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DBWG Chapter 132 – Eccentric Man

Chapter 132 – Eccentric Man
Translated by: Ying

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It had been a long since he had returned to Poplar Town. Now that he was back and realised how backwards it was, Long Chen had an indescribable sense of superiority.

Here, he was the only powerful person here. Nobody was on the same level as him.

“I can’t stay here for my whole life, or else this will be my limit. Now that the matter with the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect has been dealt with, I’ll focus on staying in the Lingwu Family. Lingqing is going there as well; that is the place that I should stay in.”

“In the Lingwu Family, Liu Yuan did not dare offend the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect on my behalf. Unexpectedly, Beitang Mo paid no heed to all considerations and came to the headquarters of the sect with the intentions of killing people. Beitang Mo is really something. He’s even sending Earth Dan Realm cultivators to protect the Yang Family. This way, the Yang Family will definitely not come to any harm.”

The Yang Family had no worries for the future now that the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect had disappeared. From hereon, Long Chen just needed to put all his focus on the Lingwu Family.

The people of the Yang Family had heard the news that Yang Lingqing was going to enter the inner faction of the Lingwu Family. Everyone in the family, or really everyone in Poplar Town celebrated for a whole day.

Long Chen and Yang Lingqing were celebrities of Poplar Town and even of quite a few towns surrounding them.

Long Chen had initially been a no-good hedonistic son born to rich parents who had slept his life away. Now, however, things had taken ta 180-degree turn. He now had the image of a shining hero, which he was extremely proud about.

Two days later, under the eyes of the numerous people in Poplar Town, Long Chen brought Yang Lingqing away from Poplar Town and headed in the direction of the Lingwu Family.

“Lingqing, we’ll walk for awhile more before I introduce you to someone very important to me.”

The two of them each rode a good horse and were jolted along the way.

Long Chen had already told Yang Lingqing about the Ebony Scaled Horse she had gifted him. Yang Lingqing did not blame him, and instead reproached herself for the trouble it had caused Long Chen.

“Very important?”

Glancing at this young man who had been born on the same year, month and day as she had, Yang Lingqing was quite curious about how important this could be.

Riding into the forest after passing through the town, Long Chen turned back, looking like he had some secret. Yang Lingqing now glanced around and asked, puzzled, “Is the important person you talked about here? Why can’t I see anyone?”

Long Chen laughed and snapped his fingers, “Little Xi, come out!”

Under Yang Lingqing’s startled gaze, Long Chen’s stud earring suddenly emanated bright white light. A figure that was about two metres tall and was shrouded in white mist floated out. Soon, she appeared before Yang Lingqing and it was evident that her looks were the type enough for the masses to go crazy

Yang Lingqing was immediately stunned.

“Wha- What is this?”

“How rude. This is your sister-in-law.” Long Chen made a weird sound.


Yang Lingqing was even more puzzled.

Lingxi was humiliated at being called Long Chen’s sister-in-law and spat at Long Chen, and then skilfully smiled at Yang Lingqing, trying to act like a senior to her, “Sister Lingqing, my name is Lingxi. Don’t listen to his rubbish; I’m not your sister-in-law.”

When Lingxi began to speak, Yang Lingqing stared at the two of them in shock and gloomily asked, “You two… Explain this to me! What’s going on?”

Long Chen spent much energy and told Yang Lingqing some information regarding Lingxi, and also spoke about what they had gone through together.

After hearing that Lingxi had rescued Long Chen countless times, Yang Lingqing quickly accepted this girl. Lingxi was in a rather pitiful situation now, and Yang Lingqing couldn’t help but take pity on her. The two of them got on good terms with each other soon enough, completely forgetting about their middleman, Long Chen.

Seeing them playing together and treating him as a third party, Long Chen had a sour expression on his face.

It was Lingxi that had suggested to meet Yang Lingqing. Long Chen was the closest to Yang Lingqing and agreed cheerfully. Unexpectedly, this was how the situation had turned out. Long Chen could only complain deep inside as they became more familiar with each other.

“It’s all karma…”

While Lingxi and Yang Lingqi were having fierce conversations, they soon arrived at Yuanling City. Once they were there, there were already people waiting at the gates to the city to receive Yang Lingqing. When this happened, Lingxi had no choice but to return to Long Chen’s earring.

The person receiving Yang Lingqing was Beitang Mo.

Due to Yang Lingqing’s connection to Long Chen, Liu Lan had accompanied Beitang Mo out. Two famous people of the Lingwu Family had gathered here, which attracted much attention.

“Looks like they’re welcoming someone.”

After a while, Long Chen and Yang Lingqing appeared before them, and everyone then knew who Beitang Mo was looking for.

“Where is this girl from, for even Beitang Mo and Liu Lan to be waiting here?”

“Who knows? There’s one just at the Human Dan Realm, while the other is at the Dragon Pulse Realm. In Yuanling City, they’re like needles thrown into an ocean. They aren’t enough to cause any ruckus.”

“Exactly. Don’t consider how bright and beautiful Yuanling City looks. How many geniuses have been buried here?”

Under envious and jealous gazes, Long Chen and his sister went to Beitang Mo’s side. Without another word, he brought them into a luxurious carriage and headed towards the Lingwu City.

On the way, Beitang Mo did not speak a word. Only after they were almost there did he speak to Yang Lingqing, “Once we’re at the Beitang Family*, listen to everything I tell you to do, though I’m not worried since you seem obedient and not the type to cause trouble. If you have any questions, ask me.”
(TL note: Beitang Family = Northern Black Tortoise)

“Alright, I understand.” Yang Lingqing nodded.

Yang Lingqing’s mind was blank, but Long Chen was very worried.

Yang Lingqing was merely at the Dragon Pulse Realm, but an exception had been made for her to enter the inner faction. There were sure to be many who were jealous of her, and even if she did not provoke anyone, there were definitely people finding excuses to provoke her. If she was not careful, she might even die without knowing what happened.

Holding Yang Lingqing’s hand, Long Chen could tell that she was actually nervous, but was not displaying it.

“Qing’er, remember this well. If there’s anyone who bullies you, tell me, no matter how strong they are. I’ll take care of them for you.”

While separating, Long Chen leant his head towards Yang Lingqing’s ear and exclaimed in a tone that could not be declined.

“I understand, but if I don’t do anything, nobody will bully me.”

Though Yang Lingqing was afraid, she tried her best to squeeze out a smile and waved her little fist at Long Chen, threatening him, “You need to take care of Sister Lingxi, or else I’ll hurt you.”

Long Chen had no choice but to nod, smiling wryly.

The two of them then truly separated. However, Beitang Mo seemed to have heard what Long Chen said to Yang Lingqing. He looked at Long Chen closely, “Seems like you’ve already submitted the application for the inner faction selection?”

Long Chen nodded.

Beitang Mo suddenly snickered, “Don’t be so naive. The enemies Lingqing will be taking on are going to be far from what you can handle. All you need to do is try harder so that it doesn’t reflect badly on Lingqing.”

Having said this, he flung his robes and left.

As Yang Lingqing left as well, she kept turning back to look at him occasionally. He suddenly realised that she would have to face a lot of matters alone in the future, and Long Chen couldn’t help but be concerned.

“I don’t know if it was the right decision for her to enter the Lingwu Family…”

Long Chen pondered over this matter. In order for Yang Lingqing not to be bullied in the Lingwu Family, he would need to get stronger.

“He said that I don’t have any qualifications to deal with the opponents that Lingqing will face? Hehe, just watch and see…”

Anyone who had intentions of causing trouble for Yang Lingqing had to be within the inner faction. Long Chen knew that in order to protect her, he first had to enter the inner faction.

“I wonder if I’ll have a chance in this inner faction selection…”

Long Chen’s gaze was filled with an unyielding stubbornness as he watched Yang Lingqing leave. Liu Lan took all this in and smiled sweetly, “So? Are you unconvinced?”

She was naturally referring to what Beitang Mo had said before he left.

“I won’t accept it for now. I’ll convince you in the future.”

Long Chen raised his head and stared straight at Liu Lan, spouting very big words.

“You’ve turned gutsy.”

Liu Lan shook her head, seeming to exclaim coquettishly.

Looking at this resolute young man, she felt slightly dazzled.

Noticing her eyes that had turned a little strange while staring at him, Long Chen was startled and laughed, “Why are you looking at me with such emotion? Are you planning to prey on young men?”

Having said this, Long Chen suddenly felt an icy-cold gaze on himself and turned. At a pavilion far away, a young man was staring at him without moving. Long Chen couldn’t tell who it was, nor did he care.

Liu Lan did not get mad at Long Chen’s teasing and instead, played along with him and placed her fair fingers that were like cogongrass on his shoulder, “Of course I’m planning to eat you up. Would you let me?”

Long Chen suddenly went limp. He still found it difficult to tolerate such spicy words and immediately drew back, laughing in embarrassment.


She rolled her eyes at him and got serious, “What are your plans?”

“Of course, it’s to obtain the beast spirit of the Enchanted Purple Dragon. Time is of essence; I won’t talk to you anymore. Bye.”

Without saying anything more, Long Chen went past her and, uncaring of Liu Lan’s fury, proceeded forth.

“Liu Lan seems to be too enthusiastic towards me, especially in such a public area. What does she want?”

Recalling the man who had been staring at him from the pavilion, Long Chen felt something was off.

“I didn’t even take his girl. What’s his problem?”

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