was faintly emerging from it, and was slowly becoming more and more concentrated. His eyes went round and looked on. His two eyeballs as if turning into meteorites, were letting out a dazzling ray of light.

As for what lay behind him, it was the Phantom Star Wolf’s corpse which had been XX.

[TL Note: Again the author wrote XX, but from the context one can see that he means “fucked over badly”.]

This scene could remind people to think of the saying, to rape first and kill later.

Lingxi stared blankly at Long Chen who was deep in concentration, and gave off a silly smile. After a while, her smile froze suddenly.

“Really, what am I thinking about, he is just a weak cultivator in a desolated area like this. As for me……I cannot have such deep dealings with him. If he can really help me recover my physical body, I will just help him again in the future.”

At this moment Long Chen had reached an important point in the cultivation.

“The fur of this dog thing is soft, but once it enters the body, it is rather like blades piercing through. A wave of destructive force is violently thrashing about in my body, damaging it. This energy should be the power of the stars!”

Bearing the intense pain, Long Chen suddenly applied the [Celestial Core Technique], and cultivated the technique with the rebellious energy of the starlight within him. Under this application the goal was to combine both the wild energy and Long Chen’s [Celestial Core Technique]. It succeeded and his physical body was becoming stronger gradually.

Thinking of his pathetic state from an hour ago, Long Chen’s gut had turned over a few times. Under the incitement of Lingxi, he had really eaten that disgusting fur. Thinking about it, while this was indeed pathetic, but for the sake of getting stronger he has to make sacrifices.

The physical body was being tempered under the immeasurable power of the starlight and was continuously becoming stronger. After finally reaching a critical point, with a loud bang, Long Chen’s body started emitting out a flash of swirling starlight, at which point an enormous force was sent out in all four directions!

Long Chen stood up abruptly, and felt the immense strength within him. Looking closely at his skin, faint traces of starlight could be seen, as if blades were flashing within. His eyes were letting out a dazzling light, as if no different from the stars up in the night sky.

“The mastery of the [Celestial Core Technique] is actually so powerful?”

He looked towards the direction of Poplar Town.

“Yang family, I am coming back……”

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