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DBWG Chapter 135 – Five Great Divine Weapons

Chapter 135 – Five Great Divine Weapons
Translated by: Ying

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At this name, Long Chen’s heart faltered and his expression changed.

“What’s wrong?”

Ma Tianyang was bewildered at the change in Long Chen.

When Long Chen had asked Gan Lin about Mo Xiaolang, Gan Lin had been unwilling to give him information. Now, he had finally heard something about Mo Xiaolang from Ma Tianyang.

“Brother Ma, do you treat me, Long Chen, as a brother?”

He raised his head, eyes shining as he looked at Ma Tianyang.

Seeing Long Chen suddenly so serious, Ma Tianyang’s expression turned sober as he nodded, “Though it hasn’t been long since we met, I like your personality, so you can be considered half a brother of mine. If we experience a battle where we fight together and undergo a life and death experience, we will truly be brothers.”

“Half a brother is enough. Honestly speaking, it’s been less than a month since I entered the Lingwu Family. I would like to know more about Mo Xiaolang. Please tell me more!”

Ma Tianyang was startled and turned back to look at the elites of the Gold Faction, and then told Long Chen gravely, “The faction has orders for us not to spread more information about him. If you really want to know, though, I’m willing to take this risk. It’s nothing much, but first, you’ll need to tell me your relationship with him.”

They didn’t have much of a close relationship. Long Chen was basically grateful towards Mo Xiaolang, and he told Ma Tianyang everything.

Ma Tianyang nodded. Since Long Chen was concerned over Mo Xiaolang due to his gratitude towards him, it was evident that Long Chen was one to place importance on these ties and spoke in a low voice, “Just don’t spread whatever I say. Mo Xiaolang’s aptitude is really up there. Even the geniuses of the inner faction would be envious of him. At fourteen, he was already at the initial mastery stage at the Heaven Dan Realm. Isn’t that terrifying?”

Fourteen years old, and already at the initial mastery stage at the Heaven Dan Realm?

This basically meant that he was even stronger than old monsters like Liu Yuan, and was near the strength of the nine great elders of the outer factions. In Poplar Town, Long Chen was seen to be a monster, but in the Lingwu Family, Mo Xiaolang was the devil.

“When he was ten, Mo Xiaolang entered the Silver Faction and his cultivation improved by leaps and bounds, resulting in a commotion over him. If not for his own persistence, he would long since have entered the inner faction, instead of his landing himself in his current state.”

Long Chen was puzzled. If Mo Xiaolang had such an aptitude, why had he not entered the inner faction?

“Why didn’t he enter the inner faction?”

Ma Tianyang shook his head, “I don’t know either. Do you know about the five great divine weapons of our Lingwu Family?”

“Divine weapons?”

Long Chen had never heard of it before.

“Of the five great divine weapons, four have been distributed to the four great inner factions. They are the Azure Dragon’s Battle Halberd, Vermillion Bird’s Devil Crest, White Tiger Sacred Sword and the Black Tortoise Deity Hatchet. The last is shared among the nine great outer factions and is named the Sky Wolf Phantom Blade. I think Mo Xiaolang might have wanted this blade, which was why he decided to stay in the outer faction. He did acquire it, and what is more terrifying is that not only did he gain the acknowledgement from the Sky Wolf Phantom Blade, he also trained in the ‘Ways of the Sky Wolf Phantom’, and can thus control it!”

Long Chen knew nothing about these five great divine weapons, but what he was most concerned about was Mo Xiaolong’s whereabouts.

“Brother Ma, what happened to him after that?”

Ma Tianyang shook his head and sighed, “About this… I heard he killed a few experts in the inner faction and even some young geniuses. He’s been locked in the Infernal Celestial Jails.”


Long Chen was stunned. He had assumed that Mo Xiaolang had fled after that, but he had been taken prisoner. He was grateful towards Mo Xiaolang, and at the thought that he was in this state, Long Chen did not feel good about this.

“How did this happen?”

“I don’t know, but that’s what I heard. I don’t think they made public who died, but he can only blame himself for not entering the inner faction. Isn’t it out of the norm for someone of the outer faction to kill the higher levels in the inner faction?”

At the thought of Mo Xiaolang, Ma Tianyang sounded a little regretful.

“Brother Ma, where is the Infernal Celestial Jail?”

Long Chen calmed himself and asked.

Ma Tianyang turned back and said grimly, “The Infernal Celestial Jail is where our Lingwu Family locks up all sorts of criminals. It’s incomparably dangerous, and is located right in the centre of the Sky Martial Realm. There are high levelled profound great demonic beasts guarding, so it’s best if you give up all thoughts of saving him. Though your aptitude is quite something, it’ll be hard for you to pass through the Earth Dan region, much less the Heaven Dan region and the Infernal Celestial Jail.”

“It’s deep inside the Heaven Dan region?”

Long Chen hung his head, crestfallen.

Patting Long Chen’s shoulder, Ma Tianyang sighed ruefully, “There is much to the Lingwu Family. The two of us are like two little ants in the eyes of this great family. If you want to do anything to make others acknowledge you, you should wait till you become a lion.”

Hearing Ma Tianyang’s words, Long Chen then decided to suppress thoughts of rescuing Mo Xiaolang deep within his heart.

Having discussed Mo Xiaolang, Long Chen felt even more solemn, and Ma Tianyang did not bother him. Instead, he slowed his footsteps and spoke to the youngsters who were gesturing at the two of them, “Little rabbits, we’re almost at the Earth Dan region. When we’re there, you need to focus 100%. If anyone dies, I’m not going to be responsible for you!”

Upon hearing that they were almost at the Earth Dan region, all of them shivered in fear and looked around worriedly. In order to protect them, Ma Tianyang joined them, together with Long Chen.

Seeing Long Chen settled here, one of the youngsters muttered, “Cramming yourself here so that we can protect you? How naive.”

Long Chen merely dismissed this with a laugh.

“Stay with them. I’ll probably be fighting in a while and I can’t take care of you. Just don’t run all over the place.”

Ma Tianyang arranged for Long Chen to be there.

However, the moment Long Chen went closer, these young people quickly avoided him and formed a group, staring at Long Chen hostilely, as if he had a strange smell on him.

“Damn it, those little bastards!”

Ma Tianyang was about to get cross, but Long Chen stopped him, “Brother Ma, it’s fine. Don’t worry. I promise I’ll be safe even if they aren’t around.”

Only then did Ma Tianyang nod. In his eyes, for Long Chen to obtain a recommendation from an elder, he had to be stronger than these little elites.

“What a coward. He only knows how to fawn on others.”

“He’s been sweet-talking Mentor Ma. What if he’s planning to get his hands on the beast spirit and demonic core? We can’t let him have his way!”

Long Chen could not be bothered with them and strolled to the back.

If not for Ma Tianyang, he wouldn’t even want to walk with them.

He had heard about news regarding Mo Xiaolang from Ma Tianyang, which meant he had made the right choice.

“If the information they gave me is right, there’s a level 4 profound grade Giant Demonic Vicious Bear in a cave not far away. This guy is quite violent and very powerful. Even cultivators who’ve just entered the Earth Dan Realm would find it hard to deal with, excluding me.”

At the name ‘Giant Demonic Vicious Bear’, the youngsters all quivered in fear, and one spoke, “Mentor Ma, is our training with this Giant Demonic Vicious Bear?”

Ma Tianyang impatiently turned back, “Kid, you’ve asked this more than ten times already. Are you afraid? If you are, get lost. You’re only watching the battle, and I’m not even getting you to do anything. What are you so scared of?”

Only then did this child duck his head, not daring to speak.

“The information says that there is a Giant Demonic Vicious Bear there, which is why I was asked to lead them. I’m a speed-type Earth Dan Realm cultivator, and I’ve killed three of these bears. In other words, I am somewhat experienced. These little kids are all treasures of the faction, so I hope nothing goes wrong!”

Ma Tianyang arranged for them to be in a hidden area from which they could view the battle. He gave Long Chen a meaningful glance, and then elegantly walked towards the cave.

This was a secluded, peaceful mountain stream, with a bluish green natural pond opposite it. Beside it was a cave full of moss, but it was evident there were signs of the moss being stepped over. The rocks that were nearby also had giant claw marks, which sent a chill down the spine.

“Look at how high the cave is. Looks like this Giant Demonic Vicious Bear is really huge…”

Long Chen estimated.

Walking into the nest of the Giant Demonic Vicious Bear, Ma Tianyang’s expression was grim as he picked up a rock and threw it into the cave with a whooshing sound.

“Stupid little bear, come out!”

The deafening cry of Ma Tianyang travelled into the cave, along with the rock. Right after, the snarl of a bear sounded in the cave, causing the cave to tremor!


Ma Tianyang, as well as Long Chen and the others, turned pale. What they heard were two different tones!

“There are two demonic beasts? To be able to stay in the same cave as the Giant Demonic Vicious Bear, it must also be a level 4 profound grade creature!”

At this thought, Ma Tianyang’s expression changed. Even he had not foreseen this.

He only had some time to tell everyone ‘run’, when two demonic beasts able to cover the skies pounced out, causing the earth to quake.

Long Chen raised his head and saw a giant bear that was already four metres tall while only on all fours, trembling with fear.

The two demonic beasts that had appeared were both Giant Demonic Vicious Bears. They had pitch-black fur all over, with thick and solid flesh that were like metal. Their teeth were like steel drills, eyes revealing their thirst for blood.

The two bears were roaring, and it was evident that Ma Tianyang had infuriated them. Those roars were so loud that they caused a girl to start crying in fear.

Seeing how furious these two bears were, Long Chen was slightly annoyed and looked towards their crotches. Then, all was clear.

“I was wondering why a single Giant Demonic Vicious Beast turned into two. So one of them found a lover and was trying its best to reproduce, but Brother Ma interrupted them. The result… is rather obvious…”

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