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DBWG Chapter 131 – Beitang Mo

Chapter 131 – Beitang Mo
Translated by: Ying

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Long Chen was alarmed, but upon noticing one of them was an acquaintance, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Of the two people, one was the charming Liu Lan.

Liu Lan was now walking behind the man, looking deferential. The languid and seductive ways she previously had disappeared, and in place of it was solemness and graveness.

Liu Lan’s behaviour gave Long Chen a clue– the person that was walking with her must have a substantial amount of power and status.

Long Chen glanced over and found that this man was around twenty years old, and his features were quite plain. However, his eyes were like two deep abysses, like ancient wells with no ripples, giving off a very profound aura.

Of the young experts Long Chen had seen who were weaker than Mo Xiaolang, there was Dongfang Tianyu at the Heaven Martial Realm. However, while Dongfang Tianyu seemed more impressive than this young man, Long Chen could tell that he was far from this person’s match.

“Long Chen, this person is a cultivator at the Heaven Dan Realm. He’s just one rank weaker than Mo Xiaolang.”

Lingxi’s weak voice sounded by Long Chen’s ear.

Such an expert had even gathered Liu Lan’s respect, which meant he was probably a member of the inner faction of the Lingwu Family.

Long Chen concluded.

The young man entered the underground city with Liu Lan, and even they were stunned at the sight that met them.

From their line of sight, none of the girls who had been kidnapped had died, and the thousand followers of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect had somehow turned into withered corpses.

This was far from what they had expected to see.

The scene in front of them was far too spectacular.

Long Chen brought Yang Lingqing and stood before Liu Lan, who turned her attention to him, looking appalled.

“Long Chen, you did this?”

Feeling the man’s profound, abyssal gaze on himself, Long Chen had no choice but to nod.

Liu Lan was stunned, and sighed after a long while. From the situation here, it was obvious that Long Chen had solved the issue. Liu Lan exchanged a glance with the man, and then spoke to Long Chen, “Where’s the sect leader?”

Long Chen honestly pointed to the black ashes on the ground, “That’s him. He looks quite good, doesn’t he?”

While asking this, Liu Lan already had some expectations, but she still found it hard to accept the truth even after seeing Yan Chixue at the Earth Dan Realm burnt to ashes.

When she had first seen Long Chen, he was merely at the eighth dragon vein, and Liu Lan had hence not paid much attention to him. Unexpectedly, Long Chen then killed Huang Feiyang and defeated Feng Wutian, and even killed Yan Chixue who was at the Earth Dan Realm!

“Not bad for someone at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm to be able to kill a person at the Earth Dan Realm, .”

The young man spoke matter-of-factly.

Whether it was the tone of his voice or his movements, everything seemed quite calm, but it was precisely this calmness that Long Chen feared. It felt as if all his thoughts could not escape this person.

Even Liu Lan had to believe what this young man had said. She then introduced him, “Young master Mo, he is Long Chen from my Green Sun Hall. Yang Lingqing is his sister.”

She then turned to Long Chen, “Long Chen, this is Young Master Mo of the Northern Black Tortoise* in the Lingwu Family. Quick, greet him.”
(TL note: Northern Black Tortoise is written as Beitang, which is his surname.)

“Long Chen greets Young Master Mo.”

Though he had no idea why this person was here, Long Chen was more than aware that he lacked strength and therefore needed to behave well. If Liu Lan could easily put him in order, then so could this Beitang Mo, which was why he bowed hastily.

He shot a glance at Long Chen, and then shifted his gaze over to Yang Lingqing, who had been holding onto Long Chen. His calm voice sounded.

“Yang Lingqing, are you willing to join my Northern Black Tortoise in the Lingwu Family?”

These sudden words stunned both Long Chen and Yang Lingqing. Li Jing and the other two who were behind them were similarly confused.

Seeing Long Chen and his sister bewildered, Liu Lan immediately gave him a meaningful look and added, “The Beitang martial clan uses Yin and water type battle techniques as their foundation. Long Chen, your sister has the Abstruse Shadow Body, and as long as she enters the Beitang Family, the techniques there will definitely help her improve leap and bounds. It would be easy for her to even surpass you.”

Ever since Long Chen had entered the Lingwu Family, Yang Lingqing knew how power was divided in the Lingwu Family. She also knew that Long Chen had merely joined the outer faction, while the inner faction was where the truly strong were.

Someone was now inviting her to just enter the inner faction of the Lingwu Family like this?

Yang Lingqing had just escaped death, and the people she wished to see the most was her parents and family. The appearance of Beitang Mo caused her some worry, and she did not dare speak and hid beside Long Chen.

Seeing this young girl so flustered, Liu Lan really felt like she was going crazy. This was a great opportunity that many could only wish for.

“Long Chen, you can make the decision. Your sister hasn’t been able to obtain a suitable cultivation method, which is why she’s still at the Dragon Pulse Realm. If she enters the Northern Black Tortoise, she’ll definitely soar to the skies. If not for Gan Lin having heard your conversation, I wouldn’t have known about your sister having the Abstruse Shadow Body. Honestly speaking, the reason why we’re here is to help you take care of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, but I guess we were late.”

The gears in Long Chen’s mind were now turning quickly.

“If it’s the Abstruse Shadow Body, then she does need a compatible cultivation method to blossom. In a year or two, she’ll definitely be able to reach the Heaven Dan Realm. Long Chen, it’s not bad if your sister enters this Northern Black Tortoise.”

Lingxi had much knowledge, and her opinions helped clear Long Chen’s doubts.

Beitang Mo, who had been silent all this while, exclaimed, “Think about it. Your life will be completely different if you choose to enter. If you don’t want to be a nobody for your entire life, leave with me. You don’t need to worry at all. Your brother will gain access to even more resources in the Lingwu Family, and your own family can be secretly protected by Earth Dan Realm cultivators. All the people around you will benefit because of you.”

Though Beitang Mo’s words were concise, they cut right to Yang Lingqing’s concerns. She raised her heads, eyes sparkling as she watched him, speaking clearly, “Do you mean my brother will be nurtured even more than he is now, and nobody will be able bully my family?”

“Unless the enemy is more powerful than the Lingwu Family.”

Beitang Mo smiled slightly, a boundless self-confidence held within.

Everyone knew that in the Yuanling County, there was no power stronger than the Lingwu Family. In other words, as long as the Yang Family was still in Yangling County, they had nothing to worry about.


Just by looking at her eyes, Long Chen could tell Yang Lingqing had made her choice.

“It’s your life, so decide by yourself. No matter what, I’ll stand by your side and protect you.”

Long Chen laughed wryly. He was really quite happy for Yang Lingqing, since it was very difficult to enter the inner faction even from the outer faction.


Yang Lingqing giggled craftily, “It’ll be my turn to protect you, as well as our family!”

Hearing her words, Liu Lan heaved a sigh of relief. Yang Lingqing had agreed.

Seeing this girl not going crazy with excitement at being invited to the Lingwu Family, only wanting to protect her family, Beitang Mo nodded.

“Alright, I’ll join you.”

Yang Lingqing answered formally.

Beitang Mo smiled, “Many years later, you’ll definitely be grateful for the decision you made today. Northern Black Tortoise is the most suitable place for you to be.”

Long Chen could guess the uniqueness of the Abstruse Shadow Body. After all, how could blood that was equal to over a thousand young girls’ blood be anything simple? Hence, Northern Black Tortoise needed new blood like this to cultivate, which might one day even be its trump card.

Since Yang Lingqing had already agreed, Long Chen had nothing to say. He spoke to Beitang Mo, “Young Master Mo, my sister just escaped death, and her grandfather and father are both waiting outside worriedly. I was thinking we could go back home for a while and take care of matters there before returning to the Lingwu Family. What do you think?”

Beitang Mo nodded, “That’s not an issue. Lingqing, I’ll wait for you at Northern Black Tortoise. The Earth Dan Realm cultivators that I told you about will be dispatched to Poplar Town by today. That’s all for now. Till we meet again.”

Having said this, Beitang Mo did not hang around and headed outside. Liu Lan looked towards Long Chen, “Leave this place as soon as possible. I’ll help to send those girls back.”

Liu Lan was slightly late in getting Beitang Mo here, but it was easy to tell her intentions were true. She now spoke to him amiably, and Long Chen did not bicker with her. He thanked her and, with Yang Lingqing in tow, left the underground city.

“Long Chen, remember to return to the Green Sun Hall. You still have a chance for the Inner Faction Selection.”

Before Long Chen left, Liu Lan exclaimed. When Long Chen’s figure disappeared from the underground city, Liu Lan shifted her gaze, looking emotional.

“If he can get a place in the inner faction, he might be of help to me. But this doesn’t seem to be fair to him…”

Long Chen, of course knew nothing of what Liu Lan was thinking. When Long Chen brought Yang Lingqing before Grandfather Yang and Yang Yuntian, their eyes filled with tears.

“Chen’er, Qing’er…”

Seeing Yang Lingqing crying in Yang Yuntian’s arms, Grandfather Yang was filled with pride and was pleasantly surprised. While looking towards Long Chen, he wiped his tears, “Chen’er, you are what I am most proud of in my life…”

Long Chen laughed, “You’re wrong. You should be most proud of your precious granddaughter, because she’s been invited to enter the inner faction of the Lingwu Family.”

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