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DBWG Chapter 133 – Not Closing the Door When Bathing

Chapter 133 – Not Closing the Door When Bathing
Translated by: Ying

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Back to the Green Willow Residence, Long Chen headed towards his home.

He was already at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm, and by the request and arrangement of the Lingwu Family, he was now moved to where First Grade Disciples resided in. It was the first time Long Chen was going there, which was why he was unfamiliar with the route.

“There are 240 contribution points left, and it costs 300 points to get the Spirit Grass. However, old geezer Yang wants me to use 500 contribution points to exchange for the level 6 profound grade beast spirit because he thinks highly of me.’

“Then just go into the Sky Martial Realm!”

“Hm, I’ll first take a look and see what my new residence is like.”

While in Poplar Town, Long Chen had gotten more than enough rest, and it was a good time for him to use all that energy.

The Lingwu Family was unbelievably rich. All the buildings were very luxurious, and even Third Grade Disciples resided in rather elegant places, not to mention the First Grade Disciples.

Using his identity jade, Long Chen quickly found the doorway to a large courtyard. It seemed to be tiled with white jade and was a splendid mansion.

“Is this where I’m going to live? The Lingwu Family truly is generous.”

Just as Long Chen was planning to use the jade to open the door, Lingxi suddenly exclaimed, “Look at the house over there. The door isn’t closed properly, and the person inside seems to be the enforcer’s sister.”

“Liu Ling? Has she reached the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm too?”

Liu Ling was actually a neighbour to him, and she didn’t even close her door properly. Would it make sense for Long Chen not to pay her a visit?”

“After entering the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm, she must have her nose high up in the air. I’ll go tease her for a bit!”

At this point, Long Chen opened the door to her courtyard and entered.

“The places where Grade One Disciples live in must be similar to where immortals must reside in.”

“She seems to be in that room. I wonder what she’s doing.”

Lingxi could only sense where people were, but she had no idea what they were doing.

Long Chen stealthily pressed himself close to the door and pushed in. Just as he was about to play around and scare Liu Ling, he was suddenly stunned at the sight in front of him.

Liu Ling was now comfortably lying in a bathtub with her eyes closed.

Long Chen took a look and had pretty much seen everything.

“In a year or two, this girl is going to be like her sister…”

Long Chen felt his mouth go dry and turned to escape. At this moment, Liu Ling had also seen him and she covered her vital areas, giving a loud shriek.

“I’m doomed.”

Long Chen hurriedly returned to his own residence and closed the door properly. Without his identity jade, Liu Ling would not be able to enter.

“She doesn’t even close her door while she’s bathing…”

Remembering her alluring body and fair skin, Long Chen regretted not seeing more, but he did not dare go over again.

“I think you’re elated!”

Lingxi’s furious voice travelled from the Lingxi Sword, and Long Chen felt a sharp pain in his ear.

“Little Xi, forgive me! It definitely wasn’t on purpose!”

Long Chen kept trying to explain himself and he was pure. Only after that did Lingxi forgive him and said ruthlessly, “If you dare look again next time, I’ll want your worthless life. Hmph!”

Even Long Chen had not expected this to happen. However, he knew that Liu Ling had once hated him, and with what had just happened, she would harbour even more hatred towards him and perhaps even cause him trouble.

“Whatever. She’s definitely outside waiting. I’ll leave after I fuse with more Thunder Flame Crystals.”

The real Qi he had at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm was much more firm than before, and could suppress even more Thunder Flame Crystals. While Long Chen was in Poplar Town, he had already fused with 21.

“Based on my calculations, my limit should be 30 now.”

Though he still had a level 1 Thunder Flame Physique, Long Chen’s body was able to be strengthened through fusion with the Thunder Flame Crystals.

The crystals were extremely effective. With each one, he could feel his strength increase.

“Three days have passed, and I’ve fused with the 25th. The Spirit Grass is a guarantee for Lingxi’s life, so I can’t waste anymore time. Looks like I’ll have to go to the Sky Martial Realm.”

Long Chen did not believe that Liu Ling would still be lying in wait outside. When he opened the door, he heaved a sigh of relief. As expected, there was nobody there, and he quickly headed towards the Sky Martial Realm.

Long Chen’s name was beginning to be known in the Green Faction, and most people knew him. However, Long Chen had yet to have any good friends in the Lingwu Family.

“The matter with the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect is finally dealt with. It’s time to live my own life.”

Long Chen was very confident in himself. This confidence came from the mysterious dragon jade that Long Qinglan had given him, as well as that mysterious drop of blood essence.

Dragon Soul Transformation, Blood Transmutation, and the other version of Blood Transmutation, Blood Engulfing Zone.

“Blood Engulfing Zone is even more bloody and cruel. Unless I’m in a dire situation, I can’t use it.”

This was similar to a domain. The domain could affect everyone within, and it could even suppress the boiling blood Qi in them and cause their battle might to be reduced. If they were weak, basically all of them could be devoured by Long Chen.

“If used well, Blood Engulfing Zone would be an even more heaven-defying ability.”

Long Chen knew that as long as it was related to blood, everything had to do with that mysterious droplet of blood essence.

“With such a powerful blood-related ability, that blood essence is probably that of the ancient ruler of blood and slaughter- the immemorial Blood Spirit Dragon!”

Lingxi furrowed her brows and spoke.

“But Long Chen, the immemorial Blood Spirit Dragon is very powerful. You need to hold fast to your principals in order not to be lost in the pursuit of strength. Use it as little as you can.”

Long Chen kept Lingxi’s warnings in mind.

Soon enough, Long Chen arrived at the Sky Martial Realm.

Compared to the Green Faction’s competition before, the Sky Martial Realm was now bustling with life. There were around two thousand people in the Green Faction, and about a thousand were frequent visitors to the Sky Martial Realm. There were now two hundred or so people leaving and entering the Sky Martial Realm.

Within the Sky Martial Realm, there was one route through the Heaven Dan region, five through the Earth Dan region, and ten through the Human Dan region.

Long Chen was right about to enter the Sky Martial Realm and was looking around, when he felt a look of hatred focusing on himself. Long Chen turned, and who else could it be than Liu Ling, who was quivering in anger while glaring at him?


Without even having the opportunity to escape, Liu Ling had already appeared before him. Long Chen noticed there was a middle-aged man wearing skintight clothing meant for cultivators, which had red and white alternating on it.

“He’s an Earth Dan Realm cultivator, but thankfully, he’s only just entered this realm.”

Now that he knew the strength of this middle-aged man, Long Chen was calm.

“You lewd bastard!”

Approaching Long Chen, Liu Ling could only grit her teeth and scolded, knowing she could not attack him here.

“Hm? What are you saying? I didn’t do anything to you, so why are you calling me that?”

Long Chen was fearless as he spoke with a thick skin.

“You’re still not admitting it. Three days earlier, didn’t you…”

At this point, someone made a loud shushing noise, and only then did Liu Ling realise that people were crowded around and watching her. Recalling her words, it might cause some misunderstandings and she went pale, fervently hoping for a hole to hide inside.

Previously, Liu Ling and Feng Wutian had been on good terms. Now that Feng Wutian had been defeated by Long Chen…

“Long Chen is pretty amazing. He dealt with Feng Wutian and even took care of Liu Ling.”

“Such a love-hate scene only appears in novels. I didn’t expect it to happen in real life.”

“Damn it, all the good stuff have been taken by pigs. I’m so talented, so why aren’t any of these happening to me?”

Amidst these discussions, Long Chen looked extremely proud, while Liu Ling felt like killing herself. All she wanted to do was to have it out with Long Chen, but just when she was about to act, the middle-aged man behind stopped her.

“Ling’er, follow me into the Sky Martial Realm.”

“No! Uncle Yan, I want to kill him!”

The middle-aged man stared at Long Chen coldly, “Are you going to enter the Sky Martial Realm?”

Seeing the provocation in his eyes, Long Chen did not back down, “Of course. Are you going to entertain me?”

Anyone could see that this expert at the Earth Dan Realm was preparing to teach Long Chen a lesson in the Sky Martial Realm. However, Long Chen, who was still at the Human Dan Realm, had taken on the challenge. He was truly fearless and unafraid of death.

“I told you, all the pigs that get the good stuff will be slaughtered sooner or later.”

“Looks like after defeating Feng Wutian, Long Chen’s becoming too cocky.”

Amidst the comments, Uncle Yan’s expression did not change as he held Liu Ling’s hand and spoke to Long Chen, “Well then, let’s meet in the Sky Martial Realm.”

Long Chen was about to reply, but Liu Ling suddenly began to laugh. “Long Chen, there’s something else you don’t know yet, right?”

Long Chen was stunned and answered, “Could it be that you’re planning to give me your heart after what happened?”

There was a roar of laughter from their audience, and Liu Ling really wanted to explode from her anger. Her voice trembled as she spoke, “My Brother Wutian entered the Earth Dan Realm, and he’s been recruited into the Southern Vermillion Bird Family. Long Chen, just wait to die!”

She then entered the Sky Martial Realm with Uncle Yan.

Long Chen reacted after a while and laughed bitterly, “Southern Vermillion Bird? Has the inner faction become so easy to enter lately?”

“It must be because he has the bloodline of the Vermillion Bird. Long Chen, that girl hates you to the bone, and she also has Feng Wutian backing her. She’s definitely going to cause trouble for you again.”

Lingxi explained with a sour expression on her face.

“Then let’s see who’s even more powerful! After being defeated by me once, they won’t be able to win against me ever again!”

At the mention of Feng Wutian, everyone knew that Long Chen was in deep trouble. Feng Wutian had lost to Long Chen while not having a clear mind. How could he take this lying down?

“He’s been doing well, but he’s much too haughty. Looks like he’s dead meat.”

Listening to the comments, Long Chen who had seemed impressive now had the opposite image.

“Just watch me!”

Long Chen did not bother defending himself and, entered through Human Dan into the Sky Martial Realm.

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