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DBWG Chapter 136 – Giant Demonic Vicious Bear

Chapter 136 – Giant Demonic Vicious Bear
Translated by: Ying

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Life often played tricks like this. The information given by the Lingwu Family had stated there would only be one Giant Demonic Vicious Bear here, but suddenly, the bear had lost its single status and was trying its best to create more young. This time, Ma Tianyang was in trouble.

Amongst level 4 profound grade demonic beasts, the Giant Demonic Vicious Beast was an elite existence in terms of strength and offensive power.

Ma Tianyang trained in a profound middle grade technique and could skilfully take care of one bear. Two, however, were more than he could handle.

There was one male and one female bear who had just charged out from the cave, pouncing towards Ma Tianyang. Ma Tianyang only had the chance to get the rest to escape first, before the bears had reached him. The bear’s arm that was even thicker than his body grabbed towards his waist.

If he was caught, Ma Tianyang’s slender waist would definitely be sliced into two.

Ma Tianyang got the youngsters of the Gold Faction to leave first. As long as they left, these Giant Demonic Vicious Bears would definitely not be able to catch him, and he would be able to flee. However, the issue was that these youngsters’ hearts were far too weak.

The Giant Demonic Vicious Bears looked much too terrifying, which was why when they heard Ma Tianyang’s flustered voice, most of them were intimidated. One of the girls cried, while the others began to quiver, their legs shaking. There were few who left obediently.

With such a loud sound coming from their side, how could the bears not have noticed with their hearing abilities?

This was their territory, and with the interruption, their wrath could not be calmed by anything other than Ma Tianyang being smashed into meat patty.

Noticing there were still people who were frail and weak around, one of them huffed roughly, and with a great roar, darted in Long Chen’s direction. In the blink of an eye, it had appeared before everyone.


Ma Tianyang yelled, breaking away from his opponent and, with his greatest speed, chased that bear.

However, as he had been held back for that short moment, he was too late. Even if he hurried there, all that would be left were corpses.

With the strength of this bear, it would be impossible for the youngsters to even survive one strike from it.

Knowing they could not escape, Ma Tianyang’s eyes widened and he yelled, “Don’t flee, attack!”

As long as somebody stepped up to block that attack, Ma Tianyang would be able to get there in time.

Though Ma Tianyang was not exactly fond of these guys, they had statuses. Since young, they had grown in the outer faction of the Lingwu Family, and their parents were enforcers or even higher-ranking members in the family. If they were to die, not only the Gold Faction would lose value, but Ma Tianyang would also die.

As long as that one attack could be blocked, Ma Tianyang could get there in time. However, what made him speechless was that all the youngsters at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm who had the ability to block the attack had escaped far away in terror. All that was left were the weakest amongst them.

With just a palm strike, these guys would be flattened!

At the thought of this scene, Ma Tianyang’s heart went cold. Squeezing out all his potential, he tried to increase his speed further.

Seeing the figure of a bear reaching them from above, the thick smell of blood already in their nostrils, the little geniuses were on the verge of crying. They kept trembling and collapsed to the ground, and it was impossible for them to attack anyone.

“I’m doomed, I’m doomed…”

Ma Tianyang had lost all hope.

At the moment everyone had given up, a human figure suddenly collided with the body of the bear, and caused it to take several steps back. The human figure, too, retreated tens of metres before he could steady himself.

“Long Chen!”

Seeing that Long Chen had blocked the bear, Ma Tianyang, who had despaired, was now pleasantly surprised. He had forgotten about Long Chen, but unexpectedly enough, it was Long Chen who had come out at the last second and saved those guys.

“How is he unhurt?”

Though Long Chen had some dust and grime on his face, everyone could tell that he was unharmed, and could be said to be in perfect condition.

However, Long Chen was cursing inside.

“That lousy bastard. Since I haven’t undergone Dragon Soul Transformation, I really am not a match for it. Using the Seal of the High Profound Dragon, it was pushed just a few steps back.”

Those few steps of the bear amounted to ten or so metres. Now, Ma Tianyang could finally stand in front of Long Chen, blocking everyone from the two bears.

Those few guys had originally been prepared for their deaths, but at the last second, they could only gape at how Long Chen had rescued them. Recalling how they had scorned and taunted him before, a flush rose onto their faces.

With Ma Tianyang and Long Chen shielding them, they finally fled after recovering from their fear, meeting up with the rest who had already escaped.

“What’s going on? Weren’t you about to be killed?”

The people who had first escaped had not seen Long Chen’s act.

“It’s that guy from the Green Faction who rescued us…”

“That’s impossible. He’s only at the Human Dan Realm. How can he contend with a level 4 profound grade Giant Demonic Vicious Bear?”

“I think I saw it too, but I think that bear isn’t strong at all. Brother Bei, Brother Dong, you’re all cultivators at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm. You can go take care of it as well. Don’t let that kid from the Green Faction take all the limelight!”

Hearing one of the girls say this, two young men who were slightly taller were filled with heroism. However, turning and seeing the frightful body of the bear, all that spirit was drained from them as they waved their arms, “That kid’s too eager to show off. Let’s leave this chance to him. The Gold Faction is a great faction, and should thus maintain the generosity that all great factions should possess.”

“Wow, Brother Dong makes so much sense!”

A few of them immediately began to flatter him, completely unaware of how pitiful they had looked while fleeing just moments before.

On the other hand, Ma Tianyang had finally pinned down the Giant Demonic Vicious Bear. Though he was shocked at Long Chen’s strength, it was still impossible to take care of two of these bears.

He then exclaimed, “Long Chen, help me bring those brats back to the Human Dan region. I’ll shake off these two beasts and then meet you guys.”

He had expected Long Chen obediently leave, but Long Chen stayed where he was and hurriedly spoke, “Brother Ma, aren’t we here to see level 4 profound grade demonic beasts? Your Giant Demonic Vicious Beast seems to be able to give a good price.”

Long Chen, who had initially been reliable, suddenly said something so ridiculous that Ma Tianyang was stunned. At this moment, the bear’s attack approached once more.

“Quick, Long Chen! I can’t hold on for much longer!”

However, what he now saw were dense crimson scales and sharp bone spurs emerging from Long Chen’s body. In a second, Long Chen’s body was covered and he looked completely different.

This appearance was extremely stylish.

“You’re a beast cultivator?” Ma Tianyang was amazed.

“Let’s have a competition and see who takes care of their opponent faster. How’s that?”

Long Chen quirked his lips in a grin.

Ma Tianyang was confused.

Upon seeing Long Chen’s cool equipment, these youngsters were all stunned. One of the girl’s eyes became starry-eyed as she supported her chin with her palm, “How cool…”

“What cool? Those scales can withstand at most one pat from the bear before it shatters.”

The young man called Brother Bei spoke confidently.

“He’s a beast cultivator, which means he wasn’t at his peak condition just now. Brother Bei, do you think he’s stronger than you?”

Brother Bei pondered over it for a while and then shook his head, “Though he’s extraordinary and can be considered a great genius in the Lingwu Family, he’s still weaker than me.”

At this moment, Long Chen and Ma Tianyang were already engaged in battle.

When Long Chen had said that, Ma Tianyang did not have the time to react before Long Chen charged forward, slamming head-on into a Giant Demonic Vicious Bear.

“Seal of the High Profound Dragon!”

A crimson dragon crashed into the thick arm of a bear that was pouncing over. The two forces collided, and the bear let out a long roar and withdrew. There were already traces of the Seal of the High Profound Dragon on its arm.

“Is it even more furious now?”

Long Chen snickered and displayed his Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step, quickly circling to the bear’s back. Meanwhile, the boundless demonic force from its body exploded out. Just its offensive power was much more formidable than the average cultivator who had just entered the Earth Dan Realm.

This bear was led away by Long Chen just like this.

“Trained in Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step? Looks like he can contend with that bear for a while more. I need to take advantage of this and take care of this bear as quickly as I can, and then aid him!”

Having made his mind, Ma Tianyang then fought with the Giant Demonic Vicious Bear!

Seeing these two battles, many of the young men and women widened their eyes. This was indeed what they had planned to see, though there was one more Long Chen and one more bear.

“Why do I feel like the kid from the Green Faction has a more entertaining fight?” The females murmured.

Though they had no idea how long Long Chen could hold on for, they now no longer looked down on him. Instead, they were filled with gratitude. If not for him, a few of them would have died just now.

However, at the thought of how they had teased Long Chen, it felt like they were slapping themselves as they watched him.

Long Chen was very skilled at dealing with the Giant Demonic Vicious Bear.

“The physical body of this bear is extraordinary. I have the Thunder Flame Physique as well, so it’s just as well that I can fight it out with you to compare who’s stronger!”

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