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DBWG Chapter 134 – Gold Faction!

Chapter 134 – Gold Faction!
Translated by: Ying

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The Human Dan region in the Sky Martial Realm.

Long Chen wanted to kill the level 4 profound grade demonic beast. The reason he had entered through the Human Dan region was for insurance.

If he had entered directly through the Earth Dan region, there would be level 4 profound grade demonic beasts everywhere, and it would be a surprise if Long Chen was not killed there. On the other hand, if he entered the Earth Dan region through the Human Dan region, the demonic beasts were placed such that it was a gradual progression. The Heart Corrosive demonic beast previously, for instance, had been at the boundary between the Human Dan and Earth Dan region.

Within the Sky Martial Realm, there was a clear and boundless sky as per normal.

If one could kill quite a few level 3 profound grade demonic beasts, it would be possible to obtain around 300 contribution points. However, these beasts were not much of a challenge for Long Chen. Only level 4 profound grade demonic beasts were difficult enough for him.

The Sky Martial Realm belonged to the Lingwu Family. All those who entered were of various factions, and there might even be some from the inner faction.

However, because of how large the Sky Martial Realm was, Long Chen went deep into the Earth Dan region and had yet to see anyone else despite staying in there for more than half a day.

He did, however, meet with quite a few demonic beasts.

It was evident that there were more demonic beasts in the Sky Martial Realm than there were people in the Lingwu Family.

“The Sky Martial Realm really is a little Cosmos World used to raise demonic beasts. The Heavenly Spirit Qi in the air here is mixed with some Demonic Qi, which is very suitable for demonic beasts to grow and mature in. The Lingwu Family truly is rather lucky to be able to find a place like this.”

Seeing there was nobody around, Lingxi stayed on Long Chen’s shoulders.

“I guess the Lingwu Family was established by relying on this Sky Martial Realm. Didn’t you say this was a small-scaled ruin?”

“That’s correct, but too much time has passed and everything here has been excavated.”

“What a bunch of idiots. They should have left a few things behind for me…”

“I’m going inside. There’s someone in front.”

Lingxi was about to speak, but suddenly exclaimed and disappeared into the Lingxi Sword. Long Chen quickly became vigilant and raised his head while taking a few steps and going through the forest. He suddenly saw a group of people gathered together, and they seemed to be roasting meat.

With Long Chen’s appearance, they all turned back to glance at him. These youngsters were actually around fourteen to fifteen years of age, but there were two who were already at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm.

Amongst these young men and women, there was a sloppy looking man who was drinking. He seemed to be almost thirty years old, and though he looked this way, it was evident that he was an expert.

“Another expert who just entered the Earth Dan Realm.”

Yan Chixue, Uncle Yan from just now and this slipshod man had about the same level of strength.

“Little brother, are you in the mood for some drinks?”

Seeing that Long Chen was alone, his eyes brightened and he beckoned to Long Chen.

This was the first time Long Chen had met anyone so cordial in the Lingwu Family. Though his smile looked slightly nauseating, it was definitely from the bottom of his heart. Long Chen went over and laughed, “Of course I’m in the mood for drinks, but are you going to give me the good stuff?”

“Don’t give me that rubbish, everything that I, Ma Tianyang drink, is the good stuff. Quick, take a seat, and eat and drink something. These little kids are eating the meat, but none of them can drink with me. It’s terrible!”

Ma Tianyang did not hesitate and pulled Long Chen down beside him. He then grabbed a bit of meat that a youngster had just roasted and passed it to Long Chen, giving him a pot of wine and then exclaiming brightly, “Kid, are you going to give me face?”

“Of course! Since you’re a few years older than me, I, Long Chen, shall call you Brother Ma!”

After taking the good wine, Long Chen finished it with relish and showed the shining bottom of the pot to Ma Tianyang.

“Good, good! I’ve finally found a little guy that suits my tastes!”

Ma Tianyang became increasingly satisfied the more he looked at Long Chen.

The youngsters he was leading all wore beautiful garments, and every movement was graceful. Not to mention drinking, they even ate so slowly that Ma Tianyang was getting anxious.

At this moment, all of these youngsters stared at Long Chen coldly, especially the one who had had his meat stolen. His expression displayed his fury and he wanted to act upon his desires, but did not dare do so.

“Don’t bother with these brats. They’re all little geniuses and very arrogant. Come, Long Chen. Let us go somewhere else to drink heartily and have a great talk!”

Ma Tianyang ignored the unhappy looks from those youngsters and pulled Long Chen deep into the forest, finding a thick branch. They then sat facing each other and began to chat.

“I wonder which faction Brother Ma is from, and why are you bringing these young men and women into the Sky Martial Realm?”

Brother Ma smiled helplessly, “Well, I’m just an errand boy in the Gold Faction, and I’ve been given the task by the great elder to bring these little geniuses at the Human Dan Realm to see some level 4 profound grade demonic beasts. To be honest, this is really a very boring task. All of them are uncommunicative and always suspicious of each other. They’re great at competing with each other, but when it comes to drinking, all of them are useless!”

So that’s what was happening. Long Chen ran his eyes over the youngsters who were quietly having their meal, and somewhat understood Ma Tianyang’s feelings. Ma Tianyang was an irritable and very direct man, and what he could not stand the most were people like these. It really was difficult for him to have to stay with these youngsters, which was why it seemed he really regretted not having met Long Chen earlier.

“I come from the Green Faction, and the reason why I’m in the Sky Martial Realm is also to take a look at a few level 4 profound grade demonic beasts.”

Long Chen drank and silently praised the flavour of this wine, and then spoke.

“This is high quality Monkey Wine. It took me a lot of effort to get it, so take it easy.” He first took care of his own wine before looking Long Chen up and down, “Kid, you’re not half bad. You’re young, and yet you’ve already reached this level, and you’re even much stronger than those youngsters. Others might think you’re looking to die by coming in here alone and even heading towards the Earth Dan region, but I think you have guts. You’re a real man!”

Ma Tianyang was a very honest man, and Long Chen found him very likeable.

“This meat was roasted well.”

“It’s because that kid roasted it well that I dared give it to you. It looks like he wants to teach you a lesson though.”

Ma Tianyang glanced in the direction of the kids and laughed indifferently.

“My task this time is really very boring. Long Chen, if you really want to meet level 4 profound grade demonic beasts, how about you come with me?”

Long Chen initially wanted to reject Ma Tianyang’s kind invitation, but it was fate that he had met someone he truly liked, so he nodded, “How can I reject Brother Ma’s invitation? Besides, I haven’t had enough of Brother Ma’s wine yet.”

Ma Tianyang patted Long Chen’s shoulder roughly, “You really suit my tastes. If there’s anything in the future, just find me in the Gold Faction. I’ll make sure you get everything you need!”

The two chatted for awhile more, and by then, the youngsters were done with their meal. Ma Tianyang brought Long Chen back, packed up, and they then set off together.

Those youngsters all glared at Long Chen, and the person whose meat had been stolen exclaimed unhappily, “Mentor Ma, is he coming with us?”

“Yes, he’s an amazing guy called Long Chen. Get along with him!” Ma Tianyang grinned.

“But Mentor Ma, isn’t this experience meant for just us four-starred geniuses of the Gold Faction? Why is someone who has nothing to do with this here?”

“Exactly, I don’t want anyone from another faction here to pull us down. Kid, which outer faction are you from?”

Ma Tianyang looked at Long Chen, feeling a little awkward at how Long Chen was being interrogated, but he merely laughed, “I’m from the Green Faction. Any problems with that?”

“Green Faction?”

That youngster sneered, “In the nine great outer factions, the Green Faction is ranked second from last. How can it be compared with our Gold Faction, which is first?”

This youngster’s obvious taunt really made Ma Tianyang feel humiliated. At first, he was full of smiles, but in the next second, his expression turned cold, and a powerful aura exploded forth. This caused everyone to get caught in a daze, not daring to move.

“The great elder has already said that I will be the one leading you. If you have any objections, tell the great elder. If you give me this rubbish now, I’m not going show mercy.”

Startled by Ma Tianyang, they did not dare speak in their embarrassment, but their gazes towards Long Chen were filled with poison.

The group of them continued their journey.

“Long Chen, you won’t be so petty as to bother with them, will you?”

“Of course not.”

Long Chen laughed, not minding at all. Long Chen and Ma Tianyang walked at the front, and on the way, Long Chen suddenly asked, “Brother Ma, in the nine great outer factions, is there such a thing as ranking?”

“Only idiots would care about that blasted thing. As long as we’re part of the outer faction, we all need to answer to the orders of the inner factions. Is there a point in a short person and a dwarf comparing heights?” Ma Tianyang asked matter-of-factly.

“In the nine outer factions, the Gold and Silver Factions are probably a little stronger, but it’s not to the point that their strength is that exceptional.”

Long Chen understood a little better.

“By the way, your potential rating should be around four stars, right? Did you sign up for the inner faction selection that’s coming up?”

Ma Tianyang began to talk about the contest, and Long Chen nodded, “The elder of my hall has already put up my name, and I’m on the waiting list.”

Ma Tianyang’s eyes brightened, “Not bad, kid! To be able to get the recommendation of the elder, you must be the top genius in one of the halls in the Green Faction!”

Long Chen laughed but did not deny this.

“I heard that in this struggle to enter the inner faction, there’s someone called Chu Yunxi in the Green Faction who’s already got a place. There’s also a genius like that in the Gold Faction, as well as tens of people on the waiting list.”

“Tens of people? That’s quite scary. Oh right, how strong is that genius you spoke of?”

“Him? He’s quite something. Since young, he’s always been famous and has been nicknamed the little prince of the Gold Faction. He’s eighteen and already a cultivator at the initial mastery stage at the Earth Dan Realm, and is much stronger than me. He’s known as the second genius of the outer faction.”

“Second?” Long Chen was stunned, “Then who’s the first?”

“The first?”

Ma Tianyang’s expression darkened, and he spoke in a low voice, “The first, ah, he’s a legend. His name is Mo Xiaolang…”

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