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DBWG Chapter 127 – This is Long Chen?

Chapter 127 – This is Long Chen?
Translated by: Ying

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“Who is it?”

Li jing shouted, as the mysterious person behind her pulled her backwards.

This caught her in a daze. All of a sudden, she saw blazing flames exploding forth and turning into fiery handprints heading towards the two sect elders in front. What surprised Li Jing was under the assault of this mysterious person, the two sect elders were actually pushed backwards. In less than two breaths, they were rendered corpses!

“How can this be? He’s a beast cultivator!”

Li Jing and the two brothers of the Li family stopped whatever was at hand and watched the fight with the sect elders, and how this beast cultivator was able to take care of them in such a short period of time.

This beast cultivator was Long Chen.

Long Chen had laid low just now, waiting for the five sect elders to leave the side of the sect leader of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect. He had finally waited for this moment, so why would he not make his move?

Long Chen was at the initial mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm, and had already attained the Thunder Flame Physique that was at the same level as a middle-ranking profound grade battle technique! He could also use the middle-ranking profound grade battle technique, Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist, and an attack like that was not something even Feng Wutian, who was at the peak of the Human Dan Realm could deal with. This was even more impossible for the two sect elders.

After taking care of these two sect elders, Long Chen continued with his next technique.

Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step, begin!

Making use of Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step, Long Chen quickly grabbed these two corpses and quickly dove into the crowd. He had already undergone Dragon Soul Transformation, and in this state, he could absorb these two experts at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm using Blood Transmutation in merely two breaths’ time!

For Long Chen right now, the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm was merely somewhat similar to a profound grade level 3 demonic beast. To absorb and refine them was a very simple task.

“I can’t deal with the sect leader right now. At most, I can attract the attention of the sect elders and take in their blood essence, which will hopefully be enough to make me reach the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm!”

This was Long Chen’s strategy. Using Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step, he quickly moved about within the masses. The only person who would be able to trace him was the sect leader, but he was now preoccupied with speaking to Yang Lingqing.

Two dried up corpses were flung in front of everyone, and they all gasped.

By the time they had made sense of the situation, Long Chen had already disappeared.

Or rather, he had already snuck into their midst.

“What’s going on?”

Li Jing and the other two searched quickly from within the masses, but that person seemed to have disappeared.

“Senior! All of the people of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect should be killed. Please do it!”

Li Peng and Li Cheng exchanged glances, both thinking that being able to kill two people at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm meant he was at the Earth Dan Realm and therefore, could deal with the sect leader!

However, there was no reaction to their words. Everyone looked for the beast cultivator in confusion but to no avail. Li Jing saw Long Chen still staying at the same spot obediently and was relieved.

“Who was that expert just now?”

While everyone was puzzling over this, the sect leader had gathered what had happened through the words of the three sect elders.

“You two, go take care of those three clowns. If anyone else appears, I’ll take care of them personally!”

The sect leader did not dare let down his guard now. This person must be somewhat powerful to be able to kill two sect elders.

“However, he’s doing all this on the sly and not out in the open, which means he’s scared of me. It seems like he’s still not a match for me, and only won because he launched a sneak attack.”

By this time, the sect leader had already gone to the bridge, staring tenaciously at the other side.

He did not cross, and instead killed anyone who passed. He was deathly afraid that Yang Lingqing, who was the star of the show, would be rescued.

“Grandmother Huang, guard this girl well. I’m going to meet this person who’s been causing trouble!”

After making himself clear, the sect leader glared at Yang Lingqing threateningly, and then stood right in the middle of the blood pool while scanning the masses. He knew this person was definitely in there.

Meanwhile, Yang Lingqing was staring at the two corpses in a daze.

She knew a little about what was going on with Long Chen, and much more importantly, this was how Bai Zhanxiong had died.

“Brother, did you come…”

Yang Lingqing’s originally deathly pale face gradually brightened. However, at the thought that these two sect elders were powerful and how, when Long Chen left Poplar Town, was only at the eighth dragon vein and therefore far below that red figure, Yang Lingqing was not that hopeful.

“Though I didn’t see clearly, that red figure should be him. But how can he be so powerful?”

Yang Lingqing shook her head.

“Looks like I’m thinking too much to the point that I’m hallucinating.”

She laughed wryly inside and bit her lip, and continued watching the sect leader.

It could be seen from how Long Chen had saved Li Jing that one time, that by getting the other two sect elders to attack them, the sect leader could definitely force Long Chen out. This was a very smart move.

“If you’re really a man, then have a one-on-one fight with me out in the open. Why are you so afraid? What kind of man, what kind of hero are you?”

The sect leader’s cold gaze scanned the area but found there was no response. He then made eye contact with the other two sect leaders, who then attacked Li Jing and the others. Li Jing could still deal with one person, but the two brothers, Li Peng and Li Cheng were caught in danger.

Long Chen, who was hidden, was instantly furious at seeing Li Peng and Li Cheng in this situation.

“It feels like I’m about to break through to the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm. Looks like I need this last fight!”

At this thought, when Li Peng and Li Cheng were almost at death’s door, Long Chen suddenly did his Dragon Soul Transformation, and like a bloody arrow, charged towards the two sect elders!

“Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist, Scarlet Flames Burning Heavens!”

Long Chen employed these two techniques, one on each hand!

Such a powerful attack caused the two sect elders at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm to go deathly pale and immediately set up their strongest defensive techniques to save themselves. Meanwhile, upon sensing where Long Chen was, the sect leader charged towards Long Chen with the fastest speed he could muster!

“You wily traitor! Die!”

However, he had underestimated Long Chen. Long Chen was much closer to the two sect elders, and a blazing whirlwind brushed passed by. By the time the whirlwind was gone, all that was left were two corpses.

The sect leader’s eyes bulged!

On top of that, while killing the two sect elders, he had obviously not let their blood essence leak out of their bodies.

“These two old geezers took the side of evil, and even death cannot wipe out the crimes they have committed. By transmuting their blood, I’ll have the chance to reach the perfect mastery stage. Whatever it is, I have succeeded!”

Lugging the two corpses away, Long Chen displayed his Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step once again and charged into the crowd. By using blood transmutation, blood that could be seen with the naked eye entered Long Chen’s body and was forcefully transmuted to crimson real Qi, flowing into the Human Dan in his dantian!

“Who are you! How dare you kill my sect elders!”

The sect leader did not even blink when his followers died, but these five sect elders had followed him for several years and were extremely loyal to him. For Long Chen to kill four of them in the blink of an eye, the sect elder was now about to go crazy!

“The sect leader really is at the Earth Dan Realm after all. His speed is incredibly fast!”

Sensing his opponent rapidly approaching despite him being hidden in the crowd, Long Chen wrinkled his forehead.

“But there’s still enough time for me to refine this blood essence!”

After absorbing all the blood essence, Long Chen ruthlessly tossed the corpses towards the sect leader, who was very close by. The sect leader was currently furious, a killing intent constantly bursting out from him.

Long Chen did not waste any time and refined the blood into real Qi, but unfortunately, while his Human Dan did quiver a little, it was not enough for him to reach the perfect mastery stage.

“I’m right on the verge of breaking through though. It looks like I have no choice but to deal with him now!”

There was no doubt that the sect leader was powerful, and Long Chen had no idea how he would fare against this person. He was initially not prepared to do anything he was not confident in, but for Yang Lingqing’s sake, he could not avoid this battle.

Yang Lingqing’s eyes were now completely wet.

When Long Chen had paused and pulled out his Dragon Soul Transformation, how could Yang Lingqing not tell who it was?

She didn’t bother wondering about how Long Chen was this strong. All she knew was that Long Chen had come to save her, and no matter what, it was already enough for her.


Yang Lingqing subconsciously called out, her tears involuntarily falling in a rush, wetting her face.

Her words were heard by Grandmother Huang, who was beside her. After pondering it over, she was suddenly startled and immediately shouted at the sect leader, “Sect leader, this guy is Long Chen of the Lingwu Family! He’s the one who killed Proctors Xue Yuanzi, Qin and Shi. He’s the one of the Yang Family!”

This shout caused the sect leader to pause. He had now forced Long Chen out from the crowd and was already preparing to attack. The words of the old woman had shocked him, and he immediately started to recall information about this person. If that was the truth, then everything made sense, but this strength was not how it had been described to be.

“You’re Long Chen?” The sect leader was entirely capable of winning over him, and was hence able to compose himself and ask.

“This is Long Chen?” Li Jing and the other two looked in this direction, eyes wide and mouth gaping, their chins about to drop to the ground.

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