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DBWG Chapter 137 – This Beast is Crazy

Chapter 137 – This Beast is Crazy
Translated by: Ying

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On Long Chen’s body, crimson electricity flashed. Upon closer inspection, crimson flames could be seen on the surface.

After fusing with the Thunder Flame Crystals, the force from the lightning and flames constantly tempered his body, and had even fused with his real Qi.

After taking in 25 crystals, Long Chen’s body had become extremely durable. Even when compared with medium profound-grade constitution techniques, his body would still be considered amazing.

With this powerful Thunder Flame Physique, Long Chen began an astounding battle against the Giant Demonic Vicious Bear.

At Ma Tianyang’s side, he used exquisite footsteps to evade the bear, before finding opportunities to attack. However, it was different with Long Chen. He used his entire body and, with brute force, battled it out with the bear.

If anyone heard Long Chen was attacking a Giant Demonic Vicious Bear with brute force, they would think he was crazy. However, whether Ma Tianyang or anyone else present, they all knew he was not crazy, as he was not on the losing end Instead, the bear roared miserably and with anguish, causing the surrounding trees to shake.

The two youngsters who had been bragging now did not dare speak.

Long Chen’s battle was really quite terrifying. If either of them were in his position, they would be smashed into meat patty in a few seconds.

“Good luck!”

A few girls prayed. Long Chen’s placing in their hearts was constantly rising. He now seemed not much weaker than Ma Tianyang, and even seemed to be more relaxed.

Ma Tianyang found a chance to glance at Long Chen and was astonished.

“I really am too unfortunate to have met with two Giant Demonic Vicious Bears, but I managed to have the fortune of making friends with Long Chen. In general, my good luck outweighed the bad, and so I’ve made a profit here!”

He had initially been very tense, but could now relax and focus on his opponent.

“This is really an interesting fight, but I can’t lose to Brother Ma.”

After battling with the bear for a while till it was full of injuries, Long Chen began to lose interest.

All of a sudden, he drew back. The bear had the impression he was going to escape and immediately snarled. Unexpectedly, the moment Long Chen took several steps back, the real Qi in his body began to emerge with a rumble. He shouted, aimed his fist forward, and the world began to shake!

“Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist, Piercing Earth Demonic Sun!”

This image of a fist was like a black sun, striking the body of the Giant Demonic Vicious Bear and causing it to howl while its body sent flying. It began to fall in the direction of where the youngsters were.

Fresh blood sprayed all over.

The youngsters shrieked and immediately dispersed, before the bear landed on the ground with a thud.

When everyone looked over in fright, they realised there was a huge hole in its stomach. All its organs had been destroyed under Long Chen’s attack, and the originally terrifying Giant Demonic Vicious Bear was now dead.

Long Chen rushed over and, with a wave of his arms, kept the corpse in his cosmos pouch, looking elegant while going about this. The youngsters stared at him in a daze, unsure of what to do.

“What? You want to steal my spoils of battle?” Long Chen fiercely questioned.

“Of course not, of course not…”

They quickly took several steps back, their footsteps uneven in their fear. Even Brother Bei and Brother Dong who had been bragging could only wish for a place to hide, after realising Long Chen was several times stronger than they were.

“That’s better.”

Long Chen smiled slightly and then headed towards Ma Tianyang’s battle.

Ma Tianyang and the other Giant Demonic Vicious Bear had seen Long Chen’s victory, and Ma Tianyang in shock. The bear, on the other hand, noticed the carcass of the female that had just been under him, and broke out in furious howls as the body was kept.

“That beast has gone crazy.”

Ma Tianyang knew this was his chance.

“Brother Ma, I won this bet. Bring out whatever good wine you have and don’t hide it, or else I’ll look down on you.”

While Ma Tianyang was battling, Long Chen teased him from a distance away.

Ma Tianyang instantly forced a smile in answer. Previously, Long Chen was younger than him, and he could thus reject his requests. However, Long Chen and he were now more familiar with each other, and with Long Chen’s strength, they were at a similar level. Ma Tianyang knew that all of his precious treasures would probably be taken by Long Chen.

He could only vent his annoyance on the Giant Demonic Vicious Bear.

Ma Tianyang was proficient at speed and sneak attacks. He was naturally the nemesis of these bears, and it was rather effortless for him to deal with one Giant Demonic Vicious Bear. Besides, it has lost its will to fight, and moments later, all that was left under Ma Tianyang’s feet was a carcass.

“Damn this guy. Why did you choose now of all times to get a girl? You almost cost me my life!”

He kicked at the bear a few times and was prepared to keep the body. Like Long Chen, he was about to place it in his cosmos pouch, but Long Chen suddenly asked.

“Brother Ma, besides its beast spirit and demonic core, do you have a need for anything else?”

“No. The flesh, muscles, bones and fur aren’t worth much.” Ma Tianyang answered.

“Then give them to me. I have a use for them.”

Ma Tianyang nodded. Though he had no idea what Long Chen needed them for, he did not ask and instead, extracted the beast spirit and retrieved the core. Long Chen then kept the body.

“The body of the Giant Demonic Vicious Bear has more blood than the Heart Corrosive demonic beast. Two demonic beasts at the fourth level of the profound grade should be enough for me to advance.”

The higher the realm, the more real Qi required. Long Chen was now only at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm, but to break through to the Earth Dan Realm, level four profound grade demonic beasts were insufficient. Two of these vicious bears could probably only fill his stomach.

“I wonder how powerful the beasts have to be when I reach the Heaven Dan realm or even beyond that…”

Ma Tianyang and Long Chen each took care of a demonic beast. Only then did the youngsters dare approach them, not daring to look Long Chen right in the eye. At most, they would glance at him and immediately turn away, feeling awkward.

“After this dangerous experience, it’s good for you all to make some friends. Come on, this is your Brother Long. Try saying his name.”

Ma Tianyang was not an idiot. How could he not have noticed their disdain for Long Chen? Now, Long Chen had basically slapped them hard, and he could use this opportunity to make a dig at them.

“If I don’t give it to them, they will always think too highly of themselves.” Ma Tianyang thought to himself.

Though they were unwilling, they could only call ‘Brother Long’ a few times under Ma Tianyang’s instructions. It was the first time Long Chen was being called like this, and he felt rather superior.

Having taken care of the bears, this experience was over. Ma Tianyang was prepared to return, and Long Che nodded in agreement. He suddenly looked into the distance and spoke, “You’re being so suspicious there. Aren’t you going to come out?”

Ma Tianyang and the rest were stunned, unsure of what Long Chen was talking about. However, when they realised there were two people walking over from a hill, they realised there had been people watching them.

These people were Liu Ling and Uncle Yan.

While Long Chen had been fighting with the Giant Demonic Vicious Bear, it had caused a huge ruckus. The two of them had been nearby and rushed over, right in time to see Long Chen making quick work of a bear.

Liu Ling had originally planned for Uncle Yan to teach Long Chen a lesson, or even kill him in the Sky Martial Realm. However, that scene was like a huge tide that gave her a huge blow.

On the way there, Uncle Yan could only say, “Ling’er, Long Chen could deal with that bear with such ease. I doubt I am a match for him.”

For even Uncle Yan to say this, Liu Ling felt powerless towards Long Chen. However, at the thought that Feng Wutian was at the Earth Dan Realm and in the inner faction, she regained her confidence.

“Uncle Yan may not be able to win against you, but Brother Feng Wutian will definitely beat you up. The moment I leave the Sky Martial Realm today, I’ll go look for him!”

When Long Chen shouted for them, that was what Liu Ling was thinking inside.

“What were your plans when you spied on us? Do you want to steal our gains?” Long Chen scolded her without hesitation.

“It’s just a level four profound grade demonic beast. Why would I need that?”

Upon noticing Long Chen’s intense gaze, she felt extremely uncomfortable.

“Then what would you need? My Brother Ma? Brother Ma is so handsome and wouldn’t even want to see an ugly person like you. You’d better give up. Brother Ma, let us go, or else this ugly person here will start pestering you!”

Long Chen sneered, pulling at Ma Tianyang and immediately leaving.

The youngsters noticed Liu Ling, who was on the verge of exploding from her anger, and left after looking at each other.

“Long Chen, you’re the ugly one! I wish you a painful death!”

Liu Ling was so enraged that she felt the urge to cry. This was the first time she was feeling so wronged.

“Uncle Yan, I want to look for Brother Wutian. We must find him!”

On the other end, Long Chen walked a distance before Ma Tianyang patted his head, half-joking as he scolded, “Kid, you can pick up girls however you like, but don’t drag your Brother Ma into this and humiliate me!”

“Bah, I wasn’t picking her up. You wouldn’t understand anyway. Let’s go drink some alcohol!”

“What did you say? I know much more about women than you do. Have you heard the phrase that fighting is a way to show love? Isn’t whatever you have with her love?”

Long Chen laughed but did not deny this.

The person he was fighting and having fun with, was Lingxi.

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