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DBWG Chapter 138 – Spirit Grass

Chapter 138 – Spirit Grass
Translated by: Ying

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After bidding Ma Tianyang farewell, Long Chen headed towards the Treasure Exchange Pavilion.

“Hey, are you sure you don’t want that Enchanted Purple Dragon’s beast spirit? It can exchange for a lot of deity jades!” Lingxi was conflicted.

“Come on, you’ve asked that so many times. I’m going to first get the Spirit Grass. Besides, with my level of strength, getting 500 contribution points shouldn’t be that difficult.”

Only then did Lingxi pout and back down.

She knew that Long Chen was someone who was insecure. He was worried that something might happen to Lingxi, which was why he wanted to ensure she was safe before he could focus on doing other things.

This was very touching to her.

After entering the Treasure Exchange Pavilion, Long Chen found that beautiful girl from before.

“Little brother, why are you here again? Are you going to buy the Spirit Recovery Fruit?”

She had a very deep impression of this young man who only wanted Spirit Recovery Fruits.

“Would you believe me if I told you that I want the Spirit Grass this time?”

“You already have 300 contribution points?” The girl gaped, shocked.

“No.” Long Chen spoke confidently.

“You brat!” She giggled and waved her arms, “Stop joking with your sister. If there’s anything you need, tell me.”

“Wait, I did say I don’t have it now, but I’ll have it soon enough.”

Long Chen immediately ran away smugly, and the beautiful woman shook her head, “That guy seems to have a lot of secrets…”

Upon reaching the area collecting beast spirits and demonic cores, Long Chen handed over those of the Giant Demonic Vicious Bear.

“Level 4, profound grade Giant Demonic Vicious Bear?” The person inside was slightly surprised and looked up at Long Chen.

“Who gave you this?”

“I found it in the Sky Martial Realm.” Long Chen laughed and exclaimed.

If this was so easily picked up, then everyone would be striking the jackpot. The person did not believe him so easily.

If Long Chen was unwilling to answer, he did not ask further. He took the beast spirit and demonic core, “Based on the price list, you should get 400 contribution points. Give me your identity jade.”

Long Chen handed his identity jade over, and in a while, the number of contribution points changed to 641.

“Buying a Spirit Grass will cost me 300 contribution points and leave me with 341. It’s definitely not enough for me to exchange for the beast spirit of the Enchanted Purple Dragon.”

Long Chen was a little gloomy. He knew that if he really wanted the beast spirit of the Purple Enchanted Dragon, he would need to enter the Sky Martial Realm once more. This trip was actually very smooth-sailing, where he obtained 400 contribution points, befriended someone like Ma Tianyang and gained information regarding Mo Xiaolang.

After returning to the region selling spirit medicine, Long Chen showed his identity jade to the beautiful woman, and she was stunned.

“641 contribution points? What did you sell?”

“The demonic core and beast spirit of the Giant Demonic Vicious Beast. Do you believe me?” Long Chen laughed.

“The Giant Demonic Vicious Beast? That’s a level 4 profound grade demonic beast! How would I believe you? I think you must have killed quite a few level 3 profound grade demonic beasts in the Sky Martial Realm, yes?”

“Ha, you actually got it right! I would like a Spirit Grass. Could you get it for me?”

The beautiful woman’s eyes that were like peaches glanced at Long Chen softly and chuckled as she nodded.

“You must have killed at least ten or so level 3 profound grade demonic beasts. You’re quite tough, and based on this alone, your sister here would have to help you.”

“Thank you, sister!”

Long Chen was now becoming increasingly likeable. She took Long Chen’s identity jade and went up to the second floor.

“I still don’t know sister’s name…?”

“Hm? My name is Qingya. You can just call me Sister Ya.”

To be able to enter the second level of the Treasure Exchange Pavilion, one had to be at least at the Earth Dan Realm.

After a while, she came downstairs and placed the identity jade, as well as a box, in Long Chen’s hands. “This is the Spirit Grass. You’d better use it with care and not waste it.”

“I promise I’ll eat every bit of it.”

Long Chen was overjoyed and carefully kept the Spirit Grass. From within the Lingxi Sword, Lingxi felt the presence of the Spirit Grass and was immediately stirred up.

“Little guy, you can’t eat the Spirit Grass. You have to refine it.”

Long Chen nodded, “Thank you, Sister Ya. Once I have enough contribution points, I’ll come over again. Goodbye!”

He then hastily left. Watching his back, Qingya couldn’t help but laugh, “I heard that this guy even signed up for the inner faction selection, but he hasn’t reached the Earth Dan Realm yet. Looks like he doesn’t stand a chance.”


Having returned to his residence, Long Chen closed the door.

“Quick, quick, the Spirit Grass!”

Lingxi was very impatient. The moment his foot went through the door, she came out from the sword and fluttered around Long Chen.

After they went to the basement, Long Chen produced the box with the Spirit Grass from within his cosmos pouch. As he opened it, what he saw was a little grass that was like white jade that gave off a very refreshing scent. Just a sniff of it made Long Chen feel intoxicated.

“A medium profound-grade medicine is truly extraordinary. Compared to the Initial Returning Fruit, this Spirit Grass is several times more expensive.”

The Lingxi Sword began to dance and floated before Long Chen. A white fog then swept past, and the Spirit Grass in the box disappeared.

“I’m going to refine it!”

After finding a corner, Lingxi quickly began the process. Seeing how hurried she was, Long Chen had a sense of accomplishment.

“The blood of two level 4 profound grade demonic beasts and Thunder Flame Crystals. I’ll deal with them now.”

Everything quietened down. As he had just entered the perfect mastery stage of the Human Dan Realm, Long Chen was in no hurry to use the blood of the demonic beasts. Instead, he used the Thunder Flame Crystals and fused with up till the 25th. Any more than that, and he would need to use Dragon Soul Transformation.

Time slowly passed. By the time a day went by, Long Chen had fused with the 26th. At this moment, Lingxi had finished with her refining and was anxiously waiting for Long Chen.

After refining the Spirit Grass, Lingxi’s body looked clearer, and her aura became more dense. It was evident that she had become much stronger and looked prettier. In the following battles, she would definitely be able to offer Long Chen some assistance.

“Little Xi, what’s wrong?”

Seeing the anxiety in her expression, Long Chen quickly asked.

“Liu Ling found that guy called Feng Wutian. They’re already outside waiting for you, and they say if you don’t open the door, they’re going to force their way in!”

“Feng Wutian?”

Long Chen suddenly recalled that he had angered Liu Ling, which was probably why she had entered the inner faction and pulled Feng Wutian out. It seemed like Long Chen was going to be skinned this time.

“He lost to me once. Is he back for it again?”

Fearless, Long Chen stood up.

“Be careful. He’s probably stronger than Yan Chixue and Ma Tianyang.”

Feng Wutian had the bloodline of the Southern Vermillion Bird, and was now part of that family. Long Chen naturally knew that Mo Xiaolang was imprisoned because he had killed someone of the inner faction, and thus knew he should avoid this.

He opened the door and found Liu Ling pulling Feng Wutian’s hand while giving Long Chen a poisonous glare. Long Chen laughed involuntarily at that. It seemed like being seen bathing had driven her mad.

“What’s there to be so angry about? I only saw it once. At most, I can just let you see me if you want.” Long Chen teased her and looked towards Feng Wutian.

“This guy has really changed. Looks like this trip to the Sky Martial Realm has benefited him.”

Feng Wutian now looked much more energetic, his eyes shining with spirit. Though he did not intentionally show it off, the aura of an expert that leaked out caused Long Chen to narrow his eyes.

“Feng Wutian truly is a large enemy.”

Seeing Long Chen come out, Liu Ling sneered at him, “Does the terrified tortoise finally dare show its head? I thought you’d stay in there for a few days. I’m sure you must have wet your pants a few times inside there, no?”

In the face of Feng Wutian’s suppression and Liu Ling’s taunting, as well as passers-by ready to watch a good show, Long Chen chuckled, “Senior sister Liu even knows that I wet my pants. Perhaps your mind and mine are connected?”

Liu Ling did not want to seem too fierce in front of Feng Wutian and calmed herself, suppressing the fury she had towards Long Chen and laughed coldly, “I won’t try to talk you around. Today, Brother Wutian is here as a member of the inner faction and wants a battle with you on the Platform of Life and Death. You must go.”

Inner faction. It was always about the inner faction.

Feng Wutian spoke matter-of-factly, “It’s Long Chen, right? I heard that when I was possessed by the Heart Corrosive demonic beast, I lost to you. I, Feng Wutian, have never lost to anyone in my life, and you are the first. However, that battle doesn’t really count. Do you have the guts to fight me on the Platform of Life and Death?”

Though Feng Wutian sounded calm, his words made it hard for Long Chen to reject him. The image that Long Chen had constructed for himself was now on the verge of crumbling, and he would be made the laughing stock of the Green Faction once again.

Anyone could tell that Long Chen was not a match for Feng Wutian.

“After entering the inner faction, he’s become more crafty and ruthless.”

Long Chen knew that there was no way for him to avoid this. Then again, he had no wish to avoid it.

“Feng Wutian has entered the Earth Dan Realm and has gotten many rewards from the Southern Vermillion Bird. However, I’ve defeated Yan Chixue and a Giant Demonic Vicious Bear, so it’s not certain that I will lose to you.”

Long Chen had once defeated Feng Wutian and was also a genius. Feng Wutian was an arrogant person and definitely would not take this lying down. If this was in any other situation where Long Chen injured him slightly despite his status as a member of the inner faction, Long Chen would be in trouble. Today, Feng Wutian had invited Long Chen to the Platform of Life and Death, and even if Feng Wutian were to get injured, there was nothing he would be able to say about it. This was actually a great opportunity for Long Chen.

“I know that you lack the guts. Long Chen, even if you agree, you wouldn’t dare go to the Platform of Life and Death like what happened the last time!” Liu Ling snickered, holding onto Feng Wutian tightly and staring at Long Chen proudly.

At the thought of what had happened previously, everyone began to whisper amongst themselves and point at Long Chen.

“Is that so?” Long Chen smiled slightly and raised his voice, “What happened has already happened. This time, I’m agreeing to this. What’s it to you?”


Now that Long Chen had actually agreed, everyone was bewildered.

“Are you going to agree and then not show up?” Liu Ling glanced at Long Chen with contempt, “You know that my Brother Wutian is several times stronger than Uncle Yan. You’re not even a match for one attack from him.”

“Since you’re afraid I won’t go, how about we go to the platform right now?”

Long Chen’s bright voice rang in the Green Willow Residence, and this news began to spread amongst the Green Faction.

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