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DBWG Chapter 130 – Killing the Sect Leader

Chapter 130 – Killing the Sect Leader
Translated by: Ying

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Everyone belonging to the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect was dead, but nobody could let down their guard yet, because the sect leader was still alive. He was the root of the sect, and only with his death could the sect be considered destroyed.

However, it was a fact that killing the sect leader was a very difficult task.

After Li Jing handed Yang Lingqing over to Li Cheng and Li Peng, she headed towards Long Chen, who was currently facing the sect leader and definitely under immense pressure.

“Long Chen, let me help!”

Seeing Li Jing about to intervene in Long Chen and the sect leader’s fight, Long Chen suddenly exclaimed, “Elder Sister Li, just go back. I’ll take care of this bastard alone.”


Li Jing was in a daze, but Long Chen’s resolute gaze was hard to defy and Li Jing halted in her footsteps.

“He’s an expert at the Earth Dan Realm. You’re not a match for him!”

Li Jing’s concern for him still did not change his mind.

Seeing Long Chen waving her away, Li Jing could do little but withdraw. At this moment, the sect leader turned to shoot her glance, “What are you so anxious about? When it’s your turn, I’ll kill you myself!”

His icy, bloodthirsty gaze landed on Long Chen.

“I don’t know what demonic move that was, but you destroyed the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect that I painstakingly established. In that case, I’m going to drink your blood!”

Long Chen was now in his strongest condition. He was in the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm, which meant he was truly at the Human Dan Realm. The power he now held was more than ten times of what he previously had.

He had only been able to barely contend with his opponent before. Now, he was now filled with confidence.

Turning to an emotional Yang Lingqing, he gave her a look of confidence before facing the sect leader.

“Enough with the bullshit. From hereon, you’ll see the real stuff.”

“You’re still unrepentant and fearless…”

Ferocious glints of red could be seen in the sect leader, Yan Chixue’s pupils, now giving him a more savage aura. It was evident that he was much more furious than before, charging towards Long Chen with his most powerful killing technique!

“I told you. None of you will be able to leave this place alive today!”

With a shout, Yan Chixue transformed into a bloody arrow, piercing towards Long Chen.

“The only person dying will be yourself!”

Feeling his own formidable strength, Long Chen increased his speed by ten times instantly.

Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step, begin!

“A movement battle technique? It’s just an elementary profound grade movement technique. How can it compare to my Blood Shadow Step that is at the middle profound grade?”

The two launched their techniques and soared in the air, giving a feast for the eyes of their audience. The two figures were like a whirlwind, whizzing about fiercely and creating whooshing sounds.

“Huh? How are you so fast?”

Yan Chixue’s astonished voice travelled over, and the two suddenly clashed at this moment, both knocked backwards.

The immense force from Long Chen’s fist caused Yan Chixue’s expression to change.

“So you’re already at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm? However, there’s still a large disparity between the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm and the Earth Dan Realm!”

Long Chen could already make some comparisons between his and Yan Chixue’s strength through this battle.

“After attaining the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm, things are really quite different.”

Long Chen knew that besides Yan Chixue, everyone was staring at him anxiously. If Long Chen were to lose, that meant all of them could not escape the fate of death!

This was an incredibly crucial battle.

“So what if your speed increased? If you have the guts, don’t run!”

At this point, Yan Chixue felt like he could not catch up to Long Chen when he was using Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step, which made him want to vomit blood. Long Chen was now like a mud fish, slippery and difficult to grasp hold of, and all his attacks were in vain, causing him to become even more furious.

He had developed his somewhat calm temperament in these ten or so years, and this was now completely wrecked by Long Chen today.

“Then I’ll give you what you desire!”

At this moment, Long Chen suddenly turned back.

Seeing Long Chen no longer dodging, Yan Chixue snickered and released his Crimson Seal once more, but this time, it was much more powerful than before. The wrath in Yan Chixue’s heart was now enough for him to unleash his most formidable attack.

“Long Chen, die! Crimson Seal!”

The second he turned, Long Chen had also unleashed his most powerful move.

After reaching the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm, his methods in using this middle profound grade battle technique had matured, and he could basically bring out the full power of Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist!

“So that’s how it is! Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist, Piercing Earth Demonic Sun!”

At the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm, there was ten times more real Qi within. Just in terms of real Qi, Long Chen was on about the same level as an Earth Dan Realm cultivator. With his Thunder Flame Physique, Long Chen knew that Yan Chixue was probably not a match for him.

The Piercing Earth Demonic Sun that he used once more was stronger than before, and Yan Chixue, who was using his Crimson Seal, suddenly noticed the black demonic sun that was about ten times bigger than before above him. In that moment, his expression changed.

“How is that possible? He’s still at the Human Dan Realm!”

While Yan Chixue was still in shock, the two of them clashed powerfully, but the situation was now the exact opposite.

Before this, Long Chen had not been able to rival Yan Chixue, but this time, under Long Chen’s Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist, Crimson Seal had been completely exhausted, while a large part of the attack engulfed Yan Chixue. Under his stunned, despairing gaze, he was engulfed and turned into charcoal.

Yan Chixue, who had initially been in good condition, suddenly turned into charcoal in a second, still standing at the same spot. Meanwhile, Long Chen was completely fine and dispelled his Dragon Soul Transformation, chuckling as he glanced in Yang Lingqing’s direction.

“All done. My good sister, aren’t you going to say anything?”

Nobody made a sound. It was dead silent.

Only when Yan Chixue’s corpse turned into flying ashes and piled on the ground did people come back to themselves.

Those girls obviously had no idea of how powerful Long Chen was. All they knew was that he had won and they were safe, and naturally began to cheer.

Li Jing and the other two were aware of Long Chen’s strength, but Long Chen had somehow killed the sect leader and resolved their crisis. The very idea of it was inconceivable to them.

“Long Chen really killed the sect leader?”

Li Jing’s teeth chattered as she asked the two brothers for confirmation.

Li Peng looked at the pile of black powder and nodded with difficulty, “I think so.”

She then looked at Long Chen who was looking indifferent and laughing mischievously, and finally believed it.

“This guy should be quite highly regarded in the Lingwu Family. If he works a little harder, he might even be accepted into the inner faction!”

She sighed ruefully, and brought Yang Lingqing to Long Chen.

From the moment Long Chen used Blood Engulfing Zone, Yang Lingqing knew that the situation had changed.

She had guessed that Long Chen would pull through despite the massive disadvantage. This was not the first time this had happened, but it was also because this was not the first time that Yang Lingqing was particularly touched.


Limping a little, Yang Lingqing approached Long Chen.

“Give me a hug. You’re my sister; there’s no need to be shy.”

Long Chen spread his arms, looking like a gentleman.


Yang Lingqing initially was a little uncomfortable, but was quickly teased into laughter by Long Chen.

“I saved you, and you can’t even give me a hug? Sigh, this isn’t worth it. If I’d known, I would have let that guy drain your blood and let you end up like those people.”

As he spoke, Long Chen pointed towards the dried up bodies.

Upon seeing them, Yang Lingqing furrowed her brows and doubtfully asked, “Is it alright to kill so many people?”

Long Chen was also stunned, and only then did he realise that he had taken the lives of numerous people. The thought suddenly made him uncomfortable.

“Long Chen, don’t think too much of it. The people who deserve to be killed will have to be killed anyway.” Lingxi suddenly spoke up.

Long Chen was not one to take things too hard, and he could only keep this thought deep inside. He then eyed Yang Lingqing with a roguish expression, “Grandfather and your father are both waiting for you. Let’s go home now.”

At the word ‘home’, Yang Lingqing was suddenly in tears. Without the young man in front of her, she would never be able to return home, nor see the people she missed the most.

“Alright, let’s go home.”

She silently walked by Long Chen’s side, wiping her tears and suddenly mischievously looping her arm around Long Chen’s.

Feeling the warmth from her body, Long Chen was rather surprised and looked quite satisfied.

“That expression of yours is disgusting.” From within the Lingxi Sword, Lingxi got jealous.

Long Chen pretended not to have heard it and brought Yang Lingqing out of the underground city. En route, he turned back and yelled brightly, “Elder Sister Li, I still have some things to do so I’m leaving first. The Crimson Blood Sacred Sect is no more, so help me send each and every one of these young ladies home. If there’s any trouble, come find me in the Green Sun Hall in the Lingwu family’s Green faction!”

Long Chen had already completed the most difficult part of this mission, and Li Jing as well as the other two were very willing to take care of everything else.

“Goodbye, little Long Chen!”

All the beautiful young ladies remembered Long Chen’s name well.

They had only just regained hope from their initial despair, and were still slightly confused. However, the young man by the name of Long Chen was someone they would remember for the rest of their lives.

“Let’s hope we can meet again.” Watching them leave, Li Jing shook her head and laughed wryly.

Long Chen still remembered the exit out of the underground city, and just as he was about to leave, two people arrived through the entrance. The formidable strength they possessed caused Long Chen to stiffen.

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