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DBWG Chapter 129 – Blood Engulfing Zone!

Chapter 129 – Blood Engulfing Zone!
Translated by: Ying

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Long Chen was immediately stunned at the sect leader’s words.

All he could do was stall for time. However, it was evident that the sect leader was no saint. Though four sect elders had died, the Blood Sacrificial Ceremony was not to be stopped.

“As long as the blood bath is completed, I can enter the initial mastery stage at the Earth Dan Realm. With such talent, even back in the Yuandi City, my strength will definitely be recognised!”

At this thought, the sect leader began to laugh maniacally.

“Kill all of them. Proctors, stop those three clowns.”

Out of the eight proctors there were in Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, four had died, leaving four at the initial mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm. Two of them hindered Li Peng and Li Cheng, while the other two temporarily pinned Li Jing down. The rest of the followers were in an uproar as they made to kill the harmless and defenceless girls.

For a bunch of wolves like them, all they needed was a short period of time to kill hundreds of girls. When that happened, even if Li Jing and the other two broke out, there was little they could do.

For Long Chen, what was the most dangerous was that sect elder called Grandmother Huang. She had already produced a dagger that was glimmering in the light, about to slash across Yang Lingqing’s pale neck that was as white as a goose feather.

“You must be anxious and furious, yes? But Long Chen, do you think you can escape from the palm of my hand?”

Blocking in front of Long Chen, the sect leader chuckled.

Though his stance was casual, he could launch an attack at any time. No matter how powerful Long Chen was, it was impossible for him to rescue Yang Lingqing at this point. The rest of the followers had also dashed towards the young girls.

“Brothers, kill them! Only by killing these maidens can we become more formidable!”

“Kill them! Haha, after tonight, we’ll be living in the lap of luxury! After killing them, won’t there be more than enough girls for us outside?”

Amidst howls and wails, these girls began crying harder after hearing that their lives were about to end. A few of them turned pale and even fainted.


Long Chen’s eyes were now completely red. His fists were tightly clenched while he trembled.

“I promised grandfather and second uncle to bring Lingqing back safe and sound, but there is little I can do now!”

“Strength! Strength! I need more strength!”

Long Chen ducked his head, his entire body trembling violently. An ancient and bloody aura suddenly erupted from his body, and the sect leader who had initially been laughing hard suddenly froze.

“What is this?”

While he was still puzzled, Long Chen let out a huge roar, and that was enough for the entire underground city to shake!

The sect leader, who was standing in front of Long Chen, saw two crimson rays of light shooting out of his eyes, lines of scarlet dragon patterns spreading on his dragon scales from his face to his feet.


This roar of the dragon was enough to shock the heavens, causing everyone eager to attack to pause their motions, staring at Long Chen while in a daze.

Within Long Chen’s body, countless crimson dragons roared and soared, a formidable spiritual force sweeping towards Long Chen’s mind.

“Is this… Blood Transmutation?”

When Yang Lingqing had gotten into danger, Lingxi had prepared to save her despite not knowing her chances of success.

At this moment, Long Chen, who was furious yet powerless, gathered an inexhaustible desire for strength, and his body seemed to transform to grant his wish.

Long Chen’s body was now like a red whirlpool. When that power exploded, everyone in the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect was shocked.

“What’s going on?”

Even the sect leader could feel the blood in his body expanding, not to say everyone else. Under the formidable absorption ability of this crimson whirlpool, numerous people cried out pitifully immediately.

These people were the weakest, with their strength not even reaching the fifth dragon vein. The situation that had happened to Bai Zhanxiong now appeared on everyone here. The first to be affected were those at the fifth dragon vein, and then those above this level of strength.

As long as they were of the sect, all were affected.

An inexhaustible amount of fresh blood spurted out of their bodies, excitedly gushing towards Long Chen. Under the immense absorption and filtering abilities of the whirlpool, the blood was forcefully transmuted into crimson real Qi that Long Chen took in.

“The very foundation of any soul comes from the bloodline. It is what continues life and can be inherited.”

This was why blood transmutation was such a remarkable ability. The strength hidden within a bloodline was much too powerful.

“What’s happening?”

The followers who were weaker collapsed to the ground with blood spurting out, while the others were not any better. Even Grandmother Huang at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm grimaced in misery, the dagger in her hands clattering to the ground.

Li Jing and the other two were utterly stunned.

Even their opponents, who were at the initial mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm, could not control their bodies while their facial muscles contorted.

Li Jing’s gaze turned cold, and she pierced three flying daggers into four people’s hearts. Right after that, the fresh blood in their bodies flew towards Long Chen.

Though stunned and unsure of what had happened, Li Jing, Li Peng and Li Cheng exchanged glances and came to a mutual understanding. They then shouted and crazily slashed at all who had yet to fall, while Li Jing charged towards Grandmother Huang!

“What kind of freak are you?”

Though his followers were being massacred, the sect leader remained motionless.

He was also resisting that immense absorption force from Long Chen’s body, which was making the blood in him boil. He even guessed that if he, too, were to launch an attack and moved too much, he might end up like the others, with blood exploding out of his body.

The absorption force from Long Chen’s body had now reached the peak. With the help from Li Jing and the other two, the followers of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect soon turned into dried out corpses.

The maidens did not faint in fear after seeing this terrifying scene. In their eyes, what were being killed were beasts, and no matter how they died, it was a release for them.

Everyone’s eyes shifted to the source that was swallowing all the blood. Those who had never seen Long Chen before were now guessing what was going on.

“These bastards wanted to use our blood to cultivate, but instead, he absorbed their blood. This must be the judgment given by the heavens!”

Yang Lingqing stared at the scene, and then at the man.

It was not the first time that his might had become uncontrollable. There were multiple secrets in Long Chen’s body, and these were what helped him to get stronger.

Seeing his followers dying one by one and he himself almost turning into a leader of none, the sect leader was ready to spit out flames.

“Grandmother Huang, kill that Abstruse Shadow Body!”

The sect leader yelled, but with a turn of his head, realised that Li Jing was already battling Grandmother Huang. Both of them were initially at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm, but Grandmother Huang was now restricted by Long Chen’s Blood Transmutation. In no time, she was stabbed by Li Jing’s flying dagger, and the fresh blood within her body gushed out and gathered towards Long Chen.


She produced a miserable shriek, and her originally wizened body shrivelled. Soon enough, she, like other followers of the sect, turned into a dried up corpse.

The people of the sect collapsed one after another and turned into corpses. This scene was extremely spectacular, and after Grandmother Huang died, the followers at the dragon pulse realm could not hold on any longer and collapsed.

The sect leader was stunned, because he now had nobody to command. Crazily enough, none of the people of the sect had survived!

As long as they were at the dragon pulse realm, they had been killed by Long Chen’s Blood Transmutation. Those who weren’t at the dragon pulse realm were, with the aid of Li Jing and the other two, killed. Long Chen had killed over a thousand people!

He had never imagined that he would turn into a homicidal maniac, but this was not the time to worry about this. The moment the blood of Grandmother Huang, an expert at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm entered his body and transmuted into crimson real Qi, the boundary between the initial and perfect mastery stage shook.

Boundless crimson real Qi surged around his dantian, and the Human Dan there began to revolve intensely, bearing the inexhaustible real Qi as it entered. While revolving, it rapidly shrunk.

“Is this the might of the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm? Only this level of strength can be considered the Human Dan Realm…”

Dissipating the ability of Blood Transmutation, this underground city finally regained its original appearance.

However, the situation now was that besides the sect leader, everyone in the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect was dead.

Dried up corpses lined the area and presented a terrifying sight.

Long Chen and the sect leader stood by the blood pool, while on the other end, Li Peng and Li Cheng went to save those girls. Li Jing, meanwhile, had assisted Yang Lingqing off the metal pillars and met up with Li Peng.

Though such a huge change had transpired, everyone was still feeling heavy at heart. This was because the most powerful sect leader was still unharmed.

Blood Transmutation was only effective towards cultivators at the dragon pulse realm. Cultivators at the Human Dan Realm, such as Grandmother Huang, would be able to hold on if not for Li Jing’s attacks.

For the sect leader, though this could hinder his movements, it was not enough to hurt him.

This Blood Transmutation was varied from before. Long Chen had used it while he was in a very tight spot, and the difference was that it was a large-scaled attack.

This move was essentially blood transmutation, but it had another name, which was ‘Blood Engulfing Zone’!

The sect leader’s reddened eyes now shifted towards Long Chen.

“This time, all of you will die!”

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