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DBWG Chapter 128 – Blood Shadow Step

Chapter 128 – Blood Shadow Step
Translated by: Ying

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Now that he had been recognised, Long Chen had nothing more to hide.

For followers of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, Long Chen was like a plague. Everywhere he went, people died.

When Long Chen had finally been caught by the sect leader, the followers all drew back in terror and hid away. All their eyes were focused on Long Chen and the sect leader at the centre.

The most shocked amongst them were Li Jing, Li Peng and Li Cheng.

“Elder Sister Li, didn’t you say that Long Chen was merely at the initial mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm? How can he have such immense battle power?”

“I don’t know either.

There was, however, a huge change in Li Jing’s mood. “We underestimated him. Long Chen has immense talent and far surpasses us. All those things we said to him were really uncalled for.”

Initially, they had not wanted Long Chen to do anything.

“Oh right, I heard something about Long Chen being part of the Lingwu Family?”

Li Jing nodded, “That’s true. Only people of the Lingwu Family can have such heaven-defying talent and aptitude. However, judging by his surname, he should be part of the outer faction.”

“People of the outer faction don’t seem to have a high standing in the Lingwu Family. It’s no wonder that he came here alone.”

They were full of praise for Long Chen. Previously, they had thought that Long Chen was the weakest of them all, but in actuality, it was the exact opposite.

“To even be able to kill someone at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm so easily, Long Chen’s battle power might not be at the Earth Dan Realm, but he’s definitely near there.”

Li Jing could hardly believe that someone at the initial mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm could possess such strength.

The sect leader was also quite interested in Long Chen. Clicking his tongue in astonishment while measuring Long Chen up and down, he sighed ruefully, “I heard that when you left your family, you were still at the eighth dragon vein. In just a month or so, you reached the initial mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm, and you even have the battle might of one at the peak of the Human Dan Realm. Kid, I didn’t expect you to be a genius.”

At this point, the only way to deal with this matter was to put his life on the line and fight. The sect leader had to kill Long Chen no matter what.

“Sect leader is young, and yet already has such great achievements. In comparison, you are more of a genius than I am!”

“Is that so?”

The sect leader broke out into a smile, “You’re of the Lingwu Family and yet came alone. Looks like you know my real identity. You’ve disrupted my Blood Sacrificial Ceremony and ruined my mood. I want your life for this!”

“Bring it on!”

In this intense atmosphere, the two’s auras constantly rose, becoming the focal point here.


The sect leader yelled, and under his prowess, Long Chen did not yield. This incurred the wrath of the sect leader, and his aura at the Earth Dan Realm pressed down on Long Chen, while he himself turned into an afterimage.

“Experts at the Earth Dan Realm are truly much stronger than those at the Human Dan Realm!”

Long Chen furrowed his brows and exhibited his Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step. Though this was an elementary profound grade battle technique, it was enough to sidestep his opponent if used aptly.

“He even has a battle technique for his movements! However, I have what you possess as well, and it’s even better!”

“Blood Shadow Step, begin!”

The moment the sect leader put this technique to use, he turned into crimson afterimages and was evidently much faster than Long Chen. Long Chen suddenly felt a great amount of pressure!

“Is the sect leader that strong?”

Then again, he was the grandson of the Yuan Emperor. Though he wasn’t favoured, the materials he was given since birth was not something Long Chen, who had come from a small place, could ever have.

Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step was an entire level lower than Blood Shadow Step. No matter how one saw it, this was a middle profound grade movement technique!

“In terms of attack, the durability of my body as well as constitution, my techniques are all at the middle profound grade. I should bring out the best of these techniques to increase my battle power!”

Offensive attacks as well as durability of the body could be combined. A powerful body gave a large bonus to one’s attacks, defence and speed.Long Chen now knew what he had to do.

“You aren’t half bad, but you are far from my match!”

This Blood Shadow Step had already forced Long Chen into a corner. In this battle, despite both sides not having actually attacked, the sect leader had already grasped the flow of the battle.

“The Blood Sacrificial Ceremony cannot be interrupted for too long. Long Chen, I guess I’ll finish you off in one move. It would be an honour for you to die by this attack.”

A teasing voice sounded by Long Chen’s ear.

“Dream on!”

Yang Lingqing was now watching on closely. At the beginning, she had been very confident in Long Chen’s abilities since he was able to kill cultivators at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm. However, it was a fact that Long Chen was still not a match for the sect leader.

Seeing Long Chen forced into a corner by the sect leader, Yang Lingqing was full of worry and fear. When they had come to the Crimson Blood Devil’s Palace, she had already known that this meant a certain death for herself. However, if Long Chen might lose his life as well, she was unwilling to accept this outcome.

“Brother Chen, leave! Don’t bother with me!”

There came a heartbreaking yell, but Long Chen pretended he heard nothing.

At the next moment, Yang Lingqing saw the sect leader unleash a torrential attack on Long Chen.

“In this one attack, that kid will definitely die!”

Yang Lingqing watched on at a side, the woman guarding her, Grandmother Huang, smirking. Grandmother Huang’s wrinkles were bunched up together, like a demon that had strolled out of hell.

Spiritual Qi from the heavens and the earth gathered at the hands of the sect leader at a crazy pace, while his fingers quickly formed seals. Dim red real Qi spiralled around on top of his palms.

“Do you know why the red dot between my eyebrows is called the Crimson Seal?”

Facing this powerful attack from his opponent, Long Chen sucked in a deep breath and displayed his Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step, quickly pouncing towards his opponent. On the other hand, his opponent had also launched his most powerful attack!

Not hearing Long Chen’s answer, the sect leader continued on anyway, “That’s because this attack is called…”

“Crimson! Seal!”

With a rumbling echo, real Qi exploded under the manipulation of the sect leader, forming a large crimson handprint, and was thrown in Long Chen’s direction.

Meanwhile, on Long Chen’s end, a blazing energy had been formed. It looked to be a black sun, colliding with the crimson handprint!

“Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist, Piercing Earth Demonic Sun!”

“It’s a middle profound grade battle technique. Kid, not bad!”

Amidst the laughter of the sect leader, Long Chen clashed with him!

Such a grand and fierce fight caused Li Jing and everyone watch on, eyes wide.

“Elder Sister Li, do you think he can win?” Li Cheng muttered in question.

“Long Chen is already spent from the earlier battles, and to win against someone at the Earth Dan Realm? Difficult! Very difficult!”

While saying all these, Long Chen and the sect leader fought each other head on.

Using Piercing Earth Demonic Sun, which was Long Chen’s most powerful attack here, had caused Feng Wutian grievous injuries.

However, the sect leader was evidently much more powerful than Feng Wutian. That mysterious crimson seal had a power that even Piercing Earth Demonic Sun could not compare to. Or rather, Long Chen’s real Qi was still unable to pull off Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist at its full strength.

It was the first time he was seeing Piercing Earth Demonic Sun of the Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist be broken through by his opponent’s attack. That tumultuous wave of his opponent’s attack was like a wave of the sea, crashing into Long Chen loudly.

Though he had done his utmost to dodge it, the formidable attack of the Crimson Seal still caused Long Chen to spit out blood.

It had been a long time since he had last gotten hurt. That scorching pain was extremely uncomfortable for Long Chen. In that instant, his battle power was reduced by a large amount.

“If I get hit by this once more, I’ll definitely die here!”

“Long Chen, Origin Reversion!”

With Lingxi’s reminder, Long Chen used the shortest amount of time possible and regained his balance, using the middle profound grade constitution technique, Origin Reversion!

A white light surged through his body, restoring the damage done to his organs, muscles and flesh.

Though the sect leader’s attack was strong, Long Chen’s Thunder Flame Physique, and his dragon scales had increased his defence. On top of his dodging, the injuries he had sustained were therefore not that severe.

However, the sect leader, as well as everyone present, believed that this one attack was enough to end Long Chen’s life. Yang Lingqing was so worried that a cry escaped from her lips. Li Jing and the other two were also furious, prepared to impulsively rush forward and fight it out with the sect leader.

“Such a pity that a fine talent like him opposed me. Serve you right!”

With this thought in mind, the sect leader prepared to eliminate Li Jing and the other two.

“You’re too imaginative. Do you think an attack to this extent is enough to kill me?”

His injuries were not too serious, and on top of that, with the regenerative powers of Origin Reversion, Long Chen had already almost completely recovered.

“How is this possible?”

Seeing Long Chen unharmed, the sect leader’s eyes widened, shocked.

He knew how powerful his Crimson Seal was. He had even killed an Earth Dan cultivator with it before. How could it have lost its powers against a mere cultivator at the initial mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm?

“That’s impossible. Long Chen, here’s one more for you!”

Noticing Long Chen was fine, Yang Lingqing regained her colour. However, the sect leader’s next attack caused her heart rate to rapidly increase, feeling like there was a heavy rock weighing down on her.

“Brother, you need to pull through…”

Now that he had escaped with his life, Long Chen was calm.

“Using my Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist, and coupled with my Thunder Flame Physique and Origin Reversion, it’ll be difficult for the sect leader to kill me!”

He shot a glance at Yang Lingqing and found that girl watching him with her eyes glimmering with tears. His heart broke, and he thought, “But all I can do is stall for time. It’s not enough for me to save Lingqing!”

Long Chen was now in a tough situation, but there was no time for him to think this through. The sect leader attacked once more, with the very same Crimson Seal.

Long Chen was terrified of this move.

“It’s not that easy to kill me. Piercing Earth Demonic Sun!”

Relying on the previous method, Long Chen dodged this attack once more, and the sect leader had finally lost his patience.

“Everyone, listen up. Kill the blood source. Grandmother Huang, I’ll leave that Abstruse Shadow Body to you!”

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