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DBWG Chapter 139 – Between Long and Feng!

Chapter 139 – Between Long and Feng!
Translated by: Ying

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News of Long Chen and Feng Wutian going to the Platform of Life and Death quickly spread throughout Green Sun Hall, and even the entire Green faction.

By the time Long Chen and the others reached the platform, Liu Yuan, the four grand elders and five enforcers were already there.

Feng Wutian was now a member of the inner faction, and Liu Yuan as well as Liu Lan no longer had any hold over him. However, they had been on good terms, and it was thus possible to negotiate with him.

“Wutian, what are you doing?”

Honestly speaking, Feng Wutian had reached the Earth Dan Realm and left for the inner faction. Now, Long Chen had taken over his position and was now the genius within the Human Dan Realm in the Green Sun Hall.

Feng Wutian now seemed very imposing and fierce, and it would be extremely troublesome if Long Chen were to be heavily injured or killed here.

Once they were on the Platform of Life and Death, the result would only be life or death.

“Elder, he has already agreed to go up to the Platform of Life and Death with me. Please don’t try to say more.”

Feng Wutian used to be extremely respectful to Liu Yuan, but his tone right now had become indifferent.

This battle was not just for Liu Ling, but also for himself, and his intention was to teach Long Chen an unforgettable lesson. Liu Yuan’s status was not higher than his own, and thus, could not stop him.

“Long Chen, you really agreed to this?”

Looking towards Long Chen, Liu Yuan seemed slightly grim and anxiously exclaimed, “Stop causing trouble! Wutian is part of the inner faction, and it will be your own doing if you get injured or killed. However, if you wound him…”

At this thought, he recalled that Feng Wutian had already entered the Earth Dan Realm, and it was basically impossible for Long Chen to win. Liu Yuan’s speech thus ended here.

“Don’t worry, Elder. Once we’re on the platform, nothing will matter but who lives and who dies.”

While Feng Wutian was Long Chen’s arch-enemy, he was still a very candid and frank person.

Meanwhile, Liu Lan pulled Long Chen aside and asked in a low voice, “Are you confident?”

Long Chen smiled wryly and shook his head. “I don’t know.”

“Then why did you agree to this?”

Long Chen rolled his eyes at her, “You’ve been alive for so long already. Don’t you know that once an arrow is on the bow string, it has to be released?”

By mentioning her age and unwittingly lowering his gaze towards Liu Lan’s pale breasts, he was basically mocking Liu Lan and saying that she had a large chest and no brains. Exasperated, Liu Lan scolded, “You bastard, you can’t blame us if you want to die so badly! Feng Wutian entered the inner faction, and I actually wanted to advise you not to create conflict with him. To think you’re already seeking your death before I could say anything!”

Long Chen laughed, not expressing his opinion.

At this point, more and more people had gathered. Having heard this, everyone began to gesticulate at Long Chen.

The inner faction meant power and terror to everyone else. For Long Chen to dare fight with a person who had recently entered the inner faction, he was truly much too gutsy for his own good.

The five grand elders and the other four enforcers, besides Liu Lan, found that this situation had nothing to do with themselves and retreated to a corner. Exchanging glances, one of the elders whose surname was Chen asked, “What do you think the outcome of the battle will be?”

Out of the four enforcers, the oldest one whose surname was Zhang, was about the same age as an elder. He was now looking Long Chen and Feng Wutian up and down, “Feng Wutian entered the Earth Dan Realm and has been nurtured by the Southern Vermillion Bird Family. His cultivation must be far from someone who has only just entered the Earth Dan Realm. Long Chen is at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm and is still far from Feng Wutian’s strength. However, Liu Lan did say that he’s killed the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect leader, which means he might be able to put up a fight with Feng Wutian.”

Another elder whose surname was Liu pursed his lips, “That depends. Liu Lan did not personally see Long Chen killing the sect leader. There is a large gap between the Earth and Human Dan Realm. Long Chen might have been able to defeat Feng Wutian then, but there must be a large difference between them now.”

“Makes sense.”

Enforcer Zhang nodded, “Have you seen any instances in battles between youths of the inner and outer factions, where the inner faction has been defeated before?”

Everyone shook their heads, the answer and outcome obvious to them.

Seeing that Liu Yuan’s words fell on deaf ears, he could only head to the side with Liu Lan. Liu Yuan was now beginning to look anxious, “Lan’er, did Long Chen really kill the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect leader?”

“That’s for sure. I even heard that a few days ago, he killed a Giant Demonic Vicious Bear. Uncle Yan saw this for himself, and even said that he would not be a match for Long Chen.”

“Oh? For even old Yan to say that, it seems Long Chen does have a chance…”

Liu Yuan had achieved his goal of getting Long Chen to stay here.

“I hope you can be shrewd and don’t overdo it by infuriating Feng Wutian.”

Watching Long Chen calmly walking with Feng Wutian to the Platform of Life and Death, Liu Lan shook her head, sighed and exclaimed.

It was not as if she did not know Long Chen’s nature. This time, he would probably be in trouble.

“The moment Long Chen dies, my plan is done for.”

While still thinking about this plan of hers, everyone’s eyes were fixed on Long Chen and Feng Wutian, facing each other on the spacious, firm platform.

“Based on their surnames, this is a battle between Long and Feng*. However, the phoenix seems to be at an advantage now.”
(*Long = Dragon, Feng = Phoenix)

Long Chen seemed to hear these comments in the background.

It was expected that nobody would think well of him. After all, Feng Wutian was an expert at the Earth Dan Realm, while Long Chen was still at the Human Dan Realm. On top of that, there was a large difference between their statuses.

“The previous fight with you was a disgraceful moment in my life. However, that was in a situation where I had lost my consciousness, so I’m going to erase that humiliation with this battle.”

“Erase it? Don’t shame yourself more by turning into a huge-lipped handsome young man…”

Long Chen yawned and then laughed indifferently.

“How stupid.”

Rather than getting angry, Feng Wutian gathered his real Qi at the Earth Dan Realm, which began to surge crazily and formed a tornado in front of him.

Such earth-shattering power began to suppress Long Chen like a huge mountain.

“He’s much stronger than the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect leader…”

Long Chen was apprehensive but not afraid. His real Qi that was at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm was not to be underestimated either!

“Dragon Soul Transformation!”

Under this technique, his real Qi increased its quality by ten times, allowing it to rise to the Earth Dan Realm, and he could somewhat be on equal grounds with Feng Wutian.

“Feng Wutian just entered the inner faction. Even if he managed to obtained a good battle technique, he probably hasn’t had time to cultivate in it yet.”

After using Dragon Soul Transformation, crimson real Qi surged within his body, the force of electricity and flames crackling around Long Chen’s body.

“Long Chen’s beast transformation seems to be able to amplify his strength by a huge degree. I reckon that beast from when he was at the Dragon Pulse Realm should not be the Underground Blood Lizard, but the level 7 huang grade Underground Blood Lizard King.”

Liu Yuan mumbled, and then looked regretful, “If Long Chen can get through this and then obtain the beast spirit of the Enchanted Purple Dragon, his strength will definitely increase by a huge amount. It’s a shame…”

Liu Lan planned to tell Liu Yuan about how Long Chen had used 300 contribution points and exchanged them for a Spirit Grass. However, Long Chen and Feng Wutian were now beginning their battle and she shut her mouth, watching them closely.

“Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist, Scarlet Flame Burning Heavens!”

“Vermillion Bird Law, Fire Spirit Seal!”

Feng Wutian utilised his Fire Spirit Seal, which was now at least ten times stronger than before. A giant fiery bird collided with Long Chen’s blazing fist imprint. Two fire-based attacks struck each other, and with a loud explosion, the spiritual force of the heavens and earth surged violently in all directions. The Platform of Life and Death even began to shake!

“These attacks are both just as powerful!”

Noticing that Long Chen was able to take on this attack of Feng Wutian’s, everyone was astonished. It must be noted that Feng Wutian’s Fire Spirit Seal was something that even cultivators who had just entered the Earth Dan Realm found difficult to withstand.

“Looks like Long Chen isn’t all talk. He might really have killed the leader of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect.”

Enforcer Zhang nodded, a rare look of approval on his face.

“The result will still be the same. Long Chen will definitely be unable to withstand Feng Wutian’s most powerful attack, Sole Flaming Deity Bird.” Elder Chen shook his head.

On the platform, Long Chen displayed his Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step, and was rapidly exchanging attacks with Feng Wutian.

“Looks like you aren’t half bad. You’re merely at the Human Dan Realm and can take on my Fire Spirit Seal. I guess I underestimated you.”

Feng Wutian’s dull voice rang by Long Chen’s ear.

“Don’t be in such a hurry. The surprise is yet to come.”

Long Chen acknowledged the power of the Fire Spirit Seal, which had shaken Long Chen so much that he had sustained injuries. However, Long Chen’s miraculous constitution technique, Origin Reversion, was able to take care of these wounds.

“I heard my Sole Flaming Deity Bird lost to you before. This time…”

While Feng Wutian was speaking, his aura was rapidly increasing. What could be seen was a Vermillion Bird Imprint flashing on his forehead, and his aura as well as real Qi increased by a twofold.

“Long Chen, stop wasting time. Try my most powerful attack- Sole Flaming Deity Bird!”

At the moment, a sharp whistling sound hurtled towards Long Chen, sending him flying.

What he could see was intense flames in front of him, and the image of a deity bird that pounced towards Long Chen fiercely. Everyone watching could also feel this mighty aura, their legs turning weak in their fear.

“Feng Wutian is truly powerful…”

“Even if he doesn’t die, Long Chen is going to be badly injured.”

“That can’t be. Doesn’t Long Chen also have another offensive technique?”

The moment this person spoke, Long Chen had decided he was in a tough spot and needed to use Piercing Earth Demonic Sun!

After reaching the initial mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm, the might of Piercing Heavens Demonic Sun Fist had increased tenfold. The black demonic sun fist imprint appeared with a rumble and smashed into Feng Wutian’s Sole Flaming Deity Bird.

“They’re actually evenly matched?”

Everyone’s expressions were marvellous, especially that of the four elders and enforcers, who quickly exchanged glances and looked extremely embarrassed.

“My previous words were truly embarrassing…”

Liu Yuan was delighted that Long Chen possessed this level of strength, while Liu Lan’s beautiful eyes were fixated on Long Chen.

Suddenly, Feng Wutian’s icy voice was heard.

“You really aren’t half bad, but if you’re forcing me to use this move, you definitely won’t be able to survive!”

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